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Commits on Oct 11, 2012
  1. - fix FreeBSD/Dragonfly properly

    spz authored
    - update to newest version
    Upstream changelog:
    Xymon release 4.3.10 - released on Aug 6 2012
    Main features in this release is the addition of inode-checks
    on all major platforms, and a series of enhancements to the
    build procedure.
    Also, building Xymon on most common platforms is now explicitly
    described in the "install" document.
    * Fix build problems with "errno"
    * Fix build problems with OpenSSL in non-default locations
    * Fix build problems with certain LDAP configurations
    * Fix build problems with RRDtool on FreeBSD / OpenBSD
    * Fix problem with ifstat data from Fedora in graphs
    * "inode" check on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OSX, Solaris, HP/UX, AIX
      in addition to existing support for Linux
    * Document building and installing Xymon on common platforms
      (Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris)
    * Enhance xymoncfg so it can be used to import Xymon configuration
      settings into shell-scripts.
    Xymon release 4.3.9 - released on Jul 24 2012
    This release is mainly a bug-fix release.
    * Fix crash when XYMSRV is undefined but XYMSERVERS is
    * Fix error in calculating combo-status messages with
      forward references
    * Fix error in disable-until-TIME or disable-until-OK code
    * Fix documentation of DURATION in alerts.cfg / xymond_alert so
      it is consistenly listed as being in "minutes".
    * Permit explicit use of ">" and ">=" in alerts.cfg
    * Permit building without the RRDtool libraries, e.g. for
      a network-tester build, but with trend-graphing disabled.
    * Full compiler-warning cleanup
    * Various configuration/build-script issues fixed.
    Xymon release 4.3.8 - released on Jul 15 2012
    This release is mainly a bug-fix release.
    * Workaround for DNS timeout handling, now fixed at approximately 25
    * "hostinfo" command for xymond documented
    * confreport only shows processes that are monitored
    * analysis.cfg parsing of COLOR for UP rules was broken
    * RRD handlers no longer crash after receiving 1 billion updates
    * Using .netrc for authentication could crash xymonnet
    * "directory" includes would report the wrong filename for missing
    * useradm CGI would invoke htpassword twice
    * "include" and "directory" now ignores trailing whitespace
    * SSLv2 support disabled if SSL-library does not support it
    * Minor bugfixes and cleanups of compiler warnings.
    * Service status on info page now links to the detailed status page.
    * Add RRDGRAPHOPTS setting to permit global user-specified RRD options,
      e.g. for font to showgraph CGI
    * Add check for the size of public keys used in SSL certificates
      (enabled via --sslkeysize=N option for xymonnet)
    * Optionally disable the display of SSL ciphers in the sslcert status
      (the --no-cipherlist option for xymonnet)
    * Improved build-scripts works on newer systems with libraries in
      new and surprising places
    * Reduce xymonnet memory usage and runtime for ping tests when there
      are multiple hosts.cfg entries with the same IP-address.
    * Add code for inode-monitoring on Linux. Does not currently work on
      any other client platform.
    * Added the ability to disable tests until a specific time, instead of
      for some interval. Disabling a test also now computes the expire time
      for the disable to happen at the next closest minute.
Commits on Aug 15, 2012
  1. the package installs all libexec/xymon/client/xymonclient-opsys it

    spz authored
    knows, not just the pertinent one, so don't randomly call one of them
Commits on Aug 13, 2012
  1. net/xymonclient: Add DragonFly support / fix FreeBSD

    marino authored
    * Add Makefile.DragonFly
    * Add
    * Fix sha2.c #include <stdint.h>.
    On last, nothing sets HAVE_STDINT_H and passing -DHAVE_STDINT_H through
    cflags fails.  Just switch it based on __FreeBSD__ and __DragonFly__.
    There is a placeholder for dragonfly-meminfo.  It's possible that
    freebsd-meminfo.c can be used without modification, but it needs
    verification before building it.
Commits on Aug 7, 2012
  1. Installed files fixes (two files were being installed to '/'):

    sbd authored
      1) Make sure INSTALLLOCALDIR is define/passed down to the client directory
         install target.
      2) Install 'localclient.cfg' INSTALLETCDIR and add it as a config file.
    Update PLIST.
  2. ${LOWER_OPSYS}-meminfo is only installed on NetBSD, OpenBSD and FreeBSD,

    sbd authored
    so make it a PLIST_VAR conditional entry.
Commits on Apr 28, 2012
  1. Update xymon to 4.3.7

    gendalia authored
    Upstream changelog:
    Changes from 4.3.6 -> 4.3.7 (13 Dec 2011)
    * rev 6803
    * Fix acknowledge CGI (broken in 4.3.6)
    * Fix broken uptime calculation for systems reporting "1 day"
    * Workaround Solaris breakage in the LFS-support detection
    * Fix/add links to the HTML man-page index.
    * Fix "Stop after" value not being shown on the "info" page.
    * Fix broken alert texts when using FORMAT=SMS
    * Fix wrong description of xymondboard CRITERIA in xymon(1)
    * Fix missing columnname in analysis.cfg(5) DS example
    * Fix missing space in output from disk IGNORE rules in
      xymond_client --dump-config
    * Fix overwrite of xymon-apache.conf when upgrading
    * Fix installation so it does not remove include/directory
      lines from configuration files.
    * Add client/local/ directory for custom client script
    Changes from 4.3.5 -> 4.3.6 (5 Dec 2011)
    * rev 6788
    * Optionally choose the color for the "cpu" status when it goes
      non-green due to uptime or clock offset.
    * Allow for "include" and "directory" in combo.cfg and protocols.cfg
    * New INTERFACES definition in hosts.cfg to select which network
      interfaces are tracked in graphs.
    * New access control mechanism for some CGI scripts returning
      host-specific information. Access optionally checked against
      an Apache-style "group" file (see xymonwebaccess(5) CGI manpage).
    * New "vertical" page-definitions (vpage, vsubpage,vsubparent)
      for listing hosts across and tests down on a page.
    * Fix hostlist CGI crash when called with HTTP "HEAD"
    * Fix svcstatus CGI crash when called with non-existing hostname
    * Fix "ackinfo" updates being cleared when host hits a
      DOWNTIME period.
    * Fix compile-errors on Solaris due to network libraries
      not being included.
    * Fix "logrotate" messages not being sent to some channels.
    * Fix problem with loading the hosts.cfg file.
    * STATUSLIFETIME now provides the default time a status is valid (in xymond).
    * Critical systems view: Use priority 99 for un-categorised priorities
      (imported from NK tags) and show this as 'No priority' on the webpage.
    * useradm CGI: Sort usernames
    * New xymond module - xymond_distribute - can forward
      administrative commands (drop, rename, disable, enable)
      from one Xymon server to another.
    * New tool: appfeed CGI provides data for the Android "xymonQV" app
      by Darrik Mazey.
Commits on Nov 16, 2011
  1. fix ommission found by gendalia@:

    spz authored
    df of ptyfs and fdesc is rather not interesting and may lead to false alarms
Commits on Oct 15, 2011
  1. Update xymon and xymonclient to 4.3.5

    spz authored
    adjust Makefile to avoid/fix problems found by dholland
    Upstream changelog:
    Changes from 4.3.4 -> 4.3.5 (9 Sep 2011)
    * rev 6754
    * Fix crash in CGI generating the "info" status column.
    * Fix broken handling of IGNORE for log-file analysis.
    * Fix broken clean-up of obsolete cookies (no user impact).
    * Devmon RRD handler: Fix missing initialisation, which
      might cause crashes of the RRD handler.
    * Fix crashes in xymond caused by faulty new library for
      storing cookies and host-information.
    * Fix memory corruption/crash in xymond caused by logging
      of multi-source statuses.
    * New "delayred" and "delayyellow" definitions for a host
      can be used to delay change to a yellow/red status for
      any status column (replaces the network-specific "badFOO"
    * analysis.cfg and alerts.cfg: New DISPLAYGROUP setting to
      select hosts by the group/group-only/group-except text.
    * New HOSTDOCURL setting in xymonserver.cfg. Replaces the
      xymongen "--docurl" and "--doccgi" options, and is used
      by all tools.
    * xymond_history option to control location of PID file.
    * Critical Systems view: Optionally show eventlog for the
      hosts present on the CS view.
    * Critical Systems view: Multiple --config options can
      now be used, to display critical systems from multiple
      configurations on one page.
    * Detailed status display: Speedup by no longer having to
      load the hosts.cfg file.
    * xymongen and xymonnet: Optionally load the hosts.cfg
      from xymond instead of having to read the file.
    Changes from 4.3.3 -> 4.3.4 (1 Aug 2011)
    * rev 6722
    * Fix crashes and data corruption in Xymon worker modules
      (xymond_client, xymond_rrd etc) after handling large
    * Fix xymond lock-up when renaming/deleting hosts
    * Fix xymond cookie lookup mechanism
    * Webpages: Add new HOSTPOPUP setting to control what values from
      hosts.cfg are displayed as a "comment" to the hostname (either
      in pop-up's or next to the hostname).
    * Fix xymond_client crash if analysis.cfg contains invalid configuration
      entries, e.g. expressions that do not compile.
    * Fix showgraph CGI crash when legends contain colon.
    * xymonnet: Include hostname when reporting erroneous test-spec
    * CGI utils: Multiple potential security fixes involving buffer-
      overruns when generating responses.
    * CGI utils: Fix crash when invoked with HTTP "HEAD"
    * CGI utils: Fix crashes on 64-bit platforms due to missing prototype
      of "basename()" function.
    * svcstatus CGI: Dont crash if history log is not a file.
    * Critical systems view CGI: Cross-site scripting fix
    * Fix recovery-messages for alerts sent to a GROUP
    * RRD "memory" status handler now recognizes the output from the module (for Cisco routers).
    * Web templates modified so the menu CSS can override the default
      body CSS.
    * Acknowledge web page now allows selecting minutes/hours/days
    * Enable/Disable webpage enhanced, so when selecting multiple hosts
      the "Tests" column only lists the tests those hosts have.
    Changes from 4.3.2 -> 4.3.3 (6 May 2011)
    * rev6684
    * SECURITY FIX: Some CGI parameters were used to construct
      filenames of historical logfiles without being sanitized,
      so they could be abused to read files on the webserver.
    * SECURITY FIX: More cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.
    * Remove extra "," before "History" button on status-view
    * Critical view: Shring priority-column to 10% width
    * hosts.cfg loader: Check for valid IP spec (nibbles in
      0-255 range). Large numbers in a nibble were accepted,
      triggering problems when trying to ping the host.
    * Alert macros no longer limited to 8kB
Commits on Oct 7, 2011
Commits on Apr 22, 2011
  1. package update to 4.3.2:

    spz authored
    contains a lot of filename cleanup work (no more bb and hobbit)
Commits on Feb 7, 2011
  1. create the log dir in the configured location (instead of the default)

    spz authored
    fixes PR pkg/44530
    thanks for the report :)
Commits on Oct 21, 2010
Commits on Apr 14, 2010
  1. Makefile style improvements

    spz authored
Commits on Mar 16, 2010
  1. setting vital info like the hostname environment variable in the

    spz authored
    startup script makes xymonclient work so amazingly better than without :-}
Commits on Feb 18, 2010
Commits on Feb 14, 2010
  1. startup file improvements: start as the right user, make sure we can use

    spz authored
    the pid file when we run as a mere user
  2. xymon is the successor to hobbit. This is the client (aka agent) pack…

    spz authored
    It's a beta, handle with care.
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