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Commits on Jan 17, 2011
  1. Update tex-geometry to 5.6.

    minskim authored
      * Package 'ifxetex' is loaded for robuster detection of XeTeX.
      * Fixed a bug where 'pass' option was not reset in \newgeometry.
      * Fixed a bug where paper width and height were swapped unnecessarily
        inside \newgeometry{} if 'landscape' is given as a class option.
      * Changed crop marks with elbow-shaped lines 17mm long and offset by 3mm.
      * Added 'showframe' and 'showcrop' as options shown in verbose mode.
      * Fixed typos and wrong figures, and revised expressions in the document.
      * Added missed things that had been fixed for v5.4 into changes.txt.
      * New paper size presets for ISO C-series: 'c0paper' to 'c6paper'.
      * Fixed a bug where overloading shipout in 'showframe' and/or 'showcrop'
        mode caused warnings when 'pdfpages' package is used.
      * Changed the shipout overloading process to use 'atbegshi' package.
        Options 'showframe' and 'showcrop' require the package.
      * Fixed a bug where restoring layoutwidth and layoutheight failed
        when \restoregeometry is called.
      * Fixed a bug that forced papersize to set the same length
        as the specified layoutsize.
      * Fixed a bug where page frame shown in 'showframe' mode was placed
        slightly wrong.
      * Fixed wrong 'h-part' calculation in verbose when bindingoffset
        or mag is specified.
      * Changed format and fixed values shown in verbose mode.
Commits on May 10, 2010
  1. Update tex-geometry{,-doc} to 5.3.

    minskim authored
    Changes since 4.1:
      * Fixed missed initialization of \Gm@lines.
      * Fixed a bug that the papersize setting explicitly specified
        with \geometry or \usepackage in the preample didn't come to
      * Added \mag offset adjustment for \newgeometry.
      * Added 'onecolumn' option as a shorthand for 'twocolumn=false'.
      * Changed the format of the verbose mode.
      * Fixed a bug that caused an error in 'pass' option.
      * Changing page layout mid-document.
        The new commands \newgeometry{...} and \restoregeometry allow
        users to change page dimensions in the middle of the document.
      * A new set of options to specify the layout area.
        The options specified for the area, in which the page dimensions
        are calculated, are added: 'layout', 'layoutsize',
        'layoutwidth', 'layoutheight' and so forth.
        These options would help to print the specified
        layout to a different sized paper.  For example, with 'a4paper'
        and 'layout=a5paper', the geometry package uses 'A5' layout to
        calculate margins with the paper size still 'A4'.
      * A new driver option 'xetex'.
        The new driver option 'xetex' is added. The driver auto-detection
        routine has been revised so as to avoid an error with undefined
        control sequences. Note that 'geometry.cfg' in TeXLive, which
        disables the auto-detection routine and sets 'pdftex', is no
        longer necessary and has no problem even though it still exists.
        To set 'xetex' is strongly recommended with XeLaTeX.
      * New paper size presets for JIS B-series.
        The papersize presets 'b0j' to 'b6j' for JIS (Japanese Industrial
        Standards) B-series are added.
      * Changing default for underspecified margin.
        In the previous version, if only one margin was specified,
        'bottom=1cm' for example, then geometry set the other margin with
       the margin ratio (1:1 by default for the vertical dimensions)
        and got 'top'=1cm in this case.
        The version 5 sets the text-body size with the default 'scale'
        (=0.7) and determine the unspecified margin.
      * The option 'showframe' works on every page.
        With 'showframe' option, the page frames are shown on every page.
        In addition, the new option 'showcrop' would print cropmarks showing
        the corners of the layout (the same as paper by default) on every page.
      * Loading geometry.cfg precedes processing class options.
        The previous version loaded 'geometry.cfg' after processing
        the document class options.  Now that the config file is
        loaded before processing the class options, you can change the
        behavior specified in 'geometry.cfg' by adding options into
        \documentclass as well as \usepackage and \geometry.
      * Deleted options: 'compat2' and 'twosideshift'.
        The version 5 has no longer compatibility with the previous ones.
        'compat2' and 'twosideshift' are gone for simplicity.
      * Fixed check for the definition of \AtBeginShipoutFirst.
      * Fixed \topskip adjustment so that it works when "lines" option is used.
      * Added "driver=none" option, which does nothing for driver.
      * Revised the note on "ifvtex" package.
Commits on Jul 12, 2009
  1. Import tex-geometry-doc-4.1 as print/tex-geometry-doc.

    minskim authored
    This is documentation for tex-geometry.
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