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Commits on Dec 2, 2010
  1. Update to 4.01. Shlib major bump, so bump

    wiz committed
    4.01 Fri Nov  5 21:51:29 CET 2010
            - automake fucked it up, apparently, --add-missing -f is not quite enough
              to make it update its files, so 4.00 didn't install ev++.h and
              event.h on make install. grrr.
            - ev_loop(count|depth) didn't return anything (Robin Haberkorn).
            - change EV_UNDEF to 0xffffffff to silence some overzealous compilers.
            - use "(libev) " prefix for all libev error messages now.
    4.00 Mon Oct 25 12:32:12 CEST 2010
    	- "PORTING FROM LIBEV 3.X TO 4.X" (in ev.pod) is recommended reading.
    	- ev_embed_stop did not correctly stop the watcher (very good
              testcase by Vladimir Timofeev).
            - ev_run will now always update the current loop time - it erroneously
              didn't when idle watchers were active, causing timers not to fire.
            - fix a bug where a timeout of zero caused the timer not to fire
              in the libevent emulation (testcase by Péter Szabó).
    	- applied win32 fixes by Michael Lenaghan (also James Mansion).
    	- replace EV_MINIMAL by EV_FEATURES.
            - prefer EPOLL_CTL_ADD over EPOLL_CTL_MOD in some more cases, as it
              seems the former is *much* faster than the latter.
            - linux kernel version detection (for inotify bug workarounds)
              did not work properly.
            - reduce the number of spurious wake-ups with the ports backend.
            - remove dependency on sys/queue.h on freebsd (patch by Vanilla Hsu).
            - do async init within ev_async_start, not ev_async_set, which avoids
              an API quirk where the set function must be called in the C++ API
              even when there is nothing to set.
            - add (undocumented) EV_ENABLE when adding events with kqueue,
              this might help with OS X, which seems to need it despite documenting
              not to need it (helpfully pointed out by Tilghman Lesher).
            - do not use poll by default on freebsd, it's broken (what isn't
              on freebsd...).
            - allow to embed epoll on kernels >= 2.6.32.
            - configure now prepends -O3, not appends it, so one can still
              override it.
            - ev.pod: greatly expanded the portability section, added a porting
              section, a description of watcher states and made lots of minor fixes.
            - disable poll backend on AIX, the poll header spams the namespace
              and it's not worth working around dead platforms (reported
              and analyzed by Aivars Kalvans).
            - improve header file compatibility of the standalone eventfd code
              in an obscure case.
            - implement EV_AVOID_STDIO option.
            - do not use sscanf to parse linux version number (smaller, faster,
              no sscanf dependency).
            - new EV_CHILD_ENABLE and EV_SIGNAL_ENABLE configurable settings.
            - update libev.m4 HAVE_CLOCK_SYSCALL test for newer glibcs.
            - add section on accept() problems to the manpage.
            - rename EV_TIMEOUT to EV_TIMER.
            - rename ev_loop_count/depth/verify/loop/unloop.
            - remove ev_default_destroy and ev_default_fork.
            - switch to two-digit minor version.
            - work around an apparent gentoo compiler bug.
            - define _DARWIN_UNLIMITED_SELECT. just so.
            - use enum instead of #define for most constants.
            - improve compatibility to older C++ compilers.
            - (experimental) ev_run/ev_default_loop/ev_break/ev_loop_new have now
              default arguments when compiled as C++.
            - enable automake dependency tracking.
            - ev_loop_new no longer leaks memory when loop creation failed.
            - new ev_cleanup watcher type.
Commits on Jan 29, 2010
  1. avoid conflicts with libevent

    tnn committed
Commits on Aug 18, 2009
  1. Updating package for devel/libev from 3.7nb1 to 3.8

    sno committed
    - bumping API/ABI-depends, because upstream change says nothing about
      ABI/API incompatible change
    Upstream changes:
    3.8  Sun Aug  9 14:30:45 CEST 2009
    	- incompatible change: do not necessarily reset signal handler
              to SIG_DFL when a sighandler is stopped.
            - ev_default_destroy did not properly free or zero some members,
              potentially causing crashes and memory corruption on repated
              ev_default_destroy/ev_default_loop calls.
    	- take advantage of signalfd on GNU/Linux systems.
    	- document that the signal mask might be in an unspecified
              state when using libev's signal handling.
            - take advantage of some GNU/Linux calls to set cloexec/nonblock
              on fd creation, to avoid race conditions.
Commits on Aug 8, 2009
  1. Importing package for libev-3.7 (recommended dependency for p5

    sno committed
    module AnyEvent).
    Libev is modelled (very losely) after libevent and the Event perl
    module, but is faster, scales better and is more correct, and also more
    featureful. And also smaller. Yay.
    Some of the specialties of libev not commonly found elsewhere are:
    - extensive and detailed, readable documentation (not doxygen garbage).
    - fully supports fork, can detect fork in various ways and automatically
      re-arms kernel mechanisms that do not support fork.
    - highly optimised select, poll, epoll, kqueue and event ports backends.
    - filesystem object (path) watching (with optional linux inotify support).
    - wallclock-based times (using absolute time, cron-like).
    - relative timers/timeouts (handle time jumps).
    - fast intra-thread communication between multiple
      event loops (with optional fast linux eventfd backend).
    - extremely easy to embed.
    - very small codebase, no bloated library.
    - fully extensible by being able to plug into the event loop,
      integrate other event loops, integrate other event loop users.
    - very little memory use (small watchers, small event loop data).
    - optional C++ interface allowing method and function callbacks
      at no extra memory or runtime overhead.
    - optional Perl interface with similar characteristics (capable
      of running Glib/Gtk2 on libev, interfaces with Net::SNMP and
    - support for other languages (multiple C++ interfaces, D, Ruby,
      Python) available from third-parties.
    Examples of programs that embed libev: the EV perl module,
    rxvt-unicode, gvpe (GNU Virtual Private Ethernet), the Deliantra MMORPG
    server (, Rubinius (a next-generation Ruby
    VM), the Ebb web server, the Rev event toolkit.
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