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Commits on Oct 3, 2012
  1. Bump all packages that use perl, or depend on a p5-* package, or

    wiz authored
    are called p5-*.
    I hope that's all of them.
Commits on Aug 8, 2012
  1. fix typo

    sno authored
  2. Adding new package for Perl5 module Pod::Elemental version 0.102362 from

    sno authored
    CPAN into textproc/p5-Pod-Elemental.
    Pod::Elemental is a system for treating a Pod (plain old documentation)
    documents as trees of elements. This model may be familiar from many other
    document systems, especially the HTML DOM. Pod::Elemental's document object
    model is much less sophisticated than the HTML DOM, but still makes a lot
    of document transformations easy.
    In general, you'll want to read in a Pod document and then perform a number
    of prepackaged transformations on it. The most common of these will be the
    Pod5 transformation, which assumes that the basic meaning of Pod commands
    described in the Perl 5 documentation hold: =begin, =end, and =for commands
    mark regions of the document, leading whitespace marks a verbatim paragraph,
    and so on. The Pod5 transformer also eliminates the need to track elements
    representing vertical whitespace.
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