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Commits on Jul 30, 2012
  1. Add a file with AMANDA_VERSION in it and use that in all a…

    sbd authored
    packages (including the meta-package) and in the buildlink.
Commits on Jul 14, 2012
  1. Update sysutils/amanda* descriptions.

    sbd authored
Commits on Feb 24, 2009
  1. use META_PACKAGE, delete other variables

    gdt authored
Commits on Jun 12, 2008
  1. Add DESTDIR support.

    joerg authored
Commits on Feb 15, 2008
  1. Update to 2.5.2p1, provided by Nick Goffee of BBN.

    gdt authored
    [bugfixes and minor improvements omitted; see NEWS]
    Changes in release 2.5.2
       * krb5 auth is working
       * Works with IPv6 address
       * Amanda configuration file changes
             o amanda.conf changes
                   + debugging is enabled in the config file
                     see all debug_* config option
                   + tapetype 'readblocksize', if maxtapeblocksize is set too
                     larger for your hardware
       * Amanda command changes
             o amadmin: new 'holding list' and 'holding delete' subcommand.
    Changes in release 2.5.1p3
       * Works with tar-1.16 and exit status of 1.
    Changes in release 2.5.1p2
       * amoverview is working
       * dumptype starttime is working
       * Amanda command changes
             o amtape accept the -o arguments
             o amgetconf --list to list all tapetype, dumptype, holdingdisk
               or interface
             o amgetconf can return a value of a specific tapetype, dumptype,
               holdingdisk or interface
    Changes in release 2.5.1p1
       * Remove contrib/sst.
    Changes in release 2.5.1
       * Defects found by Coverity scan and Klocwork K7 analysis tools fixed.
       * Works with GNU tar 1.15.91 - work with new gtar state file format.
       * Open SSL encryption support
       * Two new authentication methods: bsdtcp, bsdudp.
       * Unlimited number of DLEs on a client with bsdtcp, rsh and ssh
         authentication methods.
       * Recovery process amrecover uses Secure API. amoldrecover command
         (same syntax and functionality as amrecover command) is provided for
         compatibility with old Amanda releases. amoldrecover command uses old
         amidxtaped/amindexd protocol.
       * Amanda debug files are separated into client/server/amandad and
         are also classified based on Amanda configuration name.
       * Amanda command changes
             o amfetchdump -o is replaced by -O.
             o amcheck -w option does all tests including the tape writable test.
               Use amcheck -t -w to do only the tape writable test.
             o -o command option to override Amanda configuration. See amanda man
               page for details.
             o amgetconf command doesn't write the BUGGY message when a entry
               is not found in the configuration file.
       * Amanda configuration file changes
             o amanda.conf changes
                   + amrecover_do_fsf in amanda.conf defaults to yes
                   + amrecover_check_label in amanda.conf defaults to yes
                   + usetimestamps in amanda.conf to support multiple
                     backup runs in a calendar day.
                   + holdingdisk in amanda.conf supports new values:
                     NEVER, AUTO, REQUIRED.
                   + amandad_path, client_username and ssh_keys in
                     amanda.conf for ssh/rsh authentication.
             o New amanda client configuration file - amanda-client.conf.
               Different client configuration file can be used for each Amanda
                   + gnutar_list-dir and amandates can be specified in
                     Amanda client configuration file - amanda-client.conf
             o .amandahosts format changes to allow use of secure API for recovery.
             o Amanda service entries in xinetd configuration has changed.
    Changes in release 2.5.0p1
    * Add the 'amtape update' command.
    Changes in release 2.5.0
    * Communication security/authentication: Kerberos 4/5, OpenSSH
    * Data security: Symmetric/Assymetric encrytion algorithms (aesutil
      and gpg encryption),  Encryption can be done on server or client,
      Custom encryption utilities can be used.
    * Compression: Ability to add custom compression tools. This is a
      really useful feature especially since it can specified for a DLE.  You
      can use different compression algorithm for images, binaries, ascii files
      and so on.
    * Dump images spanning multiple media volumes - Dump images are no
      longer restricted to a single media volume (tape or vtape).  Data restoration
      can be done using amrecover and amfetchdump commands.
    * Auto tape labelling - This optional feature is good for disk backups.
    Change in release 2.4.5
    * new displayunit global option to select the unit use to display number
      k=kilo, m=mega, g=giga, t=tera.
    * new amoverview -skipmissed option.
    Change in release 2.4.5b1
    * holding disk disk use timestamped directory.
    * autoflush flush today's dump.
    * new bumppercent global option, this should improve bumping criteria,
      the bumpsize is set to a fixed value which can be adequate for small
      and large disk.
    * bumpsize, bumppercent, bumpdays and bumpmult can be in a dumptype.
    * calcsize support include and exclude like gnutar.
    * new 'estimate' dumptype option to select estimate type:
        CLIENT: estimate by the dumping program.
        CALCSIZE: estimate by the calcsize program, a lot faster but less acurate.
        SERVER: estimate based on statistic from previous run, take second but
                can be wrong on the estimate size.
Commits on Oct 25, 2007
  1. * If PLIST_SRC is explicitly set to an empty value in a package Makef…

    jlam authored
      then automatically generate a PLIST that says "${PKGNAME} has no files".
    * If PLIST_SRC and GENERATE_PLIST are not set in a package Makefile,
      and no PLIST files exist, then fail during the package build with
    * Remove "intentionally empty" PLISTs again.
    Now, the easy way to say that a package installs no files is to just
    add the following to the package Makefile:
    	PLIST_SRC=	# empty
  2. Re-add "intentionally empty" PLISTs for meta-packages and other packages

    jlam authored
    that directly manipulate empty PLISTs.
    Modify plist/ so that if the PLIST files are missing and no
    GENERATE_PLIST is defined, then the package fails to build.
  3. Remove empty PLISTs from pkgsrc since revision 1.33 of plist/

    jlam authored
    can handle packages having no PLIST files.
Commits on Mar 4, 2006
  1. Point MAINTAINER to in the case where no

    jlam authored
    developer is officially maintaining the package.
    The rationale for changing this from "tech-pkg" to "pkgsrc-users" is
    that it implies that any user can try to maintain the package (by
    submitting patches to the mailing list).  Since the folks most likely
    to care about the package are the folks that want to use it or are
    already using it, this would leverage the energy of users who aren't
Commits on Feb 5, 2006
Commits on May 23, 2005
  1. Removed trailing white-space.

    rillig authored
Commits on Nov 13, 2004
  1. This is the package amanda-2.4.4.p4 so it better depends on

    seb authored
    amanda-*-2.4.4p4* packages.
Commits on Nov 12, 2004
  1. Update amanda to 2.4.4p4

    mjl authored
    Bug fix release and minor improvements:
    new chg-iomega changer script.
    amanda will not use a tape if it's label is not in the tapelist file.
    amflush.c: Don't start a driver if nothing to flush.
    amadmin.c: Call check_dumpuser() as soon as posible.
    amadmin.c: Don't core dump if DUMPCYLE is too  big.
    dumper.c: Parse warning message.
Commits on Oct 5, 2004
  1. Fix build after amanda-common had its PKGREVISION bumped: be a bit

    seb authored
    more liberal about the versions of the various amanda packages listed
    as dependencies.
Commits on May 12, 2004
  1. Update the amanda packages to 2.4.4p2. From Paul Shupak in pkg/24550,

    bouyer authored
    with some additionnal fixes by me.
Commits on Jul 17, 2003
  1. s/

    grant authored
Commits on Jun 4, 2003
  1. These don't really need X after all -- they can be useful on headless

    jschauma authored
    machines without X, too, so remove USE_X11.
Commits on Jun 2, 2003
  1. Use tech-pkg@ in favor of packages@ as MAINTAINER for orphaned packages.

    jschauma authored
    Should anybody feel like they could be the maintainer for any of thewe packages,
    please adjust.
Commits on May 6, 2003
  1. Drop trailing whitespace. Ok'ed by wiz.

    jmmv authored
Commits on Mar 28, 2003
Commits on Oct 31, 2001
Commits on Jun 26, 2001
  1. Upgrade to 2.4.2p2

    christos authored
Commits on Feb 17, 2001
Commits on Jan 16, 2001
Commits on Mar 11, 2000
  1. After the automatic package conflict detection has been fixed rename

    tron authored
    this package to "amanda" again.
Commits on Feb 12, 2000
  1. remove unneeded md5 files

    wiz authored
Commits on Feb 5, 2000
  1. add empty md5 to keep pkglint quiet

    wiz authored
Commits on Jan 5, 2000
Commits on Sep 6, 1999
  1. Update for amanda-plot.

    bad authored
Commits on Apr 26, 1999
  1. add USE_X11=yes

    garbled authored
Commits on Apr 5, 1999
Commits on Apr 4, 1999
  1. Move "amanda" related packages to "sysutils" category as suggested by

    tron authored
    Klaus Klein in PR pkg/7159.
Commits on Feb 25, 1999
Commits on Feb 24, 1999
Commits on Feb 23, 1999
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