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Commits on Sep 15, 2012
  1. recursive bump from libffi shlib major bump

    obache authored
    (additionaly, reset PKGREVISION of qt4-* sub packages from base qt4 update)
Commits on Jul 30, 2012
  1. Update amanda to 3.3.1

    sbd authored
    Changes in release 3.3.1
       * amrecover
           o New 'settransalte' command.
       * amanda.conf
           o new '$s' substitution in autolabel.
           o new 'max-dle-by-volume' global option.
           o new 'eject-volume' global option.
       * diskfile
           o new 'includefile' option.
       * amcheck
           o new '--client-verbose' argument.
       * All programs have a new '--version' argument.
       * ampgsql can take property from server configuration.
       * amgetconf can print one property of a section.
       * s3 device
           o new S3_SERVER_SIDE_ENCRYPTION property.
           o use multiple thread to speedup deleting a volume.
       * Many bug fix.
    Changes in release 3.3.0
       * The default auth is changed to "bsdtcp", if you are using the default bsd
         then you must add it to your configuration.
           o in amanda.conf
           o in amanda-client.conf
           o in dumptype/disklist
           o in xinetd (if no '-auth' argument to amandad)
       * amdump trap crtl-c, it still send the report and do cleanup if you do
         one crtl-c, do it more than once to abort the run.
       * s3 device
           o use multiple threads to speedup the transfer
           o can connect to eucalytus.
           o new NB_THREADS_BACKUP property
           o new NB_THREADS_RECOVERY property
           o new S3_HOST property
           o new S3_SERVICE_PATH property
           o new S3_SUBDOMAIN property
       * chg-aggregate: new changer that use other changer sequentially.
       * meta-volume
       * Add meta label in tapelist file
       * chg-disk:
           o support for removable disk
           o new NUM-SLOT property
           o new AUTO-CREATE-SLOT property
           o new REMOVABLE property
           o new MOUNT property
           o new UMOUNT property
           o new UMOUNT-LOCKFILE property
           o new UMOUNT-IDLE property
       * new taperscan algorithm:
           o oldest: this algorithm try to run through the volumes in the oldest
           o lexical: this algorithm try to run through the volumes in the natural
       * Change in amanda.conf
           o new meta-autolabel option
           o autolabel can include org, config, barcode, meta in the label
           o new client-name option in appication and script.
       * application and script in amanda-client.conf can be used to set default
         properties for application or script.
       * amlabel
           o The label argument is no longer required, an autolabel can be
           o new --meta option
           o new --barcode option
           o new --assign option
       * amgtar, amstar: The path must be specified, it will not works with a
       * amrecover: decompression and decryption are now done on the client if
    		compression/encryption was done on the client.
       * amtape: inventory print the current slot
       * amanda.conf:
           o autoflush have value "no|yes|all"
           o script have single-execution setting.
           o Add pre-amcheck, post-amcheck, pre-estimate, post-estimate, pre-backup
             and post-backup to execute-on of script.
           o Add taperscan and interactivity section.
           o add 'server' value in recovery-limit.
           o add dump-limit in a dumptype.
       * amanda-client.conf
           o add amdump-server setting.
       * script are searched in $APPLICATION_DIR, $CONFIG_DIR/<conf>/application
         and $CONFIG_DIR/application
       * amservice
           o add -s argument
           o is also installed on client
       * new amdumpd server service, if enable, it allow client to start a backup
         of itself.
       * new amdump_client program, it is use on client to start a backup of itself
       * implement restore command amzfs-sendrecv, it can be use with amrecover.
    Changes in release 3.2.2
       * Do not restore the NUL padding bytes, some program fail with them.
       * Fix driver doing nothing if taper crash early.
       * Fix taperalog *FIT no going to second volume.
       * Fix amrestore '-p' not going to next file.
       * flush even if flush threshold are not met if it save tape space.
       * fix crash in amtrmidx due to memory leak.
       * amsamba use 'Use smbclient -TF' for restore.
    Changes in release 3.2.1
       * barcode are added to the tapelist file.
       * Faster 'amadmin find', improve speed on many programs.
       * device-output-buffer-size default to a minimum of 4*block_size.
       * ssh auth use the client-port
       * Bug fixed:
          o "Can't opendata output stream: Connection refused".
          o Better handling of dump to tape.
          o Corrupted 'amdump' log file, amstatus not showing correct state.
          o Execute subprocess with the config overwrite.
          o tape-device allow to set LEOM.
          o Crash in robot changer.
          o Script output property are not sent to application.
    Changes in release 3.2.0
       * Support for multiple simultaneous writes to storage devices
          o Can write to all available drives in parallel.
          o Works only with the new changer API.
          o Useful if two or more volumes are used in a single run.
          o dump direct to tape can be scheduled any time during the run,
            previously they were done sequencially after all dump to holding disk.
          o enabled with the new 'taper-parallel-write' configuration option.
       * Support for LEOM in storage devices
          o allows splitting without partial parts, saving space
          o much more efficient, since parts need not be cached on disk in most
       * new, simpler splitting commands in the tapetype section:
         part-size, part-cache-type, part-cache-dir, part-cache-max-size; see
         amanda.conf(5) for details
       * Amanda server configuration file changes (amanda.conf)
          o new configuration keyword:
             + taper-parallel-write -- How many drive amanda can write to
                                       in parallel.
          o deprecated configuration keywords:
             + amrecover_do_fsf
             + amrecover_check_label
       * the CONFIG parameter to amidxtaped is now required; this means that
         versions of amrecover older than 2.4.3 will be unable to recover from
         servers running Amanda-3.2 and later.
       * The new dumptype and global parameters 'recovery-limit' can be used to
         limit which hosts may recover from a particular DLE.  See amanda.conf(5)
         and amanda-auth(7) for more information.
       * Several old changers have been removed - these changers will work with
         Amanda for the forseeable future, but are no longer included in the
          o chg-chio
          o chg-chs
          o chg-iomega
          o chg-juke
          o chg-mcutil
          o chg-mtx
          o chg-null (use the new "chg-null:")
          o chg-rait (use the new "chg-rait:{dev1,dev2}")
          o chg-rth
          o chg-scsi-chio
          o chg-scsi
       * Amdump change:
          o new '--no-taper' option to start the run in degraded mode
       * Amvault is much improved, but still experimental:
          o supports assembling split parts on the source volume and re-splitting
            them on the destination
          o supports filtering dumps with the same syntax as amfetchdump
          o a --fulls-only option skips all incremental dumps on the source
          o an --export option tries to move tertiary volumes to import/export
            slots when completed
          o command-line syntax has changed incompatibly; see manpage or
            'amvault --help'
       * Rewritten and improved:
          o amoverview
          o amcheckdump
    Changes in release 3.1.0
       * Deprecated old changers; see amanda-changers(7) for replacements.  These
         changers are still available in the distribution, but will be removed in a
         future release.
          o chg-null
          o chg-zd-mtx
          o chg-rait
          o chg-disk
          o chg-multi
       * Although chg-zd-mtx is still supported, we recommend that all users upgrade
         to the more efficient chg-robot.  See contrib/
         for a useful conversion script.
       * Amanda server configuration file changes (amanda.conf)
          o deprecated configuration keywords:
    	 + label_new_tapes
          o keywords deprecated in 2.6.1:
             + rawtapedev
    	 + tapebufs
    	 + file-pad
          o new configuration keyword
             + autolabel   -- replace label_new_tapes
             + columnspec  -- can specify a precision.
             + order       -- in script, to specify script order execution.
             + client_port -- in dumptype, to specify which port to connect on
                              the client.
             + estimate    -- in dumptype, can specify multiple estimate method.
          o accept 'define' keyword for defining an holdingdisk
       * Amanda client configuration file changes (amanda-client.conf)
          o new configuration keyword
             + debug_days  -- how many days to keep debug files.
             + client_port -- use by amrecover, specify which port to connect on
                              the server.
       * Removed compile-time default --with-changer-device: specify a device
         explicitly in amanda.conf instead
       * amtape behavior has changed:
          o 'device' subcommand removed
          o 'slot advance' subcommand removed
          o 'update' subcommand no longer displays each slot as it is updated, and
            is not supported by all changers
          o taperscan output has changed
          o new 'inventory' subcommand
       * amrmtape rewrite
          o use long option
             + --changer    -- Specify which changer to use
             + --cleanup    -- Remove logs and indexes associated with label
             + --dryrun     -- do not update the original copies.
             + --erase      -- Attempt to erase the data contained on the volume
             + --keep-label -- Do not remove label from the tapelist
             + --quiet      -- Opposite of --verbose
             + --verbose    -- List backups of hosts and disks that are being
       * amdevcheck
          o new --label option.
          o new --properties option.
       * Device API
          o changed wildcard setting for S3_BUCKET_LOCATION from "" to "*"
          o new 'ndmp:' device to write to a tape on an ndmp server.
          o new 'dvdrw:' device to write to a dvd drive.
       * Application API
          o new properties to many applications
          o amgtar
             + new ACLS, SELINUX and XATTRS properties
          o amsamba
             + Allow '\' in diskname and amandapass.
             + new ALLOW-ANONYMOUS property.
          o new applications:
             + ampgsql  -- Backup PostgreSQL using continuous WAL archiving
             + amsuntar -- Backup filesytem with the SUN tar
             + amraw    -- Backup only one directory entry
       * New taper, with DirectTCP support, changed tape and catalog format:
          o all dumpfiles are now F_SPLIT_DUMPFILE
          o all on-tape dumpfiles have numparts=-1, since it's no longer possible
            to calculate this value in advance
          o there is no logging or reporting of zero-byte, successful parts (this
            may cause gaps in filenums in the catalog)
       * Redesigned amreport
          o much more natural command-line interface (just run 'amreport $config')
          o experimental XML output
       * configuration override for dumptype works with inheritance.
    Changes in release 2.6.1p2
       * amtapetype: new -p option
       * Bugs fixed
          o S3 device driver
          o amcheckdump
          o file not removed from holding disk
          o sendbackup compatibility with a 2.4.2 server
          o handle EROFS error from tape device.
          o zfs snapshot name us the diskname.
          o fix fd allocation in amandad
          o crash in amflush
    Changes in release 2.6.1p1
       * amplot: better output
       * Don't include genversion.h in distribution tarballs.
       * Bugs fixed
          o S3 device driver
          o rait device driver
          o amstatus
          o configure
          o application-api
          o compilation on some platform
          o others small bug
    Changes in release 2.6.1
       * Amanda server configuration file changes (amanda.conf)
          o deprecated configuration keywords:
             + rawtapedev
    	 + tapebufs
    	 + file-pad
       * Application API: Allow to easily write wrappers around any backup program,
         See the 'amanda-applications' man page.
          o amgtar: Use GNU tar, it is a lot more configurable than the GNUTAR
            program. See 'amgtar' man page.
          o amstar: Use star to do a backup, it work only on a partition. See
            'amstar' man page.
          o amsamba: Use smbclient to backup a cifs share, see amsamba man page.
          o amzfs-sendrecv: Do a backup of a ZFS filesystem with 'zfs send'.
       * Script API: Allow to run script before and after amanda process, see the
         'amanda-scripts' man page.
          o amzfs-snapshot: Do a snapshot of a ZFS filesystem, then 'amgtar'
            application will backup the snapshot. See 'amzfs-snapshot' man page.
          o script-email: Simple script to send email. see 'script-email' man page.
       * Changer API v2.0: perl-based changer interface supporting concurrent
         use of multiple devices and changers.
          o currently operating in "compatibility mode," calling old changer
            shell scripts.
          o under active development.
       * Xfer API: generic library to move and filter data with maximal efficiency
          o can read from and write to arbitrary devices, files, etc.
          o only used in some applications.
       * Amanda archive format: A simple archive format that an application can
         use to create backup image.
       * 'amarchiver' program to manipulate file in amanda archive format.
       * Many improvements to report better error message to user.
       * amtape subcommands 'slot prev' and 'slot last' are removed.
       * Dozens more perl libraries, with more stable interfaces.
       * Many bugs fixed and improvement.
       * amgetconf '--client' option to retrieve config from
         amanda-client.conf on a client.
       * Amanda configuration file changes
           o new application-tool section
           o new script-tool section
           o new device section
           o new changer section
    Changes in release 2.6.0
       * configure --disable-shared doesn't work because perl modules require
         shared libraries.  Use configure --with-static-binaries to build
         statically linked binaries.
       * 'amverify' and 'amverifyrun' are deprecated and replaced with the
         new, more flexible 'amcheckdump'
       * 'amdd' and 'ammt' are deprecated.
       * Some Amanda files are now installed in new "amanda/" subdirectories:
         libraries are now installed in $libdir/amanda and internal programs
         are now installed in $libexecdir/amanda.
       * The amandates file, previously at /etc/amandates, is now at
         $localstatedir/amanda/amandates.  You may want to move your existing
         /etc/amandates when you upgrade Amanda.
       * New 'amcryptsimple', 'amgpgcrypt' - encryption plugins based on gpg.
       * New 'amserverconfig', 'amaddclient' - Initial Amanda configuration tools
         these tools make assumptions, please see man page.
       * Many bugs fixed and code rewrite/cleanup
       * glib is required to compile and run amanda.
       * Device API: pluggable interface to storage devices, supporting tapes,
         vtapes, RAIT, and Amazon S3
       * New perl modules link directly to Amanda, to support writing Amanda
         applications in Perl. Perl module are installed by default in the perl
         installsitelib directory. It can be changed with
         'configure --with-amperldir'.
       * New 'local' security driver supports backups of the amanda server
         without any network connection or other configuration.
       * Almost 200 unit tests are available via 'make installcheck'.
       * Amanda configuration file changes
             o amanda.conf changes
                   + flush-threshold-dumped
                   + flush-threshold-scheduled
                   + taperflush
                   + device_property
                   + usetimestamps default to yes
  2. Use for the gnuplot prefix.

    sbd authored
  3. Add SPECIAL_PERMS entries for binaries the need special perms.

    sbd authored
    Because of the above change switch all amanda packages to user-destdir
  4. Miscellaneous makefile clean up.

    sbd authored
  5. Add a file with AMANDA_VERSION in it and use that in all a…

    sbd authored
    packages (including the meta-package) and in the buildlink.
Commits on Jul 14, 2012
  1. Update sysutils/amanda* descriptions.

    sbd authored
Commits on Jun 28, 2010
  1. Basic DESTDIR support

    joerg authored
Commits on Jul 29, 2008
  1. Disable IPv6 by default, since this doesn't work on systems which are

    pgoyette authored
    configured for IPv4 only.  IPv6 can still be enabled via PKG_OPTIONS.
    Fixes my PR pkg/38957
    ok gdt@
Commits on Feb 15, 2008
  1. Update to 2.5.2p1, provided by Nick Goffee of BBN.

    gdt authored
    [bugfixes and minor improvements omitted; see NEWS]
    Changes in release 2.5.2
       * krb5 auth is working
       * Works with IPv6 address
       * Amanda configuration file changes
             o amanda.conf changes
                   + debugging is enabled in the config file
                     see all debug_* config option
                   + tapetype 'readblocksize', if maxtapeblocksize is set too
                     larger for your hardware
       * Amanda command changes
             o amadmin: new 'holding list' and 'holding delete' subcommand.
    Changes in release 2.5.1p3
       * Works with tar-1.16 and exit status of 1.
    Changes in release 2.5.1p2
       * amoverview is working
       * dumptype starttime is working
       * Amanda command changes
             o amtape accept the -o arguments
             o amgetconf --list to list all tapetype, dumptype, holdingdisk
               or interface
             o amgetconf can return a value of a specific tapetype, dumptype,
               holdingdisk or interface
    Changes in release 2.5.1p1
       * Remove contrib/sst.
    Changes in release 2.5.1
       * Defects found by Coverity scan and Klocwork K7 analysis tools fixed.
       * Works with GNU tar 1.15.91 - work with new gtar state file format.
       * Open SSL encryption support
       * Two new authentication methods: bsdtcp, bsdudp.
       * Unlimited number of DLEs on a client with bsdtcp, rsh and ssh
         authentication methods.
       * Recovery process amrecover uses Secure API. amoldrecover command
         (same syntax and functionality as amrecover command) is provided for
         compatibility with old Amanda releases. amoldrecover command uses old
         amidxtaped/amindexd protocol.
       * Amanda debug files are separated into client/server/amandad and
         are also classified based on Amanda configuration name.
       * Amanda command changes
             o amfetchdump -o is replaced by -O.
             o amcheck -w option does all tests including the tape writable test.
               Use amcheck -t -w to do only the tape writable test.
             o -o command option to override Amanda configuration. See amanda man
               page for details.
             o amgetconf command doesn't write the BUGGY message when a entry
               is not found in the configuration file.
       * Amanda configuration file changes
             o amanda.conf changes
                   + amrecover_do_fsf in amanda.conf defaults to yes
                   + amrecover_check_label in amanda.conf defaults to yes
                   + usetimestamps in amanda.conf to support multiple
                     backup runs in a calendar day.
                   + holdingdisk in amanda.conf supports new values:
                     NEVER, AUTO, REQUIRED.
                   + amandad_path, client_username and ssh_keys in
                     amanda.conf for ssh/rsh authentication.
             o New amanda client configuration file - amanda-client.conf.
               Different client configuration file can be used for each Amanda
                   + gnutar_list-dir and amandates can be specified in
                     Amanda client configuration file - amanda-client.conf
             o .amandahosts format changes to allow use of secure API for recovery.
             o Amanda service entries in xinetd configuration has changed.
    Changes in release 2.5.0p1
    * Add the 'amtape update' command.
    Changes in release 2.5.0
    * Communication security/authentication: Kerberos 4/5, OpenSSH
    * Data security: Symmetric/Assymetric encrytion algorithms (aesutil
      and gpg encryption),  Encryption can be done on server or client,
      Custom encryption utilities can be used.
    * Compression: Ability to add custom compression tools. This is a
      really useful feature especially since it can specified for a DLE.  You
      can use different compression algorithm for images, binaries, ascii files
      and so on.
    * Dump images spanning multiple media volumes - Dump images are no
      longer restricted to a single media volume (tape or vtape).  Data restoration
      can be done using amrecover and amfetchdump commands.
    * Auto tape labelling - This optional feature is good for disk backups.
    Change in release 2.4.5
    * new displayunit global option to select the unit use to display number
      k=kilo, m=mega, g=giga, t=tera.
    * new amoverview -skipmissed option.
    Change in release 2.4.5b1
    * holding disk disk use timestamped directory.
    * autoflush flush today's dump.
    * new bumppercent global option, this should improve bumping criteria,
      the bumpsize is set to a fixed value which can be adequate for small
      and large disk.
    * bumpsize, bumppercent, bumpdays and bumpmult can be in a dumptype.
    * calcsize support include and exclude like gnutar.
    * new 'estimate' dumptype option to select estimate type:
        CLIENT: estimate by the dumping program.
        CALCSIZE: estimate by the calcsize program, a lot faster but less acurate.
        SERVER: estimate based on statistic from previous run, take second but
                can be wrong on the estimate size.
Commits on Nov 8, 2007
Commits on May 26, 2006
  1. Remove explicit GNU tar dependency. It is an unnecessary alternative

    joerg authored
    and the tools framework already does the right thing. Bump revisions.
Commits on Feb 5, 2006
Commits on Aug 2, 2005
  1. Prevent paths of the build directories from being included in all amanda

    seb authored
    packages. Set runtime dependencies on GNU tar and gzip for all amanda
    Bump PKGREVISIONs to 1 for amanda-client and amanda-plot, to 2 for
    amanda-common and amanda-server.
Commits on May 23, 2005
  1. Removed trailing white-space.

    rillig authored
Commits on Apr 11, 2005
Commits on Feb 24, 2005
  1. Add RMD160 digests.

    agc authored
Commits on Nov 12, 2004
  1. Update amanda to 2.4.4p4

    mjl authored
    Bug fix release and minor improvements:
    new chg-iomega changer script.
    amanda will not use a tape if it's label is not in the tapelist file.
    amflush.c: Don't start a driver if nothing to flush.
    amadmin.c: Call check_dumpuser() as soon as posible.
    amadmin.c: Don't core dump if DUMPCYLE is too  big.
    dumper.c: Parse warning message.
Commits on Oct 5, 2004
  1. Fix build after amanda-common had its PKGREVISION bumped: be a bit

    seb authored
    more liberal about the versions of the various amanda packages listed
    as dependencies.
Commits on May 15, 2004
  1. Fixe patches to apply cleanly on 2.4.4p2

    bouyer authored
Commits on May 12, 2004
  1. Don't create an (empty) directory in $prefix/share

    bouyer authored
    Remove Makefile variables which are also defined in Makefile.common
  2. Update the amanda packages to 2.4.4p2. From Paul Shupak in pkg/24550,

    bouyer authored
    with some additionnal fixes by me.
Commits on May 4, 2004
  1. Convert to buildlink3.

    snj authored
Commits on Jul 17, 2003
  1. s/

    grant authored
Commits on Jun 2, 2003
  1. Use tech-pkg@ in favor of packages@ as MAINTAINER for orphaned packages.

    jschauma authored
    Should anybody feel like they could be the maintainer for any of thewe packages,
    please adjust.
Commits on May 6, 2003
  1. Drop trailing whitespace. Ok'ed by wiz.

    jmmv authored
Commits on Oct 25, 2002
  1. Clean up a bit. Only installs shell scripts, so USE_X11 and amanda-co…

    wiz authored
    …mmon's are not needed.
  2. Convert to buildlink2.

    wiz authored
Commits on Aug 19, 2002
Commits on Oct 31, 2001
Commits on Oct 18, 2001
  1. SVR4 packages have a limit of 9 chars for a package name.

    veego authored
    The automatic truncation in gensolpkg doesn't work for packages which
    have the same package name for the first 5-6 chars.
    e.g. amanda-server and amanda-client would be named amanda and amanda.
    Now, we add a SVR4_PKGNAME and use amacl for amanda-client and amase for
    All svr4 packages also have a vendor tag, so we have to reserve some chars
    for this tag, which is normaly 3 or 4 chars. Thats why we can only use 6
    or 5 chars for SVR4_PKGNAME. I used 5 for all the packages, to give the
    vendor tag enough room.
    All p5-* packages and a few other packages have now a SVR4_PKGNAME.
Commits on Jun 26, 2001
  1. Upgrade to 2.4.2p2

    christos authored
  2. Prepare for 2.4.2p2

    christos authored
    This is a bug fix release.
    Improve debugging support, fix some fd leaks and add barcode reader support.
    For more details, refer to the Changelog.
Commits on Apr 19, 2001
Commits on Apr 17, 2001
  1. + move the distfile digest/checksum value from files/md5 to distinfo

    agc authored
    + move the patch digest/checksum values from files/patch-sum to distinfo
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