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Commits on May 20, 2011
  1. Update to the more recent version Apache Cassandra 0.7.6.

    tonnerre authored
    Changes since version 0.7.0:
     * force GC to reclaim disk space on flush, if necessary (CASSANDRA-2404)
     * move gossip heartbeat back to its own thread (CASSANDRA-2554)
     * fix incorrect use of NBHM.size in ReadCallback that could cause
       reads to time out even when responses were received (CASSAMDRA-2552)
     * trigger read repair correctly for LOCAL_QUORUM reads (CASSANDRA-2556)
     * correctly reject query with missing mandatory super columns and validate
       super column name in Deletion (CASSANDRA-2571)
     * refuse to apply migrations with older timestamps than the current
       schema (CASSANDRA-2536)
     * faster flushes and compaction from fixing excessively pessimistic
       rebuffering in BRAF (CASSANDRA-2581)
     * include indexes in snapshots (CASSANDRA-2596)
     * improve ignoring of obsolete mutations in index maintenance (CASSANDRA-2401)
     * recognize attempt to drop just the index while leaving the column
       definition alone (CASSANDRA-2619)
     * Don't allow {LOCAL|EACH}_QUORUM unless strategy is NTS (CASSANDRA-2627)
     * Fix regression where bootstrapping a node with no schema fails
     * Allow removing LocationInfo sstables (CASSANDRA-2632)
     * avoid attempting to replay mutations from dropped keyspaces (CASSANDRA-2631)
     * avoid using cached position of a key when GT is requested (CASSANDRA-2633)
     * fix counting bloom filter true positives (CASSANDRA-2637)
     * initialize local ep state prior to gossip startup if needed (CASSANDRA-2638)
     * fix empty Result with secondary index when limit=1 (CASSANDRA-2628)
     * add quote-escaping via backslash to CLI (CASSANDRA-2623)
     * fig pig example script (CASSANDRA-2487)
     * fix dynamic snitch race in adding latencies (CASSANDRA-2618)
     * Start/stop cassandra after more important services such as mdadm in
       debian packaging (CASSANDRA-2481)
     * improvements/fixes to PIG driver (CASSANDRA-1618, CASSANDRA-2387,
       CASSANDRA-2465, CASSANDRA-2484)
     * validate index names (CASSANDRA-1761)
     * reduce contention on Table.flusherLock (CASSANDRA-1954)
     * try harder to detect failures during streaming, cleaning up temporary
       files more reliably (CASSANDRA-2088)
     * shut down server for OOM on a Thrift thread (CASSANDRA-2269)
     * fix tombstone handling in repair and sstable2json (CASSANDRA-2279)
     * preserve version when streaming data from old sstables (CASSANDRA-2283)
     * don't start repair if a neighboring node is marked as dead (CASSANDRA-2290)
     * purge tombstones from row cache (CASSANDRA-2305)
     * Avoid seeking when sstable2json exports the entire file (CASSANDRA-2318)
     * clear Built flag in system table when dropping an index (CASSANDRA-2320)
     * don't allow arbitrary argument for (CASSANDRA-2323)
     * validate values for index predicates in get_indexed_slice (CASSANDRA-2328)
     * queue secondary indexes for flush before the parent (CASSANDRA-2330)
     * allow job configuration to set the CL used in Hadoop jobs (CASSANDRA-2331)
     * add memtable_flush_queue_size defaulting to 4 (CASSANDRA-2333)
     * Allow overriding of initial_token, storage_port and rpc_port from system
       properties (CASSANDRA-2343)
     * fix comparator used for non-indexed secondary expressions in index scan
     * ensure size calculation and write phase of large-row compaction use
       the same threshold for TTL expiration (CASSANDRA-2349)
     * fix race when iterating CFs during add/drop (CASSANDRA-2350)
     * add ConsistencyLevel command to CLI (CASSANDRA-2354)
     * allow negative numbers in the cli (CASSANDRA-2358)
     * hard code serialVersionUID for tokens class (CASSANDRA-2361)
     * fix potential infinite loop in ByteBufferUtil.inputStream (CASSANDRA-2365)
     * fix encoding bugs in HintedHandoffManager, SystemTable when default
       charset is not UTF8 (CASSANDRA-2367)
     * avoids having removed node reappearing in Gossip (CASSANDRA-2371)
     * fix incorrect truncation of long to int when reading columns via block
       index (CASSANDRA-2376)
     * fix NPE during stream session (CASSANDRA-2377)
     * fix race condition that could leave orphaned data files when dropping CF or
       KS (CASSANDRA-2381)
     * fsync statistics component on write (CASSANDRA-2382)
     * fix duplicate results from CFS.scan (CASSANDRA-2406)
     * halve default memtable thresholds (CASSANDRA-2413)
     * add IntegerType to CLI help (CASSANDRA-2414)
     * avoid caching token-only decoratedkeys (CASSANDRA-2416)
     * convert mmap assertion to if/throw so scrub can catch it (CASSANDRA-2417)
     * don't overwrite gc log (CASSANDR-2418)
     * invalidate row cache for streamed row to avoid inconsitencies
     * avoid copies in range/index scans (CASSANDRA-2425)
     * make sure we don't wipe data during cleanup if the node has not join
       the ring (CASSANDRA-2428)
     * Try harder to close files after compaction (CASSANDRA-2431)
     * re-set bootstrapped flag after move finishes (CASSANDRA-2435)
     * display validation_class in CLI 'describe keyspace' (CASSANDRA-2442)
     * make cleanup compactions cleanup the row cache (CASSANDRA-2451)
     * add column fields validation to scrub (CASSANDRA-2460)
     * use 64KB flush buffer instead of in_memory_compaction_limit (CASSANDRA-2463)
     * fix backslash substitutions in CLI (CASSANDRA-2492)
     * disable cache saving for system CFS (CASSANDRA-2502)
     * fixes for verifying destination availability under hinted conditions
       so UE can be thrown intead of timing out (CASSANDRA-2514)
     * fix update of validation class in column metadata (CASSANDRA-2512)
     * support LOCAL_QUORUM, EACH_QUORUM CLs outside of NTS (CASSANDRA-2516)
     * count a row deletion as one operation towards memtable threshold
     * add nodetool join command (CASSANDRA-2160)
     * fix secondary indexes on pre-existing or streamed data (CASSANDRA-2244)
     * initialize endpoint in gossiper earlier (CASSANDRA-2228)
     * add ability to write to Cassandra from Pig (CASSANDRA-1828)
     * add rpc_[min|max]_threads (CASSANDRA-2176)
     * add CL.TWO, CL.THREE (CASSANDRA-2013)
     * avoid exporting an un-requested row in sstable2json, when exporting
       a key that does not exist (CASSANDRA-2168)
     * add incremental_backups option (CASSANDRA-1872)
     * add configurable row limit to Pig loadfunc (CASSANDRA-2276)
     * validate column values in batches as well as single-Column inserts
     * move sample schema from cassandra.yaml to schema-sample.txt,
       a cli scripts (CASSANDRA-2007)
     * avoid writing empty rows when scrubbing tombstoned rows (CASSANDRA-2296)
     * fix assertion error in range and index scans for CL < ALL
     * fix commitlog replay when flush position refers to data that didn't
       get synced before server died (CASSANDRA-2285)
     * fix fd leak in sstable2json with non-mmap'd i/o (CASSANDRA-2304)
     * reduce memory use during streaming of multiple sstables (CASSANDRA-2301)
     * purge tombstoned rows from cache after GCGraceSeconds (CASSANDRA-2305)
     * allow zero replicas in a NTS datacenter (CASSANDRA-1924)
     * make range queries respect snitch for local replicas (CASSANDRA-2286)
     * fix HH delivery when column index is larger than 2GB (CASSANDRA-2297)
     * make 2ary indexes use parent CF flush thresholds during initial build
     * update memtable_throughput to be a long (CASSANDRA-2158)
     * Keep endpoint state until aVeryLongTime (CASSANDRA-2115)
     * lower-latency read repair (CASSANDRA-2069)
     * add hinted_handoff_throttle_delay_in_ms option (CASSANDRA-2161)
     * fixes for cache save/load (CASSANDRA-2172, -2174)
     * Handle whole-row deletions in CFOutputFormat (CASSANDRA-2014)
     * Make memtable_flush_writers flush in parallel (CASSANDRA-2178)
     * Add compaction_preheat_key_cache option (CASSANDRA-2175)
     * refactor to have only one copy of the format string
       used for creating row keys (CASSANDRA-2108)
     * validate index names for \w+ (CASSANDRA-2196)
     * Fix Cassandra cli to respect timeout if schema does not settle
     * fix for compaction and cleanup writing old-format data into new-version
       sstable (CASSANDRA-2211, -2216)
     * add nodetool scrub (CASSANDRA-2217, -2240)
     * fix sstable2json large-row pagination (CASSANDRA-2188)
     * fix EOFing on requests for the last bytes in a file (CASSANDRA-2213)
     * fix BufferedRandomAccessFile bugs (CASSANDRA-2218, -2241)
     * check for memtable flush_after_mins exceeded every 10s (CASSANDRA-2183)
     * fix cache saving on Windows (CASSANDRA-2207)
     * add validateSchemaAgreement call + synchronization to schema
       modification operations (CASSANDRA-2222)
     * fix for reversed slice queries on large rows (CASSANDRA-2212)
     * fat clients were writing local data (CASSANDRA-2223)
     * turn off string interning in json2sstable (CASSANDRA-2189)
     * improve detection and cleanup of partially-written sstables
     * fix supercolumn de/serialization when subcolumn comparator is different
       from supercolumn's (CASSANDRA-2104)
     * fix starting up on Windows when CASSANDRA_HOME contains whitespace
     * add [get|set][row|key]cacheSavePeriod to JMX (CASSANDRA-2100)
     * fix Hadoop ColumnFamilyOutputFormat dropping of mutations
       when batch fills up (CASSANDRA-2255)
     * move file deletions off of scheduledtasks executor (CASSANDRA-2253)
     * copy DecoratedKey.key when inserting into caches to avoid retaining
       a reference to the underlying buffer (CASSANDRA-2102)
     * format subcolumn names with subcomparator (CASSANDRA-2136)
     * fix column bloom filter deserialization (CASSANDRA-2165)
     * refactor MessageDigest creation code. (CASSANDRA-2107)
     * buffer network stack to avoid inefficient small TCP messages while avoiding
       the nagle/delayed ack problem (CASSANDRA-1896)
     * check log4j configuration for changes every 10s (CASSANDRA-1525, 1907)
     * more-efficient cross-DC replication (CASSANDRA-1530, -2051, -2138)
     * avoid polluting page cache with commitlog or sstable writes
       and seq scan operations (CASSANDRA-1470)
     * add RMI authentication options to nodetool (CASSANDRA-1921)
     * make snitches configurable at runtime (CASSANDRA-1374)
     * retry hadoop split requests on connection failure (CASSANDRA-1927)
     * implement describeOwnership for BOP, COPP (CASSANDRA-1928)
     * make read repair behave as expected for ConsistencyLevel > ONE
       (CASSANDRA-982, 2038)
     * distributed test harness (CASSANDRA-1859, 1964)
     * reduce flush lock contention (CASSANDRA-1930)
     * optimize supercolumn deserialization (CASSANDRA-1891)
     * fix CFMetaData.apply to only compare objects of the same class
     * allow specifying specific SSTables to compact from JMX (CASSANDRA-1963)
     * fix race condition in MessagingService.targets (CASSANDRA-1959, 2094, 2081)
     * refuse to open sstables from a future version (CASSANDRA-1935)
     * zero-copy reads (CASSANDRA-1714)
     * fix copy bounds for word Text in wordcount demo (CASSANDRA-1993)
     * fixes for contrib/javautils (CASSANDRA-1979)
     * check more frequently for memtable expiration (CASSANDRA-2000)
     * fix writing SSTable column count statistics (CASSANDRA-1976)
     * fix streaming of multiple CFs during bootstrap (CASSANDRA-1992)
     * explicitly set JVM GC new generation size with -Xmn (CASSANDRA-1968)
     * add short options for CLI flags (CASSANDRA-1565)
     * make keyspace argument to "describe keyspace" in CLI optional
       when authenticated to keyspace already (CASSANDRA-2029)
     * added option to specify -Dcassandra.join_ring=false on startup
       to allow "warm spare" nodes or performing JMX maintenance before
       joining the ring (CASSANDRA-526)
     * log migrations at INFO (CASSANDRA-2028)
     * add CLI verbose option in file mode (CASSANDRA-2030)
     * add single-line "--" comments to CLI (CASSANDRA-2032)
     * message serialization tests (CASSANDRA-1923)
     * switch from ivy to maven-ant-tasks (CASSANDRA-2017)
     * CLI attempts to block for new schema to propagate (CASSANDRA-2044)
     * fix potential overflow in nodetool cfstats (CASSANDRA-2057)
     * add JVM shutdownhook to sync commitlog (CASSANDRA-1919)
     * allow nodes to be up without being part of  normal traffic (CASSANDRA-1951)
     * fix CLI "show keyspaces" with null options on NTS (CASSANDRA-2049)
     * fix possible ByteBuffer race conditions (CASSANDRA-2066)
     * reduce garbage generated by MessagingService to prevent load spikes
     * fix math in RandomPartitioner.describeOwnership (CASSANDRA-2071)
     * fix deletion of sstable non-data components (CASSANDRA-2059)
     * avoid blocking gossip while deleting handoff hints (CASSANDRA-2073)
     * ignore messages from newer versions, keep track of nodes in gossip
       regardless of version (CASSANDRA-1970)
     * cache writing moved to CompactionManager to reduce i/o contention and
       updated to use non-cache-polluting writes (CASSANDRA-2053)
     * page through large rows when exporting to JSON (CASSANDRA-2041)
     * add flush_largest_memtables_at and reduce_cache_sizes_at options
     * add cli 'describe cluster' command (CASSANDRA-2127)
     * add cli support for setting username/password at 'connect' command
     * add -D option to to allow reading hosts from a file
     * bound hints CF throughput between 32M and 256M (CASSANDRA-2148)
     * continue starting when invalid saved cache entries are encountered
     * add max_hint_window_in_ms option (CASSANDRA-1459)
     * handle replica unavailability in index scan (CASSANDRA-1755)
     * fix service initialization order deadlock (CASSANDRA-1756)
     * multi-line cli commands (CASSANDRA-1742)
     * fix race between snapshot and compaction (CASSANDRA-1736)
     * add listEndpointsPendingHints, deleteHintsForEndpoint JMX methods
Commits on Feb 2, 2011
  1. Handle the new files too to fix the build..

    tonnerre authored
  2. Upgrade Apache Cassandra to version 0.7.0. It's 0.7.0-beta3 with a nu…

    tonnerre authored
    of bugfixes.
Commits on Nov 3, 2010
  1. Upgrade Apache Cassandra to version 0.7.0beta3.

    tonnerre authored
    This version brings back the ability to create new tables.
    Changes since 0.7.0beta2:
     * add strategy options to describe_keyspace output (CASSANDRA-1560)
     * log warning when using randomly generated token (CASSANDRA-1552)
     * re-organize JMX into .db, .net, .internal, .request (CASSANDRA-1217)
    llow nodes to change IPs between restarts (CASSANDRA-1518)
     * remember ring state between restarts by default (CASSANDRA-1518)
     * flush index built flag so we can read it before log replay (CASSANDRA-1541)
     * lock row cache updates to prevent race condition (CASSANDRA-1293)
     * remove assertion causing rare (and harmless) error messages in
       commitlog (CASSANDRA-1330)
     * fix moving nodes with no keyspaces defined (CASSANDRA-1574)
     * fix unbootstrap when no data is present in a transfer range (CASSANDRA-1573)
     * take advantage of AVRO-495 to simplify our avro IDL (CASSANDRA-1436)
     * extend authorization hierarchy to column family (CASSANDRA-1554)
     * deletion support in secondary indexes (CASSANDRA-1571)
     * meaningful error message for invalid replication strategy class
     * allow keyspace creation with RF > N (CASSANDRA-1428)
     * improve cli error handling (CASSANDRA-1580)
     * add cache save/load ability (CASSANDRA-1417, 1606, 1647)
     * add StorageService.getDrainProgress (CASSANDRA-1588)
     * Disallow bootstrap to an in-use token (CASSANDRA-1561)
     * Allow dynamic secondary index creation and destruction (CASSANDRA-1532)
     * log auto-guessed memtable thresholds (CASSANDRA-1595)
     * add ColumnDef support to cli (CASSANDRA-1583)
     * reduce index sample time by 75% (CASSANDRA-1572)
     * add cli support for column, strategy metadata (CASSANDRA-1578, 1612)
     * add cli support for schema modification (CASSANDRA-1584)
     * delete temp files on failed compactions (CASSANDRA-1596)
     * avoid blocking for dead nodes during removetoken (CASSANDRA-1605)
     * remove ConsistencyLevel.ZERO (CASSANDRA-1607)
     * expose in-progress compaction type in jmx (CASSANDRA-1586)
     * removed IClock & related classes from internals (CASSANDRA-1502)
     * fix removing tokens from SystemTable on decommission and removetoken
     * include CF metadata in cli 'show keyspaces' (CASSANDRA-1613)
     * switch from Properties to HashMap in PropertyFileSnitch to
       avoid synchronization bottleneck (CASSANDRA-1481)
     * PropertyFileSnitch configuration file renamed to
     * add cli support for get_range_slices (CASSANDRA-1088, CASSANDRA-1619)
     * Make memtable flush thresholds per-CF instead of global
       (CASSANDRA-1007, 1637)
     * add cli support for binary data without CfDef hints (CASSANDRA-1603)
     * fix building SSTable statistics post-stream (CASSANDRA-1620)
     * fix potential infinite loop in 2ary index queries (CASSANDRA-1623)
     * allow creating NTS keyspaces with no replicas configured (CASSANDRA-1626)
     * add jmx histogram of sstables accessed per read (CASSANDRA-1624)
     * remove system_rename_column_family and system_rename_keyspace from the
       client API until races can be fixed (CASSANDRA-1630, CASSANDRA-1585)
     * add cli sanity tests (CASSANDRA-1582)
     * update GC settings in cassandra.bat (CASSANDRA-1636)
     * cli support for index queries (CASSANDRA-1635)
     * cli support for updating schema memtable settings (CASSANDRA-1634)
     * cli --file option (CASSANDRA-1616)
     * reduce automatically chosen memtable sizes by 50% (CASSANDRA-1641)
     * move endpoint cache from snitch to strategy (CASSANDRA-1643)
     * fix commitlog recovery deleting the newly-created segment as well as
       the old ones (CASSANDRA-1644)
     * upgrade to Thrift 0.5 (CASSANDRA-1367)
     * cli truncate support (CASSANDRA-1653)
     * update GC settings in cassandra.bat (CASSANDRA-1636)
     * avoid logging when a node's ip/token is gossipped back to it (CASSANDRA-1666)
Commits on Oct 17, 2010
Commits on Oct 16, 2010
  1. Update Cassandra to version 0.7.0beta2.

    tonnerre authored
    Changes since 0.6.2:
     * always use UTF-8 for hint keys (CASSANDRA-1439)
     * remove cassandra.yaml dependency from Hadoop and Pig (CASSADRA-1322)
     * expose CfDef metadata in describe_keyspaces (CASSANDRA-1633)
     * restore use of mmap_index_only option (CASSANDRA-1241)
     * dropping a keyspace with no column families generated an error
     * rename RackAwareStrategy to OldNetworkTopologyStrategy, RackUnawareStrategy
       to SimpleStrategy, DatacenterShardStrategy to NetworkTopologyStrategy,
       AbstractRackAwareSnitch to AbstractNetworkTopologySnitch (CASSANDRA-1392)
     * merge StorageProxy.mutate, mutateBlocking (CASSANDRA-1396)
     * faster UUIDType, LongType comparisons (CASSANDRA-1386, 1393)
     * fix setting read_repair_chance from CLI addColumnFamily (CASSANDRA-1399)
     * fix updates to indexed columns (CASSANDRA-1373)
     * fix race condition leaving to FileNotFoundException (CASSANDRA-1382)
     * fix sharded lock hash on index write path (CASSANDRA-1402)
     * add support for GT/E, LT/E in subordinate index clauses (CASSANDRA-1401)
     * cfId counter got out of sync when CFs were added (CASSANDRA-1403)
     * less chatty schema updates (CASSANDRA-1389)
     * rename column family mbeans. 'type' will now include either
       'IndexColumnFamilies' or 'ColumnFamilies' depending on the CFS type.
     * disallow invalid keyspace and column family names. This includes name that
       matches a '^\w+' regex. (CASSANDRA-1377)
     * use JNA, if present, to take snapshots (CASSANDRA-1371)
     * truncate hints if starting 0.7 for the first time (CASSANDRA-1414)
     * fix FD leak in single-row slicepredicate queries (CASSANDRA-1416)
     * allow index expressions against columns that are not part of the
       SlicePredicate (CASSANDRA-1410)
     * config-converter properly handles snitches and framed support
     * remove keyspace argument from multiget_count (CASSANDRA-1422)
     * allow specifying cassandra.yaml location as (local or remote) URL
     * fix using DynamicEndpointSnitch with NetworkTopologyStrategy
     * Add CfDef.default_validation_class (CASSANDRA-891)
     * fix EstimatedHistogram.max (CASSANDRA-1413)
     * handle zero-length (or missing) rows during HH paging (CASSANDRA-1432)
     * include secondary indexes during schema migrations (CASSANDRA-1406)
     * fix commitlog header race during schema change (CASSANDRA-1435)
     * fix ColumnFamilyStoreMBeanIterator to use new type name (CASSANDRA-1433)
     * correct filename generated by xml->yaml converter (CASSANDRA-1419)
     * add CMSInitiatingOccupancyFraction=75 and UseCMSInitiatingOccupancyOnly
       to default JVM options
     * decrease jvm heap for cassandra-cli (CASSANDRA-1446)
     * ability to modify keyspaces and column family definitions on a live cluster
     * support for Hadoop Streaming [non-jvm map/reduce via stdin/out]
     * Move persistent sstable stats from the system table to an sstable component
     * remove failed bootstrap attempt from pending ranges when gossip times
       it out after 1h (CASSANDRA-1463)
     * eager-create tcp connections to other cluster members (CASSANDRA-1465)
     * enumerate stages and derive stage from message type instead of
       transmitting separately (CASSANDRA-1465)
     * apply reversed flag during collation from different data sources
     * make failure to remove comitlog segment non-fatal (CASSANDRA-1348)
     * correct ordering of drain operations so CL.recover is no longer
       necessary (CASSANDRA-1408)
     * removed keyspace from describe_splits method (CASSANDRA-1425)
     * rename check_schema_agreement to describe_schema_versions
     * fix QUORUM calculation for RF > 3 (CASSANDRA-1487)
     * remove tombstones during non-major compactions when bloom filter
       verifies that row does not exist in other sstables (CASSANDRA-1074)
     * nodes that coordinated a loadbalance in the past could not be seen by
       newly added nodes (CASSANDRA-1467)
     * exposed endpoint states (gossip details) via jmx (CASSANDRA-1467)
     * ensure that compacted sstables are not included when new readers are
       instantiated (CASSANDRA-1477)
     * by default, calculate heap size and memtable thresholds at runtime (CASSANDRA-1469)
     * fix races dealing with adding/dropping keyspaces and column families in
       rapid succession (CASSANDRA-1477)
     * clean up of Streaming system (CASSANDRA-1503, 1504, 1506)
     * add options to configure Thrift socket keepalive and buffer sizes (CASSANDRA-1426)
     * make contrib CassandraServiceDataCleaner recursive (CASSANDRA-1509)
     * min, max compaction threshold are configurable and persistent
       per-ColumnFamily (CASSANDRA-1468)
     * fix replaying the last mutation in a commitlog unnecessarily
     * invoke getDefaultUncaughtExceptionHandler from DTPE with the original
       exception rather than the ExecutionException wrapper (CASSANDRA-1226)
     * remove Clock from the Thrift (and Avro) API (CASSANDRA-1501)
     * Close intra-node sockets when connection is broken (CASSANDRA-1528)
     * RPM packaging spec file (CASSANDRA-786)
     * weighted request scheduler (CASSANDRA-1485)
     * treat expired columns as deleted (CASSANDRA-1539)
     * make IndexInterval configurable (CASSANDRA-1488)
     * add describe_snitch to Thrift API (CASSANDRA-1490)
     * MD5 authenticator compares plain text submitted password with MD5'd
       saved property, instead of vice versa (CASSANDRA-1447)
     * JMX MessagingService pending and completed counts (CASSANDRA-1533)
     * fix race condition processing repair responses (CASSANDRA-1511)
     * make repair blocking (CASSANDRA-1511)
     * create EndpointSnitchInfo and MBean to expose rack and DC (CASSANDRA-1491)
     * added option to contrib/word_count to output results back to Cassandra
     * rewrite Hadoop ColumnFamilyRecordWriter to pool connections, retry to
       multiple Cassandra nodes, and smooth impact on the Cassandra cluster
       by using smaller batch sizes (CASSANDRA-1434)
     * fix setting gc_grace_seconds via CLI (CASSANDRA-1549)
     * support TTL'd index values (CASSANDRA-1536)
     * make removetoken work like decommission (CASSANDRA-1216)
     * make cli comparator-aware and improve quote rules (CASSANDRA-1523,-1524)
     * sstable versioning (CASSANDRA-389)
     * switched to slf4j logging (CASSANDRA-625)
     * add (optional) expiration time for column (CASSANDRA-699)
     * access levels for authentication/authorization (CASSANDRA-900)
     * add ReadRepairChance to CF definition (CASSANDRA-930)
     * fix heisenbug in system tests, especially common on OS X (CASSANDRA-944)
     * convert to byte[] keys internally and all public APIs (CASSANDRA-767)
     * ability to alter schema definitions on a live cluster (CASSANDRA-44)
     * renamed configuration file to cassandra.xml, and to, which must now be loaded from
       the classpath (which is how our scripts in bin/ have always done it)
     * change get_count to require a SlicePredicate. create multi_get_count
     * re-organized endpointsnitch implementations and added SimpleSnitch
     * Added preload_row_cache option (CASSANDRA-946)
     * add CRC to commitlog header (CASSANDRA-999)
     * removed deprecated batch_insert and get_range_slice methods (CASSANDRA-1065)
     * add truncate thrift method (CASSANDRA-531)
     * http mini-interface using mx4j (CASSANDRA-1068)
     * optimize away copy of sliced row on memtable read path (CASSANDRA-1046)
     * replace constant-size 2GB mmaped segments and special casing for index
       entries spanning segment boundaries, with SegmentedFile that computes
       segments that always contain entire entries/rows (CASSANDRA-1117)
     * avoid reading large rows into memory during compaction (CASSANDRA-16)
     * added hadoop OutputFormat (CASSANDRA-1101)
     * efficient Streaming (no more anticompaction) (CASSANDRA-579)
     * split commitlog header into separate file and add size checksum to
       mutations (CASSANDRA-1179)
     * avoid allocating a new byte[] for each mutation on replay (CASSANDRA-1219)
     * revise HH schema to be per-endpoint (CASSANDRA-1142)
     * add joining/leaving status to nodetool ring (CASSANDRA-1115)
     * allow multiple repair sessions per node (CASSANDRA-1190)
     * optimize away MessagingService for local range queries (CASSANDRA-1261)
     * make framed transport the default so malformed requests can't OOM the
       server (CASSANDRA-475)
     * significantly faster reads from row cache (CASSANDRA-1267)
     * take advantage of row cache during range queries (CASSANDRA-1302)
     * make GCGraceSeconds a per-ColumnFamily value (CASSANDRA-1276)
     * keep persistent row size and column count statistics (CASSANDRA-1155)
     * add IntegerType (CASSANDRA-1282)
     * page within a single row during hinted handoff (CASSANDRA-1327)
     * push DatacenterShardStrategy configuration into keyspace definition,
       eliminating (CASSANDRA-1066)
     * optimize forward slices starting with '' and single-index-block name
       queries by skipping the column index (CASSANDRA-1338)
     * streaming refactor (CASSANDRA-1189)
     * faster comparison for UUID types (CASSANDRA-1043)
     * secondary index support (CASSANDRA-749 and subtasks)
     * fix key ordering in range query results with RandomPartitioner
       and ConsistencyLevel > ONE (CASSANDRA-1145)
     * fix for range query starting with the wrong token range (CASSANDRA-1042)
     * page within a single row during hinted handoff (CASSANDRA-1327)
     * fix compilation on non-sun JDKs (CASSANDRA-1061)
     * remove String.trim() call on row keys in batch mutations (CASSANDRA-1235)
     * Log summary of dropped messages instead of spamming log (CASSANDRA-1284)
     * add dynamic endpoint snitch (CASSANDRA-981)
     * fix streaming for keyspaces with hyphens in their name (CASSANDRA-1377)
     * fix errors in hard-coded bloom filter optKPerBucket by computing it
       algorithmically (CASSANDRA-1220
     * remove message deserialization stage, and uncap read/write stages
       so slow reads/writes don't block gossip processing (CASSANDRA-1358)
     * add jmx port configuration to Debian package (CASSANDRA-1202)
     * use mlockall via JNA, if present, to prevent Linux from swapping
       out parts of the JVM (CASSANDRA-1214)
     * avoid queuing multiple hint deliveries for the same endpoint
     * better performance for and stricter checking of UTF8 column names
     * extend option to lower compaction priority to hinted handoff
       as well (CASSANDRA-1260)
     * log errors in gossip instead of re-throwing (CASSANDRA-1289)
     * avoid aborting commitlog replay prematurely if a flushed-but-
       not-removed commitlog segment is encountered (CASSANDRA-1297)
     * fix duplicate rows being read during mapreduce (CASSANDRA-1142)
     * failure detection wasn't closing command sockets (CASSANDRA-1221)
     * cassandra-cli.bat works on windows (CASSANDRA-1236)
     * pre-emptively drop requests that cannot be processed within RPCTimeout
     * add ack to Binary write verb and update CassandraBulkLoader
       to wait for acks for each row (CASSANDRA-1093)
     * added describe_partitioner Thrift method (CASSANDRA-1047)
     * Hadoop jobs no longer require the Cassandra storage-conf.xml
       (CASSANDRA-1280, CASSANDRA-1047)
     * log thread pool stats when GC is excessive (CASSANDRA-1275)
     * remove gossip message size limit (CASSANDRA-1138)
     * parallelize local and remote reads during multiget, and respect snitch
       when determining whether to do local read for CL.ONE (CASSANDRA-1317)
     * fix read repair to use requested consistency level on digest mismatch,
       rather than assuming QUORUM (CASSANDRA-1316)
     * process digest mismatch re-reads in parallel (CASSANDRA-1323)
     * switch hints CF comparator to BytesType (CASSANDRA-1274)
     * retry to make streaming connections up to 8 times. (CASSANDRA-1019)
     * reject describe_ring() calls on invalid keyspaces (CASSANDRA-1111)
     * fix cache size calculation for size of 100% (CASSANDRA-1129)
     * fix cache capacity only being recalculated once (CASSANDRA-1129)
     * remove hourly scan of all hints on the off chance that the gossiper
       missed a status change; instead, expose deliverHintsToEndpoint to JMX
       so it can be done manually, if necessary (CASSANDRA-1141)
     * don't reject reads at CL.ALL (CASSANDRA-1152)
     * reject deletions to supercolumns in CFs containing only standard
       columns (CASSANDRA-1139)
     * avoid preserving login information after client disconnects
     * prefer sun jdk to openjdk in debian init script (CASSANDRA-1174)
     * detect partioner config changes between restarts and fail fast
     * use generation time to resolve node token reassignment disagreements
     * restructure the startup ordering of Gossiper and MessageService to avoid
       timing anomalies (CASSANDRA-1160)
     * detect incomplete commit log hearders (CASSANDRA-1119)
     * force anti-entropy service to stream files on the stream stage to avoid
       sending streams out of order (CASSANDRA-1169)
     * remove inactive stream managers after AES streams files (CASSANDRA-1169)
     * allow removing entire row through batch_mutate Deletion (CASSANDRA-1027)
     * add JMX metrics for row-level bloom filter false positives (CASSANDRA-1212)
     * added a redhat init script to contrib (CASSANDRA-1201)
     * use midpoint when bootstrapping a new machine into range with not
       much data yet instead of random token (CASSANDRA-1112)
     * kill server on OOM in executor stage as well as Thrift (CASSANDRA-1226)
     * remove opportunistic repairs, when two machines with overlapping replica
       responsibilities happen to finish major compactions of the same CF near
       the same time.  repairs are now fully manual (CASSANDRA-1190)
     * add ability to lower compaction priority (default is no change from 0.6.2)
Commits on Jul 1, 2010
  1. Needs user/group early during installation.

    joerg authored
    XXX Plays bad games with PKG_SYSCONFDIR
Commits on Jun 11, 2010
  1. Update Apache Cassandra to version 0.6.2.

    tonnerre authored
    Changes since 0.6.1:
     * fix contrib/word_count build. (CASSANDRA-992)
     * split CommitLogExecutorService into BatchCommitLogExecutorService and
       PeriodicCommitLogExecutorService (CASSANDRA-1014)
     * add latency histograms to CFSMBean (CASSANDRA-1024)
     * make resolving timestamp ties deterministic by using value bytes
       as a tiebreaker (CASSANDRA-1039)
     * Add option to turn off Hinted Handoff (CASSANDRA-894)
     * fix windows startup (CASSANDRA-948)
     * make concurrent_reads, concurrent_writes configurable at runtime via JMX
     * disable GCInspector on non-Sun JVMs (CASSANDRA-1061)
     * fix tombstone handling in sstable rows with no other data (CASSANDRA-1063)
     * fix size of row in spanned index entries (CASSANDRA-1056)
     * install json2sstable, sstable2json, and sstablekeys to Debian package
     * StreamingService.StreamDestinations wouldn't empty itself after streaming
       finished (CASSANDRA-1076)
     * added Collections.shuffle(splits) before returning the splits in
       ColumnFamilyInputFormat (CASSANDRA-1096)
     * do not recalculate cache capacity post-compaction if it's been manually
       modified (CASSANDRA-1079)
     * better defaults for flush sorter + writer executor queue sizes
     * windows scripts for SSTableImport/Export (CASSANDRA-1051)
     * windows script for nodetool (CASSANDRA-1113)
     * expose PhiConvictThreshold (CASSANDRA-1053)
     * make repair of RF==1 a no-op (CASSANDRA-1090)
     * improve default JVM GC options (CASSANDRA-1014)
     * fix SlicePredicate serialization inside Hadoop jobs (CASSANDRA-1049)
Commits on Apr 27, 2010
  1. Import Apache Cassandra version 0.6.1.

    tonnerre authored
    Cassandra is a widely deployed distributed structured database system.
    Like Dynamo, Cassandra is eventually consistent. Like BigTable, Cassandra
    provides a ColumnFamily-based data model richer than typical key/value
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