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Oct 03, 2008

  1. Move libXres file list where it belongs (the will detect so this is safe).
    cube authored
  2. libXres provides, and evidently not the library of the sam…

    …e name
    as the package.
    cube authored

Oct 01, 2008

  1. Add a note why the libtool archive if pixman is not listed.

    cube authored

Sep 28, 2008

  1. Avoid the 'VAR.${SEL}?= value' construct which has surprising results

    depending on the version of make(1).
    cube authored
  2. Refine the comment why CHECK_BUILTIN.${BUILTIN_PKG}?=no is not used.

    cube authored
  3. Implement a work around for what seems to be a bug in make(1).

    'CHECK_BUILTIN.${BUILTIN_PKG}?= no' would set the variable to no even if it
    had a value before.
    cube authored

Sep 27, 2008

  1. Fix another issue with variable evaluation time.

    cube authored

Sep 26, 2008

  1. Use --with-x11-prefix, not --x11, to pass X11BASE to configure script.

    jmcneill authored
  2. Make all X11-related files include to make …

    all the necessary logic to use x11-links is included no matter what bl3
    files a given pacakge includes.
    cube authored
  3. Adapt to new

    cube authored

    we're using the built-in version and include  This is
    the way is currently used by all its consumer.  This will
    factor a bit of code out of the existing files and will make it
    a lot easier to use by other files.
    cube authored
  5. Simplify the test surrounding the default value for PREFER_PKGSRC.

    XXX X11BASE is not yet defined, so we can't use it.  Tests for
    XXX X11R7/ instead.
    cube authored

Sep 24, 2008

  1. Pull-up 1.287 for MacOS X support.

    cube authored

Sep 23, 2008

  1. Pull-up revision 1.2, minus the libtool archive. Maybe that will make it

    work on MacOS X.
    cube authored
  2. Pull-up revision 1.8.

    cube authored

Sep 22, 2008

  1. Add a gross workaround to the gross workaround because openoffice ins…

    on using the pkgconfig files of its dependency.
    cube authored

Sep 21, 2008

  1. Update file list for libXpm for native X.Org.

    cube authored
  2. Update file list for libXrandr for native X.Org.

    cube authored
  3. Update file lsit for libXrender for native X.Org.

    cube authored
  4. Use

    cube authored
  5. Fix file list for libXfixes.

    cube authored
  6. Fix file list for Xft2.

    cube authored
  7. Fix file list for libXaw.

    cube authored
  8. libXres's file referenced Xrender for some unknown reason. More,

    nothing in x11-links would reference it.
    So make libXres a "normal" package with a file and list its
    files in x11-links.
    cube authored
  9. Fix file list for libxkbui and native X.Org.

    cube authored
  10. Rework libXdamage support in native X11:

      - provide a files instead of using
      - split files into a package-specific file
      - update list of files for native X.Org.
    cube authored
  11. Update xcursor file list for native X.Org.

    cube authored
  12. Update MesaLib information for native X.Org.

    cube authored
  13. * escape new line in conditional

    * make sure X11BASE is defined before checking if it is empty
    rtr authored
  14. Change the logic of the default setting of PREFER_PKGSRC so that native

    X.Org on NetBSD never prefers pkgsrc by default.
    cube authored

Sep 18, 2008

  1. Pasto fix (hi tron!).

    cube authored
  2. Handle xtrans from native X.Org.

    cube authored
  3. Fix file list for fontconfig in native X.Org.

    cube authored
  4. Make sure libfontenc, libdrm, libXfont, libXprintUtil and liblbxutil are

    handled in native X.Org.
    cube authored
  5. Handle libXevie with native X.Org.

    cube authored
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