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Commits on Jun 19, 2011
  1. Update ruby-debug-extra package to 0.10.4.

    taca authored
    2010-09-12 01:30  Rocky Bernstein
    	* ChangeLog, doc/home-page.html, doc/rdebug-emacs.texi,
    	  lib/ChangeLog, test/pm.rb: pm.rb: spelling mistake
    2010-08-13 05:32  Rocky Bernstein
    	* ChangeLog, cli/ruby-debug/commands/frame.rb,
    	  cli/ruby-debug/helper.rb, cli/ruby-debug/processor.rb,
    	  ext/ruby_debug.c, lib/ChangeLog: Add Debugger.inside_emacs?
    	  Environment variable EMACS for inside Emacs is deprecated in
    	  favor of INSIDE_EMACS. Rubyforge #28465.
    2010-08-03 02:53  Rocky Bernstein
    	* emacs/rdebug-breaks.el: Off by one on showing breakpoint
    2010-08-02 19:07  Rocky Bernstein
    	* doc/rdebug-emacs.texi: More small document changes
    2010-08-02 18:03  Rocky Bernstein
    	* doc/rdebug-emacs.texi: A couple more small emacs doc changes
    2010-08-02 17:45  Rocky Bernstein
    	* doc/rdebug-emacs.texi, emacs/INSTALL, emacs/README: More small
    	  changes to docs.
    2010-08-02 12:51  Rocky Bernstein
    	* CHANGES, ChangeLog, INSTALL.SVN,, emacs/AUTHORS,
    	  emacs/INSTALL, emacs/, emacs/README, emacs/rdebug.el,
    	  lib/ChangeLog: Go over installation instructions for Emacs.
    	  Add a basic files, README, INSTALL and AUTHORS.
    	  Change version from 0.10.4vc to 0.10.4rc1
    2009-11-28 22:56  Rocky Bernstein
    	* ChangeLog, emacs/rdebug-annotate.el, emacs/rdebug-breaks.el,
    	  emacs/rdebug-core.el, emacs/rdebug-info.el,
    	  emacs/rdebug-source.el, emacs/rdebug-track.el, lib/ChangeLog: Fix
    	  problem caused by gdb-ui renamed to gdb-mi. Rubyforge tracker
    	  Remove all Emacs byte compile warning messages.
    	  Note however all of this code will eventually be phased out in
    	  of emacs-dbgr (on github).
    2009-03-31 09:49  Rocky Bernstein
    	* emacs/rdebug-locring.el: Comment change
    2009-03-11 18:57  Rocky Bernstein
    	* cli/ruby-debug/commands/catchpoint.rb, emacs/rdebug-core.el,
    	  emacs/rdebug-track.el, emacs/test/test-regexp.el: Update "catch"
    	  command help string. Reindent some emacs files to make tests
    2009-02-10 04:32  Rocky Bernstein
    	* emacs/rdebug-core.el: Remove the annoying disappearing command
    	  window when we there's an initial error in running the Ruby
Commits on Sep 12, 2010
  1. Importing ruby-debug-extra 0.10.3.

    taca authored
    Emacs support and the Reference Manual for ruby-debug.
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