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Commits on Aug 21, 2007
  1. * Support netbsd-* as a valid platform in EMUL_PLATFORMS. Use the

    jlam authored
      pkgsrc/emulator/compat* and pkgsrc/emulator/netbsd32_compat* packages
      to provide the necessary shared libraries to run dynamically linked
      NetBSD binaries from the days of yore.
    * Add some additional compat* packages for completeness:
    	compat15, compat20, compat30
    * Modify the compat* packages so that "compatNM" only provides files
      that aren't in "NetBSD-N.(M+1)".  For example, compat12 only provides
      files that don't exist in NetBSD-1.3.x, compat13 only provides files
      that don't exist in NetBSD-1.4.x, etc.
      As a result, if you are running NetBSD-3.0/alpha and want to run a
      1.3 dynamically linked binary, there is an automatic dependency
      chain that causes the following packages to be installed:
    	compat13, compat14, compat15, compat16, compat20
      There are some deviations from this dependency chain on platforms
      that have changed executable formats, e.g. i386, m68, sparc, etc.
      However, in general pkgsrc will require that you have the necessary
      COMPAT_* options in your kernel to match the installed compat*
      packages.  This restriction is an artificial one imposed by pkgsrc,
      but allows for a single set of distfiles to be used on all versions
      of NetBSD.
    * Provide compat* package support for every supported architecture
      of NetBSD.  Verily, it is now possible to run 1.2 binaries on
      NetBSD-1.5.3/pc532 by installing the compat12 package from pkgsrc.
      Rejoice, one and all!
    * The netbsd32_compat* packages mirror the corresponding compat*
      packages for use by sparc64 and x86_64 to allow running 32-bit
      binaries with COMPAT_NETBSD32 kernel support.  The "extras" packages
      supply the additional shared libraries from the corresponding release
      of NetBSD so that the set of files in /emul/netbsd32 will be complete.
    * pkgsrc/emulators/compat_netbsd contains infrastructure files shared
      by all of the compat* packages.
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