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Commits on Jan 27, 2010
  1. DESTDIR support

    joerg authored
Commits on Mar 19, 2007
  1. give away to pkgsrc-users

    tv authored
Commits on Jan 7, 2007
  1. Mechanically replaced man/* with ${PKGMANDIR}/* in the definition of

    rillig authored
    INSTALLATION_DIRS, as well as all occurrences of ${PREFIX}/man with
    Fixes PR 35265, although I did not use the patch provided therein.
Commits on Apr 17, 2006
  1. Update to 1.22.

    gdt authored
    hashcash-1.22 - 08-Apr-2006 - Adam Back <>
    hashcash-1.18 - 05-Jul-2005 - Adam Back <>
    	* add a simpler minting API to make it easier to mint stamps
    	  from VB scripting
    hashcash-1.17 - 30-Mar-2005 - Adam Back <>
    hashcash-1.15 - 12-Jan-2005 - Adam Back <>
    	* make "Hashcash:" be accepted as well as "X-Hashcash:"
    	  suggestion by Simon Josefsson <>.  This way
    	  if/when the X- is dropped from hashcash headers we will not
    	  have a backwards compatibility problem.  (Well not after
    	  version 1.15).
    	* implement the -Z option to compress stamps; in fact the
    	  usage changed so -Z takes an argument: 0, 1 or 2.  0 = not
    	  compressed, 1 = compressed but not so the counter + padding
    	  is split, and 2 = very compressed, but slow.  (Due to a late
    	  discovered bug 2 is the same as 1 for now until I can fix
    	* added -O x -sv to request benchtest of core x only
    	* make code work with -DOPENSSL, think this slipped during
    	  integration of Jonathan's libfastmint as it uses some lower
    	  level openssl APIs internally.  I fixed it but it might be
    	  a bit openssl version specific, if they changed the state
    	  fields at any point.  (This change coincidentally I think
    	  should work around the linking with openssl problem that Hal
    	  Finney <> reported).
    	* add libhashcash.a intermediate target to make hashcash more
    	  convenient to link into other software on linux.  (A
    	  suggestion from Hal Finney who was trying to link to his
    	  RPOW system.)
    hashcash-1.14 - 14-Dec-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* make hashcash -cX accept continuation lines starting with
    	  space as well as tab
    	* add library function to wrap lines and use it from hashcash
    	  command line tool.
    	* fix long vs time_t prototype mismatch that was giving
    	  compile errors on BSD; also cleaned up some warnings that
    	  can be obtained with gcc -Wall.
Commits on Mar 22, 2006
  1. Use "" as my MAINTAINER address; makes identifying me as a

    tv authored
    PR-responsible person (such as I am ;) a little easier.
Commits on Jun 17, 2005
Commits on Apr 11, 2005
Commits on Feb 24, 2005
  1. Add RMD160 digests.

    agc authored
Commits on Dec 1, 2004
  1. Fix compilation error on LP64 due to a prototype mismatch. (Arg changed

    tv authored
    from time_t to long, but prototype wasn't updated to match.)
Commits on Nov 29, 2004
  1. Update to 1.13. Among other things, the hash format has changed since…

    tv authored
    … the
    0.xx releases.  Full changelog:
    hashcash-1.13 - 16-Oct-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* fix bug where grace period not applied to double-spend db.
    	  I think this could allow people to double-spend in the time
    	  period after the resulting premature purging and before
    	  expiry (which is the grace period)
    	* add new feature where -e <period> can be used with -p to
    	  override the expiry given at spend time (that is stored in
    	  the double-spend db).  Inspired by question from Atom
              Smasher <>.
    	* clean up some memory leaks
    	* add hashcash_free function (DLL scenario caller can't rely
              on having same deallocator to call as library compiled with)
    	* lots more function documentation in hashcash.h for
    	  library/DLL users, renamed all exported library functions to
    	  start with hashcash_ prefix.
    	* added hashcash_version function.
    	* added callback function to allow user quit (returns
    	  HASHCASH_USER_ABORT) and to give progress feedback.
    	* added option -P which uses the callback to show progress.
    	* added -O core option to allow user selection of core.
    	* added small parameter to hashcash (to request small stamps
    	  rather than slightly larger fast to generate stamps), and -Z
    	  option to turn this on.  (In fact it is not implemented yet
    	  but want to avoid changing library interface later).
    hashcash-1.12 - 03-Oct-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* make a HASHCASH.DLL on windows using MINGW.
    hashcash-1.11 - 02-Oct-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* _really_ fix trailing ascii(32) (spaces).  I have no idea
    	  how I decided the 1.10 code fixed it.  Must have messed up
    	  the test I was using to check it worked.
    hashcash-1.10 - 01-Oct-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* remove trailing ascii(32) (spaces) which padding somehow
    hashcash-1.09 - 17-Sep-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* fix missing space between resource name and width with -cv
    	  reported by Panta Admin.
    	* apply cumulative patch of 3 patches from Jonathan Morton.
    hashcash-1.08 - 12-Sep-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* fix bug reported by Panta Admin <>
    	  must have introduced in recent version where with pipe
    	  prints stamp twice.
    	* attempt to work around MINGW problem with signals -- somehow
    	  it is changing it's mind about whether the MMX core can run
    	  from the first call to the 2nd call.  But the test result
              is cached so it is hard to see how this happens.  Not clear
    	  if this work-around will work as don't have a 486 to test
    	  on.  (Work around is make single gIsMMXpresent shared
    	  between the two mmx cores, should at least result in signal
    	  call being used fewer times (max 1 time).  Also pass 1 to
    	* give up entirely on conditional make.  One Makefile, no
    	  funky stuff.  Prints info about what you need to do to
    	  compile on your platform and goes ahead and compiles with
    	  generic anyway.  Make new gnu (generic) target for gcc, and
    	  normal generic with no gcc specific flags.
    hashcash-1.07 - 11-Sep-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* patch from J H Wilson <> to initialize a bunch
    	  of variables (actually I had to back some of these out to
    	  get to compile on non gnu compilers -- some of those
    	  structure initializations are gnu extensions I think.)
    	* also J H Wilson one of patch changes was to avoid mmx
    	  assembler code clobbering ebx register which is needed for
    	  fPIC support.
    	* better randomness on windows using the CAPI rng
    	  CryptGenRandom.  Still compiles using MINGW ... whee!
    	* made a separate GNUmakefile for gnu make (it takes that one
    	  first over Makefile) and a Makefile which is the same but no
    	  ifdef stuff which confuses some other makes, and no gnu
    	  specific compile options (for x86 anyway).
    	* add gettimeofday timer into entropy to improve randomness on
    	  systems which do not have /dev/urandom, and are not windows
    hashcash-1.06 - 10-Sep-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* patch from Justin Guyett <> to fix unsigned
    	  error which would have made libfastmint do something odd if
    	  no minter worked.
    	* Makefile changes to compile under MINGW (gnu for windows
    	  portability layer which produces win32 exes).  new target
    	* #ifdefs to avoid locking on MINGW (seems no lock support!)
    	* #ifdefs to use longjmp instead of siglongjmp, signal instead
    	  of sigaction on MINGW
    	* #ifdef to use chsize instead of ftruncate on MINGW
    hashcash-1.05 - 08-Sep-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* and another issue (last I promise!) with case comparison.
    	  1.04 change was good; however flaw in 1.02 means 1.04 minted
    	  stamps (resource not canonicalized to lowercase) can falsely
    	  fail to verify with 1.02 - 1.00 as those versions presume
    	  canonicalized stamp.  So we go back to making -C have effect
    	  on minting also.  With no -C canonicalize to lowercase, with
    	  -C use resource as-is.
    	* get rid of -W flag reserved for posix, use -M in it's place.
    hashcash-1.04 - 07-Sep-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* fixed issue with case comparisons -- presumed resources were
    	  in lower case at minting -- better to just ignore case
    	  during comparison.  Then will accept stamps containing upper
    	  case or mixed-case resource names.
    	* integrate fastmint_benchtest as -sv option to hashcash.
    	* introduce COPT as well as CFLAGS as optimization subset of
    	  flags passed with CFLAGS to nested make -- suits RPM
    hashcash-1.03 - 07-Sep-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* remove TARGET_ARCH again, let's keep things simple.  Just
    	  use CFLAGS period.
    	* figured out what GENTOO ebuild is doing, changed ebuild file
    	* remove recursion from hashcash_fastmint
    	* start using TARGET_ARCH in Makefile, hope it's portable;
    	  it's an attempt to be more GENTOO ebuild friendly
    	* Makefile change: when PACKAGE is defined build default
    	  target, otherwise echo the target info as before
    	* removed a bunch of old code replaced by fastmint, got rid of
    	  CHROMATIX define
    	* fix following errors reported by Atom Smasher <>
    		* fix width measuring bug with v0 stamps
    		* fix resource read from stdin bug
    		* use GNU getopt source always -- getopt
    		  on BSD behaves differently (the getopt source is
    		  smart -- it comments itself out on machines with
    		  GNU_LIBRARY so using it always is not a problem)
    		* bug: should send the time estimate to
    		  stderr, and the stamp to stdout
    		* -z width flag not properly error checked
    		  to enforce UTCTIME restrictions (only valid widths
    		  6, 10 or 12 digits)
    	* update LICENSE to note you end up with some GNU GPL taint
    	  from getopt on systems without POSIX getopt which probably
    	  forces you to use GPL as I link against it.  Unless someone
    	  wants to re-write the getopt or can point me at a public
    	  domain replacement.  In particular this includes BSD and
    	  MACH (OSX) and as before windows.
    	* apply patch from Jonathan Morton <>
    	  with following fixes:
    	  	* fix bug in mmx assembler code exposed by integration
    		* add generic target in Makefile
    		* increase benchmark work factor to improve accuracy of
    		  results (as not used at run-time)
    		* new hashcash_quickbench()
    	* changes to hashcash_quickbench() to give faster timing on
           	  linux x86 which has low resolution clock() (1/100th sec vs
    	  1usec on OSX).  (It was taking ~ 0.6sec on linux x86, code
    	  takes 0.1 sec now which is less noticeable)
    	* related to above studiously avoided calling hc_per_sec()
    	  which invokes hashcash_quickbench() -- seems a shame to burn
    	  1/10th sec in default mint creation path if user typically
    	  doesn't care about the info about how long it took.  Now you
    	  have to give -s or -v to get speed info when minting.
    	* fix case sensitivity bug reported by Atom Smasher
    	* add CPL option back to LICENSE file
    	* add make targets for different processors
    	* remove 2nd call of hashcash_benchtest (supposed to call
    	  hc_per_second which caches not hashcash_per_second)
    	* enable static selection of fastmint cores, disable run
    	  time benchtest
    	* applied fastmint fix patch from Jonathan Morton
    	  <> and re-enabled fastmint
    	  (remove -DCHROMATIX in Makefile to disable)
    hashcash-1.02 - 11-Aug-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* minor documentation stuff (put back ref to sha1-hashcash in
    	  hashcash.pod manpage)
    	* add back requests to LICENSE file
    hashcash-1.01 - 08-Aug-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* fold in patches from by Hubert Chan
    	  <> and Justin Guyett <> to
    	  clean up some stuff and fix minor bugs.
    	* another couple of minor bug fixes.
    hashcash-1.00 - 07-Aug-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* increment version number, 1.x to reflect move to version 1
    	  stamp format
    	* explicit bits field in token (helps people who want to
    	  prevalidate header and parse, and who want to know what the
    	  intended bits were vs how lucky the sender got); new stamp
    	  size definition is min( counted_bits, explicit bits field )
    	* no : in resource field to make easier to parse eg with cut,
    	  awk etc
    	* new extension field
    	* reclaimed -x to use for passing eXtension data (old -x no longer
    	  available, use -X, which has string fixed to X-Hashcash)
    	* put /dev/urandom macro for MAC from
    	  Jonathan Morton <> so we use
    	  /dev/urandom on MAC
    	* copy in and adjust Makefile for Jonathan Morton's optimized
    	  minter (need to integrate)
    	* copy in Jonathan Morton's COMPACT option (method B vs method A
    	  from fips-180-1, uses less registers) for libsha1.c
    	* copy in next rev of minter breaks 4megahashes/sec barrier on
    	  3.06Ghz P4 -- disabled at present until some stuff gets
    	  fixed and we figure out rpm/deb package portability
    	* added back v0 read support (but still only generates v1)
    	* pr5: first attempt at integrating libfastmint (some bug in
    	  my integration code, broken so far)
    	* (pr6: libfastmint integ still not working)
    	* pr6: made X-Hashcash header accepatance case insensitive
    	* pr7: also reject tokens with count_bits < claimed_bits
    	  (as previous logic of setting bits = min( count_bits, claimed_bits)
    	  necessary to avoid people getting lucky
    	* use clock() instead of wall time
    	* expand max stamp size out to cope with 10KB extension fields
    	* update man page and usage with v1 stuff
    	* and release as 1.00 ready for Hubert Chan <>
    	  to package for the imminent debian release
    hashcash-0.33 - 13-Apr-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* allow wild card without @ sign if there is no @ sign in
Commits on Aug 1, 2004
  1. Update to 0.32. Changes:

    tv authored
    hashcash-0.32 - 09-Apr-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* documentation fixes
    	* change multiple regexp behavior; previous algorithm only allowed
    	  higher overrides; need to support both higher and lower
    	  overrides.  This also required introducing -o option to join
    	  regexps which are set intersections where otherwise risk of
    	  uninteded override occuring and mail being rejected as spent or
    	  insufficent bits.  Now revert to lexical order most specific
    	  regexp first.
    	* wrote test script
    	* fix a few minor bugs uncovered by above test script
    	* -c now means check date
    	* allow -n etc with -X
    	* introduced -b relative to default way of specifying bits
    	* -b is no optional, if want token fully checked, but can give -b
    	  default; or new relative to default -b +0.
    hashcash-0.31 - 01-Apr-2004 - Adam Back <>
    	* final 0.x version (v0 format) release before 1.x version (v1
    	  format) (bug fixes / maintenance only afterwards on 0.x version)
    	* remove -O3 from Makefile, use -O instead as fails on HPUX or
    	* fix some out of date usage stuff in hashcash man page.
    	* disable timing loop unless timing needed
    	* fix multiple reciept bug in -cX/-cx reported by Junior Ang
    	  <>.  If you receive a mail multiple times
    	  because you are on the receipt list multiple times, there will
    	  be multiple hashcash headers for you.  In this case it is
    	  necessary to examine the first matching, non-spent stamp.  The
    	  bug was previous versions stopped on the first matching stamp
    	  and then failed because it was spent.  Need to keep going and
    	  check later also matching stamps until find one which is not
    	* rationalize command line args further.  No implied -m , more
    	  things that are awkward to implement but not that useful are
    	* change purge operation to use read-write operations in the same
    	  sdb file rather than creating a temporary file.  This makes
    	  locking easier and is also aesthetically nicer.
    	* add flock(2) database file write locking, and change creation
    	  logic to use open(2) to avoid creation db race-condition also.
    	* make resource string case insensitive by default to match email
    	  semantics; add -C option to force case sensitivity if desired
    	  (email addresses are converted to and stored in lower case, so
    	  you have to both mint and verify with case sensitivity turned on
    	  to make use of case sensitivity)
    	* support minting multiple resources with multiple command line
    	  args.  Also if no resources given on command line, read
    	  resources from stdin.
    	* support supplying multiple email addresses, for people who want
    	  to accept as multiple addresses.
    	* support multiple resources on purging also.
    	* support multiple tokens with check mode as cmd line args, if
    	  none given as args, read tokens from stdin; if -X/-x read from
    	  cmd line args, then from stdin as email (matching stamp headers
    	  skipping stamp headers)
    	* rename default simple database to hashcash.sdb (.sdb extension),
    	  to distinguish from planned support for better database.
    	* fix bug in PPUTS didn't match PPRINTF
    	* fixup -l, -w, -n so they support multiple tokens also
    	* made use of -b optional (get the default on mint & check)
    	* added "-b default" to specify default number of bits with -s
    	  (otherwise no way to measure the default speed without
    	  specifying the number of bits -- and when this can change over
    	  time it would be inconvenient for scripting to have to
    	  separately obtain this)
    	* added support for wildcard email addresses with '*' wildcard
    	  marker.  '*' before '@' does not match '@', '*' after '@' does
    	  not match '.'.  And both email addresses must contain @ sign and
    	  same number of '.' separated sub domains as wildcard address.
    	  Wildcard matching is the new default.  Use -S to get plain
    	  string match.  Can turn back on with -W.
    	* increased size of random string to reduce chance of collisions
    	  between users.  Now negligible chance of collision with typical
    	  token sizes.
    	* added support for regexps.  Can work from POSIX library or BSD
    	  regexp library.  Use -E to get regexps.  Input is always in
    	  POSIX syntax (specials are not quoted to have special action;
    	  are quoted to have plain meaning).  If using BSD library still
    	  give input in POSIX syntax, it's converted to BSD internally.
    	* implement highest matching semantics.  Ensures that eg -c -b10
    	  *@bar.invalid -b15 adam@bar.invalid will not accept a 10 bit
    	  token for adam@bar.invalid.  (This is done by sorting resources
    	  highest bits required first and accepting only the first highest
    	  matching resource.)
    	* change arg parsing so -b, -e, -g, -z, -E, -W, -S, apply to the
    	  following resources and tokens, and can be changed for later
    	  resources/tokens with tokens and args interspersed.  Means you
    	  have to give these args before the resource/token or you will
    	  get defaults.
Commits on Mar 29, 2004
  1. Update to 0.30 (distfile site changed for newer releases, too):

    tv authored
    hashcash-0.30 - 04-Mar-2004 - Adam Back <>
            * make -cX check multiple X-Hashcash lines until it finds the
              right one.  Bug reported by Kyle Hasselbacher <>.
    hashcash-0.29 - 04-Mar-2004 - Adam Back <>
            * fix prototype mismatch of function hashcash_check in
              hashcash.h vs libhc.c which caused compile failure on
              openBSD and freeBSD
            * change to make it compile on MAC OSX (need to recognize OSX
              and treat as unix like for headers to include)
            * change to make it compile on solaris 9 (and POSIX / SVR
              systems in general).  Turns out putenv(3) is more portable
              than setenv(3) / unsetenv(3)
            * update sha1 man page to name it sha1-hashcash to avoid collision
              with openssl sha1(1).  By default with openssl there is not
              actually any program named sha1, rather sha1 is a subprogram of
              openssl invoked "openssl sha1".  However I think it may still be
              possible to compile that as a separate program or symlink sha1 to
              openssl to get that.
            * update sha1 man pages to refer to the other common sha1
            * update LICENSE request
  2. Hashcash is a denial-of-service counter measure tool. It's main current

    tv authored
        use is to help hashcash users avoid losing email due to content based
        and blacklist based anti-spam systems.
        The hashcash tool allows you to create hashcash tokens to attach to
        emails you send, and to verify hashcash tokens attached to emails you
        receive. Email senders attach hashcash tokens with the X-Hashcash:
        header. Vendors and authors of anti-spam tools are encouraged to exempt
        mail sent with hashcash from their blacklists and content based
        filtering rules.
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