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Commits on Jul 1, 2012
  1. Update security/py-ssh to 1.7.14

    gls authored
    Upstream changes:
    ## ssh 1.7.14 (2012-05-07)
    * #15: Implemented parameter substitution in SSHConfig, matching the
      implementation of `ssh_config(5)`. Thanks to Olle Lundberg for the patch.
    * #24: Switch some internal type checking to use `isinstance` to help prevent
      problems with client libraries using subclasses of builtin types. Thanks to
      Alex Morega for the patch.
    * [Fabric #562](fabric/fabric#562): Agent forwarding
      would error out (with `Authentication response too long`) or freeze, when more
      than one remote connection to the local agent was active at the same time.
      This has been fixed. Thanks to Steven McDonald for assisting in
      troubleshooting/patching, and to GitHub user `@lynxis` for providing the
      final version of the patch.
Commits on Apr 13, 2012
  1. Update security/py-ssh to 1.7.13.

    gls authored
    Upstream changes:
    ## ssh 1.7.13 (2012-02-13)
    * #5: Moved a `fcntl` import closer to where it's used to help avoid
      `ImportError` problems on Windows platforms. Thanks to Jason Coombs for the
      catch + suggested fix.
    * #4: Updated implementation of WinPageant integration to work on 64-bit
      Windows. Thanks again to Jason Coombs for the patch.
Commits on Feb 12, 2012
  1. Initial import of py-ssh, version 1.7.12, into the NetBSD packages

    gls authored
    This is a library for making SSH2 connections (client or server). Emphasis
    is on using SSH2 as an alternative to SSL for making secure connections
    between python scripts. All major ciphers and hash methods are supported.
    SFTP client and server mode are both supported too.
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