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Commits on Aug 31, 2003
  1. Update povray to version 3.50c

    gavan authored
    Summary of changes in version 3.5:
    Major new features:
      * New noise functions
      * Photon mapping
      * Dispersion
      * Improved Radiosity
      * New light sources
      * Light groups
      * Isosurface and parametric objects
      * Sphere sweep object
      * New mesh object
      * UV Mapping
      * Improved textures
      * Improved and faster media
      * New patterns
      * Functions
    Additional new features:
      * Reading of JPEG and TIFF image formats
      * Projected through
      * More realistic attenuation
      * New clock keywords
      * New image size keywords
      * Inverse transform
      * Spherical camera
      * New float function: inside
      * Splines
      * Metallic reflection
      * Mapping using warps
      * Double illuminate flag
      * No image and no reflection flags
      * Basic Unicode Support
      * Declare a float constant from an INI file
    Bug fixes and enhancements:
      * Light source enhancements
      * Fixed normal average, reflection and other related problems
      * Fixed cylinder camera problems
      * Fixed the use of multiple closed bezier-splines in prism
      * Fixed infinite cone bug
      * Fixed the use of two subsequent colors, not separated by a comma in
          checker, hexagon and bricks.
      * Fixed gamma correct bugs
      * Numerous other bug fixes and optimizations
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