Commits on Oct 1, 2016
  1. Let's assume ghostscript is only used during build until we know othe…

    -j build failed for me once, so mark as not MAKE_JOBS safe.
    Update freeglut comment.
    Bump PKGREVISION for dependency change.
    wiz committed Oct 1, 2016
  2. Also uses libSM.

    wiz committed Oct 1, 2016
  3. Add upstream bug report URL.

    wiz committed Oct 1, 2016
  4. Updated graphics/freeglut to 3.0.0

    wiz committed Oct 1, 2016
  5. Updated freeglut to 3.0.0.

    FreeGLUT 3.0.0 is finally available for download.
    I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to FreeGLUT and made yet
    another release possible.
    FreeGLUT 3.0.0 RC3 is available on sourceforge.
    Hopefully this will be the last release candidate. Please give it a spin,
    and let us know if there are any release-critical bugs with this one.
    Here's the list of changes since RC2:
    r1742 | jtsiomb | 2015-01-03 13:55:09 +0200 (Sat, 03 Jan 2015) | 2 lines
    pkgconfig files should go to $(PREFIX)/lib, not $(PREFIX)/share. Closing bug #216
    r1743 | jtsiomb | 2015-02-18 02:37:05 +0200 (Wed, 18 Feb 2015) | 5 lines
    Applied Daniel Macks' patch to use ${CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR} instead of
    hardcoding lib for the installation directory of libraries, with the
    additional modification of installing the pkg-config files there too.
    closing bug #217
    r1744 | jtsiomb | 2015-02-18 05:59:21 +0200 (Wed, 18 Feb 2015) | 3 lines
    added INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES(${X11_INCLUDE_DIR}) to make sure X11 header
    files are correctly located, on systems where they are in weird places.
    This closes bug: #218
    r1745 | jtsiomb | 2015-02-18 06:59:57 +0200 (Wed, 18 Feb 2015) | 7 lines
    - changed the main INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES definition to place the main header
      locations first in the list instead of appending them. This gives priority to
      our freeglut*.h files instead of the old system-wide installed ones.
    - removed the Xxf86vm hack from CMakeLists.txt: it seems like it's not needed
      any more in new versions of cmake, and it fails to link on MacOSX.
    r1746 | jtsiomb | 2015-02-18 07:03:16 +0200 (Wed, 18 Feb 2015) | 6 lines
    MacOSX doesn't define HOST_NAME_MAX in unistd.h, which made freeglut fail to
    build. Now, if the definition is missing, we'll just define it arbitrarilly as
    255, which should be a safe value. This is just needed for an obscure X11 WM
    r1747 | jtsiomb | 2015-02-18 07:20:50 +0200 (Wed, 18 Feb 2015) | 2 lines
    removed the completely outdated FrequentlyAskedQuestions file
    Apologies for the long delay between RC1 and RC2. If there are no
    critical bugs with this one, we'll be able to release 3.0.0 shortly.
    Here's the complete list of changes between RC1 and RC2:
    r1727 | dcnieho | 2014-11-03 06:18:51 +0200 (Mon, 03 Nov 2014) | 1 line
    Added missing glutStrokeWidthf and glutStrokeLengthf for mobile support.
    r1728 | dcnieho | 2014-11-03 06:19:10 +0200 (Mon, 03 Nov 2014) | 3 lines
    Added support for minimizing window.
    Fixed issue where reshape callback would be called multiple times due to
    conflicting window size messages on keyboard closure.
    Fixed issue where changing orientation with the keyboard open would
    cause multiple reshape events.
    r1729 | jtsiomb | 2014-11-04 13:47:27 +0200 (Tue, 04 Nov 2014) | 3 lines
    - changed the minor so version for the new release to 3.10.0 (fg2.8.1
      was 3.9.0)
    - made the so version numbers more prominent in the cmake file to make
      sure they're not forgotten in future releases
    r1730 | jtsiomb | 2014-12-02 07:22:12 +0200 (Tue, 02 Dec 2014) | 2 lines
    include standard UNIX header fcntl.h in fg_joystick_x11.c, since fcntl()
    is called conditionally in there (bug #192).
    r1731 | dcnieho | 2014-12-22 18:27:02 +0200 (Mon, 22 Dec 2014) | 3 lines
    typofixes -
    (cherry picked from commit c85ed83b848379d49d0869b84ab15851e2df8784)
    r1732 | jtsiomb | 2014-12-24 23:23:29 +0200 (Wed, 24 Dec 2014) | 2 lines
    brought back the option to build either as "glut" or "freeglut":
    r1733 | dcnieho | 2014-12-25 16:35:09 +0200 (Thu, 25 Dec 2014) | 1 line
    CMake: FREEGLUT_REPLACE_GLUT option should not be visible on windows
    r1734 | dcnieho | 2014-12-25 16:35:17 +0200 (Thu, 25 Dec 2014) | 1 line
    updated list of cmake switches in README.cmake
    RC1 of the 3.0.0 release has been posted on the sourceforge website,
    get it here:
    Please do test and let us know of any issues you find.
    There have been hundreds of commits over the last year or so, but here
    are some important changes since 2.8.1:
    - internal cleanup and reorganization, making it easier to add new
    platforms while avoiding ifdef hell
    - moved to CMake for buildsystem
    - added martin newell's teacup and teaspoon to complement the teapot
    - shapes now use vertex buffers internally for faster drawing
    - shapes can now be drawn in forward compatible contexts, see new
    functions glutSetVertexAttribCoord3, glutSetVertexAttribNormal, and
    - new GLUT_GEOMETRY_VISUALIZE_NORMALS option to visualize the normals
    of the shapes (these are frequently used for educational demos after
    - experimental support for Android and BlackBerry 10/BlackBerry
    PlayBook mobile platforms, note that so far only a subset of FreeGLUT
    is implemented
    - can now set font of menu
    - menu behavior corrected, multiple bugs fixed
    - X11 fullscreen code updated, correctness improved
    - time internally now 64 bit, so timers and such wont wrap for humanly
    possible timeframes
    wiz committed Oct 1, 2016
  6. (1) Fix build for X11_TYPE= modular (but not fully tested)

    (2) Fix configure phase problem
    (3) Add BUILD_DEPENDS for make test
    Thanks joerg and wiz.
    mef committed Oct 1, 2016
Commits on Sep 30, 2016
  1. Fix build with waf-1.9.x.

    wiz committed Sep 30, 2016
  2. gcc3: in case someone can build this package, commit the same change

    sevan@ added to gcc6 - apple's ld may stumble here from the whitespace
    we added before the path.
    maya committed Sep 30, 2016
  3. pkglint has hardcoded php55 referenced a couple times.

    That package was removedi and caused pkglint errors like:
    ERROR: ../../lang/php/ Cannot read
    So update to later php56.
    I don't understand why the ChecklinesDistinfo function in distinfo.go
    has an exception for the php patches directory but changed there too.
    I received an okay on packages@ list.
    Note that the make check for the pkglint package failed for me
    but the pkglint worked for me in my tests of some php using packages.
    Increase version of pkglint.
    reed committed Sep 30, 2016
  4. Remove the whitespace between $(LINKER_RPATH_FLAG) and the path.

    Otherwise the flag may be misinterpreted by linker (e.g. Apple's ld).
    sevan committed Sep 30, 2016
  5. Note addition of net/httpstat version 1.2.0

    agc committed Sep 30, 2016
  6. Add httpstat, a utility to visualise curl(1) statistics, to the Packages

    	httpstat visualizes curl(1) statistics in a way of beauty and clarity.
    agc committed Sep 30, 2016
  7. monotone-viz

    dholland committed Sep 30, 2016
  8. needs camlp4

    dholland committed Sep 30, 2016
  9. + samba-4.4.6.

    taca committed Sep 30, 2016
  10. Update ruby-http-cookie to 1.0.3.

    ## 1.0.3 (2016-09-30)
    - Treat comma as normal character in HTTP::Cookie.cookie_value_to_hash
      instead of key-value pair separator.  This should fix the problem
      described in CVE-2016-7401.
    taca committed Sep 30, 2016
  11. Updated devel/jenkins to 2.7.4

    fhajny committed Sep 30, 2016
  12. Update devel/jenkins to 2.7.4 (LTS)

    Jenkins 2 is a drop-in replacement of the Jenkins 1.x series of
    releases and fully backward compatible.
    2.7.4 (2016-09-08)
    - Prevent File descriptor leaks when reading plugin manifests. It
      causes failures during the upgrade of detached plugins on
    2.7.3 (2016/08/31)
    - Stop A/B testing of the remoting JNLP3 protocol due to the known
      issues. The protocol can be enabled manually via the
      jenkins.slaves.JnlpSlaveAgentProtocol3.enabled system property.
    - When checking Update Center, append ?uctest parameter to HTTP
      and HTTPS URLs only.
    - Ensure that detached plugins are always at least their minimum
    - Remove trailing space from Hudson.DisplayName in Spanish, which
      resulted in problems with Blue Ocean.
    - Make sure that the All view is created.
    - Incorrect formatting of messages in the Update Center and Setup
    - Underprivileged users were unable to use the default value of a
      password parameter.
    - Properly handle exceptions during global configuration form
      submissions when SCM Retry Count field is empty.
    - Do not allow disabled project to be triggered remotely.
    - Ensure that SCMDescriptor.newInstance overrides are honored when
      creating new SCM entries.
    - Add a cache for user information to fix performance regression
      due to SECURITY-243.
    - Performance: Disable AutoBrowserHolder by default to improve the
      changelog rendering performance.
    - Honor non-default update sites in setup wizard.
    2.7.2 (2016/08/03)
    - Always send usage statistics over HTTPs to the new hostname.
    - Fix issues in file management in hudson.remoting.Launcher (main
      executable class).
    - Remoting 2.60: Fix potential file handle leaks during the build
      agent (FKA slave) startup. issue 35190)
    - Remoting 2.60: Proper handling of the no_proxy environment
    - Performance: Improve configuration page load times by removing
      the CodeMirror reloading cycle.
    - Remoting 2.60: hudson.Remoting.Engine#waitForServerToBack now
      uses credentials for connection.
    - IllegalStateException under certain conditions when reloading
      configuration from disk while jobs are in the queue.
    - Allow keeping builds forever with custom build retention
    - Remoting 2.60: Make the channel reader tolerant against Socket
    2.7.1 (2016/07/06)
    Changes from 2.7:
    - Installation Wizard: Do not offer creating new admin user if the
      security is preconfigured.
    - API: Make it easier for UpdateSites to tweak the
    - Fix the repeatable item delete button layout in Safari.
      Addresses Build Steps and other such configuration items.
    - Prevent NullPointerException on startup after update from
      Jenkins 2.5.
    - Explicitly declare compatibility of Windows build agent service
      with .NET Framework 4.
    - Honor noProxy settings from "Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins >
    - API: Restrict external usages of
    - Internal: Upgrade Groovy to 2.4.7 to finalize the fix in Jenkins
    Notable changes since 1.651.3:
    - More detailed information about the new features in Jenkins 2 on
      the overview page. Note that AJP support has been removed, if
      your service script enables it, Jenkins will fail to start.
    - New password-protected setup wizard shown on first run to guide
      users through installation of popular plugins and setting up an
      admin user.
    - Plugin bundling overhaul: Bundled plugins are only installed if
      necessary when upgrading, all plugins can be uninstalled.
    - Redesigned job configuration form makes it easier to understand
      the option hierarchy, and to navigate the form.
    - Richer 'Create Item' form with job icons and job categories
      (once a threshold of three categories has been reached).
    - Support encrypted communication between master and JNLP slaves.
    - Enable disabled dependencies during plugin installations.
    - Force ordering between GPG and jarsigner to ensure correct GPG
    - Secured Jenkins installations didn't properly save the queue on
    - Upgrade wizard encourages installation of Pipeline related
      plugins when upgrading from 1.x.
    - Jenkins now requires Servlet 3.1. Upgraded embedded
      Winstone-Jetty to Jetty 9 accordingly. This removes AJP support
      when using the embedded Winstone-Jetty container.
    - Bundled Groovy updated from 1.8.9 to 2.4.7.
    - Moved tools configuration from Configure Jenkins to separate
    - Added option to prohibit anonymous access to security realm
      "Logged in users can do anything", enable by default.
    - Renamed 'slave' to 'agent' on the UI.
    - Improvements to inline documentation of numerous form fields in
      Jenkins global and job configuration.
    - Change default CSRF protection crumb name to Jenkins-Crumb for
      nginx compatibility.
    - Add symbol annotations on core.
    - Workaround for unpredictable Windows file locking.
    - Remove the historical initialization of CVS changelog parser for
      jobs without explicit SCM definition. Warning! This change may
      potentially cause a regression if a Jenkins plugin depends on
      this default behavior and injects changelogs without SCM.
    - Add the JOB_BASE_NAME environment variable to builds (job name
      without path).
    - Allow overriding Jenkins UpdateCenter by a custom
    - Allow overriding Jenkins PluginManager by a custom
    - Allow setting of properties from context.xml and web.xml in
      addition to setting system properties from the command line.
    - Remoting: Allow Jenkins admins to adjust the socket timeout.
      (Controlled by hudson.remoting.Engine.socketTimeout)
    - Remoting: Allow disabling the remoting protocols individually.
      Allows working around compatibility issues like JENKINS-34121.
      (Controlled by PROTOCOL_CLASS_NAME.disabled)
    - Remoting, scalability: Ensure that the unexporter cleans up
      whatever it can each GC sweep.
    - Remoting: Force class load on UserRequest to prevent deadlocks
      on Windows nodes agents in the case of multiple classloaders.
      (Controlled by hudson.remoting.RemoteClassLoader.force)
    - Make ToolInstallers to follow HTTP 30x redirects.
    - Disable JSESSIONID in URLs when running in the JBoss web
      container. It prevents Error 404 due to invalid links starting
      from Jenkins 1.556. More info: WFLY-4782
    - Allow starting non-AbstractProject (e.g. Pipeline) jobs from
    - Plugin Manager was building incorrect list of bundled plugins
      for nested dependencies.
    - Developer API: Add WorkspaceList.tempDir(...).
    - Developer API: Allow putting @Initializer annotations on
      instance methods.
    - Developer API: Allow specifying custom AbortExceptions.
    1.651.3 (2016/06/08)
    - Cannot enable disabled dependencies.
    - Listed Parameters should reflect what was used when the build
    - Installation Wizard: SEVERE errors in logs, enabling of the
      enabled plugin.
    - Check Updates PeriodicWork dies horribly in the case of invalid
    - RSS ID duplication for items with same name in different
    - Remoting, scalability: Ensure that the unexporter cleans up
      whatever it can each GC sweep.
    - Remoting: Force class load on UserRequest to prevent deadlocks
      on Windows nodes agents in the case of multiple classloaders.
      (Controlled by hudson.remoting.RemoteClassLoader.force)
    - Remoting: Allow Jenkins admins to adjust the socket timeout.
      (Controlled by hudson.remoting.Engine.socketTimeout)
    - Remoting: Allow disabling the remoting protocols individually.
      Allows working around compatibility issues like JENKINS-34121.
      (Controlled by PROTOCOL_CLASS_NAME.disabled)
    1.651.2 (2016/05/11)
    - Important security fixes
    - Update remoting to 2.57.
    - Pipeline runs not reliably started after restart when using
      Build after other projects are built.
    - Prevent badges in build history sidepanel widget from
      overlapping page contents.
    - Do not hardcode .bat extension for Maven on Windows.
    - Don't store redundant build causes, make list of build causes
    - Make context meny link Delete Project work with CSRF protection
    1.651.1 (2016/04/14)
    Changes from 1.651:
    - Honor the option to opt out of usage statistics submission.
    - Plugin filters were failing to be removed and blocking restart.
    - Do not fail update center check if there are no tool installers
    - Fix argument masking for sensitive build variables on Windows.
    - Under some conditions Jenkins startup could fail because of
      incorrectly linked extensions; now recovering more gracefully.
    - Multiple bug fixes related to shutdown sequence.
    Notable changes since 1.642.3:
    - Move periodic task log files from JENKINS_HOME/*.log to
      JENKINS_HOME/logs/tasks/*.log and rotate them periodically
      rather than overwrite every execution.
    - Allow changing the directory used for the extraction of plugin
      archives via the --pluginroot CLI option (also controllable via
      the hudson.PluginManager.workDir system property / context
      parameter. Also document the --webroot CLI parameter in java
      -jar jenkins.war --help
    - Unify CLI exit code semantics.
    - Add time zone to generation date in footer in most locales.
    - The Windows service wrapper now specifies the --webroot argument
      to extract the war file into %BASE%.
    - Allow retrying core update when the first attempt failed.
    - Allow specifying the default TCP slave agent listener port via
      system property.
    - Fix documentation of proxy configuration.
    - Retrieve tool installer metadata from all update sites.
    - Fields on the parameters page are no longer aligned at the
    - Cleanup of CLI error handling and return codes.
    - Boot failure hook script did not work,
      WebAppMain.contextDestroyed produces weird errors.
    - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when parsing range set.
    - Generate new instance identity file when the existing one is
      found to be corrupt.
    - Developer: The official parent POM for plugins is now hosted in
      the plugin-pom repository, starting with version 2.0.
    - API changes: Add a reusable implementation of IdleOfflineCause
    - Developer: Split test harness into separate artifact.
    - Developer: Pass $it to contents of dropdownDescriptorSelector.
    1.642.4 (2016/03/31)
    - Honor the option to opt out of usage statistics submission.
    1.642.3 (2016/03/16)
    - Fields on the parameters page are no longer aligned at the
    - Under some conditions a build record could be loaded twice,
      leading to erratic behavior.
    1.642.2 (2016/02/24)
    - Important security fixes
    - Don't submit usage statistics while Jenkins hasn't finished
    - Performance regression when setting JDK installations.
    - Renaming a node over another was possible and destroys both
    - A CloudProvisioningListener can prevent provisioning of all
      clouds instead of just the targeted cloud.
    - GroovyHookScript needs Jenkins to be initialized but should not
      (for e.g. boot failure script).
    - Don't show "termination trace" as warning in the log as
      it's not necessarily an error condition.
    1.642.1 (2016/01/20)
    - No changes compared to 1.642
    fhajny committed Sep 30, 2016
  13. Progress further in build with python-3.x.

    Already merged upstream.
    wiz committed Sep 30, 2016
  14. Updated the_silver_searcher to 0.33.0.

    Changes not found.
    wiz committed Sep 30, 2016
  15. Updated net/gupnp to 1.0.0

    wiz committed Sep 30, 2016
  16. Updated gupnp to 1.0.0.

    - Only version changed
    - Fix build on OS X
    All contributors to this release:
     - Tomasz Pajor <>
     - Jens Georg <>
    - Retry description URL on failure.
    Bugs fixed in this release:
    All contributors to this release:
     - Jens Georg <>
     - Jozef Šiška <>
    - Update from GNOME template
    - Cache user agents by IP
    - Remove intltool
    - Use newTargetValue in light example
    Bugs fixed in this release:
    All contributors to this release:
     - Jens Georg <>
     - Philip Withnall <>
    - Don't hardcode python path in gupnp-binding-tool
    - Check for IFA_FLAGS to not bind ourselves to a recent kernel version
    - Add missing m4 files
    - Fix issues with introspection
    - Make GUPnPServiceAction boxed
    - Some JavaScript examples
    - Distribute VAPI file in tarball
    Bugs fixed in this release:
    All contributors to this release:
     - Jens Georg <>
     - Ting-Wei Lan <>
    - Remove gnome-common
    - Fix issue with gupnp_service_signals_autoconnect() blocking endlessly.
    - Fix return type for BIN_HEX.
    - Update some m4 macros.
    - Fix typos in API docs.
    NetworkManager context manager:
     - Fix use-after-free issue.
     - Fix various static code analysis findings.
    Netlink context manager:
     - Use proper macros for RTM_*ADDRESS messages.
     - Use device name from netlink.
     - Add possibility to dump received netlink packets for debugging.
     - Fix issues with losing contexts after DHCP renew happens.
     - Some style fixes.
    Added/updated dependencies:
     - GSSDP >= 0.14.13
    Bugs fixed in this release:
    All contributors to this release:
     - Jens Georg <>
     - Debarshi Ray <>
     - Olivier Crête <>
     - Guillaume Marquebielle <>
     - Bastien Nocera <>
    Changes since 0.20.13:
    Added/updated dependencies:
     GLib 2.0 >= 2.40.0
    - Simplify UUID handling.
    Bugs fixed in this release:
    All contributors to this release:
     - Jens Georg <>
    wiz committed Sep 30, 2016
  17. Updated net/gssdp to 1.0.0

    wiz committed Sep 30, 2016
  18. Updated gssdp to 1.0.0.

    - Don't leak arp lookup symbol
    - Minor documentation updates
    All contributors to this release:
     - Jens Georg <>
    - Fill the interface index for bionic.
    - Remove unused include.
    - Fix interface lookup on Win32
    Bugs fixed in this release:
    All contributors to this release:
     - Aurélien Chabot <>
     - Jens Georg <>
     - Florian Zwoch <>
    - Actually use the TTL that was set by the user
    - Use if_nametoindex instead of IOCTL when available
    - Implement a User Agent cache based on SSDP packages
    - Fix potential strncpy overflow
    - Add missing m4 macros
    - Disable PKTINFO on OS X
    - Do not leak host_addr in clients.
    Bugs fixed in this release:
    All contributors to this release:
     - Jens Georg <>
     - Philip Withnall <>
     - Philip Withnall <>
    - Fix warning if the IP address is not known.
    - Fix issue with discovery.
    Bugs fixed in this release:
    All contributors to this release:
     - Jens Georg <>
     - Philip Withnall <>
    - Make "host-ip" of GSSDPClient a construction property to give the caller the
      chance to bypass the IP autodetection during client creation.
    All contributors to this release:
     - Jens Georg <>
    - Update m4 macros from autoconf-archive.
    Bugs fixed in this release:
    All contributors to this release:
     - Jens Georg <>
    - Fix issues with names of loopback device on *BSD.
    - Move gtest code one level up and examples to their own folder.
    - Fix a possible NULL derefence in gssdp-device-sniffer.
    - Remove use of gnome-common for building.
    Bugs fixed in this release:
    All contributors to this release:
     - Jens Georg <>
     - Thomas Klausner <>
    wiz committed Sep 30, 2016
  19. Updated fonts/fira to 4.202

    wiz committed Sep 30, 2016
  20. Updated fira to 4.202.

    Adds FiraSansCondensed and FiraMono-Medium.
    wiz committed Sep 30, 2016
  21. Remove patch on a localy installed file that did not belong to the di…

    manu committed Sep 30, 2016
  22. Updated print/cups to 2.2.0

    wiz committed Sep 30, 2016
  23. Updated cups to 2.2.0.

    CHANGES.txt - 2.2.0 - 2016-09-13
    	- Normalized the TLS certificate validation code and added additional
    	  error messages to aid troubleshooting.
    	- http*Connect did not work on Linux when cupsd was not running
    	  (Issue #4870)
    	- The --no-remote-any option of cupsctl had no effect (Issue #4866)
    	- http*Connect did not return early when all addresses failed
    	  (Issue #4870)
    	- Updated the list of supported IPP Everywhere media types.
    	- The IPP backend did not validate TLS credentials properly.
    	- The printer-state-message attribute was not cleared after a
    	  print job with no errors (Issue #4851)
    	- The CUPS-Add-Modify-Class and CUPS-Add-Modify-Printer operations did
    	  not always return an error for failed adds (Issue #4854)
    	- PPD files with names longer than 127 bytes did not work (Issue #4860)
    	- Updated localizations (Issue #4846, PR #4858)
    	- Added Upstart support (PR #4825)
    	- CUPS now supports Let's Encrypt certificates on Linux.
    	- All CUPS commands now support POSIX options (Issue #4813)
    	- The scheduler now restarts faster (Issue #4760)
    	- Improved performance of web interface with large numbers of jobs
    	  (Issue #3819)
    	- Encrypted printing can now be limited to only trusted printers and
    	  servers (<rdar://problem/25711658>)
    	- The scheduler now advertises PWG Raster attributes for IPP Everywhere
    	  clients (Issue #4428)
    	- The scheduler now logs informational messages for jobs at LogLevel
    	  "info" (Issue #4815)
    	- The scheduler now uses the getgrouplist function when available
    	  (Issue #4611)
    	- The IPP backend no longer enables compression by default except for
    	  certain raster formats that generally benefit from it
    	- The scheduler did not handle out-of-disk situations gracefully
    	  (Issue #4742)
    	- The LPD mini-daemon now detects invalid UTF-8 sequences in job,
    	  document, and user names (Issue #4748)
    	- The IPP backend now continues on to the next job when the remote
    	  server/printer puts the job on hold (<rdar://problem/24858548>)
    	- The scheduler did not cancel multi-document jobs immediately
    	- The scheduler did not return non-shared printers to local clients
    	  unless they connected to the domain socket (<rdar://problem/24566996>)
    	- The scheduler now reads the spool directory if one or more job cache
    	  entries point to deleted jobs (<rdar://problem/24048846>)
    	- Added support for disc media sizes (<rdar://problem/20219536>)
    	- The httpAddrConnect and httpConnect* APIs now try connecting to
    	  multiple addresses in parallel (<rdar://problem/20643153>)
    	- The cupsd domain socket is no longer world-accessible on macOS
    	- Interface scripts are no longer supported for security reasons
    	- Added a new cupsHashData API and support for hashed job passwords
    	- Localization fixes (<rdar://problem/25292403>,
    	  <rdar://problem/25461517>, Issue #4041, Issue #4796)
    	- Documentation changes (Issue #4624, Issue #4781)
    	- Packaging fixes (PR #4832)
    wiz committed Sep 30, 2016
  24. Add missing dependency.

    wiz committed Sep 30, 2016
  25. Add upstream bug report URL.

    wiz committed Sep 30, 2016
  26. Work around build problem in C locale.

    wiz committed Sep 30, 2016