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Commits on May 23, 2015
  1. add flickrnet subdir

    kefren authored
  2. tor update, PR pkg/49917.

    bsiegert authored
  3. Update tor to From Christian Sturm in PR pkg/49917.

    bsiegert authored
    Changes in version - 2015-05-21
      Tor fixes a bit of dodgy code in parsing INTRODUCE2 cells, and
      fixes an authority-side bug in assigning the HSDir flag. All directory
      authorities should upgrade.
      o Major bugfixes (hidden services, backport from
        - Revert commit that made directory authorities assign the HSDir
          flag to relay without a DirPort; this was bad because such relays
          can't handle BEGIN_DIR cells. Fixes bug 15850; bugfix
          on tor-
      o Minor bugfixes (hidden service, backport from
        - Fix an out-of-bounds read when parsing invalid INTRODUCE2 cells on
          a client authorized hidden service. Fixes bug 15823; bugfix
      o Minor features (geoip):
        - Update geoip to the April 8 2015 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country database.
        - Update geoip6 to the April 8 2015 Maxmind GeoLite2
          Country database.
    Changes in version - 2015-04-06
      Tor fixes two security issues that could be used by an
      attacker to crash hidden services, or crash clients visiting hidden
      services. Hidden services should upgrade as soon as possible; clients
      should upgrade whenever packages become available.
      This release also contains two simple improvements to make hidden
      services a bit less vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks.
      o Major bugfixes (security, hidden service):
        - Fix an issue that would allow a malicious client to trigger an
          assertion failure and halt a hidden service. Fixes bug 15600;
          bugfix on Reported by "disgleirio".
        - Fix a bug that could cause a client to crash with an assertion
          failure when parsing a malformed hidden service descriptor. Fixes
          bug 15601; bugfix on Found by "DonnchaC".
      o Minor features (DoS-resistance, hidden service):
        - Introduction points no longer allow multiple INTRODUCE1 cells to
          arrive on the same circuit. This should make it more expensive for
          attackers to overwhelm hidden services with introductions.
          Resolves ticket 15515.
        - Decrease the amount of reattempts that a hidden service performs
          when its rendezvous circuits fail. This reduces the computational
          cost for running a hidden service under heavy load. Resolves
          ticket 11447.
  4. Updated devel/p5-App-cpanminus to 1.7034

    mef authored
    Updated devel/p5-CPAN-Perl-Releases to 2.18
    Updated devel/p5-signatures to 0.12
  5. Update to 0.12

    mef authored
    0.12      2015-05-13 01:23:05Z
      - fix parsing of attribute handlers (GH #1)
  6. version 2.18 at 2015-05-21 23:30:52 +0000

    mef authored
        Updated for v5.22.0-RC2
  7. Update to 1.7034

    mef authored
    1.7034  2015-05-07 14:20:57 PDT
          - Improved an error message when dependency requirement in cpanfile
            get conflict with prereqs in sub dependencies.
  8. Updated net/lldpd to 0.7.15

    mef authored
  9. (pkgsrc)

    mef authored
     - Add TEST_TARGET= check, but still all the numbers are zero.
     - Update to 0.7.15
    0.7.15 [2015-05-21 08:45:55 +0200]:
     - [b6371c9f6664] lib: don't use priority with constructor (Vincent Bernat)
     - [441d53f9ae8e] redhat: don't build with JSON by default (Vincent Bernat)
     - [f42b82148976] build: only uses -pie when linking programs (Vincent Bernat)
     - [84942a4aeb58] build: when checking for additional flags, be fatal on errors (Vincent Bernat)
     - [1cce9f1a07c7] lldp: do appropriate cleanup when unable to allocate memory (Vincent Bernat)
     - [151ed0cd9708] travis: don't install libtool/autoconf/automake (Vincent Bernat)
     - [a53e59f264aa] tests: document the suppression file for valgrind (Vincent Bernat)
     - [3db3d0633eee] build: don't use -Wl,-pie (Vincent Bernat)
     - [2216fdf1ef0f] redhat: fix dates in .spec (Vincent Bernat)
     - [f4a0a3fc7b19] build: require json-c >= 0.10 (Vincent Bernat)
     - [36d72b11b57f] redhat: fix a typo in conditional JSON support (Vincent Bernat)
     - [5592bec999ab] redhat: provide a simpler buildroot (Vincent Bernat)
     - [b896513bc25e] release: prepare new version (Vincent Bernat)
     - [39a39abf7c9c] lldpcli: fix another memory leak when querying statistics (Vincent Bernat)
     - [d68bcbe9653a] lldpcli: fix a memory leak when querying custom TLVs (Vincent Bernat)
     - [74d82c9dfac6] build: rename valgrind suppression file to match the right tool (Vincent Bernat)
     - [38d74e8a04e1] ctl: don't use C99 designated initializer for structs to travel on a socket (Vincent Bernat)
     - [389ac8bd97cd] tests: provide a complete test file for lldpcli (Vincent Bernat)
     - [a6509ccc4ea6] lib: use ssize_t to store result from write() (Vincent Bernat)
     - [26498cf46f10] doc: fix example of "configure dot3 power" command (Vincent Bernat)
     - [120c071a0365] doc: fix example of "configure med location address" command (Vincent Bernat)
     - [4edc4960671f] doc: fix documentation of "configure lldp portidsubtype" (Vincent Bernat)
     - [a52e464f4582] tests: remove old reference to ifdump.txt (Vincent Bernat)
     - [24133f559158] doc: add an entry for setting custom TLV in lldpcli manual page (Vincent Bernat)
     - [d0e76b5f6e42] doc: add a NEWS entry for custom/unknown TLV (Vincent Bernat)
     - [11f906138450] Merge pull request #109 from commodo/add-custom-tlvs (Vincent Bernat)
     - [5666332755c8] build: compile libevent with -fPIC (Vincent Bernat)
     - [d24247edcbe2] build: try -Wl,-pie before trying -pie for clang (Vincent Bernat)
     - [1aa3748ca854] build: don't enable PIE when using embedded libevent (Vincent Bernat)
     - [c4edeadc8b08] build: also try to build a PIE when hardening is not disabled. (Vincent Bernat)
     - [8738a36d30e2] build: add a switch to disable hardening functions (Vincent Bernat)
     - [8caf43416452] lldpd: convert 'oui_info' member to dynamic array (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [fb1b78bb7611] lldpd: make custom TLV code optional (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [26331a26d551] client: display custom TLVs when lldpctl is called (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [41cb778179b2] client: implement client interface for custom TLVs (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [6cff1e665e72] daemon: implement client interface for custom TLVs (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [c576fd21a416] lib: add custom TLV + list atom(s) (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [cd5de7a2ea13] daemon: add basic custom TLV send & receive (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [9c242613cd7b] daemon: reduce log_info() to log_debug() for unknown TLV types (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [86f4c1ef8be4] lib: move lldpd-structs.h include into atom.h (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [e7113d69b9cb] lib: add null check to lldpctl_atom_inc_ref() (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [b1bebd3f2550] lldpd: move LLDP_TLV_ORG to lldp-const.h (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [2389d2ccf7be] lib: enable ability to change log level on-the-fly (Vincent Bernat)
     - [082c03a94583] lldpcli: ensure we also display logs from liblldpctl (Vincent Bernat)
     - [c11e6765727b] tests: fix typo in SNMP checks with protocol identity (Vincent Bernat)
     - [63e52965607e] frame: change checksum function (Vincent Bernat)
     - [6d3c1ce032f8] tests: fix SNMP tests (Vincent Bernat)
     - [d99c23687985] tests: fix signed/unsigned discrepancy (Vincent Bernat)
     - [8d92800b8801] build: cleaner way to not alter CFLAGS/CPPFLAGS/LDFLAGS (Vincent Bernat)
     - [dd8c9fe3b168] build: enable JSON/XML support automatically by default (Vincent Bernat)
     - [3250e17b3649] redhat: enable JSON support if recent enough (Vincent Bernat)
     - [ec6a8dcffbc9] debian: enable JSON support (Vincent Bernat)
     - [fa9b12c57b7a] build: automatic detection of optional features (Vincent Bernat)
     - [3fa294062b97] client: only output supported formats (Vincent Bernat)
     - [a742670827b8] client: complain if the provided format is not supported (Vincent Bernat)
     - [bacc4a6ad3c4] client: fix a trivial typo (Vincent Bernat)
     - [e613fdaa7f8a] Merge pull request #106 from commodo/make-some-tlvs-optional (Vincent Bernat)
     - [e119d5ddf364] client: add some log_debug() messages (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [1d7c86b56ce0] tests/check_lldp: add global config object for testing (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [1c2217aa0df9] lldpd: make management addresses advertisement optional (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [ca838758db3c] lldpd: make chassis capabilities advertisement optional (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [8262175deca8] daemon/lldpd.c: free() cfg at end of main function (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [7d67839872b3] daemon/protocols/lldp.c: do not send system capabilities if none available (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [ef8140572e04] lib: don't define __constructor__ twice (Vincent Bernat)
     - [e8d465451a3b] Merge pull request #105 from commodo/cleanup (Vincent Bernat)
     - [9e2db64f1cce] daemon: move protocol files into subfolder (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [4b2ee1a0a9de] lib/atom.c: move here remaining code from atom-private.c (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [a5f987172cbe] lib/private.h: rename to atom.h (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [94c9815776cc] lib/atom-private.c: break it into smaller modules (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [9bec20443e7e] lib/atom-private.c: move 'struct atom-builder' to private.h (Alexandru Ardelean)
     - [84b41218830f] add 'subdir-objects' option (Alexandru Ardelean)
  10. Switch to latest mono. This will still not reach post-configure as

    kefren authored
    pkgsrc lacks flickrnet
  11. Switch to latest mono. PKGREVISION++

    kefren authored
  12. Update mono-tools to 3.10. No information regarding this particular

    kefren authored
    package is provided by the developers except it was part of mono
    3.10 release
  13. Update to mono-addins 1.1 from mono-project site. No other informatio…

    kefren authored
    …n is
    provided about this release. Note: the original master development site doesn't list this release at all
  14. Bump revision for dbus-sharp[-glib] and ndesk-dbus[-glib] for previous

    kefren authored
    mono requirement change
  15. Switch away from mono2

    kefren authored
  16. switch dbus-sharp, dbus-sharp-glib, ndesk-dbus and ndesk-dbus-glib to

    kefren authored
    the latest mono
  17. Add json (for net/lldpd for the moment).

    mef authored
  18. Update gdiplus to 3.12 - latest on mono-project site, probably

    kefren authored
    released as part of mono-3.12. No other information available from
    master site.
  19. Update xsp and ap-mono to the latest and the greatest from mono-project

    kefren authored
    Apache 2.4 linking of ap-mono is now possible
  20. fix nunit path in pkg-config file

    kefren authored
  21. Updated devel/p5-Net-Netmask to 1.9022

    mef authored
  22. Update to 1.9022

    mef authored
    1.9022 2015-05-05
     - Changes from adamherzog: minor cleanups plus
     - A bunch of addtional tests
     - A couple of small code fixes
  23. Updated devel/p5-Dist-Zilla to 5.036

    mef authored
  24. (pkgsrc)

    mef authored
     - Add one DEPENDS archivers/p5-Archive-Tar-Wrapper
       to satisfy one of '# === Runtime Recommends ==='
       (one more to add, Term::ReadLine::Gnu, but not for now).
     - update to 5.036
    5.036     2015-05-02 11:08:51-04:00 America/New_York
            - BUGFIX: detection of trial status via underscore in version was
              accidentally lost in v5.035; restored now!
  25. +p5-Archive-Tar-Wrapper

    mef authored
  26. Import p5-Archive-Tar-Wrapper-0.18 as archivers/p5-Archive-Tar-Wrapper.

    mef authored
    Archive::Tar::Wrapper is an API wrapper around the 'tar' command line
    utility. It never stores anything in memory, but works on temporary
    directory structures on disk instead. It provides a mapping between the
    logical paths in the tarball and the 'real' files in the temporary
    directory on disk.
    It differs from Archive::Tar in two ways:
      - Archive::Tar::Wrapper doesn't hold anything in memory. Everything is
        stored on disk.
      - Archive::Tar::Wrapper is 100% compliant with the platform's tar
        utility, because it uses it internally.
  27. Updated devel/p5-Config-General to 2.58

    mef authored
  28. Update to 2.58

    mef authored
      (Nothing recorded in 'Changes' file but)  resouces: and meta-spec: in META.yml
      have been updated.
  29. Updated devel/p5-Test-Version to 2.01

    mef authored
    Updated devel/p5-Tree-DAG_Node to 1.26
  30. Update 1.23 to 1.26

    mef authored
    1.26  Sun Apr 12 13:37:00 2015
            - Fix bug in string2hashref(), which failed on some strings, such as {a => 'b, c'}.
                    string2hashref() is called by read_tree().
                    Escaped chars are still not handled.
            - Add t/string2hash.t to test new code.
    1.25  Sun Mar 22 11:42:00 2015
            - I've deleted the undocumented sub _dump_quote(), which butchered
              Unicode characters
                    when it tried to convert ASCII control characters into
                    printable strings (on the assumption all data is
                    ASCII). Thanx to Dr. Petra Steiner (Germany) for discussion
                    and some testing.  I hope no-one was relying on this sub in
                    output redirected to disk files, or otherwise saved for
                    later comparisons.
                    Methods which used to call _dump_quote() now just output
                    the node's name by calling quote_name(), which is discussed
                    next. Undefined names are output as the string 'undef'.
            - Add method quote_name(), which simply returns its input string
              surrounded by single-quotes.
            - Add method decode_lol(). This converts the output of
                    tree_to_lol() and tree_to_simple_lol() into something which
                    is easy to read. See scripts/ for sample usage.
            - Reorder a couple of methods called tree_*(), so that they are in
              alphabetical order.
            - Expand the docs for methods tree_to_*(), re undefined node names.
            - Add scripts/, which creates the test input file
                    t/tree.utf8.attributes.txt.  Note: This latter file is now
                    much more complex that in previous versions.
            - Add scripts/, and it's output file scripts/read.tree.log. This program
                    demonstrates the output produced by various methods.
            - Fix the faulty syntax I had used in Build.PL to identify the github repo.
            - Delete and re-create github repo after 'git push' failed to upload the new version.
            - Add LICENSE file to MANIFEST.
    1.24  Sun Jan 25 14:17:00 2015
            - Clean up discussion in docs of original author's reluctance to
              allow parameters to new().
            - Rewrite bareword filehandles (INX) to use a variable (my $fh).
            - Rename github repo from Tree--DAG_Node to Tree-DAG_Node - My new standard.
                    Update Build.PL and Makefile.PL to match.
            - Reformat the docs, and this file, slighty, to be <= 100 chars per
              line - My new standard.
            - Change horizontal indentation used by node2string() to add 1
                    space, so '|' lines up underneath the first char of the
                    previous node's name. Use scripts/
                    to see the difference.
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