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Commits on Nov 18, 2004
adam Fixed /etc handling b4237d6
adam Updated povray to 3.6.1 0fea86d
adam Changes 5.42.1:
* Removed beta designation.
* Daniel A. Steffen <> provided patch for
  MacOS to avoid panic-redefinition.

Changes 5.41.0:
* Simon Taylor <> provided fix for
  interact -o which was completely broken by 5.40.1.

Changes 5.40.1:
* Added scroll support to official tkterm.  Copied all fixes
  from/to term_expect to/from tkterm.
* Kiran Madabhushi <maskiran@hotmail.xcom> encountered interact
  diagnostics incorrectly pointing to expect_background.  Also,
  found multiple -o flags behaving unexpectedly.  Added diag.

* Kristoffer Eriksson <ske@pkmab.xse> noted typo in SIMPLE code
  in exp_inter.c.  However, this is extremely unlikely to affect
  any machines.

* Reinhard Max <max@suse.xcom> noted that "make test" failed when
  run in the background.  The log testcase was testing the
  send_tty command.  Added code in both Expect and in the test
  to handle this.
adam Updated [tcl,tk]-expect to 5.42.1 c5cd2b9
jlam We don't actually want everything to be built with pthreads -- only
libldap_r and slurpd.  Patch those Makefiles (patch-aj, patch-ak) to
pass $(PTHREAD_CFLAGS) and $(PTHREAD_LDFLAGS) to the build.  The
configure process correctly adds any necessary libraries, so adding
$(PTHREAD_LIBS) isn't needed.  Bump the PKGREVISION since the LDAP
libraries are no longer linked against libpthread.

This fixes PR pkg/28259.
jlam Remove fortify... it only worked on ancient versions of Netscape Navi…

We're well past those days now.
jlam security/fortify is gone... it only worked on ancient versions of Net…

Navigator and is too old to be of any use nowadays.
jlam The universal option to enable PAM support is "PAM" not "pam". We strive
to use common option names were possible, so change these instances of
"pam" to "PAM" to match existing usage.
Commits on Nov 19, 2004
epg Move gettext-lib/ into Makefile.common; all the
Subversion packages need this, not just subversion-base.
cjep Update of mail/nail to 11.16. Changes:
[11.16] released 11/18/04
* When a header field line that started and ended with a MIME encoded word
  followed a line that ended with a MIME encoded word, the newline character
  preceding the next header field was erroneously omitted when a message was
  displayed since version 11.14.
* If a header fields contains a MIME encoded word and a large string of
  ASCII characters at another point, the large string is encoded as multiple
  encoded words to comply to RFC 2047.
* The pipe-type/subtype mechanism did not work for MIME contents other than
  text/anything since release 11.14 (Bugreport by Bob Tennent).
* When S/MIME support was built using Mozilla NSS, the verification of an
  encrypted message that had not yet been downloaded from an IMAP or POP3
  server failed at the first attempt.
* Previous versions refused to write messages or attachments to /dev/null
  on some Solaris versions.
* If the 'from' variable is set to an address that does not contain an '@'
  character, no (syntactically incorrect) Message-ID is generated anymore.
cjep Note update of mail/nail to 11.16 0961579
cjep Update of mail/nail to 11.17. Changes:
[11.17] released 11/18/04
* When the 'write' command was used to save attachments in releases after
  11.14, the output file was not properly closed. Since writes to that file
  are buffered, data was only completely written when nail was quit.
cjep Note update of mail/nail to 11.17 277059c
adam Changes 0.2.3:
* Add stealth modus
* Add transparent background
* Add mode cli opions
* Bug fixes
adam Updated gtkterm2 to 0.2.3 c57f76d
adam Changes 0.50:
- A lot of internal code cleanup and bug fixes.
- Added a dialog for creating new blank floppy disk images.
- The source code has been optimized for better emulation speed.
- Added RS232 emulation (still very experimental and not very well tested! It
  seems not to work reliable yet. Help for debugging is very appreciated!).
- Some bugs in the 68000 emulation have been fixed.
- The emulator now checks for double bus errors and stops the emulation if
  necessary (instead of crashing the emulator).
- Timer-D is now patched correctly again.
- The old font has been replaced by two new fonts so that the GUI now looks
  better in high resolutions.
- The fonts are now linked into the executable.
- Added support for DIM floppy disk images.
adam Updated hatari to 0.50 461be23
sketch The previous update of this package was for Solaris and AIX support, …
…so remove

the NOT_FOR_PLATFORM after confirming that it builds correctly with SunPro.
sketch Fix PLIST loss on SunOS. ed594e4
adam Changes 2.30:
* Superscripts and subscripts capability
* -drawdump and -drawdumpa command line options
* New proc processdata actions
* A new SVG mouseover/javascript scheme
* Spaces and commas in data field names
adam Updated ploticus to 2.30 0abda2a
xtraeme + dosbox-0.63 90c1646
adam Changes 1.0.11:
* Add SD2 file support
* Reading of loop data in WAV and AIFF
* Minor bug fixes
adam Updated libsndfile to 1.0.11 40aa503
adam Qalculate! is a modern multi-purpose desktop calculator for GNU/Linux.
It is small and simple to use but with much power and versatility underneath.
Features include customizable functions, units, arbitrary precision, plotting,
and a graphical interface (GTK+) that uses a one-line fault-tolerant expression
entry (although it supports optional traditional buttons).
adam Added qalculate 0.7.0 d140917
adam Added qalculate-0.7.0 8837e4d
sketch Various fixes/cleanups to get this package compiling on Solaris:
 + Use the mnttab(4) interface instead of mntent.
 + C++ syntax cleanups to appease the SunPro compiler.
 + Use MAXPATHLEN instead of NAME_MAX which can be unimplemented on strict
   POSIX systems.
 + Use POSIX inttypes.h if BSD types are not available.
 + RPC includes and C++ namespace fixes.
 + Use dirent(3) instead of older sys/dir.h interface.
 + Avoid `sun' namespace collision.

Patch based on the work of Robert Lillack and others, described in and tested with
SunPro and gcc.
adam Changes 2.1.9:
o   DLD can open the C library (2.1.6).
o   Fix bug in compilation of ##() expression where the expression
    evaluates to an integer (2.1.8).
o   Fix bug in #next: on sockets (2.1.6).
o   Fix crash when accessing an ill-formed namespace from Smalltalk code
o   Fixes to the JIT compiler (2.1.8).
o   Improvements to Gtk+ bindings (2.1.9).
o   libltdl is no longer configured in a separate subdirectory (2.1.6).
o   Portability improvements (2.1.8).
o   Updated to Automake 1.8, Libtool 1.5 (CVS checkout on 2003-08-01),
    Autoconf 2.59a, snprintfv 1.1 (2.1.6).
o   Updates to Emacs mode (2.1.6).
tv Update to 1.8. Only one change: incorporate pkgsrc changes into main …

Take over as MAINTAINER (requested by tron@).
adam Updated smalltalk to 2.1.9 ff577eb
tv icbirc -> 1.8 0f777e8
tv Remove PERL5_USE_THREADS setting now that the default is perl58-thread. f1e6179
adam Changes 3.3.0:
     Replaced the "hspice" directory with Conrad Ziesler's
     "spiceparser".  The use of routine AddNTermModule() has
     broken the spice input for now, although once fixed, the
     results should be much improved.
     Also, changed the handling of expression parameters so
     that expression parameter results may be numeric, and
     evaluated results are saved in the PostScript output as
     instance values.  When traversing the hierarchy during
     redisplay, commands invoking a "selected" element will
     pick up the object instance being rendered.  The
     combination of these changes allows the implementation
     of several useful features such as counter-rotation and
     displaying the name of an object within the object.
adam Updated xcircuit to 3.3.0 0cc75d6
adam Changes
0. Bug fixes include:
  * slrnpull's download statistics should work correctly in offline mode.
  * slrn crashed on some operating systems when posting.
  * slrn crashed when trying to decode base64 encoded articles without body.
  * Don't destroy soft links / multiple hard links when writing newsrc file.
  * Always apply scoring rules in the order given in the scorefile.
  * When reading cross-posts, slrn sometimes marked additional articles in
    the other group(s) as read (Joerg Lueders).
  * slrnpull no longer posts backup copies (*~) of files you edited manually
    in the out.going directory.
  * slrnpull tries to write .headers files on interrupts.
  * The "Has-Body" scoring field sometimes did not work correctly.
  * When retrieving article children, headers without body were not marked.
  * Ignore signature delimiters in verbatim text blocks.
  * Do not choke on long header lines when replying by email.
  * A workaround for a bug in INN caused problems with leafnode; only use it
    when the server was recognized as INN from the logon message.
  * Fixed crash when running in wide terminals (John E. Davis)
  * Email address parser is more RFC2822 compliant
1. In the config file (and the corresponding intrinsic functions), the
   following names now denote special function keys: <PageUp> <PageDown>
   <Up> <Down> <Right> <Left> <Delete> <BackSpace> <Insert> <Home> <End>
   <Enter> <Return> <Tab> <Space> <Esc> and <F1> through <F12>
   If using these names does not seem to work for you, please make sure your
   terminfo settings are correct.
2. In true offline mode, slrnpull can now automatically retrieve bodies of
   articles that get a high score value (--fetch-score option).
3. Added Swedish translation (Johan Svedberg)
4. Make hide_pgpsignature hide GnuPGs optional "NotDashEscaped" lines.
adam Updated slrn to caaa393
adam Unused patches 6bdd756
peter Update to 3.6p1, ok wiz@

 - (dtucker) Release 3.6p1.

 - (dtucker) [ openbsd-compat/inet_pton.c] Fix a couple of silly
   errors that prevented it from working on OS X; from mouring@

 - (dtucker) defines.h includes.h openbsd-compat/
   openbsd-compat/fake-rfc2553.c openbsd-compat/fake-rfc2553.h
   openbsd-compat/inet_pton.c openbsd-compat/openbsd-compat.h] Add support
   for platforms that do not have a native getaddrinfo interface, based on
   OpenSSH's compatibility interface and OpenBSD's inet_pton.
 - (dtucker) [openbsd-compat/openbsd-compat.h openbsd-compat/bsd-misc.c]
   Compat functions for seteuid and setegid from OpenSSH. ntpd will now work
   on HP-UX.
 - (dtucker) [ openbsd-compat/
   openbsd-compat/openbsd-compat.h] Set CPPFLAGS so older make's work.
 - (dtucker) [config.c] Check for sin6_scope_id.
 - (dtucker) [openbsd-compat/fake-rfc2553.h] remove sin6_scope_id to re-sync
   with OpenSSH.
 - (dtucker) [README] Update.

 - (dtucker) [openbsd-compat/asprintf.c] Ensure than string is freed if
   vsnprintf fails.

 - (dtucker) [] Look for res_9_init in libresolv too, needed on
   Mac OS X.  From samh at granada-learning com.
 - (dtucker) [ includes.h] Check for and include netdb.h, prevents
   "redefinition of EAI_NODATA" errors.

 - (dtucker) OpenBSD CVS Sync
  - 2004/09/07 22:43:07
    ignore ntp_sendmsg()s return value in server_dispatch. could result in
    ntpd exiting on sendmsg() failures, which is not desired.
  - 2004/09/09 21:50:33
    correctly track peer count. fixes a memory corruption.
    with & ok otto millert claudio, ok deraadt canacar

 - (dtucker) [defines.h] FreeBSD 5.x does not have EAI_NODATA, so define to
   EAI_NONAME.  From naddy at
 - (dtucker) [ openbsd-compat/bsd-arc4random.c] Add support for
   building without OpenSSL (./configure --with-builtin-arc4random), based
   on arcfour routines from nanocrypt by Damien Miller.  Requires /dev/urandom
 - (dtucker) [ ntpd.c] Set SIGCHLD to SIG_DFL on Linux.

 - (dtucker) OpenBSD CVS Sync
  - 2004/08/24 15:23:19
    [config.c ]
    don't fatal() if getaddrinfo() returns EAI_NONAME
  - 2004/08/30 11:50:56
    ENOBUFS, EHOSTUNREACH, ENETDOWN and EHOSTDOWN are bad reasons to log;
    ok otto henning
  - 2004/08/30 11:52:04
    skip early DNS lookups -- they are deferred to later; ok otto ho henning
  - 2004/08/30 12:02:59
    don't forget to set *hn... theo ok
 - (dtucker) [README] Update platforms.
 - (dtucker) [] Add product name to AC_INIT

 - (dtucker) [ntpd.conf] Sync with OpenBSD, requested by henning@.
wiz + getmail-4.2.3, gnugo-3.6, gsasl-0.2.1, mkvtoolnix-1.0, p7zip-4.12,
  sml-nj-110.50 [pkgsrc-wip], snd-7.8, sudo-1.6.8p4.
jlam Fix brokenness I introduced in the conversion of security/PAM to use
libtool: the PAM libraries weren't being built with -DPAM_DYNAMIC, which
made it impossible to dlopen PAM modules.

wiz Update HOMEPAGE and MASTER_SITES. f5ffaa5
jlam Cosmetic changes to align with Makefile.template. 67580a8
wiz Update HOMEPAGE. b2a6456
wiz More updates found via pkg_notify:
+ 0verkill-0.16, ArX-2.1.0, GMT-4.0, GUIlib-1.1.1, aap-0.144,
  abiword-2.0.14, abiword1-1.0.7, abook-0.5.3, alee-ttf, argtable-2.3,
  asc-, astyle-1.15.3, autogen-5.6.4, avl-2.0.1,
  bibtex2html-1.74, binkd-098, boaconstructor-0.3.1, bzflag-1.10.8,
  c4-1.10, cbmconvert-2.1.2, ccgo-0.3.5, ce-4.5, cgdb-0.5.0,
  cmake-2.0.5, codeville-0.1.9, conglomerate-0.7.16, conserver-8.1.10,
  corewars-0.9.13, criticalmass-0.99, cvsgraph-1.5.1, cxref-1.6,
  ddd-3.3.9, devIL-1.6.7, easyedit-1.4.6, edb-1.0.5, efont-unicode-0.4.2,
  epydoc-2.1, fhist-1.14, fillets-ng-0.6.0, fillets-ng-data-0.6.0,
  fillets-ng-data-cs-0.6.0, fkiss-0.33a, fmsx-28, fondu-040927,
  freetds-0.62.4, generate-2.1, ghostscript-fonts-8.11, gice-0.6.2,
  gmp-4.1.4, gnocatan-, gnuserv-3.12.7, gputils-0.12.4,
  gramps-1.1.1, guile-oops-1.0.2, guile-www-1.1.1, haskell-mode-1.45,
  hdf5-1.7.41, hercules-3.01, hnb-1.9.17, hugo-31, icdprog-0.5,
  jdb-1.13, jove-, kmymoney2-0.6.4, knights-0.6,
  latex2rtf-1.9.16a, lcc-4.2, libast-0.6, libiconv-1.9.2, libjit-0.0.4,
  libmm-1.3.1, libpqxx-2.4.1, librsync-0.9.7, libsmi-0.4.3,
  libtecla-1.6.1, linuxsms-0.77, lpairs-1.0.1, ltris-1.0.7, lwp-1.12,
  lyx-1.3.5, malsync-2.2.0, mgetty-1.1.31, minivmac-2.4.1,
  mmix-20041014, monafont-2.90, monotone-0.15, nano-1.3.4,
  navi2ch-1.7.5, ne-1.31, neverball-1.4.0, newfile-1.0.9, ng-1.4.4,
  nkf-204-2004.11.03, obexftp-0.10.4, ogre-0.12.3, opencm-0.1.2alpha8-2,
  p5-BerkeleyDB-0.26, p5-Carp-Assert-0.18, p5-Class-Accessor-0.19,
  p5-Class-Container-0.11, p5-Class-Factory-1.03,
  p5-Class-MethodMaker-2.04-1, p5-Class-ReturnValue-0.52,
  p5-Data-TemporaryBag-0.08, p5-FileHandle-Unget-0.16.1,
  p5-Font-AFM-1.19, p5-MIME-Base64-3.05, p5-Net-AOLIM-1.5,
  p5-Perl-Tidy-20031021, p5-Scalar-List-Utils-1.14, p5-Set-IntSpan-1.08,
  p5-Set-Scalar-1.19, p5-Storable-2.13, p5-Test-Cmd-1.05,
  p5-Test-Harness-2.43_01, p5-glib2-1.070, p5-perl-ldap-0.3202,
  pircbot-1.4.2, plib-1.8.3, py-Optik-1.4.1, py-TPG-3.0.2,
  py-TTFQuery-1.0.0, py-ZODB-3.2.3, py-cjkcodecs-1.1.1, py-generate-2.1,
  py-ldap-2.0.4, py-logging-, py-mysqldb-1.1.7, py-pexpect-0.999,
  py-psycopg-1.1.16, py-sqlite-1.1.3, py-zconfig-2.1, quakedata-108,
  rdp-1.6, roundup-0.7.8, roxirc-2.0, rpc2-1.23, rtcw-1.41-3,
  ruby-mysql-2.5.1, ruby-racc-1.4.4, rudiments-0.27, rvm-1.9,
  sablecc-2.18.2, scrollz-1.9.4, semantic-1.4.4, ser-0.8.14,
  simh-32.3, splint-3.1.1, sqlrelay-0.35, st-1.5.1, stlport-4.6.2,
  swig-build-1.3.22, swig-perl-1.3.22, swig-python-1.3.22,
  sybperl-2.17, tileworld-1.2.1, tkhylafax-3.2, tmake-1.13, tpasm-1.2,
  trio-1.4, txt2man-1.4.8, uae-0.8.23, ucl-1.03, unix2dos-1.3,
  vmware-module-3.2.2, w32api-3.1, weechat-0.0.8, wxhugo-31, xm7-303,
  xmbdfed-4.5, xquote-2.6.9, xtux-20030306, xzip-182, yasm-0.4.0,
  yencode-0.46, zircon-1.18.256.
minskim Update py-cjkcodecs to 1.1.1.
  - Fix a build problem with gcc-2.x.
minskim + tela-2.01 b17aeb2
minskim Note update of py-cjkcodecs to 1.1.1. 0681921
jlam The man pages should refer to the real location of the config files, not
where they were installed (in the example location) during the "install"
step.  Bump PKGREVISION.
wiz Fix version in PKGNAME (not much point in claiming to be an older ver…
wiz Remove ip6_int -- superseded by ipv6calc. 803f724
wiz Removed ip6_int (superseded by ipv6calc). af9e292
wiz Remove sftp -- it is obsolete since openssh comes with an sftp client,
and the author does not maintain it any longer.
wiz Note removal of sftp. 9b773e9
wiz Update HOMEPAGE. fcfb2f2
sketch Remove an unneeded include which only exists on XFree86/Xorg. cdea3a0
jmmv Initial import of browser-bookmarks-menu, version 0.3:
This package provides a GNOME Panel Applet that displays a drop-down
menu showing your browser bookmarks.  The bookmarks list is read from
the browser pointed by the 'http' URL handler in your GNOME Desktop.
peter Mention openntpd update. e6c97e1
jmmv Add and enable browser-bookmarks-menu. b299e57
jmmv Note addition of browser-bookmarks-menu, version 0.3. 0a198dd
wiz Update via pkg_notify (that's all for now -- start updating! :) ).
+ 3ddesktop-0.2.7, 9menu-1.8, AiCA-0.81, Cg-1.3.0beta2, Chinput-3.0.1,
  GeoIP-1.3.8, GridSim-3.1, GutenMark-20040320, YoSucker-59,
  acidrip-0.14, acpi-iasl-20040715, adzap-20041030, aide-0.9,
  aiksaurus-1.2.1, algae-4.3.6, amavis-0.3.12, anomy-sanitizer-1.69,
  ap-auth-mysql-4.3.8, ap-auth-pam-1.1.1, ap-auth-script-1.6,
  ap-dtcl-1.0.0, ap-jk-5.5.4, ap-layout-3.2.1, ap-mp3-0.40,
  ap-ssl-2.8.22, ap2-transform-0.6.0, apachetop-0.9, apcupsd-3.10.16,
  aqsis-0.9.2, aribas-1.52, arla-0.36.2, arping-2.04, artist-1.2.6,
  aspell-czech-0.51, aspell-english-0.51-1, aspell-fo-0.51-0,
  aspell-italian-0.53-0, aspell-polish-0.51-0, aspell-svenska-0.51-0,
  aspell-ukrainian-0.51-0, awstats-6.3, bbsload-0.2.8, bchunk-1.2.0,
  beecrypt-4.0.0, bibparse-1.06, blitz++-0.8, brandybasic-1.0.16,
  btparse-0.34, cambevao-2.1, camlimages-2.12, catdoc-0.93.4,
  catdoc-tk-0.93.4, cdpd-1.0.2, cfengine2-doc-2.1.11, cgic-205,
  cgicc-3.2.3, chicken-1.74, chktex-1.6.2, chrony-1.20, cilk-5.3.2,
  cjk-lyx-1.3.3, clearsilver-0.9.9, columba-1.0RC1, common-mml-1.2.16,
  courier-auth-0.47, courier-imap-3.0.8, crypto++-52, cstream-2.5,
  ctorrent-1.3.3, cwtext-0.94, dc_gui2-0.80, denemo-0.7.2a,
  desktop-file-utils-0.9, devtodo-0.1.18, dgpsip-1.32, dhisd-5.1,
  diction-1.06, diffstat-1.35, dnstop-20040309, dnstracer-1.8,
  docbook-website-2.5.0, dsssl-docbook-modular-1.79, dtcp-20040611,
  dvd+rw-tools-, dvdrip-0.51.2, dxpc-3.8.2, e2fsprogs-1.35,
  eb-4.1.1, eblook-1.6.1, ed2k-gtk-gui-0.6.3, egtk-0.3.6, elm-2.5.7,
  emacs-w3m-1.4.3, enscript-1.6.4, epiphany-extensions-1.4.2,
  erlang-9C-2, esh-0.8.5, etach-1.4.0, etherape-0.9.1, eukleides-1.0.1,
  exmh-2.7.0, fakeroot-1.1.5, fd-2.06a, fdgw-20040609, feh-1.2.9,
  filmgimp-0.16, flyspell-1.7f, fvwm-devel-2.5.12, fvwm2-themes-0.7.0,
  g2-0.50, gated-3.6, gcombust-0.1.55, gdeskcal-0.57.1, geg-1.0.2,
  gfract-0.30, gif2png-2.5.1, gifsicle-1.41, gift-0.11.7,
  gift-fasttrack-0.8.7, gift-openft-, gimp-print-cups-4.2.7,
  gimp-print-escputil-4.2.7, gkrellm1-moon-0.6, gkrellm1-snmp-0.21,
  gliv-1.8.4, glpk-4.7, gnet1-1.1.9, gnetcat-0.7.1, gnotime-2.2.1,
  gnugk-2.2.0, gnupg-devel-1.9.12, gocr-0.39, grap-1.32, graphviz-1.16,
  grepmail-5.30.1, gri-2.12.8, gsed-4.1.2, gtk-systrace-2003-06-23,
  gtkglext-1.0.6, gtkspell-2.0.8, gtkterm2-0.2.3, hackbot-2.21,
  hashcash-1.13, hevea-1.07, hicolor-icon-theme-0.5, hitchhiker-0.7,
  hot-babe-0.1.4, hpijs-1.7.1, httptunnel-3.3, i2ocfg-1.1,
  icewm-1.2.17, icewm-gnome-1.2.17, icewm-imlib-1.2.17,
  icsi-finger-1.0.29, ijs-0.35, imp-3.2.6, inform-6.30.2, ion3-20041104,
  ipcheck-0.219, iperf-2.0.1, ipgrab-0.9.9, ipv6calc-0.47, irrd-2.2.0,
  iselect-1.3.0, ispell-3.2.06, ispell-gaeilge-3.5, isync-1.0.0,
  ja-mh-3.05, ja-vflib-lib-2.25.6, ja-vflib-utils-2.25.6,
  ja-vfxdvik-22.40y1, jessie-1.0.0, jftpgw-0.13.5, jhead-2.2,
  jigdo-0.7.1, kbarcode-1.9.0, kdrill-6.3.1, keychain-,
  kinput2-3.1, kodos-2.4.5, krusader-1.50, ksi-3.4.2, kth-krb4-1.2.2,
  lablgtk-1.2.7, lablgtk2-2.4.0, latd-1.21, lavaps-2.6, lesstif-0.93.97,
  libdnet-1.8, libdv-0.103, libetpan-0.34, libfwbuilder-2.0.3,
  libksba-0.9.9, liblive-2004.11.09a, libsieve-2.1.16/2.2.8,
  libtcl-nothread-8.4.7, lmclock-1.2, lopster-1.2.2, lout-3.30,
  lv-451, mail-notification-0.8, mailscanner-4.35.11, mailsync-5.2.1,
  makeztxt-1.60, mbmon-205, mew-4.1, mhash-1.2, mini_sendmail-1.3.5,
  mknmz-wwwoffle-0.7.2, mlterm-2.9.0, molden-4.2, most-4.9.5,
  moz-bin-plugger-5.1.3, mpage-2.5.4, mpfr-2.1.0, mtail-1.1.1,
  nap-1.5.3, netatalk1-1.6.4, netpbm-10.24, netperf-2.3, netramet-50,
  newmail-1.0.2, newmat-11, newscache-1.1.92, nhc98-1.17, nmap-3.77,
  nrg2iso-0.4, ns-plugger-5.1.3, nsca-1.2.0, ntop-3.0, nxtvepg-2.7.2,
  objc-3.2.6, oo2c-2.1.5, opencobol-0.30, openslp-1.2.0, openvpn-1.6.0,
  oroborus-2.0.13-1, osh-041028, p5-Apache-AuthCookie-3.06,
  p5-Apache-Gallery-0.9.1, p5-Apache-Session-1.70_01, p5-Authen-SASL-2.08,
  p5-Authen-SASL-Cyrus-0.11, p5-Crypt-CBC-2.12, p5-Crypt-Random-1.23,
  p5-Data-FormValidator-3.62, p5-Digest-1.10, p5-Digest-MD4-1.4,
  p5-HTML-Format-2.04, p5-HTML-Parser-3.37, p5-HTML-Template-2.7,
  p5-HTMLObject-2.23, p5-INET6-2.01, p5-IO-Socket-SSL-0.96,
  p5-MIME-Tools-6.200_02, p5-Mail-Mbox-MessageParser-1.21.1,
  p5-Mail-Milter-0.05, p5-MailTools-1.64, p5-Net-DNS-0.48,
  p5-Net-Gnats-0.05, p5-Net-SNMP-5.0.1, p5-PostScript-MailLabels-2.10,
  p5-SWF-File-0.37, p5-Sys-Hostname-Long-1.2, p5-Template-Extract-0.38,
  p5-Text-BibTeX-0.34, p5-Text-Kakasi-1.05, p5-Text-Quoted-1.8,
  p5-Text-Template-1.44, p5-Time-HiRes-1.65, p5-Time-Piece-2.00-01,
  p5-URI-1.35, p5-WWW-Mechanize-1.05_04, p5-XML-LibXML-1.58,
  p5-XML-Xerces-2.5.0, p5-ispman-1.1.1, p5-libapreq-2.2.4,
  p5-razor-agents-2.61, pdmenu-1.2.85, pear-Date-1.4.3,
  pear-HTTP_Request-1.2.3, pear-Net_Socket-1.0.2, pear-Net_URL-1.0.14,
  pen-0.15.0, pfstat-1.8, phoon-20030120, photopc-3.05, php-jpgraph-1.16,
  piewm-1.03, pim6dd-20040819a, pim6sd-20040824a, plan-1.8.7,
  pload-0.9.5, ploticus-examples-230, plplot-5.3.1, polsms-2.0.2,
  poppy-4.01, poptop-1.2.1, postgresql-autodoc-1.24, proj-4.4.9,
  proxycheck-0.49, psgml-mode-1.3.1, psmisc-21.5, pstree-2.26,
  puf-0.93.3, pv-0.8.9, pvm-3.4.5, pwgen-2.03, pxe-1.4.2,
  py-FourSuite-1.0a3, py-HappyDoc-3.0, py-METAR-0.9, py-Numeric-23.6,
  py-OpenSSL-0.6, py-Pmw-1.2, py-Scientific-2.4.6, py-Scientific-doc-2.4.6,
  py-amkCrypto-2.0, py-curl-7.12.2, py-gnuplot-1.7, py-m2crypto-0.13,
  py-matplotlib-0.64, py-numarray-1.1, py-pytables-0.9, py-qt3-base-3.13,
  py-qt3-modules-3.13, py-qt3-qscintilla-3.13, py-qt3-sip-4.1.1,
  py-reportlab-1.20, py-rpy-0.4.0, py-soappy-0.11.6, py-textile-2.0.10,
  py-wxWindows-, py-xmltools-1.4.0, pygtk-2.4.1, pyslsk-1.2.5,
  qiv-2.0, qt1-1.45, qt2-designer-2.3.2, qt2-designer-kde-2.3.2,
  qt2-docs-2.3.2, qt2-examples-2.3.2, qt2-libs-2.3.2, quagga-0.97.0,
  qvplay-0.95, qwspritefield-1.7, qwt-0.4.0, racoon-20040818a,
  raptor-1.4.2, rc-1.7.1, rep-gtk-0.18, resize_image-0.7,
  robodoc-4.99.6, root-4.00.08, root-tail-1.2, rox-2.1.3,
  rox-wrappers-1.0.3, rp-l2tp-0.4, ruby-bigfloat-1.2.1, ruby-digest-1.8.2,
  ruby-fcgi-0.8.5, ruby-fox-1.2.0, ruby-gtk-0.34, ruby-icmp-0.2.2,
  ruby-rexml-3.1.2, ruby-rttool-1.1.1, ruby-webunit-20040429,
  same-1.8, sarah-0.9.1b, sawfish-replibs-1.3, scew-0.4.0, scli-0.3.0,
  screws-0.56, sdig-0.40, sharity-light-1.3, shmux-1.0b5, sign-1.0.7,
  sitecopy-0.14.2, sitescooper-3.1.2, sma-1.4, smartmontools-5.33,
  smokeping-1.31, spamass-milter-0.2.0, spamassassin-3.0.1,
  spruce-0.6.5, squirrelmail-1.5.0, sqwebmail-4.0.7, subtitleripper-0.3-4,
  sunclock-1.5, swi-prolog-5.4.3, swi-prolog-lite-5.4.3,
  swi-prolog-packages-5.4.3, swish-e-2.4.2,
  sylpheed-claws-ghostscript-viewer-0.8, sysinfo-4.2.2, tc-2.3.1,
  tcpdpriv-0.9, tcpdstat-0.9, tcpdump-3.8.3, tcpflow-.21, tcpick-0.2.0,
  tcptrace-6.6.7, tct-1.15, tdir-1.67, tds-1.6.2, tex-musixtex-112,
  tinc-1.0.2, tob-0.26, top-3.6alpha8, tor-, tpb-0.6.3,
  ttt-1.8.1, ttyrec-1.0.6, ucarp-1.1, userppp-030706, vifm-0.2,
  wap-utils-1.4.1, webmin-1.160, windowlab-1.24, wmfishtime-1.24,
  wmmemmon-1.0.1, wmpload-0.9.5, wol-0.7.1, x2vnc-1.6.1, xalan-c-1.8.0,
  xbindkeys-1.7.1, xbindkeys-config-1.7.1, xbindkeys-tk-1.7.1,
  xcb-2.4, xcursor-1.1.2, xeukleides-1.0.0, xfce4-minicmd-plugin-0.3.0,
  xfce4-showdesktop-plugin-0.4.0, xfce4-taskbar-plugin-0.2.2,
  xfe-0.72, xine-lib-1-rc7, xkbset-0.5, xmbmon-205, xmon-1.5.6,
  xmountains-2.7, xnap-2.5r3, xpenguins-2.2, xtide-2.7.1,
  xtraceroute-0.9.1, xvidcore-1.0.2, yafc-1.1, yaz-2.0.28,
  yorick-1.5.14, zebedee-2.5.2, zxgv-0.8.
wiz Update to 1.7f:
	*** Change the meaning of FLYSPELL-LARGE-REGION. From now on,
	if FLYSPELL-LARGE-REGION is nil, regions are treated as small.
	*** Improve doublon detection in TeX mode. The fix gets rid
	of errors introduced by indexes.
wiz flyspell updated to 1.7f. 0ce0149
peter Remove the documentation for optional patch files, which was removed …

time ago.

ok wiz@
wiz Update to 0.98.12, from Leonard Schmidt in PR 28327.
Changes since previous version:
        Fixed a bug that was causing 2xscale/3xscale to be broken
        when clipping the leftmost and rightmost 8 columns.

        Added an iNES header correction entry for JustBreed.

        Modified the MMC5 "ELROM" board emulation to not emulate WRAM.

        Corrected various pieces of code that were causing compiler warnings.

        When the PPU is in a "dead" state after starting up, the graphics
        buffer is now cleared.  Previously, particularly in the Windows port, when
        a game was closed, and a new game was loaded, the last image from
        the previous game would be displayed for a short time.

        Removed some debugging code that shouldn't have been enabled in 0.98.11.
wiz fceu updated to 0.98.12. 760f012
wiz file-roller already updated to 2.8.3 (thanks, jmmv). 7bd3907
wiz Update homepage. 6d656e0
wiz Remove faac-1.24.1 -- it does not seem to really exist. 3d1eb92
jlam Update security/pam-ldap to version 176. pkgsrc-related changes in this
update include:

	* The configuration file (shared with and sudo) has
	  been moved to ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/ldap.conf.  Any secrets file is
	  found in ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/ldap.secret.

	* Use the pkg.install framework to copy the config file from the
	  example directory to the real location.

	* Use libtool to build and install the PAM module.

Changes from version 150 include:

	* preliminary SASL bind support

	* include password policy schema file
	* preliminary support for

	* support for service-based authorization
	  (based on patch from Manon Goo)
	* add ignore_authinfo_unavail flag
	* pam_filter works again

	* fix from Thorsten Kukuk (SuSE) to handle scope-less
	  nss_base_passwd configuration

	* AD password change fix
	* fix from Thorsten Kukuk (SuSE) to handle aborted password changes
	* support for multiple service search descriptors from Symas

	* support non-experimental password change exop
	* patch from Howard Chu to use linker grouping on Solaris
wiz spamassassin update already happened too, thanks mjl. b57144d
jdolecek Update hpijs to 1.7.1. Changes are mostly additions of PPD files
for more models, some NULL pointer checks, envelope and KRBG (with
patched gs) support.

See for full details.
wiz hpijs-1.7.1 update done, thanks jdolecek. 7fdd8cc
jmmv Let the reboot and halt options appear in GNOME's "Log Out" dialog and
make they use /sbin/shutdown under *BSD, instead of the poweroff and
reboot commands.

The patch is a hack (not to be submitted back to the upstream developers
without modification), but is the simplest thing we can do to avoid ugly
and hard to maintain patches.  I'll submit a better, but more complex
one, to GNOME's Bugzilla when I have more time.

jmmv Note revision bump for gnome-session to 1. 3c3b085
jlam Correctly detect the old DES API in the OpenSSL in NetBSD's base
install.  This prevents Heimdal from building and installing its own
DES library and headers.  Bump the PKGREVISION.
jlam Honor PKG_SYSCONFDIR by looking for the LDAP configuration file in
${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/ldap.conf (by default, /usr/pkg/etc/ldap.conf) instead
of hard-coding /etc/ldap.conf.  Bump the PKGREVISION.
Commits on Nov 20, 2004
wiz Update to, including a fix for PR 28216.
Changes since 1.5.1:

The package had wrong compiler flags. -g was switched on
while -O2 optimizations were off. Not a big deal, but I replaced
the package with a new one.

The next version's configure knows Cygwin and the Makefile knows
DESTDIR. Thanks to Yaakov Selkowitz for this and for the Cygwin
ports. :)
Obviously I failed to understand the arcane knowledge Unix signal
handling is made of. 1.5.5 creates zombies and fails to exit (hangs)
at least on OpenBSD. But I still claim that this is a bug in the
OS. Anyway, this release fixes just this one problem. If 1.5.5
works fine you don't need to upgrade.

I've fixed quite an amount of things in the HTTP and related code.
Torturing code with randomly generated crap is a fun method to find
problems. ;)

Cache file handling was also rewritten to avoid problems with
filesystems that don't like binary data in filenames very much. I
also fixed this on Cygwin where it was totally broken. Snownews
may now generate different hashes for the filenames than before so
some feeds may appear completely unread after upgrading in certain

Overall this release touched a lot of core code, should've probably
been 1.6.0. Ah well, have fun with the yellow chicken!
Make snownews work with gmail's atom feed.

    * Fixed some of the UTF-8 problems. Ncurses still doesn't seem
      to like what I do. Will solve this in a later version.
    * "Return to previous menu" and "quit" are now two different
      keys. Default bindings for both is still 'q' so it doesn't
      brake any previous behaviour, but if you want you can define
      different keys for it now.
    * The HTTP client now understands chunked transfer encoding.
      This was included from a patch for Liferea. Should be of rare
      use since only some broken proxy servers made it neccessary to
      support this.
    * I've update the Credits a bit. I know that I probably forgot
      to mention somebody, if you feel left out, let me know. ;) I
      will go over the file and my emails again for the next version.

    * I made the progress bars perfectly smooth. And much faster.
      The code wasted a lot of CPU cycles. The cookie loading still
      does the same, though. :P
    * The highlight bar and the status line cover the whole screen
      instead of n-1 columns now.
    * If an error during an update occurs the feedname that caused
      it is displayed in the status line as well. (Same goes for the

    * The code that determines read status of an item during an
      update now depends on the link and the title element. Feeds
      that have the same URL for all items should work better now.
    * Adding a feed now removes whitespaces from the beginning of
      the string so if you cut&paste " http://whatever" it'll work.
    * I added support for feed:// URLs. It's stupid, but seems to
      be used in the wild so I just give up.
    * The "HTML renderer" now decodes numerical entities all by
      itself (if supported by your C library) and uses libxml's
      htmlEntityLookup(). User defined entities are still checked

    * Stupid NULL ptr crash in the HTTP status parser.
    * Basic/Digest auth headers should be case insensitive.
    * Possible crash when deleting the "New Headlines" feed.
    * It is now possible to use URLs without a trailing slash.
    * Items in "New Headlines" had wrong feed name attached to them
      if you moved around feeds in the main menu.
    * No recursive adding of smartfeeds. And no extreme memory
      trashing in this case anymore.
    * UTF-16 and pure binary data can now be read. Anyone who wants
      to write a webcomic2aalib extension?


This version contains the following changes:
Prevent launching smartfeed:// URLs with the browser.
Configurable enter key broke type ahead a bit. Think I already mentioned this some time ago, no?
The "Downloading [feedname]" always shows the correct feed name now.
Finetuned display of HTML only feed descriptions a bit more.
Changed URL in user agent string to
Error messages are now in full colour. :)
Many more errors are now written into the error.log file.


Not many new stuff since the beta1 version. Using filter extensions
works fine now, if you subscribe a feed that cannot be parsed you'll
be asked if you want to use a filter for this feed (=unsucked the
add a filter UI).  There was a problem with accessing memory that
didn't belong to us in xmlparse for strings exactly one byte long.
The feed download function behaved strangely sometimes due to some
thread safety issues. Never affected Snownews, only Liferea. Just
mentioned for completeness.  Snownews should also start up a bit
faster now if you have many feeds and a really slow system.


Unfortunately 1.5.2-beta1 is a bit crashy if you use the (New
headlines) pseudo feed. Something's stompin on my internal database
which leads to inconsistent calculations of unread items in the
new headlines feed and the rest of the program. And ultimatively
to a segfault if you open the feed in this state. The patch below
fixes this. Also fixes obscure issues with smart feeds + caching,
makes HTTP auth via proxy work and fixes bugs with the feed reordering
in the main menu. Moved feeds had some of their internal data mixed
up with others. Specifically the last HTTP status reply, last
modification date and the data contentlength.


The enter key has now a configurable key binding. So if you want
to have 'l' to select an item, it should work now.  Multi byte
characters are now handled correctly. Well, everywhere except in
the article (if provided) itself since the word wrap function still
doesn't like multi byte characters. Should work everywhere else if
you link against libncursesw.  I rewrote all of the build system.
Nothing fancy, but it's one single Makefile now and does not depend
on GNU make anymore. Building is probably broken on Solaris atm.
A feed that contains all new items from all your other feeds can
now be added by pressing 'H' in the main menu.  Filters and external
feed sources work now.

External sources:  Write a script/program that outputs RSS and you
can add it via an URL exec:/path/to/script. Snownews will execute
it everytime you refresh the feed/all feeds.  In short: [your
script] -> RSS -> Snownews

Filters:  You can subscribe to Atom, any other syndication format,
heck even HTML pages with this feature. All you need is a script
that converts whatever resource from the web to a valid RSS document.
The external script must accept data via stdin and write valid RSS
to stdout. Snownews will execute this filter everytime it downloads
a resource from the web. This automatically takes advantage from
Snownews' http features (last mod, gzip, auto redirect, etc.). To
use this, subscribe anything you want, ignore the parser errors,
press 'e' and enter the location of the filter you want to use,
refresh the feed.  In short: [resource on the web] -> Snownews ->
[your script] -> RSS -> Snownews
wiz snownews updated to f8c4b49
epg Update to Trac 0.8 'Qualia' (Nov 15, 2004)

Thanks to Simon Kuhn <> for the initial patch.

Upstream changelog:
 * Roadmap module.
 * Support for custom ticket properties.
 * Wiki administration features.
 * Advanced ticket queries.
 * Improved diff display.
 * User preferences.
 * Wiki editing (near-wysiwyg) aids a la wikipedia.
 * Improved email notification.
 * Fixed bugs
epg Note trac-0.8 update. 425fe7d
wiz Add missing file to PLIST. 8ba32b4
wiz guile-pg-0.22 is in pkgsrc-wip; update comment. d7f4550
minskim Import p5-IO-LockedFile from pkgsrc-wip. Packaged by Hiramatsu Yoshif…

IO::LockedFile class gives us the same interface of the IO::File class
to files with the unique difference that those files are locked using
the flock mechanism.
minskim Add and enable p5-IO-LockedFile. 56dc4bd
minskim Import p5-Log-LogLite from pkgsrc-wip. Packaged by Hiramatsu Yoshifumi.
Log::LogLite class helps us create simple logs for our application.
The Lite suffix refers mainly to the ease of use of this class,
although the class is quite simple anyway.
minskim Add and enable p5-Log-LogLite. 6dc3486
grant add support for Tru64, patches provided by Tobias Nygren
<tnn at netilium dot org> with minor changes by me.

tested on Tru64 5.0 and 5.1B.
grant add framework support for Tru64 and the Compaq C compiler.
patches provided by Tobias Nygren <tnn at netilium dot org> with
minor changes by me.
grant backout cvs misfire ea9400e
rh Update cgoban-java to 2.6.7. Changes include:
Bugs Fixed

C13 - Got audio test working again.

C13 - Fixed a bug that would let non-subscribers see KGS Plus games.

Features Added

C13 - Changed escaper system. Chronic escapers now effectively resign
every time that they escape.

C13 - KGS Plus lectures now marked with a "+" instead of a "!".

S - When you are watching a lecture or replay, you will not get the
"You have been idle a long time" warning.

C13 - Added a confirmation dialog for admins when they enter a private
game. From time to time admins have accidentally entered a private
game, not intending to intrude; this will still let them in, but make
sure they don't do it by accident.

W - Made it possible to order KGS Plus as a gift for an account that
you don't have the password of.

S,C13 - Can now record KGS Plus lectures and play them back later.
rh Note update of cgoban-java to 2.6.7 b0e969e
grant add pthread glue for OSF1, patch from Tobias Nygren. 1d2dfa3
grant quieten spurious broken pipe output from cc. 25e65f4
grant add support for OSF1, from by Tobias Nygren. 3ed4cb8
grant sync with src:
no trailing comma at end of enum.
grant use "nm -B" to extract symbol table on OSF1. d59e430
hubertf Bang bang, you're dead - point to the new location d732c75
hubertf add urls to pdf etc. too 0119959
rh Let packages override RPM2PKGARGS. 6d11bb3
rh Initial import of RealPlayerGold-10.0.1, the Helix based Real audio and
video player.
rh Add and enable RealPlayerGold f3d9e12
rh Note addition of RealPlayerGold-10.0.1 a3244ae
hubertf This file is unused for some time now. Remove. 04ae07d
hubertf Enable PDF by default, so all our documentation has a chance to be in
a consistent state.
hubertf Update list of pkgtools, from htdocs/Documentation/software/packages.xml
(list there will be replaced by a link into the pkgsrc guide!)
hubertf re-gen e51d540
mjl Update howl to 0.9.7
- FIX: network interface index was not being initialized correctly on non-Linux platforms
- FIX: sw_mdns_stub_init() was not initializing m_pending_ops
- FIX: autoipd was not handling return code from fcntl correctly
- FIX: portability patches from GNOME team
- integration of patches necessary to build and run on Solaris
- Separate Apple code into separate mDNSResponder library.
- Add sw_discovery_query_record() to discovery API to query individual resource records
- Support for discovery operations on specific network interfaces
- Support for 64 bit Linux
- FIX: client side memory leak when cancelling discovery operations
- FIX: FreeBSD mDNSResponder didn't work with -a switch
- FIX: mDNSResponder would occasionally crash  when waking from sleep on Windows
- FIX: mDNSResponder code for parsing config files had buffer overflow
mjl Update daapd to 0.2.3d
- Fixed a stupid bug in the howl callback. If you had problems with
  daapd showing up in iTunes (i.e. with the mDNS Responder), try this
- The howl API has changed as of howl 0.9.6.
- Added support for Xing/LAME headers. This speeds up parsing of MP3 files
  and in effect the complete initial scan of the filesystem.
- Fixed a few memory leaks.
- Fixed an issue in the makefile.
- Added auto-updates.
- Clients waiting for updates are automatically notified of changes in the
- daapd scans the filesystem periodically now. This happens in a
  separate thread.
- Transmissions are compressed with gzip now. This can be turned off with -z
uebayasi Update eb to 4.1.1.
Changes since 3.3.4 are:

* Accept remote access.
* Adopt BSD license.
* Include only Japanese HTML documents (English documents are removed!).
* Accept Japanese encodings other than EUC-JP.
* Improve EB_BookList API.
* Many bug fixes.

While here, enable pkgviews installation.
uebayasi * Enable pkgviews installation.
* Fix build when eb is installed as pkgviews.
uebayasi Update eblook to 1.6.1.
eblook supports EB 4.x.

While here, enable pkgviews installation.
minskim Import dasm from pkgsrc-wip. Packaged by mor (mor at linex dot com)
in PR pkg/19899 and modified by me.

DASM is a highly evolved cross-assembler for 6502, 6803 and 68HC11
processors.  It is very popular for hacking/cross-developing on old
6502-based video game systems from Atari, Nintendo, etc.  DASM
processes output from the Distella Atari ROM disassembler without
taca * change webmin's entry; webmin 1.170 is released. d38476e
minskim Add and enable dasm. 09a16d3
jlam PKGREVISION should be set in the package Makefiles, not in the common
jmmv Backport security fixes (in the nanohttp and the nanoftp modules) from
libxml2 (several buffer overflows).  Bump PKGREVISION to 3.
jmmv Note revision bump for libxml to 3. 3e1fb1b
jmmv Bump PKGREVISION due to security fixes in libxml (dependency adjusted to
jmmv Initial import of xdesktopwaves, version 1.0:
xdesktopwaves is a cellular automata setting the background of your X
Windows desktop under water.  Windows and mouse are like ships on the
sea.  Each movement of these ends up in moving water waves.  You can
even have rain and/or storm stirring up the water.
jmmv Add and enable xdesktopwaves. ef71f0b
jmmv Note addition of xdesktopwaves, version 1.0. a5b7b7e
jmmv Update xbindkeys{,-tk} to 1.7.1. Changes since 1.6.5:
	Verbose mode is not started as daemon by default.
	Check rc file before starting as daemon (so warning about
	configuration files are visible).

	Add guile/scheme configurtion file style (Many thanks to Marcello
	Mathias Herreshoff).
jmmv Remove xbindkeys-config; the site holding the program has disappeared…
…, and

it will be of little use with the new syntax of xbindkeysrc files (though
it's only optional).
jmmv xbindkeys{,-tk} updated to 1.7.1.
xbindkeys-config removed.
kim Add AMANDA_TMP 66f39a8
augustss Add wxhaskell, a package with Haskell bindings for wxGTK.
Not quite ready for general use yet.
grant add OSF1 bits. e208659
Commits on Nov 21, 2004
uebayasi Slight SUBST_* improvement. 2eb1102
jlam Move the section that sets up some GNU configure variables to force
"GNU gettext" detection outside of the BROKEN_GETTEXT_DETECTION block.
We will need this to happen all the time if we're using a built-in
gettext that isn't really GNU gettext.
jlam gettext detection works properly for this package, so set
hubertf add notice on tools needed to build the pkgsrc guide a99e03e
hubertf Re-gen for notice on needed tools to update the pkgsrc guide 7bd4716
markd Find new location of Bump PKGREVISION.
Fixes PR pkg/28371
jlam The common global option for LDAP support is "ldap". bc4bf27
jmmv Update to 1.0.0beta3:
* 1.0.0beta3
    * The Japanese JPilot address book has been supported.
    * Back scrolling on Shift/Alt and Space key press has been enabled.
    * Attached text files are now canonicalized before encoded to BASE64
      to conform with RFC 2045.
    * The optimal Content-Transfer-Encoding will be used when attaching
      text files.
    * The icons of the receive dialog have been modified.
    * Mozilla Firefox has become a default web browser.
    * The auto-expanding status bar has been fixed.

* 1.0.0beta2
    * don't move or delete immediately at local filtering when immediate
      execution option is off.
    * 'Empty trash' has been added to the folder context menu.
    * 'Remove mailbox' has been removed from the folder context menu.
    * 'File' menu in the main menu has been reorganized.
    * AND/OR matching option has been added to the summary search dialog.
    * APOP setting became a separate option for POP3.

* 1.0.0beta1
    * Icons are added to the alert dialog and filter edit dialog.
    * Cc is added for the parameter of templates.
    * The menu of composition window has been reorganized.
    * Gettext has been upgraded to 0.14.1.
    * Some minor bugs of filtering have been fixed.

* 0.9.99
    * The new filtering system, which has many new features, has been
    * The handling of 'New' flags for messages has been modified.
    * The spool path setting can now take both file and directory.
    * Invalid URIs used by DnD has been fixed.
    * Other bugfixes have been made.
jmmv sylpheed updated to 1.0.0beta3. 9e7fd6f
taca +samba-3.0.9 b665a71
ben Update gtk-send-pr to version 0.4, and assign maintainership to author,
"Miguel Mendez" <>.


- All GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC instances were replaced by G_CALLBACK.
- The file dialog now uses the GtkFileChooser widget.
- All selections have been changed from GtkCombo to GtkComboBoxEntry.
- The user can now specify the SMTP port (defaults to 25).
- The remaining code was cleaned up (file.c and user_prefs.c).

Also added an extra patch to fix a small bug in the scrolled window code.
ben Make note of gtk-send-pr update. fc4c6e9
kristerw Include mk/ so that linking with libguile works
on NetBSD 1.6 too.
kristerw Remove dependency on "perl>=5.6.1" since that fails on perl-thread etc.
(The comment on that dependency says that >=5.6.1 is required because
the software has not been tested with perl<5.6.1, so this dependency
was probably overly conservative anyway...)
kristerw This package uses pthreads, so we need to include mk/pthread.buildlin…
augustss Update descriptions a little. 44bd2ab
kristerw gcc 2.95 has problems with K&R prototypes for varargs functions.
Change it to a ISO C prototype.
kristerw Include mk/ so that the packages using this file
will find libpthread.
Commits on Nov 22, 2004
kristerw Ensure that the rpath is set for screwsd. Fixes build on NetBSD 1.6. 3f7228b
minskim Update MAINTAINER's email address. 3e2a814
uebayasi EB 4.x needs Perl to build documents. Noted by kristerw@. 81f3db6
jlam Use BUILDLINK_PREFIX.apr to refer to the installed location of the apr
package.  Also, remove the need for a separate SUEXEC_COMMENT variable.
xtraeme Update multimedia/xvidcore to 1.0.2.
Changes since 1.0.1:

  * xvidcore
        o Fixed non compliant bvop decoding
          (was using rounding=0 instead of rounding=1)
        o Added better mv bound clipping for broken streams.
        o Better behavior with content claiming not containing bvops
          but eventually having bvops.
        o Force fincr and fbase to be < 16bit.
        o Fixed thread safety problem in C language iDCT implementation.

  * VFW frontend
        o Memory leak
shannonjr Fix compile problem with gcc34: char argument passed to functions req…

int arg cause compile to fail because -Werror is specified in compile flags.
Fix was to add appropriate cast in several places.
gavan Disable XRender on Solaris. Workaround for graphics corruption problems
experienced on Solaris 10.
wiz Change perlfiles var to look for files from perl*,
not only perl, so that perl-thread files are not marked as leftovers.
wiz + ap-xslt-1.3.8, audacity-1.2.3, cocoon-2.1.6, efax-gtk-2.2.13,
  gv-3.6.0, leafnode-1.10.7, libidn-0.5.11, raine-0.42.0, tkcvs-7.2.2.
adam Changes 2.0.14:
* Filed bugs fixed
  Bug 2633 - MS-Word document falsely password-protected
  Bug 6959 - .doc crashes on import
  Bug 5562 - Bad transcription of accent in XSL-FO documents
  Bug 7341 - at least one letter template should come with Abiword (Ryan Pavlik)
  Bug 7735 - Spelling error inn ispell_dictionary_list.xml (sum1)
  Bug 2726 - copy and paste cause additional style information in the document
  Bug 4788 - [valgrind] crash in msword doc
  Bug 6354 - --merge=FILE command line option does not work in abiword... (Jordi Mas)
  Bug 6537 - Export to XHTML ads 'lang' style, should be 'lang' attribute
  Bug 6606 - Localised status bar displayed as incorrect UTF-8
  Bug 6700 - auto-save on crash must use .abw
  Bug 6731 - caps lock sensitive menu shortcuts (Jordi Mas)
  Bug 6959 - .doc crashes on import
  Bug 7338 - Rulers unrefreshed after deleting table
  Bug 7373 - Disable Insert > Endnote/Footnote when editing endnote
  Bug 7454 - Crash when opening a file after closing lists dialog (Jordi Mas)
  Bug 7456 - Cut and paste removes line break (<ENTER>)
  Bug 7680 - Segfault when saving copy of unnamed document
  Bug 7692 - Crash with breaks, tables, and endnotes
  Bug 7694 - Crash when deleting table with column selected
  Bug 7697 - Crash when inserting hyperlink with bullet and TOC selected
  Bug 7713 - "Select All" + Font Size change = Fatal Error (sum1)
  Bug 7725 - Export to RTF causing crash
* Documentation
  AbiWord is not a System Administration utility [refiled man page]
* Other changes
  Don't allow movement of cursor to illegal positions for text insertion (Martin Sevior)
  Fix uninitialized variable reported by Mike Nordell (Martin Sevior)
  Fix various .doc import problems (Sudar)
  Robustify fp_TextRun::_drawSquiggle (Robert Wilhelm)
  Prepare for and release 2.0.14 (Mark Gilbert)
adam Updated abiword[-plugins] to 2.0.14 0441567
adam Changes 1.0.4:
* libgdiplus
  Removed dependency on Cairo internals, this should help with upgrades on Cairo, and fixed several small bugs.
* Runtime
  Plenty of AppDomain and thread-related bugs were fixed (Ben, Gonzalo, Zoltan).
  Various metadata loader bug fixes (Zoltan).
  Build fixes for SPARC (Zoltan).
  Brazilian currency bug fixed (Jackson)
  Various PowerPC bug fixes from Geoff Norton.
  Fix socket semantics for BSD and MacOS (Dick), fixes XSP.
  Basic runtime bug fixes (Sanjay).
  Various ADO.NET bug fixes from (Atsushi, Suresh, Uma)
  Various io-layer bug fixes (Dick).
  XML and CodeDOM bug fixes (Lluis and Atsushi).
  Various ASP.NET bug fixes, including UnloadAppDomain firing (Gonzalo, Lluis).
  Regex bug fixes.
  System.Net bug fixes and performance improvements (Gonzalo).
  ASP.NET performance tweaks from Ben.
  Major memory leak in ASP.NET has been plugged.
adam Updated mono to 1.0.4 61e59b7
adam Changes 4.1.4:
* Bug fix to FFT multiplication code (crash for huge operands).
* Bug fix to mpf_sub (miscomputation).
* Support for powerpc64-gnu-linux.
* Better support for AMD64 in 32-bit mode.
* Upwardly binary compatible with 4.1.3, 4.1.2, 4.1.1, 4.1, 4.0.1, 4.0,
  and 3.x versions.
adam Updated gmp to 4.1.4 22ddc42
adam Changes 0.63:
  - Fixed crash with keymapper (ctrl-f1) and output=surface.
  - Added unmounting.
  - Fixed multiple issues with drive labels.
  - Fixed most if not all FILES=XX problems.
  - Added redirection in the shell.
  - Fixed crashes with subst.
  - Fixed multiple crashes with the drive images support.
  - Added a missing fpu instruction.
  - Fixed some cpu and fpu instructions.
  - Fixed a small bug related to font loading.
  - Rewrote the devices support.
  - Added capslock/numlock checks on startup.
  - Fixed wave writing.
  - A few internal DOS fixes.
  - Timer fixes for the hybrid loader.
  - Some small soundblaster fixes.
  - The drive cache can now be cleared by a keycombo. (CTRL-F4)
  - A few keyboard fixes.
  - Compilation fixes on various platforms.
  - Quite some debugger improvements.
  - Fixed dir only showing files after the first run on cdrom drives.
  - Added some cdrom detection checks.
  - Enabled insert in the shell. (Easier editing of commands)
  - Changed order in which executables appear with tab-completion.
  - Fixed some issues with raw opl recording and using a slightly different
adam Updated dosbox to 0.63 c001400
adam Changes 0.93.97:
* unknown
adam Updated lesstif to 0.93.97 ad72dbd
adam Changes 3.2.1:
- Enable/disable color gui should have appeared in configuration dialog,
  and On exit sub-menu in other options did not appear.

- If a supported terminal is detected int the $TERM env var,
  MikMod will set the title bar with -= MikMod x.x.x =- followed by
  the song title between (). There is a configuration option for this
  in config->other_options
adam Updated mikmod to 3.2.1 97eb3f0
adam Changes 0.9.1:
- Added RIPEMD128/256/320, SHA224/384/512, Whirlpool
- Really, this time!
adam Updated mhash to 0.9.1 07e9b52
adam Changes 0.9.1:
* Color-coded protocol dialog
* Some tweaks to compile with newer distros
adam Updated etherape to 0.9.1 02b45e6
adam Changes 3.6:
- stronger than 3.4
- many small improvements
- GNU Go can now resign games
- emacs mode can display the board graphically using xpms
- basic knowledge of how to break out of mirror go
adam Updated gnugo to 3.6 fd2afcb
adam Changes 1.3.4:
* Bug fix for compact peer address acquisition
* Addition of peer identifier
adam Updated ctorrent to 1.3.4 4e22d8f
adam Makefile cleaned-up, HOMEPAGE corrected c78c4ce
wiz Make it possible to override WEB_PREFIX from the environment. 0a7009a
adam Changes 6.1.5-2:
  * The black channel offset was incorrectly computed when compositing causing
    a seg-fault (bug report from Arfune).
  * Under extremely rare conditions the GIF coder had a memory leak.
  * Moved image list advancement to after the progress monitor call in
    QuantizeImages() (bug report by Tim Hunter).
adam Updated ImageMagick to 6.1.5-2 fc1d4c5
kristerw Revert previous. This should be fixed in mysql*-client/ or
mysql_config instead.

Noted by Ben Collver.
adam Changes 1.2.3:
* Fixed a bug that caused recording to stop or display incorrectly
  after about 50 minutes on some Windows systems.  (This was partly
  fixed in Audacity 1.2.2, but still didn't work on some systems.)
* The Change Pitch and Change Tempo effects have been upgraded to
  use a new version of the SoundTouch library by Olli Parviainen,
  with better speed and higher quality.
* libsndfile has been upgraded to version 1.0.11.
* Fixed a bug that caused the program to run slowly when using the
  Envelope tool.
* Shift-clicking on a mute or solo button now un-mutes (or un-solos)
  all other tracks.
* Nyquist plug-ins can now accept strings as input.  Also, a "Debug"
  button has been added to Nyquist effect dialogs, which allows you
  to see all of the output produced by Nyquist, for aid in debugging.
* When the audio file referenced ("aliased") by an Audacity project is
  missing, Audacity will now always play silence.  Before, Audacity
  would sometimes repeat the most recent audio that was played previously.
* VU Meters will now always reset when audio I/O has stopped.
* Fixed a major Mac-only bug that was causing Audacity to crash at seemingly
  random times, but especially during audio playback and recording.
* New or updated translations: Italian (it), Hungarian (hu),
  Ukrainian (uk), Spanish (es). Polish (pl), Simplified Chinese (zh),
  Norsk-Bokmal (nb), French (fr), Russian (ru).
adam Updated audacity to 1.2.3 7a84e17
kristerw Add a missing include to make this pkg build on NetBSD 1.6. 933faab
wiz Replace obsolete USE_GMAKE reference; noted by iMil on tech-pkg. ee1159d
wiz Regen for USE_GMAKE removal; quite a lot of unrelated changes,
probably because I have newer versions of the software installed,
and of course because the section ids are automatic.
wiz Remove a duplicate gnome mirror, and fix path on a second one. 320f4e7
wiz Remove dead MASTER_SITES, add current one. f4e5fbe
wiz Remove dead MASTER_SITE. 256babb
wiz Update to 2.1 (typos below left as-is):
# Mp3splt v. 2.1

NOTE for people who already used mp3splt

From this version some important changes took place:

- A new option (-p) has been introduced to read
user parameters for -s and -a options, both without
arguments now. Not using -p is equivalent to use
-s auto or -a auto in the old version.

NO:  mp3splt -s auto file.mp3
YES: mp3splt -s file.mp3

NO:  mp3splt -s off=1,rm file.mp3
YES: mp3splt -s -p off=1,rm file.mp3

- Threshold parameter (th) is now in dB. It's always
a negative number between -96 dB and 0 dB.

Please read man page for more detail

- bug fixed (not exatctly a bug of mp3splt, but let's call it like this...):
  "correct" handling of misplaced Xing header of CRC-protected mp3
- feature improved: -p option introduced. Some order in the caos... ;-)
- feature improved: threshold is now in dB
- feature improved: sound level showed during silence detection
- feature improved (Thanks Marco): when using -q, no more check
  on presence of ALBW or MP3WRAP string.
- sources (Thanks Marco): each error is different with a own ret number.

# Mp3splt v. 2.0e

- bug fixed: filenamed specified with -o was truncated after 10 chars.
- bug fixed: max number of albums per search increased to 512.

# Mp3splt v. 2.0d

- bug fixed: long filename for performer in CUE file caused seg fault
- bug fixed: bad parsing of CUE files (again.. ;), for global artist and album
- bug fixed: "EOF" string introduced to reach end of file. Now minimum
  splitpoint number changed back to 2.

# Mp3splt v. 2.0c

- feature improved: number of digits for @n number optimized.
- feature improved: new parameter ("min") for -s to specify a minimum length.
- feature improved: number of found silence points displayed during process.
- important bug fixed: corrected CUE time parsing and hundredths calculation.
- bug fixed: answering 'n' to -e option question, didn't abort ;-)
wiz mp3splt updated to 2.1. 204088e
jlam Fix OpenLDAP detection after devel/apr was converted to use bsd.optio…
jlam Clarify that APACHE_MODULES is the list of modules that are linked
statically into the httpd executable.
wiz Update to 2.05:
 * Bugs for detecting ALi chipset fixed.
 * Further smoothing for plotting curves in xmbmon.
 * SMBus accesses of VIA VT8237 and Intel ICH6 are supported.
 * Problem related to select() system call fixed (by Tsuneyuki Sakano).
 * The part of IO port read/write is unified into an gas in-line
   assembler code (so, gcc with x86-gas is assumed!); a contribution
   by John Wehle (
 * Changes to work on Solaris for x86 platform and others for
   cleaning up the codes, contributed by John Wehle (
 * Others: Fixing small bugs.
wiz Note update of mbmon and xmbmon to 2.05. 36b40ec
jlam Convert to use APACHE_SUEXEC is now the "suexec" option. 2a46bf6
wiz USE_LANGUAGES=c c++. c0afa83
wiz Fix variable name. 3bfd49b
wiz USE_LANGUAGES= c++ 8573903
tv Make the non-encrypted version build on Interix. (ZIP_ENCRYPTION turn…
…s on

some funky oldsk00l TTY code that needs an overhaul....)
wiz USE_LANGUAGES= c++ 769c825
wiz USE_LANGUAGES= c c++ 3ccca7f
wiz USE_LANGUAGES=c c++ ecc4cae
wiz USE_LANGUAGES= c++ b51f2c8
wiz USE_LANGUAGES= c c++
Remove USE_PKGLOCALEDIR, the package does not install any locale files.
wiz USE_LANGUAGES=c c++; remove USE_GCC_SHLIB. f1e46a9
wiz Remove apache6 -- there have been no updates since 1.3.29 (over
a year now) but quite a number of vulnerabilities.
Ok'd by agc.
wiz Removed apache6. 993b07e
wiz +dbench-3.01, gattrib-20041120, gnetman-20041117, verilog-current-200…
…41004 (pkg_notify).
wiz Replace USE_GCC_SHLIB with USE_LANGUAGES=c c++ and a nice big comment…
… why

we add c++ to the variable.
wiz Now that no package uses USE_GCC_SHLIB any longer, remove support
for it from

Move the variable of the same name used by compiler/ and
the gcc* buildlink3 files into private namespace (_USE_GCC_SHLIB).
tv So that I don't lose all this work, stash the work-in-progress derecu…

cleanup onto the tv-derecurse branch (only branched in pkgsrc/mk).
Commits on Nov 23, 2004
tv Add workaround for pkg/28392 in recurse-* targets. 3ac9656
tv Rearrange some more bits visually. d5f6f02
tv Factor out PLIST generation and handling into its own morsel that's a
little easier to handle and maintain.
tv Factor out package data export bits which are not used in the normal …

process into a new fragment,

Fix some include ordering so that most of the dependency logic works
correctly again (though fetch-list is still broken).
tv Move "package-name" back to, as it is needed there.
Make dependency calculation work correctly for "print-summary-data", and
thus for "readme".
tv merge from HEAD 07c8623
Commits on Nov 28, 2004
tv Merge from HEAD. 7460a9e
Commits on Nov 30, 2004
tv merge from HEAD e8b4a4b
tv merge from HEAD d040b17
Commits on Dec 03, 2004
tv sync with HEAD ce04fc2
Commits on Dec 05, 2004
tv Remove the cookie before creating it, so that su-created cookies can
be clobbered by non-su operations.
Commits on Dec 09, 2004
tv Merge from HEAD. 49d6c0d
Commits on Dec 20, 2004
tv sync with HEAD 6bf5d98
Commits on Dec 31, 2004
tv sync with HEAD 037fc11
Commits on Jan 10, 2005
tv sync with HEAD 29e7484
Commits on Jan 13, 2005
tv sync with HEAD ce712d6
tv sync with HEAD 12eff16
tv Add note that rev 1.1554 is not yet merged (the phase "error handlers"
implementation, which unfortunately is currently tied to the slow
recursion scheme).
Commits on Jan 24, 2005
tv sync with HEAD e661ca0
tv merge some from HEAD 2dd7a22
tv merge 1.1561 c688de9
tv sync with HEAD 1cb8be2
tv merge 1.1562, 1.1563 1f3308a
tv merge 1.1564-1.1568 8f39a6b
tv sync with HEAD 3916b81
tv Simplify and speed up PREPEND_PATH handling. 91a245e
tv EVAL_PREFIX and PREPEND_PATH changes are now on HEAD 5e16ba4
tv sort "Others" variable section b540ef6
Commits on Feb 11, 2005
tv sync with HEAD 9e86023
tv Add a missing . indent. 80a0c49
tv Fix .endif comment to be more intuitive. 1743d0e
tv Whitespace nit. f8f786b
Commits on Feb 15, 2005
tv sync with HEAD f506383
Commits on Feb 25, 2005
tv sync with HEAD c4c5130
Commits on Mar 02, 2005
tv sync with HEAD cff72f4
Commits on Mar 06, 2005
tv sync with HEAD e0858ce
Commits on Mar 21, 2005
tv sync with HEAD 93aef4f
Commits on May 17, 2005
tv sync [all but] with HEAD 6f16b76
Commits on Jun 07, 2006
tv EOL the tv-derecurse branch; it has become too outdated. The last live
revision can be fetched at the tv-derecurse-eol tag.