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$NetBSD: README,v 2001/07/29 01:18:33 abs Exp $

This is pretty much a distillation of INSTALL-BSD

In order to use this package:

 - If you are not running a GENERIC kernel from 1.5.1 or later,
   ensure your config does not include 'option DIAGNOSTIC', and
   does include 'device usb', 'device ugen', 'pseudo-device ppp 1',
   and 'pseudo-device tun 2' (the numbers can be higher).

 - Copy /usr/pkg/share/examples/ppp.conf to /usr/pkg/etc/ppp/ppp.conf,
   and set:
     - authname login@provider  (for example : fti/xxx@fti)
     - authkey password
     - The -vpi and -vci numbers:
	 * 8.35 or 8.67 for France 
	 * 0.38 in the UK 
	 * 8.48 in the Netherlands
	 (check the value used under Windows) 
    - If you have your own DNS, you can also remove the 'enable dns'.

 - Copy /usr/pkg/etc/rc.d/adsl to /etc/rc.d, and set adsl=YES in /etc/rc.conf

 Note: 'adsl start' tries to load the modem firmware and currently fails if
 called a second time without a reboot or the modem being disconnected from
 the machine. To workaround this use '/etc/rc.d/adsl stop ; ppp -ddial adsl'
 if you need to restart the ppp session.

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