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# LIST OF CHANGES FROM LAST RELEASE: <$Revision: 1.1494.2.3 $>
# [Note: This file does not mention every change made to the NetBSD source tree.
# For an exhaustive list, please subscribe to the `source-changes' mailing list,
# or see the mailing list archives. For more information, send a message
# containing just the word `help' to `'.]
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# theme: Content ...
# more content ...
# more content. [developer DATE-FORMAT]
# That's it, one tab to start an item, and two tabs to indent the content.
# Also please start the content with a capital and end it with a dot.
# This is very important for the www scripts, otherwise it won't be able to
# parse the file and the HTML output will be mangled.
# See htutils/changes/changes2html script for more details.
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Changes from NetBSD 5.0 to NetBSD 6.0:
syslog(3): Import Martin Schuette's Summer of Code project:
Reliable TCP connections, syslog protocol API,
encryption. [christos 20081031]
agp(4): Add support for Intel G35. [christos 20081108]
kernel: Add generic producer/consumer queue. [matt 20081111]
lkm: Removed. Superseded by the new module(7) framework. [ad 20081112]
module(7): Allow the POSIX semaphore code to be loaded as a module.
[ad 20081112]
module(7): Make compat_ossaudio a module. [ad 20081113]
module(7): Make compat_ndis a module. [ad 20081113] Add support for new MAKEVERBOSE levels 3 and 4.
[apb 20081113]
libfetch: Update to libfetch 2.20. Allow HTTP auth to be provided in
URL. [joerg 20081114]
module(7): Make POSIX AIO loadable as a module. [ad 20081114]
amd64, i386: Make boot loader autoload a kernel module corresponding
to the root file system type. [ad 20081119]
module(7): Make the emulations, exec formats, coredump, NFS, and
the NFS server into modules. [ad 20081119]
rump(3): Move VFS functionality away from librump to a new library:
librumpvfs [pooka 20081119]
kernel, libc: Add new ptree (Patricia / RADIX tree) implementation.
[matt 20081120]
i386: Switch the i386 installation CDs away from RAM disks and
instead use the CD-ROM as the root file system. [ad 20081121]
i386: Remove most compat and file system options from GENERIC
since they are also provided by modules. [ad 20081122]
nfs: Avoid noisy nfs_timer/nfs_reply DEBUG output that occurs
when the NFS server goes away. [mrg 20081123]
compat_osf1(8): Add getpgid, needed for Tru64 4.0g ksh.
[njoly 20081124]
module(7): Make PPP compressors modules. [cube 20081125]
i386: Make pxeboot(8) understand boot.cfg(5). [ad 20081125]
agp(4): Add support for the Intel G45 AGP. [christos 20081129]
compat_osf1(8): Fix getdirentries(2). [njoly 20081202]
module(7): Add a couple of sysctl(8) entries, kern.module.autoload and
kern.module.verbose. [ad 20081203]
module(7): Add a layerfs module. [ad 20081205]
libc: Add fdopendir(3), from Solaris/Linux. [ad 20081205]
compat_linux32: Add getresuid() and getresgid() syscalls.
[njoly 20081205]
ddb(4): Add 'show vmem' and 'show all vmems' commands.
[cegger 20081207]
re(4): Add support for a 8168C/8111C revision. [alc 20081208]
tab(1): Add tabs utility, fixes PR bin/11227. [roy 20081211]
httpd(8): Add rc.d script to control httpd daemon. [mishka 20081211]
ath(4): Switch from the binary HAL to the open-source HAL released by
Sam Leffler. [alc 20081211]
compat_linux32: Add clock_nanosleep syscall. [njoly 20081212]
boot.cfg(5): Add an option to clear the screen. [christos 20081213]
pms(4): Add Elantech multi-touch trackpad support [jmcneill 20081213]
sparc: Switch to use wscons. [macallan 20081213]
snprintb(3), kprintf(9): Share snprintb(3) among kernel and libutil
and make it supersede bitmask_snprintf(9). [christos 20081216]
sup(1): Add -M user flag to specify the username to send mail to from
the command line. [christos 20081217]
malloc(9): Remove MALLOC() and FREE() macros. [cegger 20081217]
x68k: pow(4) switches to use MI powerd(8) [isaki 20081220]
viaide(4): Add VT8237S Integrated SATA Controller support.
[nonaka 20081221]
lvm(8): Add LVM functionality to NetBSD; this is done by dm(4) driver
in kernel and lvm2 tools made by RedHat. We use the same well
known interface as Linux does for managing LVM. [haad 20081222]
gcscaudio(4): Add AMD Geode CS5536 audio driver, from SHIMIZU Ryo.
[jmcneill 20081228]
rump: i386 and amd64 can use kernel module binaries [pooka 20081230]
mount_cd9660(8): Add nocasetrans option as a synonym for nomaplcase.
[christos 20090103]
rump: Include libkern in rumpkern. [pooka 20090104]
rc.d(8): Add a script for rndctl(8). [apb 20090104]
module(7): Add sysvbfs module. [pooka 20090105]
rump: Prepend all symbols within the rump virtual kernel image
with the string "rump". This prevents conflicts with the
host system symbols. [pooka 20090108]
bwi(4): Add a driver for Broadcom AirForce / Apple Airport Extreme
wireless network controllers. From Taylor Campbell.
[macallan 20090109]
rgephy(4): Support for RTL8211C(L) phy. From FreeBSD. [cegger 20090109]
rgephy(4): Support for flow control. From OpenBSD. [cegger 20090109]
makefs(8): Add support for encoding RISC OS metadata into
ISO 9660 file systems. [bjh21 20090110]
time_t, dev_t: Change time_t and dev_t to be 64 bit quantities. Fixed
POSIX issues in timeval and timespec. [christos 20090110]
make(1): Changes to the way .for loops are processed. [dsl 20090111]
mount(8): Add -o rump, which mounts the file system as a userspace
server via puffs and rump instead of using a
kernel driver. [pooka 20090111]
openpgpsdk: Initial import of openpgpsdk v0.9. [agc 20090112]
rump: Implement a virtual block device driver. [pooka 20090113]
rump: Support __RENAME in syscall interfaces and expose the
non-compat symbol name in the header. [pooka 20090113]
age(4): Add a driver for Attansic/Atheros L1 Gigabit Ethernet.
From FreeBSD via OpenBSD. [cegger 20090116]
atphy(4): Add a driver for Attansic/Atheros F1 PHY.
From FreeBSD via OpenBSD. [cegger 20090116]
atf(7): Import 0.6. [jmmv 20090119]
msdosfs: The default behavior when mounting empty file systems has
been changed. Previously, msdosfs would assume the -s flag
(short filenames) in this case; now msdosfs will assume the
-l flag (long filenames). [jmcneill 20090122]
openpgpsdk: Imported openpgpsdk 0.9 library (BSD-licensed) into
src/crypto/external. The command-line driver program, openpgp,
which is shipped with it has been mostly rewritten to be more
user-friendly. [agc 20090123]
X11: added support for X11FLAVOUR=xorg for NetBSD/alpha. No support
for turbochannel graphic cards yet. [bouyer 20090124]
kernel: Add support for loading pseudo-device drivers. [haad 20090202]
module(7): Add a module for vnd(4) driver. [haad 20090205]
dkctl(8): Display cache, strategy, and list of wedges if no command
is specified in the command line. [uebayasi 20090207]
udf, mount_udf(8): add support for session opening/closing on
sequential media. Media can be closed on request on unmount by
passing the '-c' flag as mount option. [reinoud 20090208]
libc: Add RFC 2045 MIME Quoted-Printable support. [christos 20090210]
sgimips: Add Personal IRIS 4D/20 and 4D/25 (IP6 and IP10) support.
[rumble 20090212]
sk(4): Add support for flow control. [cegger 20090212]
nfe(4): Add support for flow control for MCP65. [cegger 20090212]
share/mk: Enable -Wsign-compare for $WARNS>=4. [lukem 20090212]
tests(7): Converted the awk, basename, bzip2, config, cut, dirname,
grep, gzip, libcrypto, m4, make and sdiff tests to ATF.
Initial work from the GSoC 2008 project by Lukasz Strzygowski.
[jmmv 20090213]
libfetch: Import libfetch-2.22. [joerg 20090214]
openssh: Import 5.1. [christos 20090216]
amd64, i386: The bootloader has been enhanced to support framebuffer
consoles using VESA BIOS extensions. These changes allow the
x86 ports to work with the genfb(4) driver, and obsoletes
the i386-only vesafb(4) driver. [jmcneill 20090216]
lvm(8): Import new lvm2tools 2.02.44 version and libdevmapper 1.02.30.
[haad 20090218]
compat_linux(8), compat_linux32: Add IPC_64 support for all shmctl(2)
commands, not only for STAT/SET. [njoly 20090218]
i386: The vesafb(4) driver has been retired. [jmcneill 20090218]
tests(7): Converted some of the kernel tests, including kqueue and ipf,
to ATF. Initial work from the GSoC 2008 project by Lukasz
Strzygowski. [jmmv 20090220]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-4.0.11. [roy 20090221]
softdep: The soft dependences / soft updates feature of the fast
file system (FFS) has been supplanted by meta data
journaling (logging). Logging provides better reliability
and better performance for most applications. Soft
dependencies will no longer be available from NetBSD 6.0
onwards. We encourage users to enable logging on FFS file
systems. [ad 20090222]
i386, amd64: ucas (CAS for user-space address) support for i386/amd64.
[rmind 20090223]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-4.0.12. [roy 20090226]
evbarm: Improved support for GPIO support on the EP93xx ARM processors.
[kenh 20090227]
rumpnet: Add virtual interface based on inter-process shared
memory. [pooka 20090228]
ext2fs: Add support for >128 byte inode. From Frederic Sausmikat.
[christos 20090301]
zaurus: Add zboot from OpenBSD. [nonaka 20090302]
xen: Add PCI pass-through support for Xen3. domain0 kernel gets a
pciback PCI drivers, to which device specified in the
pciback.hide boot parameter will attach.
DomU kernels gets a xpci device, to which PCI buses
will attach. [bouyer 20090305]
xen: Add XEN3PAE_DOM0, an i386 domain0 kernel with PAE support.
requires an i386PAE or x86_64 hypervisor. [bouyer 20090305]
ar(1): Add support to ar(1) for 'deterministic mode'.
[christos 20090306]
kernel: Compute kern.ipc.shmmaxpgs on startup based on physical
memory. Default can be overridden via sysctl. [joerg 20090306]
fxp(4): Add TCPv4/UDPv4 RX hardware checksum support for i82559 and
later chips. [tsutsui 20090307]
crash(8): Add a new utility to diagnose kernel crashes. Based upon
the in-kernel debugger (ddb). [ad 20090307]
piixide(4): Add support for 82965PM. [christos 20090309]
libfetch: Import libfetch-2.23. [joerg 20090310]
wm(4): Add support for 82567LF-3, and fix register access for ICH10DO.
[msaitoh 20090310]
module(7): Add tprof modules. [yamt 20090310]
zaurus: Add kloader(4) support. [nonaka 20090311]
altmem(4): Add 'alternative memory' disk device driver.
[jmcneill 20090312]
zaurus: Add only playback support to zaudio(4). [nonaka 20090313]
vnd(4): Implement DIOCCACHESYNC ioctl. [christos 20090314]
sgimips: Add TCPv4/UDPv4 RX hardware checksum support for mec(4)
Ethernet on O2. [tsutsui 20090316]
zoneinfo: Import tzdata2009c. [kleink 20090316]
am-utils: Import latest from head; adds udf support amd -uu
[christos 20090320]
re(4): Add hardware checksum support for newer PCIe 8168C/8111C/8102E
chips. [tsutsui 20090321]
eject(1): Turn on amd(8) support for eject. [christos 20090323]
i386: Use "i486" as GNU_ARCH for i386. [drochner 20090327]
kmem_alloc(9): Add more extensive runtime debugging facilities.
[ad 20090329]
wm(4): Add workaround for 82543GC. [msaitoh 20090329]
wm(4): Enable hardware vlan(4) support. [darran 20090331]
amd64, i386: Default to UFS2 on sysinst(8). [ad 20090404]
sysinst(8): Default to wapbl(4) log for ufs partitions. [ad 20090404]
pckbd(4): Add a Czech keyboard layout. [mkirby 20090406]
sysinst(8): Make installer reject UFS2 for root partition on ports
whose bootloaders don't support UFS2 boot. [tsutsui 20090407]
cvs(1): Import 1.12.13 [christos 20090408]
libc: Add glob_pattern_p(3) for new cvs(1). [christos 20090408]
mtree(8): Add -S option to sort entries. [apb 20090408]
newfs_sysvbfs(8): Add support creating a file system to a regular file.
[pooka 20090409]
libc: Add memrchr(3). [christos 20090410]
bind: Update to 9.6.1-b1. Full NSEC3 support, automatic zone
re-signing, new update-policy methods tcp-self and 6to4-self,
unbundle libbind, change the default pid file location from
/var/run to /var/run/{named,lwresd} for improved chroot/setuid
support. [christos 20090412]
libbind: Update to 6.0-rc1. Use md5 for randomid instead of
sequential id, add suppport for DS, SSHFP, RRSIG, NSEC, DNSKEY,
DHCID, NSEC3, NSEC3PARAM, HIP and DLV, various new API
functions. [christos 20090412]
re(4): Add support for RTL8168CP and RTL8168D. [tsutsui 20090413]
makefs(8): Add an experimental source-only makefs based on rump
and fs-utils. It currently supports FFS, ext2fs, FAT,
cd9660 and sysvbfs. [pooka 20090414]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-4.0.13 [roy 20090417]
zaurus: Add recoding support to zaudio(4). [nonaka 20090418]
httpd(8): Import bozohttpd-20090418. [mrg 20090418]
bge(4): Add misc quirk code for chip specific bugs.
From FreeBSD and OpenBSD. [msaitoh 20090419]
SIMPLEQ_CONCAT, and SIMPLEQ_LAST. [mschuett 20090420]
ale(4): Add a driver for Attansic/Atheros L1E Gigabit Ethernet.
From OpenBSD and improvements from Kevin Lahey.
[cegger 20090420]
sdmmc(4): Add a driver for SD/MMC from OpenBSD. [nonaka 20090421]
landisk: Add UFS2 boot support. [tsutsui 20090421]
pmax: Add UFS2 boot support. [tsutsui 20090421]
uftdi(4): Add support for USB serial adapter REX-USB60F.
[taca 20090421]
netpgp(1): Import netpgp. This is a heavily-modified version of
openpgpsdk, and will replace it. [agc 20090423]
landisk: Enable to build a bootable install disk image.
[tsutsui 20090423]
compat_linux(8): Add IPC_64 support for all semctl(2)/msgctl(2).
[njoly 20090423]
zx(4): Add wscons support [macallan 20090423]
compat_linux32: Add IPC_64 support for all semctl(2),
following corresponding compat_linux(8) change.
[njoly 20090427]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.0.0. [roy 20090428]
rc.d(8): Add an rc.d script for dhcpcd(8). [roy 20090428]
ichlpcib(4): Attach 82801IEM LPC Interface Bridge too. [njoly 20090429]
rump(3): Add support for remote system calls [pooka 20090429]
sh3: Add some support for SH7706. [nonaka 20090430]
hppa: Merge the nick-hppapmap branch which includes a port of the
OpenBSD pmap, improves support for machines without the
PA7100LC or PA7300LC CPUs, and much more. [skrll 20090430]
libc: Add stpcpy(3), stpncpy(3), strnlen(3), all from FreeBSD.
[perry 20090501]
install(1): Add support for writing sha256, sha384, or sha512 hashes
to a METALOG. [apb 20090501]
build: Use sha256 instead of sha1 hashes in METALOG and
/etc/mtree/set.* files. [apb 20090501]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.0.1 [roy 20090503]
hp700: Enable support for UFS2 boot. [tsutsui 20090503]
rpcgen(1): Add support for hyper and quad keywords. [ginsbach 20090506]
apropos(1): Add -S and -s support, for searching by machine and
section [wiz 20090508]
file(1): Import 5.03 [christos 20090508]
hp700: ucas (CAS for user-space address) support for hp700.
[skrll 20090508]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.0.2 [roy 20090510]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.0.3 [roy 20090511]
bluetooth(3): Update the Bluetooth service discovery API and merge it
into libbluetooth, retiring the separate libsdp.
[plunky 20090512]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.0.4 [roy 20090514]
libc: Add the getdate(3) and getdate_err value, conforming to
IEEE Std 1003.1 (``POSIX.1'') and the Open Group Base
Specifications X/Open System Interfaces extension (``XSI'').
[ginsbach 20090514]
hp700: com at dino now works [skrll 20090518]
httpd(8): Import bozohttpd-20090522. [mrg 20090522]
libc: Add %s (seconds since the Epoch) to strptime(3) for symmetry
with strftime(3). [ginsbach 20090524]
kernel: File descriptor access performance improvements.
[ad 20090524]
i386, amd64: CPU topology detection support for AMD processors.
[rmind 20090526]
rumpnet: Add IPv6 support [pooka 20090527]
agr(4): Add support for layering vlans on top. Also allow LACP
to be disabled. [darran 20090529]
openssh: Import 5.2. [christos 20090607]
module(7): Add the capability to read an <module>.prop associated
with a module and merge a plist passed in by modload(8).
Also, add MODCTL_NO_PROP flag to prevent loading
<module>.prop. [jnemeth 20090609]
modload(8): Add various flags to assist in the creation and
maintenance of <module>.prop and/or to set MODCTL_NO_PROP.
[jnemeth 20090609]
ntp: Import ntp-4-2-4p7. [kardel 20090613]
ehci(4): Add quirk for SB600/SB700 chipsets to workaround freeze
in USB subsystem. [cegger 20090615]
drm(4): Update to mesa-drm 85b9f737db0d2a845e4d7e2bbf9ad12ff9e2227c.
[mrg 20090619]
wake(8): New command to send Wake-on-LAN packets to machines on
the local Ethernet. [mbalmer 20090625]
cpu_reboot(9): tear down stacks of (pseudo-)devices and
filesystems in an orderly fashion during shutdown,
detaching the devices and unmounting the filesystems.
i386 and sparc64 are finished. [dyoung 20090625]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.0.5 [roy 20090704]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.0.6 [roy 20090708]
sysmon_envsys(8): Enhancements to allow access to driver-internal
limit values [pgoyette 20090710]
libc: Add getdelim(3) and getline(3) conforming to
IEEE Std 1003.1-2008 (``POSIX.1'') [roy 20090713]
ip(4): Add IP_RECVTTL option to let recvmsg(2) return the TTL
of the received datagram. [minskim 20090716]
ip(4): Add IP_MINTTL option to discard packets with a TTL
lower than the option value. [minskim 20090717]
openssl(1): Import SNAP-20090710 under the new crypto/external
framework [christos 20090719]
rumpdev: Support devices and kernel config framework. [pooka 20090720]
gpio(4): Complete rework to integrate with kauth(9), allow for
runtime driver attachment, naming of individual pins.
[mbalmer 20090725]
gpiosim(4): New driver for development/testing purposes to simulate
a gpio(4) device.
[mbalmer 20090725]
gpioctl(8): New commandline syntax to reflect gpio(4) changes.
[mbalmer 20090725]
secmodel_44bsd(9), secmodel_securelevel(9): Add provisions to control
access to gpio(4) pins. [mbalmer 20090725]
mvsata(4): Support Marvell Hercules-I/II SATA Controllers
[kiyohara 20090727]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.0.7. [roy 20090728]
bind: Update to 9.6.1-P1. [christos 20090728]
xen: dropped Xen 2 support. [cegger 20090728]
libbluetooth: add device access API bt_dev(3). [plunky 20090803]
rumpfs: Add support for registering external files which are
accessed from the host OS fs namespace instead of from
inside the rump virtual kernel. [pooka 20090803]
acpi(4): It is now possible to configure devices other than the lid
switch and sleep/power buttons as a method of waking the
machine from sleep. Any ACPI device node with a _PRW method
is now a candidate, and the device nodes are listed in the
hw.acpi.wake namespace. By default, the following device node
types are enabled as wakeup devices if the firmware supports
it: lid switch, sleep/power button, PC keyboard controller.
[jmcneill 20090804]
openssl(1): Import SNAP-20090805 to fix the namespace issues
(BLOCK, CSTRING, etc) [christos 20090805]
tcx(8): support wsdisplay and acceleration [macallan 20090806]
rumpvfs: Use unmodified kernel vnode pager. [pooka 20090806]
zfs: Import OpenSolaris zfs source code to NetBSD, add NetBSD
patches. [haad 20090808]
smsh(4): Add a SMSC LAN9118 Family Ethernet driver. [kiyohara 20090809]
evbarm: Support for Gumstix Verdex and Verdex Pro. [kiyohara 20090809]
gpioiic(4): New driver to create an I2C bus using GPIO pins in
bit-banging mode. [mbalmer 20090809]
voyagerfb(8): a driver for the Gdium Liberty 1000's video controller
[macallan 20090812]
mips: removed a.out support [matt 20090812]
secmode_keylock, keylock, gpiolock(4): Add support for multi-position
keylocks. [mbalmer 20090814]
nbperf(1): A minimal perfect hash function generator. [joerg 20090815]
acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20090730. This release includes full
support for the ACPI 4.0 specification. [jmcneill 20090818]
iasl(1): The ACPICA ASL (ACPI Source Language) compiler/decompiler
is now included with i386 and amd64 installations.
[jmcneill 20090818]
amd64, i386: Suspend and resume is now supported when using the
genfb(4) display driver. [jmcneill 20090823]
tcx(4): imported the xf86-video-suntcx driver and added hardware
acceleration [macallan 20090827]
unzip(1): A libarchive-based unzip frontend, emulating most of
infozip's command line. [joerg 20090903]
rumpcrypto: Add rump component for kernel crypto routines.
[pooka 20090903]
zx(4): imported the xf86-video-sunleo 1.2.0 driver from Xorg
[macallan 20090905]
hdaudio(4): New standards-compliant Intel High Definition Audio driver
written to replace azalia(4). [sborrill 20090906]
rump_smbfs(8): Support smbfs as a userspace server. [pooka 20090906]
sets: Move kernel modules out of base.tgz and into a new modules.tgz.
[jnemeth 20090907]
sysinst(8): Install the new modules.tgz set. [jnemeth 20090907] Add a modules operation which builds kernel modules and
installs them into DESTDIR. [jnemeth 20090907]
sysctl(7): Add kern.boothowto variable. [apb 20090911]
rc(8): Output is now logged to /var/run/rc.log. A new rc_silent
option suppresses output to the console; it can be set
in rc.conf(5) or by booting in silent mode (e.g. "boot
netbsd -z" on i386 or amd64). [apb 20090911]
kernel: remove POOL_INIT from the kernel, replace with dynamic
constructors which call pool_init(). [pooka 20090913]
pfsync(4): PFSYNC from OpenBSD 4.2 imported [degroote 20090914]
xen: add support for feature-flush-cache in block device backend.
Use it in block device frontend for DIOCCACHESYNC.
[bouyer 20090923]
ld.elf_so(1): Support dlinfo(), currently limited to RTLD_DI_LINKMAP.
[pooka 20090924]
rump(3): Support autoloading of modules from linksets. [pooka 20090924]
gpio(4): Add the GPIO_PIN_PULSATE attribute to let a pin pulsate at
a hardware defined frequency and duty cycle. [mbalmer 20090925]
gpioctl(8): Support the new GPIO_PIN_PULSATE attribute for pins using
the "pulsate" keyword. [mbalmer 20090925]
xen: add support for request-rx-copy in the virtual network device
backend. This is required by recent Xen linux kernels.
[bouyer 20090925]
ichlpcib(4): Add gpio(4) support. [jakllsch 20090927]
wb(4): Add a driver for Winbond W83L518D SD/MMC readers.
[jmcneill 20090930]
mdnsd(8), dns-sd(1), libdns_sd: import mDNSResponder 212.1
[tsarna 20090929]
lom(4), sparc64: Add a driver for LOMlite lights out management
hardware monitor and watchdog timer. [nakayama 20091002]
i386: Add support for enhanced speedstep on VIA C7 Esther CPUs.
[jmcneill 20091002]
acpiwmi(4): Add a driver for the ACPI WMI Mapper interface.
[jmcneill 20091002]
i386: Add support for VIA C7 temperature sensors. [jmcneill 20091002]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.1.1. [roy 20091002]
libm: Add f{dim,max,min}{,f,l} from FreeBSD [christos 20091004]
ukfs(3): Support disklabel partitions. [pooka 20091007]
man(1): Display manpage when specified with a path [cegger 20091007]
hdaudioctl(8): Add tool to manipulate hdaudio(4) devices
[sborrill 20091011]
rump(3): Create proper prototypes for varargs system calls.
[pooka 20091013]
rump(3): Introduce public interface specifications and autogenerate
entrypoint wrappers. [pooka 20091014]
rump(3): Add a virtual CPU scheduler which maps the current thread
to an available virtual CPU on entry to the rump kernel.
[pooka 20091015]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.1.2. [roy 20091016]
sysinst(8): Give the option to use tmpfs for /tmp in sysinst instead of
the older mfs on i386 and amd64. [ahoka 20091018]
kernel: Remove support for uarea swap-out. [rmind 20091021]
bind: Update to 9.7.0-b1. [christos 20091024]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.1.3. [roy 20091025]
flex(1): Import flex-2.5.35 [christos 20091025]
routed(8): Merge 2.32 changes [christos 20091025]
m4(1): Import the OpenBSD one since it implements features from gm4
that the new flex wants [christos 20091026]
yacc(1): Import byacc-20091028 [christos 20091028]
pm2fb: A driver for Permedia2-based graphics cards like Sun's PGX32
[macallan 20091028]
xf86-video-igs: an Xorg driver for IGS CyberPro 20x0 graphics
controllers, currently only for rev. 5 sharks
[macallan 20091110]
raid(4): RAIDframe parity maps, which greatly improve parity rewrite
times after unclean shutdown; jld's GSoC 2009 project.
[jld 20091117]
bnx(4): Added support for Broadcom BCM5709 and BCM5716 chips.
[bouyer 20091118] Add "rumptest" for fast testing of rump compilation
and linking. It is useful mostly for developers.
[pooka 20091118]
resolvconf(8): Import openreslv-3.3.3. [roy 20091121]
rump(3): Load rump virtual kernel symbol table at boot. This enables
the use of the kernel linker in a rump kernel.
[pooka 20091126]
ums(4): Added touchpanel support. [mbalmer 20091127]
ws(4): Added the xf86-input-ws input driver for touchpanels that
report absolute position data through wscons(4), e.g. those
support by ums(4). [mbalmer 20091128]
sparc64: Add real UltraSPARC-III* CPU support. [mrg 20091130] Handle externally added programs and libraries and create
sets. [uebayasi 20091130]
udl(4): Add a driver for DisplayLink DL-1x0/1x5 based USB LCDs and
USB-VGA adaptors. Ported from OpenBSD by FUKAUMI Naoki
with many modification. [tsutsui 20091130]
rump(3): Support binding threads to a specific CPU. [pooka 20091201]
lvm(8): Import new lvm2tools 2.02.56 version and libdevmapper 1.02.40.
[haad 20091202]
resolvconf(8): Import openreslv-3.3.4. [roy 20091204]
playstation2: Port deleted. [pooka 20091205]
mount_portal(8): Remove the kernel portalfs driver and replace
mount_portal with a version implemented using puffs.
[pooka 20091205]
network: Add "net.inet.icmp.bmcastecho" sysctl(7) support, to disable
ICMP replies to the broadcast address. [christos 20091207]
ntp: Import ntp-4-2-4p8. [kardel 20091208]
zaurus: Add support Xorg. [nonaka 20091213]
mips: First merge of the matt-nb5-mips64 branch. Added support for
64-bit MIPS processors (O32, N32, N64 ABIs are supported).
Added support for RMI XLS6ATX_7A board and XL SoC family.
[matt 20091214]
sysinst(8): Make SHA1 the default option for cyphers. [ahoka 20091216]
atf(7): Import 0.7. [jmmv 20091222]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.1.4. [roy 20091223]
bind: Update to 9.7.0-rc1. [christos 20091226]
openssl(1): Import SNAP-20091226 [christos 20091226]
openssh: Import 5.3. [christos 20091226]
gfb: Add a driver for Sun XVR-1000 graphics boards
[macallan 20091229]
wm(4): Add support for i82583V [msaitoh 20091230]
libc: Import tzcode2009k [mlelstv 20091231]
cas(4): Add a driver for Sun Cassini and Cassini+ Ethernet hardware.
From OpenBSD [jdc 20100107]
mount_psshfs(8): Add -u and -g for uid/gid remapping. [pooka 20100107]
puffs(3): Support unmounting the file system from the
file server. [pooka 20100107]
cobalt: Add LBA48 support to bootloader so that it can safely load
a kernel from NetBSD partition beyond >137GB boundary.
[tsutsui 20100110]
mount_puffs(8): Add a utility for querying puffs arguments
to make mount -vv work for puffs mounts. [pooka 20100114]
sparc: Add apc(4), a driver for the Aurora Personality Chip (APC)
found on SPARCstation-4/5 and qemu. Allows to idle the
CPU when in the idle loop. [bouyer 20100115]
tn3270: Removed from base [roy 20100116]
macppc: Add support for new-style kernel modules. [jmmv 20100118]
shark: Add support for new-style kernel modules. [jmmv 20100118]
wscons(4): Add fonts for eastern european languages. [ahoka 20100118]
daily.conf(5): Add fetch_pkg_vulnerabilities to keep the packages
vulnerabilities database up to date, if it exists.
[jmmv 20100119]
security.conf(5): Add check_pkg_vulnerabilities and
check_pkg_signatures to validate the installed packages
against the vulnerabilities database and the expected
checksums for their files. [jmmv 20100119]
bpf(9): Make bpf interface with an ops vector backed by stubs
if bpf is not present in the kernel. The client
linkage is now always the same. [pooka 20100119]
network: Make TCP window size autoscaling the default. [pooka 20100126]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.1.5. [roy 20100131]
amigappc: A CSPPC system with ahsc(4) or cbiiisc(4) boots into
multiuser for the first time. [phx 20100202]
terminfo(3): Import my terminfo implementation to replace termcap.
[roy 20100203]
config(1): Add an experimental "ioconf" keyword which makes config
output only the device attachment tree in ioconf.c instead
of the entire kernel build infrastructure. [pooka 20100203]
acpismbus(4): Add my experimental ACPI SMBus Control Method
Interface driver. [pgoyette 20100206]
uthum(4): Add a driver for TEMPer and TEMPerHUM usb thermometers.
Adapted from OpenBSD [tonio 20100206]
network: Derive the mbuf cluster (NMBCLUSTERS) at boot time from
the available memory. The default can be raised by changing
kern.mbuf.nmbclusters. [joerg 20100208]
mfi(4): Add support for LSI's newer (GEN2) RAID controller from
OpenBSD. [msaitoh 20100209]
aibs(4): New driver for ASUSTeK AI Booster (ACPI ASOC ATK0110)
hardware monitor with limit support. [cnst 20100209]
u3g(4): Support Huawei K3765. [pooka 20100219]
wbsio(4): New driver for Winbond Super I/O attachment of
lm(4) on any port. [cnst 20100221]
wcfb: A driver for 3Dlabs Wildcat graphics cards [macallan 20100224]
netstat(8): Add -h which humanizes numbers from -bi. [pooka 20100224]
ld.elf_so(1): Implement negative symbol lookup cache [roy 20100227]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.2.1. [roy 20100227]
ddb(4): Add 'mach frame' for hp700. [skrll 20100302]
ne(4): Add proper support for NE2000 8 bit mode. [tsutsui 20090303]
module(7): Remove all kernel compile time #defines indicating file
system support (e.g. fs_ffs.h / -DFFS). [pooka 20100303]
module(7): Make it possible to disable builtin modules and
re-enable them. [pooka 20100305]
uhso(4): Add a driver for Option N.V. Wireless WAN modems.
[plunky 20100306]
openldap: Update to 2.4.21. [lukem 20100308]
config(1): Add experimental "pseudo-root" keyword which can
be used to specify any interface as the local root.
When used in conjunction with ioconf, this creates
the device tree from the pseudo-root downward (pseudo-root
itself not included). [pooka 20100308]
atari: Add support for the SMC Elite Ultra Ethernet with
the SMC_TT VME-ISA bridge. [tsutsui 20100313]
aibs(4): Remove aiboost(4) as obsolete and redundant
since the introduction of aibs(4). [cnst 20100319]
rump(3): Support bluetooth. [pooka 20100322]
cgtwelve: A driver for Sun CG12 / Matrox SG3 graphics boards
[macallan 20100323]
rump(3): Support unionfs, layerfs, nullfs and umapfs. [pooka 20100330]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.2.2. [roy 20100331]
nca(4): Added PCI attachment for Domex DMX-3191D SCSI board.
[jakllsch 20100401]
dbcool(4): Added support for ADM1031 therman sensor / fan controller
[macallan 20100401]
atari: Add support for the EtherNEC, ISA NE2000 based Ethernet
connected to Atari ROM cartridge slot. [tsutsui 20100401]
agp(4): Add support for the Intel 82855GM AGP port. [jakllsch 20100404]
sdmmc(4): Add support for SD 4bit bus width. [nonaka 20100406]
evbsh3: Add support for Alpha Project MS104-SH4, TAC T-SH7706LAN Rev.3
and TAC T-SH7706LSR Rev.1. [nonaka 20100407]
acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20100121. [jruoho 20100408]
fss(4): Add snapshot support for MSDOS file systems. [hannken 20100409]
fsck_msdos(8): add -x option which allows to run fsck_msdos -n on
a snapshot of a live file system. [hannken 20100411]
rump(3): Support file system snapshots. [pooka 20100412]
hpcarm: Add support for Sharp W-ZERO3 series. [nonaka 20100417]
acpi(4): The sysctl(8) tree was reorganized into hw.acpi.
[jruoho 20100419]
acpiwmi(4): Add four mappings; wmidell(4), wmieeepc(4),
wmihp(4), and wmimsi(4). [jruoho 20100419]
kernel: Enforce RLIMIT_FSIZE above the file system. This fixes
the feature for some file systems. [pooka 20100423]
libc: Added a space-efficient write-once database (cdbr(3), cdbw(3)).
The database cache for services(5) has been updated to use
this. services_mkdb(8) can still be used to create the old
format. [joerg 20100425]
rump(3): Autoload host kernel modules from /stand/arch/modules on
x86 archs. [pooka 20100426]
rump(3): Properly support virtual SMP on x86 hosts and default to
the same number of CPUs as on the host (configurable
with RUMP_NCPU). [pooka 20100428]
tftpd(8): Add -c so files can be uploaded without requiring them
to be created before the upload. See the section on security
considerations before enabling. [hubertf 20100429]
hp700: Add support for elroy(4), astro(4) and ssio(4) based 64-bit
machines running in 32-bit mode. [skrll 20100430]
rump(3): Autogenerate /dev device nodes. [pooka 20100430]
rump(3): Support audio(9). [pooka 20100501]
hpcsh: Add sysinst(8) support. [tsutsui 20100503]
sandpoint: Added support for Marvell-SKnet in netboot.
[phx 20100503]
news68k: Switch NetBSD/news68k to using 8KB/page in kernel.
It slightly improves performance on NWS-1750D.
[tsutsui 20100504]
xen: Enable no-execute bit feature for i386pae and amd64 kernels.
[jym 20100505]
cron(8): Import 4.1 from isc. [christos 20100506]
atf(7): Import 0.8. [jmmv 20100508]
bozohttpd: Update to bozohttpd-20100509. [mrg 20100509]
rump(3): Add uniprocessor locking routines. They can be used in
virtual uniprocessor configurations for a significant
performance boost. [pooka 20100518]
puffs(3): Support extended attributes. [pooka 20100521]
btmagic(4): Added Apple Magic Mouse driver. [plunky 20100522]
X11: Updated many packages, notably: Mesa 7.7.1, xextproto 7.1.1,
libXext 1.1.1, libXi 1.3 (XInput2), libX11 1.3.3, pixman 0.18.2,
xinput 1.5.1, xf86-input-keyboard 1.4.0, xf86-input-mouse 1.5.0,
xf86-video-ati 6.13.0, xf86-video-mga 1.4.12,
xf86-video-nv 2.1.17, xf86-video-siliconmotion 1.7.4,
xf86-video-vesa 2.3.0, xf86-video-vmware-11.0.1. [mrg 20100523]
radeondrm(4): Ported across several updates from FreeBSD drm, Mesa 7.7.1
r600 (Radeon HD 3000/4000 series) driver now works.
[mrg 20100523]
X11: Added support for xf86-video-geode and xf86-video-openchrome.
[mrg 20100527]
rump(3): Implement a pagedaemon which releases weakly referenced
memory in case of a memory shortage. [pooka 20100603]
atf(7): Import 0.9. [jmmv 20100604]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.2.4. [roy 20100604]
vnode(9): Remove member v_vnlock. [hannken 20100605]
acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20100528. [jruoho 20100606]
lcd(4): Driver for hp700 lcds added. [skrll 20100601]
ofppc: Support Gigabit Ethernet Controller for MV64361 on PegasosII
by mvgbe@gt. [kiyohara 20100609]
arm: Added support for Cortex-A8 CPUs. [jmcneill 20100616]
atf(7): Add support for expected test failures. [pooka 20100616]
vnsubr(9): Remove recursive vnode locks. [hannken 20100618]
mkubootimage(1): Added tool to generate u-boot kernel images.
[jmcneill 20100618]
httpd(8): Import bozohttpd-20100621. [mrg 20100621]
kernel: Add high-priority xcall(9) support. [rmind 20100622]
hp700: Add support for uturn(4) based machines. [skrll 20100624]
autoconf(9): Add config_mountroot(9), which defers device configuration
after mountroot(), like config_interrupt(9) that defers
configuration after interrupts are enabled. [tsutsui 20100625]
hpcarm: Use rtc_offset passed from hpcboot. [tsutsui 20100626]
network: Add mpls(4) - MultiProtocol Label Switching support
[kefren 20100626]
kue(4): Fix unaligned memory access to make kue(4) work on
ARM and MIPS machines. [tsutsui 20100627]
atf(7): Import 0.10. [jmmv 20100703]
upgt(4): Add a driver for Conexant/Intersil PrismGT SoftMAC USB
IEEE 802.11b/g WLAN device, ported from OpenBSD by
FUKAUMI Naoki. [tsutsui 20100704]
compat_linux(8): Update linux emulation to support the most
commonly used linux 2.6.x kernel features.
We now claim to be linux kernel version 2.6.18. [chs 20100706]
kernel: Add direct select()/poll() support. [rmind 20100708]
prep: Support Xserver. It's tested only on-board s3(864).
[kiyohara 20100712]
hpcarm: Bump MAXPARTITIONS from 8 to 16. [tsutsui 20100717]
tests(7): Convert the libposix, libprop, libpthread, librt, libskey and
libutil tests to ATF. [jmmv 20100716]
tests(7): Convert the include and csu tests to ATF. [jmmv 20100717]
tests(7): Convert the lint1 and libobjc tests to ATF. [jmmv 20100718]
amd64, i386: Intel Firmware Hub Random Number Generator support moved
from pchb(4) to fwhrng(4) at ichlpcib(4). [jakllsch 20100723]
i386: Add PAE support. [jym 20100727]
hpcarm, hpcmips, hpcsh: Switch to using Xorg servers and binaries.
[tsutsui 20100731]
bebox: Support xserver. It tested only s3(TRIO 64V+).
[kiyohara 20100801]
tests(7): Convert the sort tests to ATF. [jmmv 20100801]
wpa: New wpa_supplicant and hostapd 0.7.2 [christos 20100804]
hpcarm: Improve console speed on W-ZERO3 machines using
write through mapping for framebuffer memory.
[tsutsui 20100808]
bind: Update to 9.7.2b1. [christos 20100806]
acpicpu(4): Add a driver for ACPI-based processor functionality.
[jruoho 20100815]
network: Added NPF - a new packet filter. [rmind 20100822]
tests(7): Convert the libdes tests to ATF. [jmmv 20100825]
awk(1): upgrade to 20100523 [christos 20100826]
ntp: switch build to ntp 4.2.6 (imported 20091213 in external/bsd/ntp)
[kardel 20100827]
dreamcast: Fix a long standing GD-ROM driver bug so that file system
on GD-ROM works properly. The problem is reported and tracked
by Yasushi Oshima. [tsutsui 20100831]
omapfb: a simple driver for OMAP 3xxx on-chip video, especially the
Beagleboard [macallan 20100831]
hpcarm: Add an install kernel for JORNADA720 and make sysinst(8)
choose a proper default kernel per running installation kernel.
[tsutsui 20100904]
acpi(4): The ACPI driver will no longer attach if the BIOS release
year is 2000 or older. To override this behaviour, set
acpi_force_load=1 or add options ACPI_BLACKLIST_YEAR=0 to your
kernel config. [jmcneill 20100906]
amd64, i386: Enable Ext2fs support in bootloader. [tsutsui 20100911]
m68k: Re-enable m68k optimized in_cksum routine. Makes
~5% improvements of ttcp(1) xfer rates. [tsutsui 20100919]
sparc: Re-enable sparc optimized in_cksum routine. [tsutsui 20100920]
httpd(8): Import bozohttpd-20100920. [mrg 20100921]
aue(4): Add support for I-O DATA ETX-US2. [tsutsui 20100925]
evbarm: Support Marvell Sheevaplug and some Marvell SoC NAS box.
[kiyohara 20101002]
build: Use consistent kernel names in distribution, i.e. rename kernels
from "netbsd.aout-GENERIC.gz" to "netbsd-GENERIC.aout.gz" etc.
[tsutsui 20101004]
dreamcast: Build and put a raw binary format kernel into distribution.
[tsutsui 20101004]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.2.8. [roy 20101007]
xinit(1): Disable PAM on ports which have legacy non-XFree86 servers
so that xinit(1) can properly quit Xserver after xinitrc script
exits. [tsutsui 20101010]
acpivga(4): Add a driver for ACPI video extensions. [gsutre 20101012]
dreamcast: Add a stub for kernels with options MODULAR.
[tsutsui 20101013]
m68k: Fix kobj relocation functions so that MODULAR kernel work
on m68k ports. [tsutsui 20101014]
sun3: Make common module(7) binaries work on both sun3 and sun3x.
[tsutsui 20101015]
atf(7): Import 0.11. [jmmv 20101020]
lua(1): Import of Lua 5.1.4. [mbalmer 20101031]
raidframe(4): Support greater than 2TB devices. [mrg 20101101]
xz(1): Import of XZ 5.0.0. [joerg 20101102]
otus(4): Port the Atheros AR9001U from OpenBSD (Anon Ymous)
[christos 20101103]
fujitsu(4): Add brightness and hotkey drivers for Fujitsu laptops.
[gsutre 20101105]
schide(4): Add Intel SCH IDE driver from OpenBSD.
[jakllsch 20101106]
atf(7): Import 0.12. [jmmv 20101107]
hp700: Update sti(4) from OpenBSD and add pci(4) attachment.
[skrll 20101109]
nside(4): Add a driver for the National Semiconductor PC87415 IDE
controller. [skrll 20101110]
dreamcast: Switch to using Xorg servers and binaries.
[tsutsui 20101112]
et(4): Add a driver for Agere/LSI ET1310/ET1301 10/100/Gigabit
Ethernet device [jnemeth 20101112]
etphy(4): Add a driver for the Agere/LSI ET1011 TruePHY Gigabit
Ethernet PHY [jnemeth 20101112]
arm: Add support for i.MX51 SoC.
[bsh 20101113]
evbarm: Add initial support for Sharp NetWalker MID.
[bsh 20101113]
module(7): Allow disabling autoloading a specific module by setting
noautoload property. [jnemeth 20101118]
openssh: Import 5.6. [adam 20101121]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.2.9. [roy 20101127]
module(7): Rename <module>.prop to <module>.plist. [jnemeth 20101127]
ukbd(4): Support for Apple notebook keyboards: swapped keys on ISO
keyboards, Apple FN key, simulate AltGr with FN-Alt,
generate special keycodes for the hotkeys. [phx 20101130]
bind: Update to 9.7.2-P3. Bug and security fixes since 9.7.2b1. See
src/external/bsd/bind/dist/CHANGES [christos 20101202]
passwd.conf(5): Set the default local cipher for passwords to 'sha1'.
[jmmv 20101201]
raid(4): Add support for non 512-byte sector devices. [mrg 20101203]
sysinst(8): Drop the question to select a password cipher algorithm.
[jmmv 20101204]
libpcap(3): Update to 1.1.1; see src/external/bsd/libpcap/dist/CHANGES
for the list of changes [christos 20101205]
tcpdump(8): Update to 4.1.1; see src/external/bsd/tcpdump/dist/CHANGES
for the list of changes [christos 20101205]
prenice(1): Add new command to change process priorities based upon
the command name, like pkill(1) and pgrep(1). [mrg 20101205]
bnx(4): Add support for Broadcom BCM5709S (SerDes) chip. [jym 20101210]
openldap: Import 2.4.23. [adam 20101212]
libc: Provide a re-entrant and thread-safe set of timezone API's that
don't require locking and can operate on user-specified
timezones as opposed to having to alter the environment
to change a timezone. [christos 20101216]
amigappc: Made onboard serial interface work. [phx 20101219]
yacc(1): Import byacc-20101127 [christos 20091223]
dm(4): Make LVM use non 512-byte sector devices. [mlelstv 20101223]
auvitek(4): Add a driver for Auvitek AU0828 family USB video
capture controllers. [jmcneill 20101227]
ofppc: Support for RDB partitions. [phx 20101231]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.2.10. [roy 20110103]
resize_ffs(8): support byteswapped file systems, and support
growing ufs2 file systems. [riz 20110104]
acpipmtr(4): Add a driver for ACPI power meters. [jruoho 20110105]
amd64, i386: Booting from a disk with a GUID Partition Table is
now possible. [jakllsch 20110106]
sigqueue(2): Implement sigqueue/sigqueueinfo [christos 20110109]
amiga: Add a driver for BlizzardPPC 603e+ SCSI [phx 20110114]
powerpc: Add support for using secure PLT (thereby allowing data
and bss of powerpc programs and shared library to be set
non-executable). [matt 20110115]
acpiwdrt(4): Add a driver for ACPI Watchdog Resource Tables.
[jmcneill 20110117]
isns(3): Add a library providing iSNS (IETF RFC 4171) protocol
support, contributed by Wasabi Systems. [agc 20110117]
atactl(8): Fix mislabelled S.M.A.R.T. lifetime temperature record
reading. [nisimura 20110119]
pcf8563rtc(4): Add a todr(9) driver for NXP PCF8563 [jakllsch 20110124]
emips: Initial commit of the eMIPS port [pooka 20110126]
kernel: add kern.evcnt sysctl [matt 20110129]
vmstat(1): add support for getting evcnts and boottime for sysctl.
Allow unprived vmstat to function is everything wanted is
available via sysctl. [matt 20110129]
route: make routing socket interface 64-bit clean. [matt 20110131]
dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.2.11. [roy 20110204]
hp300: Switch NetBSD/hp300 to wscons with rasops.
Simply ported from OpenBSD/hp300. [tsutsui 20110206]
hp300: Add support for framebuffers on HP362 and HP382.
[tsutsui 20110212]
hp300: Add support for Apollo Domain keyboard. From OpenBSD.
[tsutsui 20110212]
disklabel(8): Disable COMPAT_386BSD_MBRPART. The related kernel
compat option was disabled by default four years ago, and
NetBSD has not used partition id 165 (0xA5) for much longer.
Meanwhile the presence of this code in disklabel can
cause sysinst to clobber FreeBSD installs on the same
disk. Those with very, very old NetBSD installations may
need to use fdisk(8) to change the NetBSD partition ids
from 165 (0xA5) to 169 (0xA9). [dholland 20110212]
hp700: Add support for HIL devices. From OpenBSD. [tsutsui 20110215]
bind: Update to 9.8.0rc1: Response policy zones (RPZ) and DNS64 support.
[christos 20110215]
acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20110211. [jruoho 20110217]
ath(4): Add support for AR9280 devices. [jmcneill 20110220]
mips: Second merge of matt-nb5-mips64 branch. Added SMP support for
MIPS architecture. Rewritten interrupt handling to be much
more efficient, added "fast" software interrupts and kernel
preemption. Added support for RMI (NetLogic) XLS/XLR models.
Major clean up for MIPS port. [matt 20110220]
ath(4): Add support for AR9285 devices. [cegger 20110221]
libsaslc(3): Complete integration of libsaslc written for GSoC 2010
by Mateusz Kocielski, improved and integrated with Postfix
by Anon Ymous. Supported mechs are: ANONYMOUS, CRAM-MD5,
alc(4): Add a driver for Atheros AR813x/AR815x Ethernet.
[jmcneill 20110222]
flash(9): Add subsystem to handle Flash devices. [ahoka 20110226]
nand(9): Add subsystem to handle NAND controllers. [ahoka 20110226]
evbarm: Add driver for OMAP NAND controllers. [ahoka 20110226]
postfix(1): Import version 2.8.1 [tron 20110302]
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