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Release plans for NetBSD-6.0
This file is managed by the release engineering team - please get in touch
with them with any feedback.
May not make 6.0
+ gaols
+ sctp
+ devfs
Will be in 6.0
+ ZFS - need an update on viability, needs work
+ in-kernel iSCSI initiator, libisns and userland tools
+ 64-bit time_t
+ rump
+ LVM/dmapper and tools
+ workable MIPS for all
+ netpgp - maybe I am a bit biased in this?
+ able to use external compilers and toolchain
+ cleaned up files in repos - joerg
+ support for wide efficient regexps with tre
+ native X11R7
+ TLS - joerg
+ following on from TLS, modern gdb
+ lua scripting
+ agreement and communication of tiered port system (before release) - pooka
+ other enhancements and new functionality in -current
+ tcp support in libsa? need to merge SoC project
+ sasl - SoC project merged, needs to be hooked into the build
+ namei changes - dholland
+ support for resizing ffs
+ production support for fss - no longer experimental
+ Xen/SMP
+ automated test framework for testing releng autobuilds
+ full functionality for NPF
+ fixed IPSEC NAT-T
+ GPT-aware bootloader for i386/amd64
Possibly in 6.0
+ gcc 4.5+
+ mobile IPv6 - we have the mods, need application of same to the repo
+ kernel modules need work
+ Xen suspend/resume - jym working on it
+ TNF funding for release engineering
Alistair Crooks
On behalf of core and releng teams
Sat Nov 27 12:32:06 PST 2010
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