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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.26 2009/12/14 20:47:23 matt Exp $
# @(#)Makefile 8.3 (Berkeley) 7/24/94
# Missing: dungeon warp
# Moved: chess
# Don't belong: xneko xroach
.include <>
SUBDIR= adventure arithmetic atc \
backgammon banner battlestar bcd boggle \
caesar canfield ching countmail cribbage \
dm factor fish fortune gomoku \
hack hangman hunt larn mille monop morse number \
phantasia pig pom ppt primes quiz \
rain random robots rogue sail snake tetris trek \
wargames worm worms wtf wump
.if ${MKCXX} != "no"
SUBDIR+= dab
.include <>
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