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LIST OF CHANGES FROM LAST RELEASE: <$Revision: 1.906.2.2 $>
[Note: This file does not mention every change made to the NetBSD source tree.
For an exhaustive list, please subscribe to the `source-changes' mailing list,
or see the mailing list archives. For more information, send a message
containing just the word `help' to `'.]
Changes from NetBSD 4.0 to NetBSD 5.0:
evbppc: add support for Xilinx Virtex II-Pro/4-FX. [freza 20061202]
mac68k: add support for four more Nubus video cards, including the
VillageTronic MacPicasso 340. [hauke 20061206]
ixp425: add support for NPE Ethernet. [scw 20061210]
nfs: Remove NQNFS support from kernel. [yamt 20061227]
mount_psshfs(8): add puffs sshfs [pooka 20061229]
zaurus: add support for Sharp C3x00 PDA. [ober 20070105]
i386: add support for Microsoft Xbox. [jmcneill 20070105]
ntp: Import ntp 4.2.4 (20061228). Tracking of network interface address
changes is now supported - no more ntpd restarts when interface
addresses are re-configured (WLAN/DSL/ppp/...). [kardel 20070106]
kernel: global 'securelevel' variable removed; it is now internal to
the secmodel. [elad 20070110]
GCC: Updated to version 4.1.2-20070110. [mrg 20070111]
acpitools: added from FreeBSD via fvdl [christos 20070114]
scsictl(8): added setspeed command, to set the highest speed that the
optical drive should use for reading data,
contributed by Kimura Fuyuki. [bouyer 20070122]
i386, amd64: add cmos(4), driver for x86 CMOS RAM. [dyoung 20070206]
newlock2: Merge the newlock2 branch. Introduces a number of new
kernel synchronization primitives, improves scalability
on MP systems, and replaces the existing SA threads model
with a 1:1 threading model. [ad 20070209]
news68k: Implement generic softintr(9) support. [tsutsui 20070210]
refuse: added file system in userspace compatibility functionality,
layered on top of libpuffs [agc 20070211]
i386: added an opencrypto provider for VIA ACE (AES encryption
instructions), ported from OpenBSD. [daniel 20070217]
sdiff(1): Replaced by OpenBSD sdiff(1) (public domain). [rmind 20070219]
btuart(4): Add support for Bluetooth HCI UART (H4) driver.
[kiyohara 20070221]
btuartd(8): Add support for Bluetooth HCI UART (H4) daemon.
[kiyohara 20070221]
mutex(9), rwlock(9): Support priority inheritance. [yamt 20070226]
eeprom(8): Add the missing kernel bits on arm and powerpc that kept
eeprom from actually changing firmware settings
[macallan 20070228]
MAKEDEV(8), MAKEDEV.local(8): Let MAKEDEV.local use functions
defined in MAKEDEV. [apb 20070303]
x68k: Add generic softintr(9) support. [tsutsui 20070304]
luna68k: Add generic softintr(9) support. [tsutsui 20070304]
file(1): update to 4.20. [pooka 20070304]
hfs: Add read-only Apple HFS+ file system support. [dillo 20070305]
i386, amd64: switch bootable iso images to native boot format, and add
different bootable kernels on the iso images. Enable ACPI
in default INSTALL and GENERIC kernels. [bouyer 20070306]
openssl: Import OpenSSL 0.9.8e. [mjf 20070307]
ipv6: add ipv6 fast forward. [liamjfoy 20070307]
openssh: import 4.6 [christos 20070310]
aiboost(4): ASUS AI Booster ACPI Hardware monitor driver,
adapted from FreeBSD for envsys(4). [xtraeme 20070313]
evbmips: add Infineon ADM5120 port. [dyoung 20070320]
i386, amd64: Intel(R) On Demand Clock Modulation driver, to save
power and overheating in CPUs supporting the Thermal
Monitor feature (TM). Adapted from OpenBSD/FreeBSD.
See options(4) for more information. [xtraeme 20070320]
libc: add support for LC_TIME [manu 20070328]
sh5, evbsh5: Port deleted [scw 20070408]
genfb: generic framebuffer console driver with PCI and SBus
frontends [macallan 20070411]
sgimips: add support for SGI O2 PS/2 controller macekbc(4) and
onboard display adapter crmfb(4) [jmcneill 20070412]
sgimips: import mavb(4) audio device driver for SGI O2 from
OpenBSD [jmcneill 20070412]
sparc64: add support for hardware monitoring on
Ultra Enterprise 450. See envctrl(4) [tnn 20070414]
coda: overhaul kernel module (vnode locking rules, uvm_fault
handling, general cleanup) [gdt 20070415]
puffs(4): Support NFS exporting puffs file servers [pooka 20070416]
xargs(1): Bring in xargs from FreeBSD to gain -I, -J etc. but keep our
GNU compatible exit values. [christos 20070418]
bluetooth(4): add 'service level' security [plunky 20070421]
mount_9p(8): Add support to mount a 9P file service with puffs.
[pooka 20070421]
kernel: Remove the CHECK_ALT_xxx() defines and emul_find() used
to locate files within an emulation's root directory.
Instead get namei() to check the emulation root first.
[dsl 20070422]
prep: add support for the MTX604 RAVEN based machine. Other RAVEN
based machines are also likely to work now. [garbled 20070426]
kernel: Added support for POSIX Asynchronous I/O. [rmind 20070430]
puffs(3): Add puffs_framebuf(3), which abstracts the buffer
management and event loop for networked file systems
using puffs_cc(3). Convert mount_psshfs(8) and
mount_9p(8) to use it. [pooka 20070505]
kernel: Add the TFTPROOT kernel option for TFTP'ing root RAMdisk
at root mount time. [manu 20070508]
pf(4): Make 'nat' and 'rdr' translation rules obey state
policy flags ('if-bound', 'group-bound', 'floating').
Extend pf.conf(5) syntax to express the translation-state
policies. [dyoung 20070510]
kernel: add jmide(4), a driver for the JMicron Technology JMB36x
PCIe to SATA II/PATA controllers. [bouyer 20070515]
idlelwp: yamt-idlelwp branch was merged.
1. separate context switching and thread scheduling.
2. implement idle lwp.
3. clean up related MD/MI interfaces.
4. make scheduler(s) modular.
[yamt 20070518]
ld.elf_so: Support Solaris $ORIGIN etc. expansions in paths.
[christos 20070518]
uslsa(4): added CP210x USB-RS232 ucom driver, as submitted by
Jonathan A. Kollasch in PR kern/33496 [dogcow 20070520]
top(1): Allow a single process to be selected by pid.
Add a 'thread mode' that displays LWPs.
[ad 20070524]
aac(4): Compile and run on amd64. [briggs 20070525]
libcurses: Merge in wide curses work done by Ruibiao Qui as a
Google Summer of Code project [blymn 20070529]
powerpc: Add booted_kernel and booted_device sysctl [nisimura 20070601]
smsc(4): Added a driver for the hardware monitoring portion of
the SMSC LPC47B397 [blymn 20070601]
amd64: The Enhanced Speedstep driver is now able to work on EM64T
CPUs running in 64bit mode. [xtraeme 20070603]
file(1): update to 4.21. [pooka 20070607]
zyd(4): Added OpenBSD's driver. Supports ZyDAS ZD1211/ZD1211B
USB IEEE 802.11b/g wireless network device. [kiyohara 20070609]
mac68k: Switch sn(4) Ethernet on mac68k to using MI SONIC driver.
[tsutsui 20070610]
audio(4): New ioctl AUDIO_GETBUFINFO reduces system overhead for many
emulated OSS functions. [joerg 20070611]
i386: Import AMD Geode LX Security Block driver glxsb(4) from
OpenBSD. [jmcneill 20070615]
ipf: Updated to v4.1.23 [martin 20070616]
tcp(4): Per socket keepalive timer settings. Ability to change
connection timeout [christos 20070620].
newgrp(1): Add POSIX (IEEE Std 1003.1, 2004 / Open Group Base
Specifications Issue 6) User Portability Utility to change
effective group ID. [ginsbach 20060621]
GCC: Updated to version 4.1.3-20070620. [mrg 20070621]
ntp: Updated to version 4.2.4p2. [kardel 20070624]
tcpdrop(8): Ported by anon ymous (from FreeBSD/OpenBSD)
[christos 20070625]
fast_ipsec(4): Add support for IPsec NAT-T [degroote 20070627]
i386: Imported gcscide(4), a driver for the AMD CS5535 Companion
IDE Controller for systems with an AMD Geode GX2 CPU
(for example the decTOP). [xtraeme 20070627]
efs: Added read-only Silicon Graphics EFS file system. [rumble 20070629]
envsys(4), sysmon_envsys(9): Imported envsys2. New API with the following
- Cleaned up the API for simplicity and efficiency.
- Ability to send capacity/critical/warning events to powerd(8).
- Added support for a 'dictionary based communication channel'
between sysmon_power(9) and powerd(8), that means there is
no 32 bytes event size event restriction anymore.
- Binary compatibility with old envstat(8) and powerd(8) via
And more, please see envsys(4) and sysmon_envsys(9) for more
[xtraeme 20070701]
mount_puffsportal: add experimental version of portalfs
based on puffs(3). [pooka 20070708]
i386: Add gcscehci(4) driver for the EHCI controller found in the AMD
Geode CS5536 companion controllers. [jmcneill 20070708]
nfsmb(4): Add support for NVIDIA nForce 2/3/4 SMBus controller and
SMBus driver. [kiyohara 20070711]
dbri(4): Added support for audio input. [macallan 20070712]
alpha: Add timecounter(9) support and switch to MI todr(9)
with MI mc146818 driver. [tsutsui 20070721]
bind: import 9.4.1-P1 [christos 20070724]
ichsmb(4): Add support for Intel ICH SMBus controller.
[kiyohara 20070728]
shark: Add dhclient(8) to the install disk image to be able to
configure network interfaces through DHCP. [jmmv 20070729]
sparc: The cgfourteen driver now supports wscons. [macallan 20070730]
shark: Switched the installation disk to use wscons instead of
pccons. [jmmv 20070731]
tcp(4): TCP socket buffers automatic sizing, ported from FreeBSD.
[rmind 20070802]
agp(4): Add support agp_amd64. Imported from FreeBSD.
[kiyohara 20070804]
cpuctl(8): A new utility which allows setting CPUs online/offline.
[ad 20070804]
libpthread: Make some significant performance improvements around
thread synchronization, and fix a minor problem with
detaching running threads. [ad 20070804]
rump: Add the Runnable Userspace Meta Program framework to sys/rump.
These are programs which compile in a part from the standard
kernel sources and run in userspace. Their main use is
testing/debugging. Currently supported are a number of
file systems (e.g. ffs) through puffs(3). [pooka 20070805]
wscons: Add scrollback support to vcons, this should work with
any framebuffer console driver that uses vcons
[macallan 20070805]
wtf(6): Search pkgsrc's help database when ran inside a package
directory. [hubertf 20070806]
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