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# $NetBSD: TODO.i18n,v 1.8 2006/10/13 17:28:09 tnozaki Exp $
NetBSD I18N support status / TODO
- : unsupported, i : incomplete, s : supported, m : manpage exists
status spec remarks
iconv_open sm XPG4
iconv sm XPG4
iconv_close sm XPG4
status spec remarks
nl_langinfo sm
status spec remarks
localeconv sm
setlocale im LC_CTYPE / LC_MESSAGES only.
status spec remarks
catclose sm XPG3
catgets sm XPG3
catopen sm XPG3
status spec remarks
btowc sm
fgetwc sm
fgetws sm
fputwc sm
fputws sm
fwide sm
fwprintf sm
fwscanf sm
getwc sm
getwchar sm
mbrlen sm
mbrtowc sm
mbsinit sm
mbsrtowcs sm
putwc sm
putwchar sm
swprintf sm
swscanf sm
ungetwc sm
vfwprintf sm
vfwscanf sm
vwprintf sm
vswprintf sm
vswscanf sm
vwscanf sm
wcrtomb sm
wcscat sm
wcschr sm
wcscmp sm
wcscoll im LC_COLLATE not supported.
wcscpy sm
wcscspn sm
wcsftime sm
wcslen sm
wcsncat sm
wcsncmp sm
wcsncpy sm
wcspbrk sm
wcsrchr sm
wcsrtombs sm
wcsspn sm
wcsstr sm
wcstod sm
wcstof sm SUSv3
wcstok sm
wcstol sm
wcstold sm SUSv3
wcstoll sm SUSv3
wcstoul sm
wcstoull sm SUSv3
wcswcs sm SUSv3
wcswidth sm SUSv3
wcsxfrm im LC_COLLATE not supported.
wctob sm
wcwidth sm SUSv3
wmemchr sm
wmemcmp sm
wmemcpy sm
wmemmove sm
wmemset sm
wprintf sm
wscanf sm
status spec remarks
iswalnum sm
iswalpha sm
iswblank sm
iswcntrl sm
iswdigit sm
iswgraph sm
iswlower sm
iswprint sm
iswpunct sm
iswspace sm
iswupper sm
iswxdigit sm
iswctype im basic support
towctrans im basic support
towlower sm
towupper sm
wctrans im basic support
wctype im basic support
status spec remarks
wcstoimax sm
wcstoumax sm
user tools
status spec remarks
iconv sm SUSv3
localedef - SUSv3
locale sm SUSv3
misc TODO:
printf family support %$.
LC_COLLATE should be supported.
LC_MONETARY should be supported.
LC_NUMERIC should be supported.
LC_TIME should be supported.
message catalog make consistent with LC_CTYPE names.
curses support multibyte char.
regexp support multibyte char.
regress enrich test items.
this list add forgotten items.
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