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# @(#)Makefile (Berkeley) 5/7/91
# $Header: /cvsroot/src/sbin/Makefile,v 1993/07/20 02:34:24 cgd Exp $
# Not ported: XNSrouted enpload
# Missing: icheck ncheck
SUBDIR= badsect chown clri disklabel dmesg dump dumpfs fastboot fsck \
halt ifconfig init mknod modload modunload mount mount_fdesc \
mount_isofs mount_kernfs mount_msdos mountd newfs nfsd nfsiod \
ping quotacheck reboot restore route routed savecore shutdown \
slattach swapon tunefs umount
.if make(clean) || make(cleandir)
SUBDIR+= fdisk
.elif ${MACHINE} == "i386"
SUBDIR+= fdisk
.include <>
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