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[Note: This file does not mention every change made to the NetBSD source tree.
For an exhaustive list, please subscribe to the `source-changes' mailing list,
or see the mailing list archives. For more information, send a message
containing just the word `help' to `'.]
Changes from NetBSD 1.5 to NetBSD 1.6:
sparc: the sun4/400 class of machines (using a more elaborate
3-level MMU) is finally supported [pk 20000621]
vm: Mach VM is dead! Long live UVM! [mrg 20000629]
faithd(8): now it can be invoked via inetd(8). [itojun 20000704]
pcmcia: added WEP encryption to awi driver, for AMD 79c930-based
IEEE802.11 FH and DS cards. [onoe 20000704]
systat(1): allow selection of statistics update mode for IP
displays. [ad 20000705]
libc: add `RIPEMD-160' message digest functions. [ad 20000705]
misc: add passwd.conf: allows selection of password encryption
scheme. may be different for local and yp passwords, thus
improving NIS inter-operability. [ad 20000706]
newsyslog(8): completely overhaul this. add a new flag, `C'
(create log file). [ad 20000708]
vax: ld.elf_so can now load and run dynamically linked VAX ELF
programs. [matt 20000714]
openssl: update to 0.9.5a. [mrg 20000716]
pppd(8): update to 2.3.11 [tron 20000717]
rcorder(8): implement `# KEYWORD:' support, with two new arguments to
either keep (-k) or skip (-s) files which have the matching
keyword. [mrg 20000717]
rc(8): in rc.shutdown only run scripts with a 'KEYWORD: shutdown' in
them at shutdown, making the process faster and more robust.
[lukem 20000717]
ftp(1): add support for FEAT & OPTS (from RFC 2389), and MLSD & MLST
(from draft-ietf-ftpext-mlst-11). other fixes and cleanups.
[lukem 20000718]
newsyslog(8): more changes. most importantly, log files can now be
rotated at specific times. [ad 20000718]
ifconfig(8): add nwkey support to enable/disable WEP encryption
and to get/set WEP key for IEEE802.11 wireless network
interfaces [onoe 20000721]
arm26: ea(4) now aligns payloads of incoming packets, fixing many
bugs. [bjh21 20000722]
tcpdump(1): decode IEEE 802.1Q encapsulated packets. [ad 20000724]
ftpd(8): add -W - don't log to wtmp. [lukem 20000726]
libc: non-IPv4 hostname lookup over NIS. follows Solaris 8 practice,
look up ipnodes.{byname,byaddr}. [itojun 20000729]
zoneinfo: install UTC as the default time zone. [kleink 20000803]
xsrc: add support for XDM-AUTHENTICATION-1. [tron 20000806]
ddb(4): add options DDB_BREAK_CHAR to override break for entering
ddb when using the com driver. [jeffs 20000803]
depca(4): Add support for the DEC DE422 Ethernet. [thorpej 20000810]
arp(4): Add kernel counters (displayable with netstat -s) for
various arp events. [jhawk 20000815]
disklabel(8): Be case insensitive when looking up up filesystem and
disk types. Display supported types in interactive mode if
`?' is given at the prompt. [lukem 20000815]
mvme68k: Support for VMEbus slave mode added to mvme147 and mvme167.
[scw 20000820]
sparc64: gcc now generates 32 bit code with `-m32' [mrg 20010830]
cvs(1): Add cvs-1.10.8 to gnusrc [christos 20000904]
mvme68k: Added support for MVME162-LX 200/300 series of boards.
[scw 20000906]
kernel: Number of available pty's is now settable via sysctl
kern.maxptys, kernel pty resources are allocated on demand.
[jdolecek 20000909]
mount(8): If device and mountpoint given, check disklabel for fstype.
[abs 20000918]
sparc64: Work around many GCC building the tree. [mrg 20000918]
fmt(1): Add -C - centre lines [abs 20000918]
expr(1): Reimplemented as yacc-style parser grammar (this also fixes
PR #10995), arithmetic now uses 64 bit integers.
[jdolecek 20000919]
kernel: New option, NFS_V2_ONLY, for a slimmer NFS client
[bjh21 20000919]
pppd(8): update to 2.4.0; cleans up gpl code, adds new tty abstraction,
and api to multilink support (not implemented for NetBSD yet).
[christos 20000923]
kernel: New boot flags -v (bootverbose) and -q (bootquiet) added for
all ports. To be used by kernel code to optionally print
information on boot. [jdolecek 20000925]
cac(4): add support for EISA controllers and latest PCI controllers.
[ad 20000926]
vlan(4): add support for 802.1Q virtual LANs. [ad 20000928]
Ethernet: move the check for "promisc + unicast + not for us"
into ether_input(), and change Ethernet drivers to always
pass all received frames to ether_input(). [thorpej 20001001]
sendmail(8): upgrade to 8.11.1 from [itojun 20001001]
newsmips: add support for tulip based 100BaseTX card: NWB-5852A.
[onoe 20001012]
dhcpd(8): upgrade to version 3 beta 2 patchlevel 9. [taca 20001017]
ca(4): this has been replaced by the `ld' driver. [ad 20001019]
twe(4): add support for the 3ware Escalade family of RAID
controllers. [ad 20001019]
cvs(1): deprecate LOCALID compile-time option in favour of a new
'tag' keyword in CVSROOT/config (repository-specific).
[wiz 20001021]
siop(4): rework the driver for lower interrupt and PCI load, and
add tagged command queuing support. [bouyer 20001024]
cvs(1): import cvs-1.11. [wiz 20001026]
bktr(4): Merge with bktr driver v2.17 (from FreeBSD). [wiz 20001028]
i386: Add support to the bootblocks for booting off RAIDframe RAID1
mirrors (even though installboot(8) can't install them
onto a RAID1 mirror yet). [lukem 20001030]
libintl: bring in libintl from Citrus project xpg4dl tree. it is
BSD-licensed implementation, and is fully compatible with
GNU libintl from GNU gettext. [itojun 20001030]
gettext(1): import GNU gettext suite. userland tools only - libintl
is from Citrus xpg4dl tree. [itojun 20001031]
kernel: Add a watchdog timer framework, and support for the watchdog
timer function on the PC-Weasel serial console
board. [thorpej 20001104]
audio: Add a driver for the NeoMagic 256 AC'97 audio, found in many
laptops. [thorpej 20001104]
iop(4): Add support for I2O adapters, and SCSI, FC-AL and block class
peripherals. [ad 20001107]
cnmagic(9): allows the console magic key sequence to break into
the debugger or ROM monitor to be managed and customized.
[eeh 20001108]
named(8): upgrade to 8.2.2-P7 from ISC. [itojun 20001110]
pfil(9): rework the pfil interface to be more generic, allowing
an arbitrary number of filtering points. [thorpej 20001110]
usb: add the uscanner device driver for USB scanners. From
FreeBSD. [augustss 20001114]
openfirm: add a MI /dev/openfirm to interrogate OpenFirmware
about the device tree (currently works on arm32(SHARK)
and macppc). [matt 20001114]
ftp(1): implement `mreget'. allow choosing of alternate .netrc
with `-N netrc' and $NETRC. [lukem 20001115]
ftpd(8): new ftpd.conf(5) directives: `maxfilesize' - limit maximum
size of upload files, `sanenames' - only permit uploaded
filenames that don't start with `.' and only contain
`[-+,._A-Za-z0-9]'. new command line options: `-e emailaddr'
for %E escape, `-P dataport' different dataport, `-q' enable
pidfiles (default), `-Q' disable pidfiles, `-u' write utmp,
`-U' don't write utmp (default), `-w' write wtmp (default),
`-W' don't write wtmp.
NOTE: -U meaning changed from `write utmp' to `don't write
utmp" to be consistent with -q/-Q and -w/-W. old use of -U
won't enable an unwanted feature, it just won't enable a
wanted feature. [lukem 20001117]
swapctl(8): new `-z' option to display dump device. [mrg 20001117]
mvme68k: Added support for MVME-172 and MVME-177 m68060-based
boards. [scw 20001120]
compat_linux(8): Now works on the Alpha port. [erh 20001120]
amd(8): upgraded to 6.0.4 [wiz 20001120]
compat_linux(8): ptrace(2) emulation improved for i386:
PTRACE_{SET|GET}FPREGS is now fully supported,
PTRACE_{PEEK|POKE}USER partially; linux gdb can
now attach to running linux process and show first function
on stack backtrace, info float works. [jdolecek 20001121]
file(1): update to 3.33. [pooka 20001123]
kernel: Integrate the UBC (unified buffer cache) project. [chs 20001126]
auich(4): added driver for Intel ICH integrated AC'97
audio. [thorpej 20001127]
eeprom(8): make this work on the sparc64. [mrg 20001128]
kernel: lfs support is now loadable via LKM. [jdolecek 20001130]
ffs: vfs.ffs.doreallocblks is now on by default. [jdolecek 20001130]
ncr53c9x: add TAG QUEUE support [eeh 20001130]
mount_mfs(8): allow an 'm' suffix to the file system size option to
specify the size of the mfs in megabytes. [simonb 20001201]
libutil: added pw_getprefix() and pw_setprefix() to get and set the
root directory used by the passwd file update functions.
[tron 20001206]
vipw(8): Add `-d /directory' option to specify the root directory
of the passwd file. [tron 20001206]
mvme68k: Native object file format changed to ELF, using
and [scw 20001207]
rpc.yppasswdd(8): Add `-d /directory' option to specify the root
directory of the passwd file. [tron 20001208]
kernel: Added infrastructure to load emulations and their executable
support dynamically via LKM. [jdolecek 20001208]
arm26: support for "Unix" backplanes (with interrupt masking) via
unixbp(4). [bjh21 20001209]
ldd_elf(1): add handling of a.out binaries. [simonb 20001212]
libc: switch to tzcode strftime() implementation. [kleink 20001212]
pkg_install: Added support for creating and adding bzip2 compressed
packages (expected suffix: .tbz). [hubertf 20001213]
pcmcia: added an(4) driver for Aironet 4500/4800 and Cisco Aironet
340 series from FreeBSD. [onoe 20001213]
audiorecord(1): If we can't output a valid sun header, don't output
any header at all. [mrg 20001213]
tc: added drivers for the DEC PixelStamp family of graphics
accellerators. [ad 20001218]
ftpd(8): new command line flag: `-X' - syslog wu-ftpd style xferlog
entries. new ftpd.conf(5) directive: `advertise' - change the
address advertised by PASV (useful for certain firewall
environments). [lukem 20001218].
sb(4): Add support for Avance Logic ALS100+ [mjl 20001219]
fdisk(8): Print out contents of extended partitions. [lukem 20001220]
m68k: All m68k-based ports now share a common kernel syscall()
function. [scw 20001219]
arm26: New eh(4) driver for older i-cubed EtherLan cards.
[bjh21 20001220]
libc: enable citrus LC_CTYPE locale framework. single byte only,
multibyte will be enabled shortly. [itojun 20001221]
mbrlabel(8): by default only display the changed disk label; only
update the label if -f is given. be saner about adding entries
from the MBR to the NetBSD disk label. [lukem 20001224]
racoon(8): KAME IKE daemon for IPsec key negotiation. [itojun 20001229]
usbhidaction(1): a new command to perform actions when USB HID items
take on certain values. [augustss 20001230]
du(1): Add -m option. Similar to -k, use megabyte (1024*1024 bytes)
as size unit. [hubertf 20001230]
df(1): Add -m option. Similar to -k, use megabyte (1024*1024 bytes)
as size unit. [hubertf 20001230]
make(1): support for use of -j (spawn jobs in parallel) in recursive
builds; all make processes in a build cooperate to limit
the total number of compile jobs.
[sommerfeld 20001230]
bktr(4): Merge with bktr driver v2.18 (from FreeBSD). [wiz 20001230]
xsrc: import XFree86 4.0.2 [veego 20010101]
pmax: MI TCDS option cards work. [mrg 20010101]
i386: bump maximum partition number to 16 [tron 20010102]
_DIAGASSERT(3): allow user to control behaviour with $LIBC_DIAGASSERT.
[lukem 20010104]
sendmail(8): upgrade to 8.11.2 from [itojun 20010104]
libcdk: initial import of CDK-4.9.9-20000407-myc3 [garbled 20010104]
sushi(8): Initial import of sushi. Sushi is an interactive,
menu-based program that is designed to aid the user or
administrator with administrative and complex tasks on thier
machines. [garbled 20010105]
hp300: Switch to using ELF binary format by default.
[simonb 20010106]
audio: Add esm driver for the ESS Technology Maestro-2/2e AC97 PCI
Audio Accelerator. [rh 20010108]
libedit: Support arbitrarily long input lines. [jdolecek 20010110]
usb: Add usscanner, a driver for some SCSI-over-USB scanners, e.g.,
HP5300. [augustss 20010111]
/etc/ifconfig.xxN: now able to take shell script fragment on lines
start with "!". [itojun 20010112]
wi(4): Default mode is now BSS-mode, not ad hoc mode. [jhawk 20010111]
netinet: apps can now specify interface index with multicast
set/getsockopt (instead of interface addresses), using
network byteorder value within [itojun 20010113]
sort(1): Switched to BSD sort, GNU sort nuked. [jdolecek 20010113]
sysinst: Rework large portions of sysinst disk and filesystem handling,
/etc support, IPv6 support and general clean ups.
[mrg 20010114]
xsrc: Initial support for Alpha PCI video cards in XFree86 4.0.2.
[simonb 20010114]
ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.3.0 around
20010105. [itojun 20010114]
hpcsh: initial import of hpcsh port, for SH3-based WinCE machines.
[itojun 20010117]
net: pull post-4.4BSD change to sys/net/route.c. rt_addrinfo is
passed all the way down to rtrequest logic. 3rd argument
to ifa->ifa_rtrequest is now rt_addrinfo *. [itojun 20010117]
amiga: the machine-independent wdc is now the default driver for
the A1200 IDE connector. [is 20010122]
amiga: pcmcia support is now in standard kernel configurations
(GENERIC, AMIGA, INSTALL). [is 20010122]
net: integrated isdn4bsd userland, kernel stack and drivers for
pci/isa/isapnp/pcmcia/zbus boards. [martin,is 20010122]
audio: add clct(4), a driver for Cirrus Logic CS4281.
Driver by Tatoku Ogaito. [augustss 20010121]
usb: add uplcom(4) driver for Prolific PL-2303 USB-RS232 bridge chip.
e.g., I/O DATA USB-RSAQ2. [ichiro 20010123]
ipsec/ipf: ipf now looks into wire-format packet only (not the
form after get decapsulated by IPsec). It will make
it very simple to configure NAT box and IPsec tunnel gateway
in the same box.
NOTE: if you are using ipf to filter decapsulated IPsec
packets, please be warned. [itojun 20010124]
libc: enable multibyte LC_CTYPE locale support, from citrus XPG4DL
codebase. [itojun 20010125]
net: mark cloned routes with RTF_CLONED. cloned routes can now be
overwritten by explicit route addition requests (fixes PR
11916). cloned routes goes away if parent route (RTF_CLONING)
goes away. [itojun 20010127]
bind: upgrade to 8.2.3. 8.2.3 includes security fixes so be sure
to upgrade. [itojun 20010127]
usb: update uplcom(4) driver. support I/O DATA USB-RSAQ.
[ichiro 20010128]
amiga: add ZEUS ISDN-link and Individual Computers ISDN surfer
support [is 20010128]
usb: add umidi(4) driver. [tshiozak 20010131]
netbsd32: clean up, fix several bugs, prepare for sunos32.
[mrg 20010201]
sparc64: make COMPAT_SUNOS work on the 64-bit kernel. [mrg 20010202]
mlx(4): Add a driver for the Mylex DAC960 family (including DEC
SWXCR RAID). Based upon the FreeBSD driver of the same
name. [ad 20010204]
vax: Added support for MicroVAX 3100m90, MicroVAX 3100m95,
VAX 4000/100, VAX 4000/105A, VAX 4000/108, VAX 4000/400,
VAX 4000/500 and VAX 4000/600. From Michael Kukat.
[ragge 20010204]
nfs: use real vnode locks [fvdl 20010206]
accept(2): return errno = ECONNABORTED if TCP RST arrives before
accept(2), rather than 0-length sockaddr (or junk sockaddr).
the behavior conforms to SUSv2. no userland changes necessary
(as ECONNABROTED will be handled just like other errors).
[itojun 20010207]
ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.3.1 around
20010208. [itojun 20010208]
libpcap: always write out dump files using 32bit timeval.
[itojun 20010208]
amiga: Support for BSC ISDN Master II. [is 20010208]
od(1): Add -t option to specify output types and add a manpage to
document the od(1) command. From Andrew Brown.
[hubertf 20010209]
compat_svr4(8): Add COMPAT_SVR4_32 for 32-bit SVR4 binaries on 64-bit
machines. [eeh 20010210]
ssh: rnd(4) random number device is now mandatory to run ssh/sshd
and related tools. [itojun 20010214]
libc: Reimplement hcreate(3), hsearch(3) and hdestroy(3).
[cgd 20010214]
netkey: When processing an SADB_DELETE message, allow
SADB_EXT_SA to be blank. In this case, we delete
all non-LARVAL SAs that match the src/dst/protocol.
This is particularly useful in IKE INITIAL-CONTACT
Idea from Bill Sommerfeld <>,
who implemented it in post-Solaris8. [thorpej 20010216]
ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.5.0 around
20010217. [itojun 20010217]
arm32: Wrote and imported a new bootloader for the Acorn machines
and derivatives including RiscPC,A7000,RC7500 featuring
RISC OS version independence and relocating before running
the kernel. [reinoud 20010218]
amigappc: Integrated Adam Ciarcinskis first version of interrupt
support. [is 20010218]
libc: Add getprogname(3) and setprogname(3). [cgd 20010219]
ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.5.1 around
20010219. [itojun 20010219]
hpcarm: initial import of hpcarm port, for StrongARM-based WinCE machines.
[ichiro 20010220]
printcap(5): save the trees, add `:sh:' to examples. [mrg 20010221]
arm32: vidcvideo0 renamed to vidcconsole to aid wscons transition
[reinoud 20010221]
compat_svr4(8): Support 64-bit SVR4 (64-bit Solaris 8) binaries.
[eeh 20010221]
racoon(8): upgrade to 2/22 KAME codebase. there can be
intereoperability issue with past KAME racoon, as we now use
more popular interpretation for bundle proposals. if this
raises problem, use "complex_bundle" directive in config file.
[itojun 20010222]
sun3: Switch to using ELF binary format by default.
[chs 20010222]
mount_ados(8): automatically fall back to mounting read-only when
encountering the EROFS error. [is 20010225]
sparc64: LKM's work for sparc64. [mrg 20010225]
alpha: LKM's work for alpha. [mrg 20010226]
hme: match the `SUNW,qfe' `quad fast ethernet' cards. [mrg 20010228]
sendmail(8): upgrade to 8.11.3 from [itojun 20010228]
pci(9): allow MD to control device & function probe order.
[mrg 20010302]
misc: remove unused `falken' user and `ingres' user and group.
[lukem 20010304]
sparc: include a 32-bit sun4u kernel. [mrg 20010304]
sparc64: E250 support seems to work. [mrg 20010306]
libc: Add shquote(3) and shquotev(3). [cgd 20010309]
routed(8): updated to 2.24 [christos 20010310]
amiga: make the ioblix serial master clock frequency patchable and
a kernel option. ioblix at zbus is now in the GENERIC
configuration. [is 20010310]
postfix: upgrade to release-20010228, with KAME IPv6 patch.
[itojun 20010313]
mca: add elmc(4) - 3Com EtherLink/MC (3c523) driver [jdolecek 20010316]
file(1): update to 3.34. [pooka 20010317]
sparc: implement MP DDB. [mrg 20010318]
xsrc: import XFree86 4.0.3 [veego 20010318]
nfsstat(1): cleanup output to show percentages. [lukem 20010319]
news68k: Switch to using ELF binary format by default.
[tsutsui 20010319]
ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.5.2 around
20010319. [itojun 20010319]
netinet: add experimental implementation of RFC1948 (cryptographic
hash for TCP ISS generation). Disabled by default, this
code should only be played with by people who know what
they are doing.
Make RFC1323 TCP timestamp values 0-based for all TCP
connections. Avoids leaking uptime information.
[thorpej 20010320]
sendmail(8): enable STARTTLS. [itojun 20010321]
mca: add ep(4) attachment, for 3Com 3c529 [jdolecek 20010322]
mca: split ISA we(4) to generic backend and ISA-specific frontend and
add support for MCA variants of WD80x3 cards and its clones
[jdolecek 20010323]
libc: add support for nl_langinfo(CODESET). [tshiozak 20010326]
wscons: support entering the kgdb remote connection wait if the
KS_Cmd_Debugger key sequence (CTRL-ALT-ESC) is pressed.
[lukem 20010323]
usb: add umct(4) driver for MCT USB-RS232 Converter
[ichiro 20010329]
CHILD_MAX: bumped default to 160. [mrg 20010328]
ncr53c9x: added fas support to ncr53c9x driver
[petrov 20010328]
audio: add yds(4) driver for Yamaha DS-1 PCI audio controller.
[minoura 20010331]
compat_linux(8): make unimplemented syscalls return ENOSYS, don't
send SIGSYS to the process, so that Linux glibc fallback
mechanism works [jdolecek 20010330]
mca: add ite(4) attachment, for ATI AT1720X cards [jdolecek 20010331]
libc: add XSH5 timezone and daylight interfaces. [kleink 20010331]
vi(1): upgrade to nvi 1.79. [aymeric 20010331]
arm32: ea(4) and eb(4) now use MI seeq8005 driver. [bjh21 20010405]
seeq8005: support multicast and the 80C04. [bjh21 20010405]
powerpc: add compat_linux(8) to macppc, ofppc, prep, bebox,
sandpoint and amigappc. [manu 20010407]
ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.5.4 around
20010410. NOTE: ssh(1) now defaults to SSH protocol version 2.
[itojun 20010410]
net: Add PFIL_HOOKS filtering points to network interfaces,
and perform pfil processing for Ethernet. [thorpej 20010410]
libcrypto, libssl: upgrade to OpenSSL 0.9.6a. [itojun 20010412]
kernel: Remove splimp() from the NetBSD kernel. splnet() is
the only spl*() call allowed to protect data
structures used by network devices. [thorpej 20010413]
arm26: randomize statclock periods. [bjh21 20010416]
rc(8): support "poll" as an argument to the /etc/rc.d scripts, which
spins until all the processes for the service exit. Use this
to make "restart" more robust. [lukem 20010418]
mca: add edc(4)/ed(4) driver for IBM ESDI Controller [jdolecek 20010419]
groff(1): import groff-1.16.1 [wiz 20010419]
mca: add ne(4) attachment,for Novell NE/2 and clones [jdolecek 20010420]
i386: remove DIAGNOSTIC option from GENERIC kernels and create
a GENERIC_DIAGNOSTIC kernel [fvdl 20010422]
arp(8): Add a way to delete all arp entries without having to
use a shell contruct [atatat 20010424]
scsipi(4): pull up thorpej_scsipi branch: cleaner interfaces between
different layers, kernel thread to handle error recovery out
of interrupt context. [bouyer 20010425]
mca: Add le(4) driver for SK-NET Personal and MC2+ [jdolecek 20010427]
ifconfig(8): -A is now default. all IPv4 alias addresses are printed
by default. [itojun 20010428]
uvm: Implement round-robin page coloring. [thorpej 20010428]
scsi: Add a MI driver for the Symbios/NCR 53c710 SCSI controller.
[tsutsui 20010430]
vax: Added support for the 400/705A, from Michael Kukat.
[ragge 20010501]
kernel: poll(2) support added to tty line-disciplines.
[scw 20010502]
x68k: Add the voice synthesizer driver. Based on the code written by
Tetsuya Isaki <>. [minoura 20010502]
mca: detect the presence of MCA bus on i386 via bios call, no longer
hardcoded for MCA-enabled kernels [jdolecek 20010502]
ktrace(1): Add a -s option to open the trace file for synchronized
writes [simonb 20010504]
savecore(8): Use the formatted panic string if available
[simonb 20010506].
vax: Support for the Interlan NI1010 Ethernet interface and the
DEC DDCMP DMC-11/DMR-11 interface [ragge 20010506]
mlx(4): Add an EISA front-end for this driver. name. [ad 20010506]
dump(8): Add a -e option to eject the tape automatically if a tape
change is required. [tron 20010507]
postfix: upgrade to 20010228-pl02, with KAME IPv6 patch.
[itojun 20010508]
rc.d(8): change the default "stop" mechanism to wait until the command
terminates before returning. This improves the reliability of
"restart" as well. [lukem 20010509]
amd(8): upgraded to 6.0.6 [veego 20010513]
gif(4): remove multi-destination mode support [itojun 20010514]
ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.9 around
20010515. [itojun 20010515]
macppc: Support AirMac wavelan card. [tsubai 20010516]
gsip(4): Added driver for National Semiconductor DP83820
Gigabit Ethernet chip, found on NetGear GA-622 and
Asante FriendlyNet GigaNIX. [thorpej 20010517]
ndbootd(8): Imported ndbootd(8), used to netboot Sun2s.
[fredette 20010517]
bind: upgrade to BIND 8.2.4 from ISC. [itojun 20010517]
hpcarm: Add support for PCIC of JORNADA720 [toshii 20010523]
oak(4): Made the driver for the Oak Solutions 16-bit SCSI card work
on NetBSD/arm26 as well as NetBSD/arm32. [bjh21 20010526]
hcsc(4): New driver for the HCCS 8-bit SCSI podule, based on the MI
ncr5380 driver. [bjh21 20010526]
macppc: Honour RTC_OFFSET. [wiz 20010528]
dump(8): Improve support for backing up unmounted file-systems which
are listed in /etc/fstab as well as mounted file-systems which
are not listed. [lukem 20010528]
Added port to Algorithmics MIPS evaluation boards (NetBSD/algor).
The P-5064 is currently supported, Revision D board
tested. Thanks to Allegro Networks for providing me
with a board. [thorpej 20010528]
sendmail(8): upgrade to 8.11.4 from [itojun 20010529]
mvme68k: intrcnt/intrnames deprecated in favour of generic
evcnt(9) interface. [scw 20010531]
i386: g/c COMPAT_OLDBOOT from bootblocks [jdolecek 20010601]
algor: Added support for the P-4032 board. [thorpej 20010601]
inet: Add support for hardware-assisted IPv4/TCP/UDP checksumming
and for caching the IPv6 TCP pseudo-header. Support
checksum offloading on the DP83820 Gigabit Ethernet,
3Com 3c90xB, 3Com 3c90xC, and Alteon Tigon/Tigon2
Gigabit Ethernet. [thorpej 20010602]
bzip2(1), libbz2: Update to 1.0.1 - note there is a completely new API.
[simonb 20010603]
scsi: Add a driver for the Initio INIC-940/950 PCI SCSI controllers.
[tsutsui 20010603]
powerpc: New pmap module added for MPC6xx PowerPC CPUs. Move MPC6xx
specific files to their own directory. [matt 20010606]
sparc64: make sunos32, svr4_32 & netbsd32 compat & exec modules work
as LKM's. [mrg 20010607]
sparc: make SMP inter-processor-interrupts work. [mrg 20010608]
xsrc: import XFree86 4.1.0 [tron 20010609]
arc: obtain secondary cache size from ARC firmware, to support
NEC Express RISCserver. by Bob Meader. [soda 20010613]
Added a port to the IBM PowerPC 405GP Reference Board (the "walnut").
[simonb,eeh 20010613].
net: the meaning of ifnet.if_lastchange is changed to meet
RFC1573 ifLastChange MIB. [itojun 20010614]
rc(8): in rc.shutdown, implement an optional watchdog timer which will
terminate rc.shutdown after the number of seconds specified in
in $rcshutdown_timeout. [lukem 20010616]
kernel: John S. Dyson's FreeBSD high performance pipe implementation
ported, optionally available with 'options NEW_PIPE'.
[jdolecek 20010616]
fsck(8): don't check file systems which are mounted read-write.
[lukem 20010618]
bsd.*.mk, libc: Add a MKSOFTFLOAT make variable to control soft/hard
float userland builds. [simonb 20010618]
sf(4): Added driver for the Adaptec AIC-6915 10/100 Ethernet
chip, found on several Adaptec Ethernet boards.
[thorpej 20010618]
ste(4): Added driver for the Sundance Tech. ST-201 10/100 Ethernet
chip, found on the D-Link DFE-550TX. [thorpej 20010619]
ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.9 around
20010624. authorized_keys2 and known_host2 are integrated
into those without "2". existing known_hosts2 file is still
read, but won't get updated. [itojun 20010624]
tcpdump(8): import tree, version 3.6. change the build
tree organization to use src/dist/tcpdump. [itojun 20010625]
ifmcstat(8): drop setgid bit for safety. only root needs this tool.
[itojun 20010626]
syslogd(8): now it is possible to filter UDP syslog messages by libwrap.
[itojun 20010701]
config(8): Don't pack locators by default. Introduce a new
commandline option (-P) to pack locators. [gmcgarry 20010701]
userconf(4): In-kernel device configuration manager. Written by
Mats O Jansson <> and reworked by
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <>.
[gmcgarry 20010701]
cdplay(1): Add support for skipping to the previous and next tracks.
[gmcgarry 20010701]
inet: Update ARP logic to support multiple IPv4 addresses on an
interface better. There still are items to be done.
[itojun 20010704]
compat_linux(8): Added socket address family number translation,
necesary to make e.g. IPv6 work under emulation (PR #13279).
[jdolecek 20010704]
mvme68k: replace simulated software interrupts with h/w assisted
software interrupts. [scw 20010706]
raidctl(8): add -G, which outputs the configuration of the given raid
device in the same format that -c and -C use. [lukem 20010710]
dev_mkdb(8): Add flags to choose source directory and target database,
like with pwd_mkdb(8) or cap_mkdb(8) [manu 20010713]
hpcarm: Add support for PCIC of iPAQ [ichiro 20010715]
syslogd(8): Better error reporting, flags to setuid/setgid/chroot
syslogd (PR #13400) [manu 20010716]
arm: Changes made to libc & csu, support added to ld.elf_so to
support common ELF shared libraries for both armv2/armv4+
[matt 20010716]
lfs: lfs on-disk layout version 2, allowing better interaction
with physical disk configuration, keeping the atime information
on the ifile rather than in the inodes, and allowing the
possibility for undelete without further disk layout changes.
Roll-forward is enabled for v2 filesystems. [perseant 20010716]
route(8): -prefixlen now works on IPv4 too. [itojun 20010720]
file(1): update to 3.36. [pooka 20010722]
stge(4): Added device driver for the Sundance/Tamarack TC9021
Gigabit Ethernet controller. [thorpej 20010725]
ep(4): Finally made the 3Com 3c515 10/100 ISA Ethernet card
work. [thorpej 20010726]
arm26: A new bootloader, boot26(8), written in C and with support for
gzipped kernels. [bjh21 20010728]
gif(4): With old code, IFF_UP is raised when the physical (outer)
address is configured. The behavior was incorrect and is now
removed. [itojun 20010729]
newfs(8): add -F to create file system image in regular file, -Z to
pre-zero image file, SI suffix support on all numeric
arguments. [lukem 20010729]
mly(4): Add a driver for Mylex AcceleRAID and eXtremeRAID
controllers. Based off the FreeBSD driver of the same name.
[ad 20010730]
ddb(4): Locate the correct ELF string table without resorting to
looking at the section names to find it. [bjh21 20010731]
libsa: Arrange to be able to load ELF kernels without backwards seeks,
taking advantage of the recent DDB change. [bjh21 20010731]
sendmail(8): upgrade to 8.11.5 from [itojun 20010801]
dhcp: upgrade to version 3.0rc10. [drochner 20010803]
sparc64: Support non-faulting loads (which gcc never generates
anyway) and new memset/memcpy routines that use VIS
instructions. [eeh 20010805]
lpd(8): Add -W parameter to disable the priviledged origin
port checking. This may be needed to get certain clients
(usually of Windows vintage) to cooperate. [mjl 20010811]
dumpfs(8): add -F to dumpfs from a file system image in a regular
file [lukem 20010814]
dump(8): add -F to dump from a file system image in a regular file
[lukem 20010814]
fsck_ffs(8): add -F to fsck a file system image in a regular file
[lukem 20010815]
sun2: New ec(4) driver for the old 3Com 3c400 Multibus Ethernet
card. [fredette 20010816]
ffs: fix FFS_EI support in kernel and various tools. [lukem 20010817]
bridge(4): Add support for building network bridges. Currently
works with Ethernet-like networks. [thorpej 20010817]
pwd_mkdb(8): Add -u and -s options, to allow restriction of updates
to one user's records or the secure datbase. Also, increase
the cache size for larger password files. [ad 20010818]
tunefs(8): add -F to tunefs a file system image in a regular file
[lukem 20010819]
fsirand(8): add -F to fsirand a file system image in a regular file,
display statistics upon receipt of SIGINFO. [lukem 20010820]
cdplay(1): Major clean-up. Increase stability, and add a shuffle mode.
Much of this from Sergey Svishchev. [ad 20010820]
sendmail(8): upgrade to 8.11.6 from [itojun 20010821]
pmax: has GENERIC_SOFT_INTERRUPTS. [nisimura 20010822]
pmax: Use PROM bitmap to determine available memory, and use multiple
memory segments if present. [mhitch 20010824]
acphy: Added driver for the Altima AC101 low-power 10/100
Ethernet PHY. [thorpej 20010824]
pnaphy: Added generic driver for HomePNA PHYs. [thorpej 20010824]
amhphy: Added driver for the 10BASE-T portion of the
AMD 79c901 HomePNA/10BASE-T PHY. [thorpej 20010824]
amiga: added driver for Repulse audio board. [is 20010825]
pmax: switch to MI SCSI. [simonb 20010826]
pcn(4): New driver for the AMD PCnet-PCI family of Ethernet
chips. This driver uses direct DMA to mbufs (like
other PCI network drivers, and unlike the old
"le at pci" driver), and also supports communication
with the MII-connected PHYs on the 10/100 boards.
[thorpej 20010827]
ffs: incorporate fix from FreeBSD to correctly support file systems
with a large number of cylinder groups (~16000 on 32 bit
platforms, half that on 64 bit platforms). [lukem 20010902]
sshd(8): PermitRootLogin changed to "no", so root may no longer log
in directly by default. [cjs 20010902]
tunefs(8): replace -t with -k, to be consistent with newfs(8).
[lukem 20010903]
useradd: Allow specifying login-class with -L switch when creating
new accounts or changing existing ones. [christos 20010905]
ffs: incorporate enhanced ffs_dirpref() by Grigoriy Orlov, which
noticibly improves performance when creating directories,
and subsequently manipulating them. [lukem 20010906]
newfs(8): add -g and -h options to control the enhanced ffs_dirpref().
[lukem 20010906]
tunefs(8): add -g and -h options to control the enhanced ffs_dirpref().
[lukem 20010906]
libc: add __clone(2) [christos 20010907]
file(1): update to 3.37. [pooka 20010909]
ipsec: Add i386 asm versions of des, 3des, and blowfish transforms.
[tls 20010909]
newfs_msdos(8): Import better version from FreeBSD. [christos 20010910]
pmap(9): Add argument to pmap_update to specify the updated pmap, this
will help with delaying tlb/cache flushes till as late as
possible. [chris 20010910]
TCP: Make TCP timers use callouts, rather than traversing
a list of all connections twice per second. [thorpej 20010910]
Econet: Add support for Econet interfaces in general. [bjh21 20010910]
arm26: Add eca(4) driver to support Archimedes Econet modules.
[bjh21 20010910]
i386: add systems calls to get/set MTRRs. [fvdl 20010910]
agp: add AGP GART code, ported from code by Doug Rabson in FreeBSD
[fvdl 20010910]
resolv.conf(5): add "insecure1" and "insecure2" option.
[itojun 20010913]
i386: add sysinst and kern set bits to support installation on IBM PS/2
[jdolecek 20010913]
savecore(8): add "-Z level" to control compression level, and change
the default level from 6 to 1 (the fastest). [lukem 20010912]
gem: New driver for Sun GEM, ERI, and Apple GMAC gigabit ethernet
controllers [eeh 20010915]
krb4: import version 1.1 [assar 20010917]
heimdal: import version 0.4e [assar 20010917]
execvp(3): Use alloca instead of malloc & strdup to plug a memory
leak. [simonb 20010918]
sh(1): do not truncate expr longer than 10 digits. PR 13943.
[itojun 20010919]
XdecNetBSD: Add an Xserver for alpha and wscons'fied pmax. In addition
to the graphics adapters catered for by XalphaNetBSD, this
supports the CFB, XCFB, TFB, color PM, PX and PXG family.
[ad 20010921]
dpti: Add an implementation of the DPT/Adaptec SCSI RAID management
interface. This makes it possible to the Linux versions of run
dptmgr, raidutil, dptelog and friends under NetBSD.
[ad 20010921]
mtree(8): add -l to perform "loose" permission checks. [perry 20010922]
sgimips: If `OSLoadOptions' variable in ARCS is set to `auto', boot
straight to multiuser mode. [rafal 20010922]
sparc: Add support for the generic softintr(9) API. [mrg 20010927]
ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.9.9 around
20010927. Kerberos code is revamped, there could be some
configuration differences. [itojun 20010927]
acpi: commit work-in-progress of ACPI support. Included here
is the 20010831 snapshot of the Intel ACPICA reference
implementation. [thorpej 20010927]
libc: add wcstod(3), wcstol(3) and wcstoul(3). [yamt 20010927]
ksh(1): sync'd with latest version (pdksh-5.2.14-patches.2).
[wiz 20010929]
audio: add the esl(4) driver which supports the Eiger Labs audio
PCMCIA card. From Jared D. McNeill. [augustss 20010929]
/etc/security: add check_pkgs option to police the installed pkgs
list in the same manner as the /etc/changelist stuff.
[atatat 20010930]
mtree(8): add -D to print the provided specfile out in an easier to
parse format. add '-R key' to remove key from the list of
keywords to display. [lukem 20011001]
audio: the internal kernel interface between the high level audio
driver and the low level drivers has gained a new method,
dev_ioctl, for passing ioctl() down. [augustss 20011003]
/etc/security: always set timezone to UTC, as we store and later
compare the output of programs (like ls) that change their
output based on setting of the TZ variable. [cjs 20011003]
crunchgen(1): Change to do all builds by default via a reach over make
setup. [jmc 20011004]
mtree(8): add a new keyword - "tags" - for a comma separated list of
tags associated with the file. add -E to exclude files from
-D with matching tags. add -I to only include files with
matching tags from -D. [lukem 20011004]
kernel: Add generic properties(9). [eeh 20011004]
getnameinfo(3): Add support for formatting link-layer addresses.
Programs which print link-layer addresses will be migrated
to using this interface. [bjh21 20011005]
mtree(8): add support for absolute paths in the specfile. add
"all" keyword. [lukem 20011006]
mips: LKM's work for mips. [simonb 20011006]
file(1): recognize Amiga Workbench icon (.info) files. [is 20011006]
amiga: cbiiisc driver (actually, siop2) drives LED now. [is 20011008]
mtree(8): add "device" keyword. [lukem 20011009]
install(1): Add -M metalog, to log the metadata associated with a file
to the provided metalog file. [lukem 20011011]
misc: add "ntpd" user and group, and move "named" user's homedir
from /var/named to /var/chroot/named. [lukem 20011011]
/etc/security: augment /etc/changelist with parsing /etc/mtree/special
and /etc/mtree/special.local for list of files to monitor.
if /sbin/fdisk exists, monitor its output for disks.
monitor many more files. [lukem 20011014]
inet6: IPV6_BINDV6ONLY socket option is deprecated (binary backward
compatibility is kept). use IPV6_V6ONLY for new code instead.
[itojun 20011015]
Added port to SONY PlayStation 2. [uch 20011016]
wc(1): -m and -w flags now handle multibyte characters properly.
[yamt 20011019]
hp300: new hil(4) attachment making it an optional component of
the kernel [gmcgarry 20011017]
hp300: new rtc(4) attachment (mandatory) for the real-time
clock [gmcgarry 20011017]
pax(1): add -M, which treats stdin as an mtree(8) specfile when
doing -w or -rw. [lukem 20011025]
arm26: gdb(1) now works. [bjh21 20011025]
mtree(8): add -W, to prevent permissions from being modified or
complained about; used with -du to create missing
directories as the current user. [lukem 20011026]
install(1): add -T tags, to write mtree(8) tags out to the
-M metalog. [lukem 20011026]
cu(1): Add -F (default) h/w flow control,
-f no h/w flow control, and
-q for quiet downloads. [briggs 20011026]
makefs(8): imported makefs(8), which creates a file system
image from a directory tree. [lukem 20011026]
moused(8): add a daemon (from FreeBSD) to take input from serial
mice and put them into a wsmux, for easy access via
/dev/wsmouse. [augustss 20011029]
tun(4): interface converted to cloning. [atatat 20011031]
opendisk(3); enforce the iscooked arg to check if the type of
the matching file is S_IFBLK or S_IFCHR as appropriate.
[lukem 20011101]
scsi: Add a driver for the Tekram DC-395U/UW/F and DC-315/U PCI SCSI
host adapters, written by Rui-Xiang Guo <>.
[tsutsui 20011103]
inet6: correct IPv6 UDP inbound processing. now IPv6 sockets will not
grab packets to joined multicast groups after bind(2). exact
address match is necessary (the behavior is now closer to
4.4BSD IPv4 stack). [itojun 20011106]
ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.0
around 20011107. [itojun 20011107]
mtree(8): add -L, to walk the tree logically (following symlinks).
add -P, to walk the tree physically (the default). add
-X excludefile, a file containing a list of patterns to
exclude. add "rmd160" and "sha1" keywords. [lukem 20011107]
x68k: Add support of an ethernet part of Nereid. [isaki 20011111]
postfix: remove IPv6 patch, as it still needs a lot more torture-
testing outside of the tree. [itojun 20011111]
getnameinfo(3): always assume NI_WITHSCOPEID is on, to sync with
recent standards document. [itojun 20011115]
kernel: kernel builds are now mostly port independent. this means
that ports (on sparc, i386, alpha, and vax, for now) now
use an included file for most of the build machinery and
only set relevant variables in their own makefiles.
[atatat 20011116]
malloc(9): add M_ZERO to zero allocated memory (from FreeBSD).
[lukem 20011117]
acorn32: New port formed as part of the splitting of the arm32 port.
[reinoud 20011118]
audio: add autri(4) driver for Trident 4DWAVE based PCI audio.
[someya 20011118]
kernel: options(4) to control kgdb are now more orthogonal, and are:
KGDB_DEVRATE. [lukem 20011120]
install(1): handle links and the -r flag correctly. [simonb 20011123]
mca: IBM PS/2 MCA DMA controller access bus_dma'fied, uses i386
ISA bus_dma routines to bounce buffers on machines with
>16MB RAM, edc(4) and mca/ed(4) fixes [jdolecek 20011124]
dd(1): support 'g' (gigabyte) and 't' (terabyte)' suffices on sizes.
[lukem 20011125]
makefs(8): support size suffix parsing as per dd(1). [lukem 20011125]
distrib/notes: Add a table of contents to the release notes.
[jhawk 20011126]
vmstat(1): rename '-h histname' to '-u histname' (UVM history for
histname), rename '-H' to '-U' (all UVM histories),
add '-h hashstat' to display hash statistics for hashstat,
add '-H' to display all hash statistics, '-L' to list
available hashes. [lukem 20011126]
usb: Add a very preliminary driver for ehci(4); the host controller
for USB 2.0. Use at your own risk. [augustss 20011126]
ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.0.1
around 20011127. [itojun 20011127]
pc532: Add support for device_register() and nuke dk_establish().
[simonb 20011129]
kernel: Struct ucred, cr_ref and cr_ngroups widening (1.5Z)
[christos 20011129]
dump(8): Added the ability to time stamp dump(8) log messages and
gives the estimated time of completion as well as the
estimated interval. The time stamp format can be
controlled by the TIMEFORMAT environment variable.
[blymn 20011015]
Kernel sets are now named for their kernel config file,
e.g. kern-GENERIC.tgz, and platforms are no longer
required to provide a GENERIC (it simply can't be
done for some). Sysinst updated to now require
the user to select a kernel set to install if the
platform provides more than one. [thorpej 20011129]
atapi: Add support for ATAPI tape drives. [bouyer 20011130]
curses(3): The curses library now supports the resizeterm
function which allows the curses screen to be resized
dynamically. Also added newterm and set_term to allow
multi-screen applications. [blymn 20011202]
ftpd(8): new ftpd.conf(5) directives: `denyquick' - prevent denied
users after `USER' instead of `PASS', `private' - don't
list class information in `STAT' output. [lukem 20011205]
malloc(9): added M_CANFAIL flag, to allow failure in M_WAITOK case
in cases where panic is not appropriate [jdolecek 20011205]
mca: add esp(4) attachment for NCR SCSI Adapter (53C90)
[jdolecek 20011205]
ptrace/profcs: Added hooks to allow machdep code to specify
machine-dependent ptrace(2) requests and procfs node
types. [thorpej 20011205]
to export XMM (standard FP + SSE/SSE2) registers to
ptrace(2) and procfs. [thorpej 20011205]
kernel: added <sys/hash.h> which implements hash32_buf(),
hash32_str(), and hash32_strn(). [lukem 20011205]
od(1): Added POSIX-like -j and -N options. [bjh21 20011205]
irda: Basic kernel support for IrDA frame level driver added.
Serial dongles and the oboe drivers are the only hardware
supported so far. The frame level driver can be used
by the comms/birda package. [augustss 20011205]
malloc_roundup(9): new interface which returns the actual size of
the allocation unit for the given value. [enami 20011205]
ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.0.2
around 20011206. [itojun 20011206]
libc: add putwc(3), putwchar(3), fputwc(3), getwc(3), getwchar(3),
fgetwc(3), fwide(3). [yamt 20011207]
hp300: add support for the generic softintr(9) API.
[gmcgarry 20011208]
kernel: Converted remaining ports to use new MI kernel build
machinery. [atatat 20011209]
hp300: new console attachment interface [gmcgarry 20011214]
dump(8): add tape autoload capability for multivolume dumps.
[bouyer 20011214]
usb: add driver, uirda(4), for USB-IrDA bridges. [augustss 20011214]
m68k: Switched all OBJECT_FMT=elf m68k ports to new-toolchain.
[scw 20011216]
pppoe: Completed support for PPP over ethernet (RFC 2516),
see pppoe(8) for details. [martin 20011216]
kernel: NTFS now supports Windows 2000 NTFS (NTFS5).
[jdolecek 20011216]
pciide(4): Add support for Promise Ultra100TX2, Ultra100TX2v2, and
Ultra133 controllers. [bouyer 20011217]
amiga: New two-stage bootloader capable of loading ELF or a.out
kernels as well as compressed kernels. [mhitch 20011216]
kernel: kernel configs can now be embedded in the kernel binary
itself for later retrieval. See the INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE
kernel config options in options(4). [atatat 20011217]
ffs: bring over free block tracking and directory block allocation
fixes for softdeps from FreeBSD [fvdl 20011218]
x68k: Switch to using ELF binary format by default. [minoura 20011224]
compat_linux(8): Now supports Mips ports [manu 20011226]
usb: Introduce an extra device layer for HID devices, uhidev, so
that devices that use multiple report ids can be used.
Also update (and rename) libusbhid(3). [augustss 20011228]
newfs(8): If -c isn't provided, automatically choose the largest
support value based on the other parameters. [lukem 20011231]
newfs(8): If the block size is not given on the command line nor
in the disklabel then calculate it from the file system size.
[augustss 20011230]
radio(4): Import drivers for radio cards from OpenBSD, together with
radioctl(1) to control the radio. [augustss 20020101]
compat_sunos(8): moved SO_BROADCAST hack out of the generic kernel code
allowing COMPAT_SUNOS to be built as an LKM. [mrg 20020103]
lint(1): Use the correct size for a target's non-float types.
Add a BITFIELDTYPE lint comment to suppress non-portable
and illegal bitfield type warnings and errors.
[thorpej 20020102]
Add support for writing ELF core files, and dump ELF core files
for ELF emulations. [thorpej 20020103]
bktr(4): Add support for radio(4) interface. [jmcneill 20020106]
esa(4): Add support for the ESS Allegro-1 / Maestro-3 family of
PCI audio accelerators. [jmcneill 20020106]
esa(4): Add recording support to the esa(4) driver.
[jmcneill 20020107]
mount_mfs(8): Allow the user, group and permissions of the MFS to be
specified on the command line. [simonb 20020107]
isa(4): Overhaul autoconfiguration in order to support direct-config
of ISA devices. [thorpej 20020107]
Add DIOCGCACHE and DIOCSCACHE ioctls to get/set disk cache
enables in a generic way. Add support for these ioctls
to the SCSI disk driver. [thorpej 20020108]
sunlabel(8): Add der Mouse's sunlabel program, for reading and writing
Sun disklabels. [mrg 20020110]
Lots of man pages: Sort SEE ALSO, bring sections in standard order
(see mdoc.samples(7)), fix .Dt and .Dd arguments. Also reduce
number of trailing crossreferences considerably.
[wiz 20020115]
audioplay(1): better WAV support. [mrg 20020115]
audiorecord(1): WAV output support. [mrg 20020115]
kernel: RAIDFrame+autoconfig is now the default in a number of
GENERIC configs. Little-used RAID types are no longer
enabled by default. 8 RAID devices is now the default.
[oster 20020119]
xsrc: import XFree86 4.2.0 [tron 20020119]
wi(4), wiconfig(8): Force AP Scanning support. [ichiro 20020121]
init: Always attempt mfs dev if missing /dev/console, handle errors
more gracefully, including missing MAKEDEV. [abs 20020121]
checknr(1): Add basic mdoc(7) support. [wiz 20020121]
gdb(1): enable "target sim" support for PowerPC. [mrg 20020122]
wscons: added blanking support to VGA. [lukem 20020124]
screenblank(1): added "-i device" to specify additional devices
to monitor for input activity. [lukem 20020124]
libc: added pwcache_userdb(3), pwcache_groupdb(3). [lukem 20020124]
mtree(8): added -N dbdir, to specify different location for user and
group databases. [lukem 20020124]
makefs(8): added -N dbdir, to specify different location for user and
group databases. [lukem 20020124]
pax(8): added -N dbdir, to specify different location for user and
group databases. [lukem 20020124]
ipf(8): updated to version 3.4.23. [martti 20020124]
amiga: added experimental Toccata driver. [is 20020126]
kernel: implement the CLOCK_MONOTONIC clock for the posix/opengroup
realtime clock_*() functions. [simonb 20020131]
rc.d(8): rename 'NETWORK' dummy dependency to 'NETWORKING', and
provide backward-compatible PROVIDE. [lukem 20020131]
mtree(8): support '/unset all'. [lukem 20020205]
arm: system calls now use SWIs in our officially-assigned range.
[bjh21 20020210]
kernel: switch default to the new, faster pipe implementation,
which has lower overhead and uses UVM Page Loan
[jdolecek 20020211]
bind: upgrade to BIND 8.2.3 from ISC. [itojun 20020211]
tlp(4): added support for Adaptec ANA-6922. [chs 20020214]
tcpdump(8): import tree, version 3.7.1. [itojun 20020218]
evbarm: Added gzboot, for booting gzip'd kernels (possibly
containing ramdisk images) from flash. [thorpej 20020224]
prep: support direct-mapped PCI configuration space. [kleink 20020224]
pmax: add two-stage network boot loader [gmcgarry 20020225]
prep: add ISA attachment for MI mk48txx driver. [kleink 20020225]
prep: support systems based on Motorola Ultra Plus and
Ultra 60x boards. [kleink 20020226]
mvmeppc: New NetBSD port to Motorola MVMEPPC boards. [scw 20020227]
pkill(1): add pkill and pgrep utilities; search the process table on
the running system for processes with a particular set of
characteristics, and then print or signal the matching set.
[ad 20020304]
ipip(4): removed, as redundant with gif(4); it's been rotting in-tree
for a while. [sommerfeld 20020304]
less(1): updated to less-374. [mrg 20020305]
makewhatis(8): whatis entries are prefixed with appropriate subdirectory
name for architecture-specific manpages [jdolecek 20020307]
makewhatis(8): if called without arguments, regenerate whatis
databases specified in /etc/man.conf [jdolecek 20020308]
ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.1
around 20020308. [itojun 20020308]
audio: Add capability to convert sampling rate and mono-stereo.
[kent 20020311]
auich(4): Enable sampling rate and mono-stereo conversion.
[kent 20020311]
uaudio(4): Enable sampling rate and mono-stereo conversion.
[kent 20020311]
sparc: the nell driver (stp4020 sbus to pcmcia bridge) is
working for all 8bit only cards (endianess issues
and problems with the sparc bus_spac_{read,write}_*
implementation need to be resolved to support 16bit
cards) [martin 20020311]
audiocs(4): add EBus attachment that supports both playback
and recording, add recording support for SBus attachment.
[uwe 20020312]
rc.d(8): support optional ${_arg}_postcmd method. [lukem 20020213]
tlp(4): added support for Adaptec ANA-6944A. [chs 20020313]
ipf(8): updated to version 3.4.25. [martti 20020314]
ipf(8): added support for MSS-clamping to NAT [martin 20020314]
tlp(4): added support for Phobos P430. [chs 20020314]
bzip2(1), libbz2: Update to 1.0.2. [mjl 20020315]
newsmips: Add sysinst support. [tsutsui 20020316]
tlp(4): added support for Adaptec ANA-6911 and ANA-6911A.
[chs 20020316]
ptrace(2): Add PT_IO as proposed by Artur Grabowski on the
<> mailing list.
[thorpej 20020317]
kernel: EPASSTHROUGH added to kernel, primarily for ioctl code, and
ERESTART moved to -3. ioctl(2) code reorganized mildly to
take advantage of this and make these calls properly
restartable. [atatat 20020317]
kernel: added signals 34->63 and bumped NSIG to 64. Defined all of
them as RT signals now, to be fixed later. Defined SIGRTMIN
and SIGRTMAX in kernel space only since we don't really support
real-time posix semantics on those signals yet. The libc
arrays have been updated with additional information.
[christos 20020319]
compat_linux(8): Added signals 32-63 and mapped them to the real
time signals. Now jdk1.4 works. [christos 20020319]
sysctl(3), sysctl(8): Added new emul subtree for emulation specific
sysctl data. Implemented emul.linux.kern.{osname,osrelease,
osversion} so that we can set the kernel version.
[christos 20020319]
rc.d(8): Support $command_interpreter in rc.d scripts. [lukem 20020321]
rc.conf(5): Add $swapoff, to enable removal of block-type swap
devices at shutdown time. [lukem 20020322]
etcupdate(8) added. [martti 20020322]
sysctl(8): Added -q flag to suppress output for write operations
[sommerfeld 20020323]
mvme68k: Added mvme68k-specific support for sysinst. [scw 20020324]
mac68k: Switch to using ELF binary format by default.
[shiba 20020325]
tlp(4): added support for SMC 9332DST. [chs 20020326]
rc.conf(5): replace $critical_filesystems_beforenet with
$critical_filesystems_local, and $critical_filesystems
with $critical_filesystems_remote. [lukem 20020227]
arm: Add support for the Intel i80321 I/O Processor
(XScale core). [thorpej 20020327]
evbarm: Add support for the Intel IQ80321 eval board for
the i80321 I/O Processor. [thorpej 20020327]
wm(4): New device driver for the Intel i82542, i82543,
and i82544 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. [thorpej 20020327]
url(4): added support for Realtek RTL8150L USB-Ether bridge chip.
[ichiro 20020329]
compat_linux(8): Changed linux_setregs() to use GDT's instead of LDT's
[thanks sommerfeld], and fixed a socket size problem in
connect. Now opera6 works with full thread support, and async
DNS. Kernel default linux version will move to 2.4.18 as soon
as we have a linux package for it. I expect this version to
be able to run most applications that 2.4.18 can run.
[christos 20020329]
tlp(4): added support for Cogent EM100 (aka Adaptec ANA-6911).
[chs 20020403]
compat_linux(8): The default Linux kernel version on the i386 port
is now 2.4.18. [tron 20020404]
sysinst: Added polish language translation to sysinst. Compile
with "make release SYSINSTLANG=pl". [hubertf 20020409]
tlp(4): add support for built-in NWay autonegotiation on 2114[23],
Macronix 98713A, 98715, 98715A, 98725, and Lite-On 82C115.
[chs 20020408]
arm32: Reworked a lot of the arm32 pmap between 1.5 to 1.6. This has
included work to improved cache consistency, improve
performance and generally make the code more readable. Still
lots of room to improve though.
[thorpej,rearnsha,chris 20020413]
wi(4): added support for Symbol 802.11b CF card. [onoe 20020415]
ifwatchd(8): Invoke up-script and down-script with parameters
matching exactly those used by pppd(8). [tron 20020415]
siop(4): Add support for software-driven activity LED of some
53c895-based adapters. [bouyer 20020418]
opms(4): Removed opms(4) from the i386 and bebox ports, since it has
been superseded by pms(4). [wiz 20020418]
ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.2
around 20020422. [itojun 20020422]
icp(4): Add a driver for ICP-Vortex GDT and Intel Storage RAID
controllers. [ad 20020422]
esiop(4): Add a driver which improve performances for ncr53c825, 875
and newer adapters. [bouyer 20020423]
eso(4): Add support for the on-board game port. [kleink 20020425]
cron(8): Add support for CRON_TZ and CRON_WITHIN variables in
crontab files. [atatat 20020425]
wscons.conf(5): Add support for "setvar". [lukem 20020426]
aac(4): Add a driver for Adaptec FSA RAID controllers. [ad 20020426]
/etc/postinstall: Added; check for or fix configuration changes
that have occurred in NetBSD. [lukem 20020426]
mk.conf(5): Add support for NETBSDSRCDIR, which specifies the
top level of the NetBSD source tree. [lukem 20020427]
stat(1): Added to tree. Provides a simple formatted interface
to the data returned by stat(2). [atatat 20020427]
ssh(1): configuration file renamed from /etc/ssh/ssh.conf to
/etc/ssh/ssh_config. [lukem 20020429]
sshd(8): configuration file renamed from /etc/ssh/sshd.conf to
/etc/ssh/sshd_config. [lukem 20020429]
mbufs: Changed semantics of ext_free to make them more useful
for arbitrary kinds of external storage. [thorpej 20020502]
Add experimental/optional page loaning code to sosend(). Use of
this option achieves zero-copy for the TCP and UDP
transmit path. [thorpej 20020502]
ipf(8): updated to version 3.4.27. [martti 20020502]
crunchgen(1): generated makefile should be parallel-build safe.
[sommerfeld 20020502]
Added _LP64 when generating LP64 code. [eeh 20020502]
xsrc: Add Xvideo support to the NeoMagic driver in the XF4 tree.
From xfree-current. [mrg 20020502]
faithd(8): deprecate support for rsh/rlogin protocol relaying,
due to security drawbacks. [itojun 20020509]
ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.2.1
around 20020513. [itojun 20020513]
sysctl(8): rename net.inet6.ip6.bindv6only to net.inet6.ip6.v6only.
[itojun 20020514]
bind: upgrade to BIND 8.2.4 from ISC. [itojun 20020517]
sparc: enable NFS_BOOT_DHCP in the GENERIC and INSTALL kernels,
and try bootp before bootparams in [lukem 20020515]
file(1): update to 3.38. [pooka 20020518]
rc.conf(5): add rc_rcorder_flags (extra flags to rcorder(8) in /etc/rc)
and rcshutdown_rcorder_flags (extra flags to rcorder(8) in
/etc/rc.shutdown). [lukem 20020519]
xsrc: xterm - use openpty() in xterm to deal with the new pty naming
scheme. [simonb 20020530]
window(1): use openpty() to deal with the new pty naming scheme.
[simonb 20020530]
bind: upgrade to BIND 8.3.2 from ISC. [itojun 20020620]
ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.3
around 20020624. [itojun 20020624]
ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.4
around 20020626. [itojun 20020626]
bind: upgrade to BIND 8.3.3 from ISC. plugs security hole in resolver
[itojun 20020628]
mac68k: move to sysinst as the preferred method of installation.
[scottr 20020629]
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