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[Note: This file does not mention every change made to the NetBSD source tree.
For an exhaustive list, please subscribe to the `source-changes' mailing list,
or see the mailing list archives. For more information, send a message
containing just the word `help' to `'.]
Changes from NetBSD 1.6 to NetBSD 2.0:
libcrypt: support bcrypt password entries. can be chosen with
"blowfish" keyword in passwd.conf. from openbsd
[itojun 20020524]
tcp(4): implement path MTU discovery blackhole detection (turn off path
MTU discovery if the connection is losing). PR 12790.
[itojun 20020526]
pppd(8): import 2.4.1 [christos 20020529]
ftpd(8): optionally and experimentally use mmap(2) instead of read(2)
for binary file transfer [enami 20020530]
prep: support IBM RS/6000 43P 7043-140. [nonaka 20020530]
pmppc: a port to Artesyn's PM/PPC board. [augustss 20020531]
tcpdump(8): upgrade to 3.7.1 as of 2002/5/31. [itojun 20020531]
amdpm(4): driver for AMD768 Power Management Controller (but currently
an interface to rnd(4) only.) [enami 20020602]
gspahextoc: was obsoleted by the -c option to gspa(1) a long
time ago, and has thus been removed [is 20020607]
netinet6: synchronize with recent interface/router/prefix management
logic from KAME. [itojun 20020608]
greconfig(8): obsoleted. use ifconfig(8) for configuration.
[itojun 20020609]
netinet: path MTU discovery is turned on by default (currently used
for TCP only). [itojun 20020613]
amd(8): add new mount option "xlatecookie" to support NFS v3 mounts
with cookie translation. [tron 20020614]
factor(6): Use a Pollard Rho algorithm to factor arbitrary sized
numbers. [simonb 20020615]
systrace(1): Integrate Niels Provos' systrace(1) binary sand-boxing,
device and userland support. [christos 20020617]
netstat(1): add -q flag to print information about
software interrupt queue. [enami 20020703]
kernel: Socket buffer insertion is now O(C). This can provide a
substantial performance boost to some applications
which use large socket buffers. [thorpej 20020703]
sh5: Added support for the SuperH SH-5 CPU architecture.
[scw 20020705]
chflags(1), chgrp(1), chmod(1), chown(8): Change default behaviour
to follow symlinks on the command line rather than ignoring
them, finally fixing PR 563. [bjh21 20020707]
file(1): update to 3.39. [pooka 20020709]
pdisk(8): Import pdisk 0.8a1, the Apple disk partitioning
utility [dbj 20020709]
Switch to a signal trampoline provided by libc. The kernel
will provide one for backward compatibility, and
for emulations. [thorpej 20020710]
m68k: m68k-based ports now use __HAVE_SYSCALL_INTERN syscall interface.
[scw 20020713]
evbarm: Add support for the Intel IXM1200 eval board for
the ixp12x0 Network Processor. [ichiro 20020715]
mopd(8): Added "-s <mopdir>" to avoid hard coding /tftpboot/mop.
[mrg 20020719]
hpcarm: X server for the Jornada 720 now works [manu 20020722]
pciide(4): added support for the Silicon Image 0680 IDE controller.
[onoe 20020726]
macppc: finished support for 2nd CPU on 9500/180MP and 9600/200MP
[chs 20020728]
systrace(1): Update systrace(1) and the kernel code. Note that the
update contains backward-incompatible change in ioctl.
[itojun 20020730]
dmover(4): Added dmover(4) API, interface to hardware-assisted data
movers. [thorpej 20020801]
pkg_admin(8): Add 'pmatch' keyword to return true if 'pkg' matches
'pattern', false else. [hubertf 20020804]
macppc: added support for 2nd CPU on dual G4 boxes [chs 20020805]
pmc(9): Added new performance counter framework. [briggs 20020806]
auich(4): Added support for ICH4 and SiS 7012. [kent 20020807]
pmc(3): Added new performance counter interface library.
[thorpej 20020808]
usb(4): Added slhci(4), ScanLogic SL811HS/T USB Host Controller.
[isaki 20020811]
ifmedia(4): Added new "ibss", "ibss-master", and "hostap" ifmedia media
options for 802.11 interfaces. [thorpej 20020810]
wi(4): Add experimental Host-AP support, allowing Intelsil
Prism2/2.5/3-based boards to be used to make an
802.11 Access Point. [thorpej 20020811]
arm: New versions of copyin(), copyout(), and kcopy(). These make
almost all user/kernel interactions faster. [briggs 20020812]
lpd(8): add libwrap support. [itojun 20020812]
sparc64: Add sab driver for sab82532 serial controller. Written by
Jason L. Wright for OpenBSD. [petrov 20020816]
wscons(4): Add wsmoused(8) for mouse cut and paste in wscons vga
driver. [christos 20020820]
utmpx(5): All userland programs have been converted to understand both
utmp and utmpx, wtmp and wtmpx, lastlog and lastlogx
[christos 20020821]
rescue: enable /rescue system recovery tools. [lukem 20020822]
boot(8): allow path to init(8) to be entered when booting with
RB_ASKNAME ("boot -a"). [lukem 20020823]
rasctl(2): Restartable Atomic Sequences (RAS). [gmcgarry 20020828]
pmap(1): Added to tree. Prints the address space of a given
process (or processes). [atatat 20020831]
zx(4): Add a driver for the Sun ZX/Leo framebuffer. [ad 20020913]
ipf(8): updated to version 3.4.29. [martti 20020919]
mount(2): Add MNT_GETARGS support to retrieve mounted filesystem
specific arguments. [christos 20020921]
compat_irix(8): sproc emulation supports share groups with private
memory mappings. [manu 20020922]
mk.conf(5): MKDYNAMICROOT=yes made as the default, resulting in
a fully dynamically linked system. [lukem 20020923]
iwic(4): Add driver for Winbond W6692 ISDN [pooka 20020924]
kernel: Removed the old rmap code, <sys/map.h> and kern/subr_rmap.c.
[thorpej 20020925]
kernel: Overhaul device parent matching; now record attributes in
a "parent spec" in the kernel. [thorpej 20020925]
libcrypto: mdc2 is a patented algorithm, so move it out of libcrypto.
if you need mdc2, define MKCRYPTO_MDC2 to get libcrypto_mdc2.a.
[itojun 20020926]
kernel: Don't reference cfdriver structures directly in the cfdata
entries; instead, a string names the driver, which is looked up
from a list that is built at run-time. [thorpej 20020926]
ufs: Add support for the Apple UFS variation on ffs
See PR 17345 [dbj 20020928]
sh(1): Use vfork(2) rather than fork(2) where appropriate.
See PR 5475 [christos,elric 20020928]
Remove umask setting from /etc/skel/.{cshrc,profile} so that
user files are not created group writable by default.
[grant 20020929]
sendmail(8): Include DOMAIN(generic) in prototype configuration
to enable standard sendmail features. [grant 20020930]
i386: merge the sommerfeld_i386mp_1 branch [fvdl 20021001]
ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.5
around 20021001. [itojun 20021001]
kernel: Don't reference cfattach structures directly in the cfdata
entries; instead, a string names the attachment, which is
looked up from a list that is built at run-time.
[thorpej 20021003]
cgd(4): Add CryptoGraphic Disk driver, cgd(4). [elric 20021004]
pciide(4): Added support for VIA VT8235 [kent 20021005]
auvia(4): Added support for VT8233/VT8235 [kent 20021005]
auvia(4): Enabled sampling rate conversion for fixed-rate AC'97 codec
[kent 20021008]
ubsa(4): Driver for Belkin serial adapters ported from FreeBSD
[augustss 20021008]
tar(1): upgrade to GNU tar 1.13.25 for security fixes
[itojun 20021010]
config(9): Allow pseudo-devices to be parents of "real" devices.
[thorpej 20021009]
config(9): Allow options to register dependencies on attributes
(the way it already can for other options). [thorpej 20021010]
config(9): Allow devices to be orphaned in the kernel config file, but
emit an informational message when this happens.
[thorpej 20021010]
tar(1), cpio(1): We are now using pax(1) for those instead of
the gnu version. [christos 20021016]
basename(3), dirname(3): Change to return pointer to static
storage, rather than modifying their input arguments.
The new behavior is explicitly allowed by IEEE Std
1003.1-2001. [thorpej 20021016] add '-k kernel', to configure and build the given
kernel using the new toolchain.
From Alan Barrett in PR#18739. [lukem 20021021]
kernel: kqueue branch merged [jdolecek 20021023]
kernel: keep separate read & write disk statistics. [mrg 20021101]
iostat(8): report read/write stats in iostat -x. [mrg 20021101]
systat(1): report read/write stats in iostat "rw" mode. [mrg 20021101]
sparc64: Find the correct boot path for all IDE disks. [mrg 20021102]
eap(4): Add support for second DAC [pooka 20021104]
kernel: Added two sysctl(8) flags to stop process just after creation by
fork(2) or exec(2). [manu 20021106]
mtd(4): Add driver for Myson Technologies MTD803 3-in-1 Fast Ethernet
cards from Peter Bex. [martin 20021107]
iop(4): Add support for Adaptec 2000S and 2005S [msaitoh 20021108]
dreamcast: Add support for memory card and monochrome LCD on
Maple bus. [itohy 20021115]
vnd(4): Now also available as an LKM. [mrg 20021116]
etc/postinstall: Add support for examining the obsolete sets for
obsolete entries to check or remove. [lukem 20021117]
named(8): Upgrade to BIND 8.3.4. [itojun 20021117]
gcc(1), as(1): Fixed bug in how NetBSD ARM ELF binaries were marked.
They now properly reflect ATPCS + Soft-VFP.
[thorpej 20021121]
lib/csu: Split crtbegin/crtend into crti/crtbegin/crtend/crtn.
This is inline with what other ELF systems do, and paves
the way to using GCC-supplied crtbegin/crtend.
[thorpej 20021121]
i386: reworked interrupt code to be more independent of the
underlying interrupt controller, to perform better
with shared lines, and to be more clean in general
[fvdl 20021122]
postfix(1): upgrade to 1.1.12. [itojun 20021126]
mk.conf(5): removed support for SYS_INCLUDE=symlinks; <sys/*.h>
include files are always copied now. [lukem 20021126]
cvs(1): upgrade to 1.11.2 [christos 20021127]
strsuftoll(3), strsuftollx(3): Add functions to parse numbers
with optional suffixes and/or products. [lukem 20021129]
am-utils: upgrade to 6.1b1 [christos 20021129]
routed(8): upgrade to 2.27 [christos 20021129]
fparseln(3): migrated from libutil to libc. [lukem 20021130]
x68k: add bmd(4), memory disk driver for Nereid bank memory.
[isaki 20021201]
i386: biosboot bootblocks now support booting off 2.88MB drive
using 1.44MB floppy disk [jdolecek 20021204]
edquota(8): Added command-line options to allow setting quotas
from command line. [bouyer 20021204]
arc: Add support for NEC Express5800/240 R4400 EISA (NEC-J96A).
[tsutsui 20021207] add -E, to enable "expert mode", which allows builds
to DESTDIR=/. [lukem 20021208]
evbppc: Added arch/evbppc for PowerPC-based evaluation boards, with the
existing Walnut port as its first member. [scw 20021209]
db(1): Added. Manipulates db(3) btree(3) and hash(3) databases.
[lukem 20021211]
mips: support fully coherent data caches on MIPS32 and MIPS64 CPUs
(enabled for Au1x00 and SB-1 CPUS). [simonb 20021217]
install(1): added -N dbdir, to specify different location for user
and group databases. [lukem 20021219]
build system: Users and groups for the build are now obtained from
src/etc instead of the host systems' passwd(5) and group(5)
databases. [lukem 20021219]
sunlabel(8): Now enabled by default. Manipulates SunOS disklabels.
[lukem 20021221]
vis(1): Add `-e extra', to provide a list of extra characters to
encode (per svis(3)). [lukem 20021223]
mtree(8): Add -C, which acts like -D except that the pathname
is printed first instead of last. [lukem 20021223] Add '-i installworlddir', to run "make installworld"
after all other operations have completed. [lukem 20021225]
dreamcast: Add support for the SEGA LAN Adapter, based on patch in
dreamcast/17493 from Christian Groessler. [tsutsui 20021227]
kprintf(9): Add "aprint" family of autoconfiguration message
printing routines that change their behavior based on
flags in boothowto. [thorpej 20021231]
procfs: Add /proc/<pid>/fd/<fd> [christos 20030103]
build system: Releases are now installed under ${RELEASEDIR}/${MACHINE}
instead of ${RELEASEDIR}. [lukem 20030103]
mtree(8): Newly created directories have 0777 instead of 0700
permissions (as modified by the umask(2)). This only
affects 'mtree -W', or directories without an explicit
mode= entry. [lukem 20030105].
sparc,sparc64: The nell (STP4020) pcmcia bridge driver is now
finished. [martin 20030107]
sparc: MULTIPROCESSOR support works. [pk,mrg 20030111]
cvs(1): upgraded to 1.11.4 [wiz 20030116]
auich(4): Added support for nForce2 MCP-T. [gendalia 20030116]
ex(4): Added support for 3c905CX-TX. [gendalia 20030116]
texinfo(1): upgraded to 4.3. [wiz 20030117]
pthreads: Merge nathanw_sa branch, implementing p1003.1 POSIX thread
and Scheduler Activation thread interface. [thorpej 20030117]
cpio(1): removed GNU cpio (replaced by pax frontend). [wiz 20030118]
tar(1): removed GNU tar (replaced by pax frontend). [wiz 20030118]
semaphores: Added p1003.1b semaphores from freebsd. [christos 20030120]
cvs(1): upgraded to 1.11.5. [wiz 20030121]
progress(1): New standalone progress bar program factored out
from ftp(1). [jhawk 20030122]
sysinst: Leverage progress(1) for reasonable-looking file extraction
displays. [jhawk 20030122]
sh(1): Improve Posix conformance [dsl 20030122] Rework command line into command line options followed
by a list of operations to perform. [lukem 20030123]
gcore(1): Add it back. [christos 20030123]
semaphores: Fix kernel implementation, and add non-pthreads
version in new librt. [thorpej 20030123]
diff(1), diff3(1), sdiff(1): upgraded to diffutils-2.8.1 [wiz 20030126]
grep(1): upgraded to 2.5. Warning: -o is now a valid GNU grep option
(--only-matching (-o)), so we will not be supporting the 4.4BSD
-o any longer -- use -H instead. [wiz 20030127]
objcopy(1): Add --redefine-syms-file option. [simonb 20030129]
crunchgen(1): Use "objcopy --redefine-syms-file". [simonb 20030129]
find(1): allow preceding +/- on numeric arg to -user. [jhawk 20030130]
arc: Add support for the Cirrus Logic GD5428 ISA VGA console on
Express5800/240 R4400 EISA (NEC-J96A) and RISCserver2200
(NEC-R96). [tsutsui 20030131]
malloc(9): Add extensible kernel malloc types, adapted from FreeBSD.
[thorpej 20030131]
kernel: Added a sysctl(8) flag to control whether the kernel dumps
to the dump device on panic. [atatat 20030210]
inetd(8): Use kqueue(2) for enhanced performance and scalability.
[tron 20030212]
/etc/security, security.conf(5): Allow more flexibility in warnings
from check_passwd and check_mtree. [jhawk 20030213]
grep(1): upgraded to 2.5.1. [wiz 20030213]
texinfo(1): upgraded to 4.5. [wiz 20030213]
usb(4): add uax(4), a driver for the AX88172 Ethernet adapter chip.
The chip supports 10/100 and USB 2.0. [augustss 20030216]
bridge(4), brconfig(8): add ipf support. [perseant 20030216]
kernel: SMBFS support, ported from FreeBSD. [jdolecek 20030218]
kernel: Top down memory management option added, initially for
i386, but others are following. [atatat 20030220]
/etc/daily, daily.conf(5): Suppress empty security reports by default.
[jhawk 20030221]
/etc/security, security.conf(5): Produce unified diffs by default.
[jhawk 20030221]
kernel: Add LFSv2 support to libsa [simonb 20030224]
i386: Add LFS support to bootblocks [simonb 20030224]
kernel: Add MBUFTRACE kernel option. Change all MGET*(...M_WAIT,...)
to m_get*(M_WAIT, ...) to shrink kernel. Add m_clget
analogue to MCLGET and use it if M_WAIT is passed. Adapt
netinet, if_loop, gem, tulip, fxp driver to MBUFTRACE. Bump
version to 1.6P. [matt 20030226]
libpthread: Add pthread_{,attr}_{get,set}name_np() API, compatible
with Tru64 Unix. [thorpej 20030227]
sysctl: Add hw.physmem64 and hw.usermem64 sysctl nodes, which
return the same data has hw.physmem and hw.usermem, but
as a 64-bit byte count, instead of a 32-bit byte count.
Required for reporting >=4G RAM. [thorpej 20030227]
binutils: updated to FSF binutils release. [mrg 20030228]
libc: Add _Exit(), the C99 name for _exit(). [bjh21 20030301]
acorn26: Add support for the 82C710 multi-I/O chip, as found in (some?)
A5000s. [bjh21 20030301]
mdsetimage(1): only use libbfd calls to get symbol information; writing
is now done directly into the file. [dogcow 20030304]
x86_64: rearrange the x86_64 code, make it share code with i386, and
enable MP [fvdl 20030305]
kernel: Report correct child CPU times. [dsl 20030305]
kernel: Use common code for set{u,g}id functions. [dsl 20030305]
sysctl: Make hw.physmem and hw.usermem saturate if they are used
on a system with >=4G RAM. [thorpej 20030306]
postfix(1): update to 2.0.6 [perry 20030308]
kernel: let LFS use the UBC system natively. This should provide
complete coherency between mmap(2) and read(2)/write(2) on
LFS, in addition to allowing it to use much more memory for
its buffers. [perseant 20030308]
am-utils: update to 6.1b2 [christos 20030309]
evbppc: Add support for the NCD Explora451 ThinClient.
[hannken 20030311]
kernel: New pid allocator - avoids all the searching in pfind() etc.
Bump version to 1.6Q. [dsl 20030319]
pciide(4): Add support for the Intel i31244 and Silicon Image 3112
Serial ATA controllers. [thorpej 20030319]
sparc64: Add support for PCI-CardBus bridge. [nakayama 20030322]
pppoectl(8): Add a "-f configfile" option. [mrg 20030322]
sendmail(8): update to 8.12.8. [atatat 20030324]
vax: Add device driver for RX01/RX02 floppies (rfc/rf).
From Jochen Kunz. [ragge 20030323]
sh5: Shared libraries now supported on SH5 (but not yet enabled
in due to sundry toolchain issues).
[scw 20030325]
file(1): update to 4.00. [pooka 20030326]
libmagic: add libmagic, which is currently used by file(1)
[pooka 20030326]
wall(1): added "-g group". [lukem 20030327]
dump(8), dump_lfs(8): remove setgid tty, as "wall -g operator"
is now used to notify operators. [lukem 20030327]
vnd(4), vnconfig(8): add read-only configuration support.
[yamt 20030327]
cron(8): Move default cron log from /var/cron/log to /var/log/cron
[perry 20030402]
kernel and userland: UFS2 support from Kirk McKusick via FreeBSD.
[fvdl 20030402]
ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.6.1
around 20030403. [itojun 20030403]
pciide(4): add support for i82801DBM (ICH4-M). [kent 20030405]
wm(4): add support for i82540EP. [kent 20030405]
scsi: Add a MI driver for the Symbios/NCR 53c700 SCSI controller
written by Shuichiro URATA. [tsutsui 20030406]
rsh(1), rlogin(1): Add -p flag to allow specifying a non-standard
port number. [hubertf 20030407]
kernel: SMBFS uses low-overhead NT Directory Change Notify SMB to watch
for vnode kqueue(2) events on directories [jdolecek 20030407]
kernel: hostap power saving mode support [kml 20030407]
kernel: pool caches now have the ability to cache physical addresses
of objects. [thorpej 20030409]
kernel: mbufs use new cached physical address feature of pools,
and can provide other information about external buffers
to save work for bus_dma back-ends. Use this information
in the ARM and x86 bus_dma back-ends to improve network
performance. [thorpej 20030409]
pkg_install: improve bzip2 support, especially for non-NetBSD
systems. [grant 20030410]
less: update to less-381. [mrg 20030414]
kernel: added a sysctl(8) flag to check and reject packets arriving
on the "wrong" interface. [christos 20030412]
libc: added slovak language libc message catalog. [salo 20030414]
mpt(4): Added device driver for LSI Fusion-MPT based SCSI and
Fibre Channel controllers. Ported from the FreeBSD "mpt"
driver written by Greg Ansley. Supports the LSI 53c1030
Ultra320 SCSI and LSI FC909, FC919, and FC929 Fibre
Channel adapters. [thorpej 20030416]
df(1), du(1): add -g argument for output in gigabytes [grant 20030418]
arm32: Add new arm32 pmap contributed by Wasabi Systems.
[scw 20030418]
fsdb(8): add a findblk command, which lists the inode(s) owning the
disk sector(s) specified as argument. [bouyer 20030426]
wd(4): add support for the DIOCGCACHE and DIOCSCACHE ioctls.
[bouyer 20030426]
inet(3): align signatures of inet_addr(), inet_network(),
inet_makeaddr(), inet_lnaof(), and inet_netof() with XNS and
POSIX. [bjh21 20030505] Provide defaults for DESTDIR and RELEASEDIR if not in
expert mode. Display summary of operations performed at end.
[lukem 20030508] Add "sourcesets" option to build the source sets.
[lukem 20030510]
olms(4),omms(4): Removed olms(4) and omms(4) from the i386 port,
since they have been superseded by lms(4) and mms(4)
respectively. [wiz 20030516]
db(1): Add '-S chr', '-T str' and '-X str' to specify (with options)
strvis(3) encoding of keys/values when reading a database.
Add '-U chr' to specify strunvis(3) decoding of keys/values
when writing a database or deleting entries from a database.
[seb 20030519]
evbarm: Add support for the NOVATEC NTNP425B eval board for
the Intel IXP425 Network Processor. [ichiro 20030523]
file(1): update to 4.03. [pooka 20030525]
sendmail(8): update to 8.12.9. [atatat 20030601]
named(8): Upgrade to BIND 8.3.5. [itojun 20030603]
named(8): Upgrade to BIND 8.3.6. [itojun 20030609]
tftpd(8), tftp(1): Add support for rfcs 2347, 2348, and 2349,
tftp 'blksize', 'timeout', and 'tsize' options. Contributed
by Wasabi Systems. [briggs 20030610]
hunt(6), huntd(6): Synced with current version from 2003-04-16,
which is BSD licensed. [wiz 20030610]
netwinder: Add wscons support. [uwe 20030614]
arc: Fix support for DeskStation Tyne and it boots into single user.
[tsutsui 20030614]
cvs(1): $CVS_RSH defaults to ssh (instead of rsh). [itojun 20030620]
cobalt: Implement first stage bootloader for the cobalt port.
[cdi 20030625]
libc: Add iconv support. [tshiozak 20030627]
iconv(1): Added. [tshiozak 20030627]
groff(1): Updated to 1.19. [wiz 20030630]
texinfo(1): upgraded to 4.6. [wiz 20030703]
locale(1): Added. Obtained from FreeBSD. [tshiozak 20030704]
pax(1): Add support for gnutar's -O "extract to stdout" option in tar
mode. [simonb 20030708]
share/mk: Rename many make(1) variables that contain names of
programs from `FOO' to `TOOL_FOO'. [lukem 20030711]
libtelnet: no longer shipped under /usr/lib [itojun 20030716]
share/mk: Replace MANZ=, UPDATE=, UNPRIVED= with MKMANZ=yes,
MKUPDATE=yes, MKUNPRIVED=yes respectively. [lukem 20030718]
ipsec: support hmac-sha2 for AH/ESP auth. [itojun 20030722]
sparc: Update sparc port to use XFree86 4.x base. [mrg 20030722]
GCC: Import GCC 3.3.1-20030720. [mrg 20030723]
libcrypto: upgrade to 0.9.7b. [itojun 20030724]
ipsec: support hmac-ripemd160 and aes-xcbc-mac for AH/ESP auth.
support aes-ctr for ESP. [itojun 20030725]
i386: New boot code. Uses MI installboot and filesystem code to load
2nd level bootstrap. Allows NetBSD partition to be
in the extended partition. [dsl 20030728]
sysinst: New disk editing menus and general rototil. [dsl 20030728]
ftp(1): $FTPUSERAGENT overrides the default HTTP User-Agent.
[lukem 20030731]
hp300: Switch to MI SCSI at last. [tsutsui 20030801]
evbarm: Add support for the Samsung SMDK2410 eval board for
the S3C2410 Processor. [bsh 20030804]
GCC: Import GCC 3.3.1. [mrg 20030809]
dlsym(3): Add support for RTLD_DEFAULT, RTLD_NEXT and RTLD_SELF
[christos,skrll 20030812]
gdb(1): Import gdb-5.3 and add support for i386 [christos 20030814]
kernel: Add support for non-executable mappings for many platforms.
Map the stack and heap non-executable. [chs 20030824]
agp(4): Add support for i865G integrated graphics. [tron 20030826]
vax: Add support for the DELQA-PLUS in Turbo mode (qt). Driver
written by Steven M. Schultz for 2.11BSD. [ragge 20030829]
netinet: randomize IPv4 fragment ID. avoids prediction.
[itojun 20030906]
netinet6: randomize IPv6 fragment ID and flowlabel. avoids prediction.
[itojun 20030906]
kernel: Enhance LKM versioning, and improve compatibility checking
on LKM load [jdolecek 20030906]
kernel: Add support for SA_SIGINFO on i386 [christos 20030907]
XFree86: Reach-over build framework added under src/x11.
[lukem 20030912]
i386: Switch to GCC 3.3.1. [mrg 20030919]
sparc: Switch to GCC 3.3.1. [mrg 20030919]
sparc64: Switch to GCC 3.3.1. [mrg 20030919]
alpha: Switch to GCC 3.3.1. [mrg 20030919]
arm: Switch to GCC 3.3.1. [matt 20030921]
amiga: added wsmouse support to mouse driver. [jandberg 20030922]
powerpc: Switch to GCC 3.3.1. [matt 20030923]
powerpc: Switch to GDB 5.3. [matt 20030923]
m68k: Switch to GDB 5.3. [christos 20030923]
alpha: Switch to GDB 5.3. [matt 20030924]
sgimips: Add haltwo(4), a driver for the SGI HAL2 audio controller
[lonewolf 20030925]
isdncapi(4): Add a support layer for CAPI to i4b. [pooka 20030925]
iavc(4): Add support for AVM B1 PCI CAPI-compatible ISDN adapters.
[pooka 20030925]
file(1): update to 4.04. [pooka 20030925]
kernel: Add support for SA_SIGINFO on powerpc. [matt 20030925]
auich(4): Added support for four channels and six channels audio
playback. [kent 20030928]
i2c: New generic i2c framework, supporting bit-bang and
"intelligent" controllers. [thorpej 20030929]
pkg_add(1): Added HTTP support. [wiz 20031003]
kernel: Add a /dev/constty device (minor 1 on console), use for
terminal sessions on 'console'. Stops terminal output
being 'stolen' by the TIOCCONS ioctl. [dsl 20031003]
mips: Add R10000 cache ops, written by KIYOHARA Takashi.
[tsutsui 20031005]
sgimips: O2 (IP32) support is now functional again by fixes
contributed by Christopher SEKIYA. [tsutsui 20031005]
awk(1): Updated gawk to 3.1.3. [wiz 20031006]
installboot(8): On i386, preserve BIOS Parameter Block and MBR
partition table. [lukem 20031008]
i386 & amd64: Rename /usr/mdec/biosboot to /usr/mdec/boot and
add support for booting off FAT partitions. Rename
/usr/mdec/bootxx_dosfs to /usr/mdec/bootxx_msdos.
Deprecate /usr/mdec/bootxx_ufs (use bootxx_ffsv1).
[lukem 20031008].
whois(1): Has been replaced by the OpenBSD version by jrf.
[christos 20031009]
arm: Xscale micro-optimisations for libc/libkern, plus some
kernel tweaks to use the mini-data cache, and speedup
cpuswitch() amongst other things. Contributed by Wasabi
[scw 20031014]
syslogd(8): add -r, to prevent the compression of multiple similar
messages into "last message repeated N times".
[lukem 20031017]
ccdconfig(8): add CCDF_NOLABEL to ignore the on-disk (raw) disklabel
when creating a ccd. [lukem 20031017]
GCC: Import GCC 3.3.2. [mrg 20031018]
hpcsh: Added j6x0tp(4) driver for Jornada 680/690 touch screen.
[uwe 20031019]
i386: pmap changed from linked list to splay tree for
better performance. [provos 20031022]
netinet: change port allocation from linked list to a hash table
for better performance. [provos 20031023]
MAKEDEV: platform device creation script is now generated from
unified template driven by platform config file and
MD device major lists. [jdolecek 20031024] Add '-N noisyness', to control how "noisy" the build is.
[lukem 20031025]
amiga: Add polish wscons keymaps. From Pawel Chwalowski in PR 22961.
[jandberg 20031025]
arm: Enable alignment faults on arm32. Misaligned loads/stores
will now cause an exception instead of silently failing.
[scw 20031025]
sh3: Switch to GDB 5.3. [uwe 20031027]
file(1): update to 4.06. [pooka 20031027]
installboot(8): Add support for next68k. [cl 20031027]
stpcide(4): added STMicroelectronics STPC IDE controller.
[nisimura 20031031]
sun2: Switch to GCC 3.3.2. [mrg 20031104]
libcrypto: upgrade to 0.9.7c. [itojun 20031104]
hp300: Switch DCA and APCI serial devices to use MI com(4) driver.
[tsutsui 20031108]
amiga: Add screen types suitable for PAL displays to amidisplaycc(4)
[jandberg 20031112]
named(8): Upgrade to BIND 8.3.7. [itojun 20031126]
binutils: updated to FSF binutils 2.14 release. [mrg 20031126]
GDB: All platforms updated to GDB 5.3. [mrg 20031127]
m68k: Switch to GCC 3.3.1. [matt 20031127]
binutils: Switch all platforms to binutils 2.14. [mrg 20031203]
sysctl: Switch to dynamic implementation. [atatat 20031204]
editline(3): Provide public interfaces to the internal line
tokenization routines. [lukem 20031205]
sh5: Switch sh5 to the in-tree toolchain, albeit somewhat hobbled.
[scw 20031207]
cvs(1): upgrade to 1.11.10 [itojun 20031210]
fss(4): Add file system snapshot pseudo driver. [hannken 20031210]
artsata(4): Split i31244 support out of piixide(4) and into the
new artsata(4) driver. [thorpej 20031213]
satalink(4): Split the Silicon Image SATALink support out of cmdide(4)
and into the new satalink(4) driver. [thorpej 20031213]
sgimips: Add newport(4), a driver for SGI NG1 graphics controller
and enable console on it and pckbc on IP22 machines.
[lonewolf 20031215]
satalink(4): Add support for the Silicon Image 3114 4-port
SATA controller. [thorpej 20031219]
random(3): improved, and now generates the same sequences as glibc
and others. WARNING: new sequences. PR 22853. [ross 20031219]
MAKEDEV(8): use mknod(8) -r for faster operation and to retain
permissions on existing devices. [lukem 20031221]
bpm(1): add a text-only menu-based binary package manager
[agc 20031221]
dreamcast: Add an Xserver for dreamcast, based on work by
Yasushi Oshima. [tsutsui 20031223]
dab(6): Import Dots+Boxes game. [christos 20031226]
macppc: added driver for snapper audio found on some iBook
and PowerBook models [grant 20031227]
install(1): Make "copy the file" (the -c option) the default behaviour.
[simonb 20031229]
kernel: new memory allocation scheme for the buffer cache. [pk 20031230]
acorn32: Substantial rewrite of vidcaudio(4). It now works, and has a
manual page. [bjh21 20031231]
cvs(1): upgrade to 1.11.11 [itojun 20040102]
etc/release: Create & install as part of "make build",
based on work by Hubert Feyrer. [lukem 20040104]
rc(8): implement "one" prefix, to skip the rc.conf(5) test yet
perform all of the other checks. [lukem 20040106]
pkg_info(1) now also prints the post-install message formerly only
available via -D by default, if present. [hubertf 20040106]
sparc64: restartable atomic sequences (RAS) implemented.
[martin 20040106]
wm(4): Fix hardware checksum bug on big endian machines.
[tsutsui 20040114]
kernel: New "audiobell" code to play console bells through audio
device. [bjh21 20040117]
acorn32: sysbeep(4) removed. [bjh21 20040117]
disklabel(8): On i386 & amd64, preserve the MBR and partition table
even on disks without a NetBSD MBR partition. [lukem 20040119]
ppbus(4): imported FreeBSD Parallel Port Bus code (lpt+plip ATM only)
from netbsd-ppbus port done by Gary Thorpe for evaluation.
ppbus separates the physical parallel port access and
the specific connected device access, allowing clean support
for PLIP and non-printer devices using parallel port.
The port drivers in ppbus also support advanced modes such as
Fast Centronics, EPP, and ECP (including DMA). This code will
replace historical lpt(4) eventually [jdolecek 20040119]
acorn32: beep(4) removed. [bjh21 20040125]
arm: Change ARM9 support code to use the Dcache in write-back mode.
[rearnsha 20040126]
ppbus(4): add a "pps" device to get pulse-per-second signals into ntpd
[drochner 20040128]
install(1): Add -h {none,md5,rmd160,sha1} to determine the appropriate
hash (digest) of a copied file to store in the -M METALOG.
[lukem 20040129]
identd(8): Replaced with a newly written one that has all the features
of pidentd, plus ipv6 support and cleaner implementation.
This version of identd is written by Peter Postma.
[christos 20040131]
ppbus(4): changed lpt(4) to configure interrupt use, printer priming
and auto LF on CR via lptctl(8), dropped compatibility minor
number bit mapping [jdolecek 20040203] add -x and -X to control building of xsrc. [lukem 20040206]
locate(1): Make locate.updatedb customizable by configuration file
/etc/locate.conf. [itohy 20040206]
kernel: add underlying support needed to support multiple mbuf cluster
sizes. [matt 20040209]
GCC: Import GCC 3.3.3-20040209. [mrg 20040210]
sh3: Switch to GCC 3.3. [uwe 20040222]
hpcsh: Enable building of Xhpc server for hpcsh. [uwe 20040222]
amiga: Add wsfont pseudo-device to amidisplaycc(4). [jandberg 20040223]
GCC: Import GCC 3.3.3. [mrg 20040301]
progress(1): Allow printing custom text before (left of) the progress
bar. [hubertf 20040309]
dge(4): add support for Intel PRO/10GbE ethernet adapter.
[ragge 20040312]
kernel: Abstracted device interface presented by pckbd(4) so that the
same pckbd(4) and pms(4) drivers can be used on systems with
different controller chips. [bjh21 20040313]
acorn32: Added iomdkbc(4) driver for IOMD keyboard and mouse ports,
allowing attachment of pckbd(4) and pms(4) drivers.
Removed opms(4) driver and old qms(4) driver, renaming wsqms(4)
to qms(4). [bjh21 20040313]
awk(1): switched from GNU awk to The One True New AWK by
B.W.Kernighan. [jdolecek 20040313]
openssl: Update to 0.9.7d for security fixes. [groo 20040319]
fdisk(8): Preserve the Drive Serial Number at bytes 440-443 of the MBR.
[lukem 20040322]
libcurses: add KEY_RESIZE, SIGWINCH handler and support for more
colour pairs. [jdc 20040322]
file(1): update to 4.08. [pooka 20040323]
sysctl: Update dynamic implementation. Solves netbsd32 compat issue
and adds support for descriptions. [atatat 20040324]
sendmail(8): update to 8.12.11. [atatat 20040325]
gzip(1): Switch to non GPL gzip. [mrg 20040326]
aac(4): Add support for Adaptec 2200S (Vulcan 2M) & Dell PERC 320/DC
[gendalia 20040326]
postfix(1): update to 2.0.19 [heas 20040327]
ipf(8): updated to version 4.1.1. [martti 20040328]
libcurses: add *echochar() functions. [jdc 20040328]
sgimips: Add IP12 support. [pooka 20040411]
cvs(1): update to 1.11.15. [itojun 20040416]
cvs: cvs-1.11.16 via patch [christos 20040519]
wscons(4): Added scrolling support [christos 20040531]
acorn32: Generate sparkive with new bootloader for install
[gavan/abs 20040608]
cvs: cvs upgraded to 1.11.17 [christos 20040616]
libc: Add strcasestr(3), case insensitive version of strstr(3).
[junyoung 20040703]
geodeide(4): Added driver for the AMD Geode CS5530A IDE controller
[bouyer 20040709]
libm: Add C99 functions round(3) and roundf(3). [junyoung 20040710]
sgimips: Add support for on-board MACE MAC-110 Ethernet on O2.
[tsutsui 20040711]
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