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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 2007/10/15 05:09:59 riz Exp $
# @(#)Makefile 8.5 (Berkeley) 3/31/94
# Not ported: XNSrouted enpload scsiformat startslip
# Missing: icheck ncheck
.include <>
SUBDIR= amrctl atactl badsect bim bioctl brconfig ccdconfig \
disklabel dkctl dmesg \
drvctl edlabel fastboot fdisk fsck fsirand ifconfig init ldconfig \
lmcctl mbrlabel mknod modload modunload mount newbtconf nologin \
pdisk ping pppoectl raidctl reboot rcorder rndctl route routed \
savecore scan_ffs scsictl shutdown slattach swapctl sysctl ttyflags \
umount veriexecctl vinum wdogctl wsconsctl
# support for various file systems
SUBDIR+= fsck_ext2fs
SUBDIR+= newfs fsck_ffs fsdb dump restore clri tunefs
SUBDIR+= newfs_lfs fsck_lfs dump_lfs resize_lfs
SUBDIR+= newfs_msdos fsck_msdos
SUBDIR+= mount_ados
SUBDIR+= mount_cd9660
SUBDIR+= mount_ext2fs
SUBDIR+= mount_fdesc
SUBDIR+= mount_filecore
SUBDIR+= mount_ffs
SUBDIR+= mount_kernfs
SUBDIR+= mount_lfs
SUBDIR+= mount_msdos
SUBDIR+= mount_nfs
SUBDIR+= mount_ntfs
SUBDIR+= mount_null
SUBDIR+= mount_overlay
SUBDIR+= mount_portal
SUBDIR+= mount_procfs
SUBDIR+= mount_ptyfs
SUBDIR+= mount_smbfs
SUBDIR+= mount_umap
SUBDIR+= mount_union
.if (${MKCRYPTO} != "no")
SUBDIR+= cgdconfig
.if (${MKINET6} != "no")
SUBDIR+= ping6 rtsol
# IPsec
SUBDIR+= setkey
.include <>
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