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# $NetBSD: rc,v 1.162 2003/01/04 15:27:43 lukem Exp $
# rc --
# Run the scripts in /etc/rc.d with rcorder.
# System startup script run by init(8) on autoboot or after single-user.
# Output and error are redirected to console by init, and the console
# is the controlling terminal.
export HOME=/
export PATH=/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin
umask 022
. /etc/rc.subr
. /etc/rc.conf
if ! checkyesno rc_configured; then
echo "/etc/rc.conf is not configured. Multiuser boot aborted."
exit 1
if [ "$1" = autoboot ]; then
rc_fast=yes # run_rc_command(): do fast booting
stty status '^T'
# Set shell to ignore SIGINT, but not children;
# shell catches SIGQUIT and returns to single user.
trap : INT
trap "echo 'Boot interrupted.'; exit 1" QUIT
files=$(rcorder -s nostart ${rc_rcorder_flags} /etc/rc.d/*)
for _rc_elem in $files; do
run_rc_script $_rc_elem start
exit 0
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