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$NetBSD: README,v 1.5 2008/10/30 00:27:31 joerg Exp $
Organization of Sources:
This directory hierarchy is using an organization that separates
source for programs that we have obtained from external third
parties (where NetBSD is not the primary maintainer) from the
system source.
The hierarchy is grouped by license, and then package per license,
and is organized as follows:
Descend into the license sub-directories.
Per-license sub-directories.
Descend into the package sub-directories.
Per-package sub-directories.
Build the package.
The third-party source for a given package.
BSD makefiles "reach over" from these into
This arrangement allows for packages to be easily disabled or
excised as necessary, either on a per-license or per-package basis.
The licenses currently used are:
bsd BSD (or equivalent) licensed software, possibly with
the "advertising clause".
gpl2 GNU Public License, version 2 (or earlier).
intel-fw-oem Intel firmware license with redistribution
restricted to OEM.
intel-fw-public Intel firmware license permitting redistribution with
terms similiar to BSD licensed software.
mit MIT (X11) style license.
If a package has components covered by different licenses
(for example, GPL2 and the LGPL), use the <license> subdirectory
for the more restrictive license.
If a package allows the choice of a license to use, we'll
generally use the less restrictive license.
If in doubt about where a package should be located, please
contact <> for advice.
Migration Strategy:
Eventually src/dist (and associated framework in other base source
directories) and src/gnu will be migrated to this hierarchy.
Maintenance Strategy:
The sources under src/external/<license>/<package>/dist/ are
generally a combination of a published distribution plus changes
that we submit to the maintainers and that are not yet published
by them.
Make sure all changes made to the external sources are submitted
to the appropriate maintainer, but only after coordinating with
the NetBSD maintainers.
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