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Commits on Dec 1, 2015
  1. Regen

    pgoyette committed
  2. Adapt to per-emulation syscall_autoload capability (the table of sysc…

    pgoyette committed
    that can be autoloaded is currently empty).
  3. - use gpt_msg to print informational messages (perhaps these should b…

    christos committed
    …e printed
      only with -v)
    - don't print any messages with gpt_msg if quiet
    - print a message if we didn't reconfigure the wedges
  4. Finish the rename from sc_auto --> sc_autoload

    pgoyette committed
    (Thanks, brad harder)
  5. Regen

    pgoyette committed
  6. Only cast to (void) if the type is NOERR

    pgoyette committed
Commits on Nov 30, 2015
  1. Use lstat(2) if we have a link, incase it is a symlink.

    sjg committed
    Patch from bdrewery at
  2. KNF - Thanks, christos

    pgoyette committed
  3. Finish the regen - some of the files from sys/kern got committed

    pgoyette committed
    accidentally with the fix to - sorry about that.
  4. And now fix the actual syntax error. :(

    pgoyette committed
  5. Fix typo

    pgoyette committed
  6. Cast rsys_syscall() to (void) to appease coverity.

    pgoyette committed
  7. Avoid accessing beyond end of empty string.

    sjg committed
    Detected by Address Sanitizer - dim at
  8. Remove stray \t (pointed out by Kamil - thanks!

    pgoyette committed
    I'll fix the script shortly.
  9. Regen for 7.99.23

    pgoyette committed
  10. Make the list of syscalls which can trigger a module autoload an

    pgoyette committed
    attribute of each emulation, rather than having a single global
    list which applies only to the default emulation.
    This changes 'struct emul' so
            Welcome to 7.99.23 !
  11. - automatically sync the wedge information unless -n is specified.

    christos committed
    - document the general options in the traditional way.
    - split the main program into a separate file.
  12. Sync

    roy committed
  13. Trailing whitespace.

    skrll committed
  14. As far as I (and my compiler) can tell, there's no need to cast

    he committed
    the arg to strncmp().
  15. Whitespace

    skrll committed
  16. Get rid of a big block in in_arpinput

    ozaki-r committed
    No functional change.
  17. Fall back to VOP_READ/VOP_WRITE if the simulated disk has smaller

    mlelstv committed
    sectors than the underlying filesystem and VOP_STRATEGY would fail.
  18. Factor the basic dependency list out of the #ifdef _KERNEL_OPT block,…

    pgoyette committed
    … since
    the only difference was ksem (which is available as either built-in or
    loadable module).
Commits on Nov 29, 2015
  1. Add some event counters to track transfer sizes.

    jmcneill committed
  2. Drop trailing whitespace.

    wiz committed
  3. Fix xref.

    wiz committed
  4. Fix A9 periph clock when selecting frequencies below 1200MHz. Remove

    jmcneill committed
    frequencies below 312MHz as they require special handling. We can now
    choose between 1536 1488 1320 1200 1008 816 720 600 504 408 312.
  5. Fix > 1024 char lines in script. (Rin Okuyama)

    christos committed
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