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Commits on Oct 9, 2015
  1. PR/50322: Timo Buhrmester: tail -F <file> misbehaves with stdin closed

    christos authored
    Compare fp with stdin not fileno(fp) with STDIN_FILENO, because if tail
    is called with 0 closed, then we are not going to be setting event filters
    for the file because we'll erroneously think it is stdin.
  2. new tzcode.

    christos authored
  3. Release 2015g - 2015-10-01 00:39:51 -0700

    christos authored
      Changes affecting code
        localtime no longer mishandles America/Anchorage after 2037.
        (Thanks to Bradley White for reporting the bug.)
        The localtime module allows the variables 'timezone', 'daylight',
        and 'altzone' to be in common storage shared with other modules,
        and declares them in case the system <time.h> does not.
        (Problems reported by Kees Dekker.)
        On platforms with tm_zone, strftime.c now assumes it is not NULL.
        This simplifies the code and is consistent with zdump.c.
        (Problem reported by Christos Zoulas.)
      Changes affecting documentation
       The tzfile man page now documents that transition times denote the
       starts (not the ends) of the corresponding time periods.
       (Ambiguity reported by Bill Seymour.)
  4. use c comments

    christos authored
  5. remove quick hack code to avoid shared IRQ issue.

    knakahara authored
  6. fix: "intrctl list" causes panic when the device using pci_intr_alloc…

    knakahara authored
    …() shares IRQ.
  7. revert previous (turn off tcon when disabling video output).

    bouyer authored
    I found it's better to do it in the hdmi driver, but the hdmi audio issue
    needs to be fixed as well.
  8. PR/50312: Robert Elz: Unconditionally include <sys/exec.h> to fix com…

    christos authored
    when PAX_ASLR is not defined.

    ozaki-r authored
    It's expected to return a value.
  10. note the release of NetBSD 7.0

    jnemeth authored
Commits on Oct 8, 2015
  1. Switch to a version that does not suffer from reporting the wrong length

    christos authored
    if the file contains NULs. From OpenBSD.
  2. fix build with INGENIC_DEBUG

    macallan authored
  3. add efuse driver

    macallan authored
  4. use the MAC address passed as a property if available instead of rely…

    macallan authored
    …ing on
    u-boot to program it into the chip for us ( which it may not do if we're not
    netbooting )
  5. add a driver for the chip's EFUSE interface, use it to find the MAC a…

    macallan authored
    for the onboard ethernet controller
  6. add mechanism to pass a MAC address to dme

    macallan authored
  7. note Lua update

    mbalmer authored
  8. Lua is at 5.3.1 now

    mbalmer authored
  9. fix kernel module build

    mbalmer authored
  10. update after conflict resolution

    mbalmer authored
  11. update docs after conflict resolution

    mbalmer authored
  12. Resolve conflicts.

    mbalmer authored
  13. Lua 5.3.1

    mbalmer authored
  14. Fix a bug that LSC's interrupt storm occured when MSI-X is used.

    msaitoh authored
    It was observed only on 82575.
  15. Create a temporary define involving IFF_STATICARP if we have it

    roy authored
    instead of just testing for __FreeBSD__.
    No functional change.
    ok: ozaki-r@
  16. - ACK Accelerate Disable in the RFCTL register is not bit 13 but 12.

    msaitoh authored
      No binary change because this definition have not used yet.
    - Add ACK data Disable bit's definition.
Commits on Oct 7, 2015
  1. Fix the -m32 compat build for sparc64 after recent sparc/include/types.h

    martin authored
    changes. XXX I suspect this variant has not been tested in real life.
  2. Remove rt_ifa_localrequest().

    roy authored
    In it's place, use rtrequest1() inside rt_ifa_addlocal() and
    rtdeletemsg() inside rt_ifa_remlocal().
    This removes the need for INET/INET6 specific code and allows
    greater control over the creation of the local address route.
  3. Enqueue frames to a curcpu's pktqueue

    ozaki-r authored
    Currently RX can run on a CPU other than CPU#0, so always enqueuing
    to a pktqueue of CPU#0 makes no sense. Let's use a curcpu's pktqueue,
    although bridge_foward softint doesn't run in parallel without
    This is a temporal solution. We need a fundamental solution.
  4. Add tests for assigining/deleting IP addresses

    ozaki-r authored
    The tests help to find defects related to creation/deletion
    of routes/llentries and assigning/deleting of IP addresses.
  5. make this kind of work.

    christos authored
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