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Commits on May 28, 2015
Commits on May 27, 2015
  1. Merge the uid data too, so that we don't end up with multiple entries

    christos authored
    when we don't care about the uid in the config file. In this case sshd
    returns either uid=root|sshd depending on how we failed, so we used to
    get two entries.
  2. Add missing SIOCGDRVSPEC32

    matt authored
  3. ubc_alloc: perform pmap_update() in the error path as we might have

    rmind authored
    removed the mapping.
  4. Add another simple MPLS test but using this time a mixed IPv4/IPv6 LSR

    kefren authored
    This test encapsulates IPv6 packets, pass them over MPLS to an IPv6
    neighbour that switches label and passes forward to an IPv4
    neighbour. There, the IPv6 packet is decapsulated and passed to IPv6 stack
    For the return path we test both implicit and explicit null encapsulations
  5. use strtou

    christos authored
  6. Add a simple IPv6/MPLS test

    kefren authored
  7. Only support oabi for earm*

    matt authored
  8. Make MULTILIBS work for oabi

    matt authored
  9. Better sanity check numbers given to raidctl(8)

    manu authored
    Replace atoi(3) by strtol(3), and check that numbers are valid,
    positive, and in int32_t range. The previous lack of check could
    silently lead to the same serial being set to all RAID volumes
    for instance because given numbers were bigger than INT_MAX. The
    consequence is in an awful mess when RAIDframe would mix volumes...
  10. Simplify slightly

    martin authored
  11. MP not ready, disable it again

    jmcneill authored
  12. Instead of guessing wether to preserve permissions on install operations

    martin authored
    from the METALOG variable, default them to yes and add a new argument -U to
    switch preservation off.
  13. Add timeout to ping6 positive tests too

    ozaki-r authored
    For when they fail.
  14. - Change the Upper limit of Tjmax from 100 to 110 because some new

    msaitoh authored
       CPUs have 105. This change is the same as FreeBSD.
     - Print Tjmax with aprint_verbose().
     - Reduce the diff against FreeBSD.
  15. Add new bus clock for Airmont.

    msaitoh authored
Commits on May 26, 2015
  1. Revert wrong build fix.

    htodd authored
  2. Fix debug build.

    htodd authored
  3. use isgraph_l suggested by joerg@

    christos authored
  4. Fix debug build.

    htodd authored
  5. Drop privileges when executed set{u,g}id unless -p is specified like …

    christos authored
    shells do to avoid system() and popen() abuse.
  6. - fix types of rl_completion_entry_function and rl_add_defun

    christos authored
    - call update pos before completion to refresh the screen
    From Thomas Eriksson
  7. implement DIOCGMEDIASIZE, from Martin Lucina

    pooka authored
  8. Remove obsolete comment.

    msaitoh authored
  9. Do not try to preserve permissions when copying to the -i installdir

    martin authored
    in the METALOG case (it makes no sense at all).
  10. Implement fo_poll so that rump_sys_poll(stdout) works

    pooka authored
    more or less as expected.
    from Martin Lucina <> via rumpkernel-users
  11. force 2nd to argument to unsigned byte value.

    matt authored
    (found by t_strchr and t_strrchr tests)
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