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Commits on Feb 27, 2015
  1. Make gmbus_wait_hw_status consistently use 50ms timeout like Linux.

    riastradh authored
    Apparently I changed this to a 1-tick timeout.  No clue why.
  2. Don't use an unset value as an address

    ozaki-r authored
    Instead, show usage if no address is passed.
Commits on Feb 26, 2015
  1. Fix return code of __wait_seqno.

    riastradh authored
    MAX(ret, 0) is 0 if ret is negative, but if ret is negative we want
    to return that negative value, meaning error.  Should've been
    MIN(ret, 0), but I'll just rewrite it to clarify a wee bit.
    If the GPU reset, call i915_gem_check_wedge and always return failure
    like Linux does.  Caller must retry in that case.
  2. Stop the interface before detaching to avoid the race between

    nakayama authored
    tlp_detach() and tlp_intr().
    While there, add missing callout_destroy()s.
  3. lib/49696: Circular dependency and namespace pollution by sys/bswap.h

    joerg authored
    including sys/types.h for no good reason. Restrict to sys/stdint.h.
  4. Add OVERO to v7 and v7hf.

    kiyohara authored
  5. Do not use artificial low timeouts - slow machines might be still paging

    martin authored
    in all the rump environment. Bump timeout from 4 seconds to 20 (my shark
    needs ~9).
  6. bsize_ffactor takes *very* long to complete on some slower machines (…

    martin authored
    we should investigate?).
    Bump timeout up to 1800 seconds (my hppa machine takes ~1100).
  7. Don't add local routes for the any address or p2p addresses where the…

    roy authored
    … address matches the destination.
  8. Fix inconsistency between module and internal names of sdt and fbt

    ozaki-r authored
    PR 49697
    OK wiz@
  9. Document addition of RTF_LOCAL

    roy authored
  10. Document RTF_LOCAL

    roy authored
  11. Teach route(8) about RTF_LOCAL.

    roy authored
  12. Introduce the routing flag RTF_LOCAL to track local address routes.

    roy authored
    Add functions rt_ifa_addlocal() and rt_ifa_remlocal() to add and remove
    local routes for the address and announce the new address and route
    to the routing socket.
    Add in_ifaddlocal() and in_ifremlocal() to use these functions.
    Rename in6_if{add,rem}loop() to in6_if{add,rem}local() and use these
    rtinit() no longer announces the address, just the network route for the
    address. As such, calls to rt_newaddrmsg() have been removed from
    in_addprefix() and in_scrubprefix().
    This solves the problem of potentially more than one announcement, or no
    announcement at all for the address in certain situations.
  13. Fix module unload of dtrace, sdt and fbt

    ozaki-r authored
    - Don't unload when there are users of dtrace
    - Forbid auto unloading (not supported for now)
    PR 49695
  14. don't install X11/Xaw/Print.h and X11/Xaw/PrintSP.h. they haven't been

    snj authored
    included upstream since libXaw 1.0.5 (released in 2008) and are useless
    in this Xprint-less world.
  15. fix offset value of RBASEn.

    nonaka authored
  16. Include <sys/atomic.h> for membar_producer.

    riastradh authored
    (Why didn't this fail in my build?)
  17. Issue a write barrier after updating the GTT.

    riastradh authored
    Linux never used to do this...until a month:
       commit 983d308cb8f602d1920a8c40196eb2ab6cc07bd2
       Author: Chris Wilson <>
       Date:   Mon Jan 26 10:47:10 2015 +0000
           agp/intel: Serialise after GTT updates
Commits on Feb 25, 2015
  1. make this compile again.

    christos authored
  2. Another round of nouveau whack-a-mole.

    riastradh authored
    Nouveau compiles now, though it doesn't link yet.
    Need to write driver attachment, wscons framebuffer, &c.  Probably
    also some i2c stuff.
  3. update for 1.5.0

    snj authored
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