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Commits on Aug 25, 2015
  1. + kill makeoptions

    uebayasi authored
  2. Replace a constant in ldscript.

    uebayasi authored
  3. Fix previous; do include assym.h.

    uebayasi authored
  4. Replace COHERENCY_UNIT in ldscript.

    uebayasi authored
  5. Make <kernel>.ldscript ready to include assym.h.

    uebayasi authored
  6. Don't expand unwanted symbols by cpp(1).

    uebayasi authored
  7. Redo Rev. 1.188:

    uebayasi authored
    o Explicitly add dependency of `<kernel>' on `<kernel>.ldscript', instead of
      relying on ${SYSTEM_DEP}, which is evaluated much earlier than
      `sys/conf/' is included, to avoid evaluation ordering
    o Print a message when creating a `<kernel>.ldscript'.
    o Trim empty lines in `<kernel>.ldscript'.
  8. Give a chance to send a DAD announce packet

    ozaki-r authored
    ifconfig -w ensures IP addresses have left tentative state, however,
    it doesn't guarantee that a DAD announce packet is sent. The kernel
    clears tentative flag and then sends the packet so that ifconfig -w
    can return before the kernel sends the packet.
  9. - pass the right address to bus_space_mmap() so this works on N32 ker…

    macallan authored
    - don't mess with XMAP9 when switching to graphics mode
  10. some final -Ifoo/opt removal

    pooka authored
Commits on Aug 24, 2015
  1. add some _KERNEL_OPT as the finishing touch

    pooka authored
  2. Remove "#ifdef INET" code. Por que? Because opt_inet.h was not included

    pooka authored
    and "#ifdef INET" was just a fancy way of saying "#ifndef NetBSD".
  3. convert auxio(4) to use a mutex for exclusion (this existing code didn't

    mrg authored
    really work for MP systems, anyway -- it only went to splhigh.)
    various cleanups:
    - remove unused AUXIO_SBUS
    - make most functions static
    - introduce auxio_{read,write}_led() frontends
    - avoid a potential NULL deref in auxio_fd_control()
    the text is 32 bytes smaller.
  4. opt files were nop't

    pooka authored
  5. These "wip" components have been in progress for >5 years. There hasn't

    pooka authored
    been much progress.  Let's just kill them, they're not even build-tested.
  6. don't -I imaginary opt directories

    pooka authored
  7. would you like some freshly ground _KERNEL_OPT with that?

    pooka authored
    yes?  excellent choice, sir/madam.
  8. to garnish, dust with _KERNEL_OPT

    pooka authored
  9. Remove a bunch of opt files.

    pooka authored
    It's a cute idea to have component-specific opt files, but also a
    completely stupid one since there's no way of knowing how options
    transcend component boundaries, and therefore if a set of options is
    conflicting or not.  So, just continue concentrating all of opt_foo.h in
    opt_rumpkernel.h in accordance with the monolithic opt model.
  10. sprinkle _KERNEL_OPT

    pooka authored
  11. + include opt_inet.h for INET (or lack thereof)

    pooka authored
    + include net/in_ether.h, not netinet/in_ether.h
      (did not cause a meltdown only because opt_inet.h was missing)
  12. Add hardware checksumming support.

    rjs authored
  13. Fix logic for setting multicast addresses.

    rjs authored
    Setting CRC values for hashes is broken so all multicast addresses are
    accepted for now.
  14. Whitespace.

    rjs authored
  15. Remove unnecessary DPSRCS+=

    pooka authored
    -imacros automatically results in a dependency.
  16. printf -> aprint.

    rjs authored
  17. Fix the build: provide compatibility with ports that define KERNLDSCR…

    christos authored
    …IPT to
    a file?
  18. Consistently use iswap64() and 64bit intermediate variable, as well as

    bouyer authored
    64bit formats for c_tapea. Fixes tape useage report for large filesystems.
  19. Default the read block size (-k default value) to kern.maxphys (usually

    bouyer authored
    64k these days). This gives a noticable performance boost on large filesystems.
  20. regen

    pooka authored
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