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Commits on Nov 26, 2015
  1. repair conflicts from previous commit

    marty committed
    stupid marty checked in version with conflicts. bad marty no donut.
  2. Update now-lying comment.

    dholland committed
  3. Allow i2cdev to be specified with or without the /dev prefix.

    hubertf committed
    Inspired by and code borrowed from gpioctl(8).
  4. Add an EXAMPLES section to show what 'i2cdev' looks like.

    hubertf committed
    Hint: /dev required!
  5. Move today's most common config (WPA) to the front

    hubertf committed
    Add a WPA config with hidden (non-broadcasting) SSID
  6. add RCS is

    hubertf committed
  7. checkflist requires an egrep that honours multiple pattern options, so

    joerg committed
    use ours. Fixes build on Solaris distributions.
  8. Adapt to e_default_mapaddr signature changes

    martin committed
  9. We never exec(2) with a kernel vmspace, so do not test for that, but …

    martin committed
    KASSERT() that we don't.
    When calculating the load address for the interpreter (e.g. ld.elf_so),
    we need to take into account wether the exec'd process will run with
    topdown memory or bottom up. We can not use the current vmspace's flags
    to test for that, as this happens too early. Luckily the execpack already
    knows what the new state will be later, so instead of testing the current
    vmspace, pass the info as additional argument to struct emul
    Fix all such functions and adopt all callers.
  10. Fix build dependency of if_llatbl.c

    ozaki-r committed
    if_llatbl.c is required if inet or inet6 is enabled. Depending on ether
    doesn't suit for NDP case.
  11. fix memory leaks (from Rin Okuyama)

    christos committed
  12. Always copy the area buffer, even when the length was the same

    christos committed
    (from Rin Okuyama)
  13. Patch from kre:

    christos committed
    - fix missing/inconsistent abbreviations
    - set dst only if we are using localtime.
    - properly check for errors where there were missing checks
    - handle errno properly including saving and restoring.
  14. ParseTrackInput: do not access beyond end of buffer.

    sjg committed
    Detected by Address Sanitizer - dim at
  15. disable watchdog at startup

    jmcneill committed
Commits on Nov 25, 2015
  1. From PR/50092:

    christos committed
    - handle calling _ti_readterm with an existing initialized terminal
    - simplify free code
    - fix an inconsistency in userdefs count computation
  2. We have the max length; use snprintf.

    christos committed
  3. PR/50092: Rin Okuyama: Fix memory leak.

    christos committed
  4. PR/50092: Fix memory leak.

    christos committed
  5. build EXA support

    macallan committed
  6. "file system" as two words.

    wiz committed
  7. Cosmetic changes.

    maxv committed

    skrll committed
    Using XN (eXecute Never) properly means speculative reads from devices
    aren't done.  Pretty sure this was the cause of the wedges.
  9. In the ARM_MMU_EXTENDED case make sure the kernel mappings are marked…

    skrll committed
    … with
    XN (eXecute Never) appropriately.
    The XN logic is inconsistent and could do with changing to XN always set
    and cleared for VM_PROT_EXECUTE (or the inverse) everywhere.
  10. Trailing whitespace.

    skrll committed
  11. Be a bit more paranoid about hijacking (and restoring) syscall function

    pgoyette committed
    pointers.  Ensure that we have the correct "old" values before setting
    new values, for both "intall" and "deinstall".
    XXX This is NOT intended to encourage additional cases of hijacking!  If
    XXX some other hijack feature ever gets committed, this code should be
    XXX moved to (most likely) kern/kern_syscall.c.
  12. Declare __debugused for no DIAGNOSTIC kernels

    ozaki-r committed
    This unbreaks hpcsh GENERIC kernel build.
  13. Use lltable/llentry for NDP

    ozaki-r committed
    lltable and llentry were introduced to replace ARP cache data structure
    for further restructuring of the routing table: L2 nexthop cache
    separation. This change replaces the NDP cache data structure
    (llinfo_nd6) with them as well as ARP.
    One noticeable change is for neighbor cache GC mechanism that was
    introduced to prevent IPv6 DoS attacks. net.inet6.ip6.neighborgcthresh
    was the max number of caches that we store in the system. After
    introducing lltable/llentry, the value is changed to be per-interface
    basis because lltable/llentry stores neighbor caches in each interface
    separately. And the change brings one degradation; the old GC mechanism
    dropped exceeded packets based on LRU while the new implementation drops
    packets in order from the beginning of lltable (a hash table + linked
    lists). It would be improved in the future.
    Added functions in in6.c come from FreeBSD (as of r286629) and are
    tweaked for NetBSD.
    Proposed on tech-kern and tech-net.
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