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Commits on Mar 3, 2015
  1. mention that this replaces makewhatis(8)

    christos authored
  2. ffs_reload(): release 'bp' earlier

    maxv authored
  3. ffs_reload(): the current implementation blindly guesses critical fields

    maxv authored
    of the superblock didn't change. Add checks to ensure they didn't change
    for real. This prevents several memory corruptions.
  4. Re-enable prints to diagnose PR 49195.

    riastradh authored
    I believe I fixed this problem by fixing __wait_seqno, but before I
    remove the workaround I'll try to make sure it's not getting hit any
  5. sort

    martin authored
  6. Add pwait

    martin authored
  7. fix typo.

    nonaka authored
  8. Fix 11a support.

    nonaka authored
    From OpenBSD rev.1.33.
  9. Make setting the MAC context bit for 11g protection when transmitting

    nonaka authored
    OFDM frames conditional on the node via IEEE80211_F_USEPROT.
    From OpenBSD rev.1.31.
  10. Don't set CTS to self. Linux stopped setting this back in

    nonaka authored
    dc271ee0d04d12d6bfabacbec803289a7072fbd9 as it is known
    to cause problems.
    From OpenBSD rev.1.30.
  11. sc_fixed_ridx is initialised to 0 but tested as it it were initialised

    nonaka authored
    to -1.  The result of this is tx frames were always sent out at fixed
    rate 0 instead of ni_txrate.
    Match the iwn behaviour and test ic_fixed_rate for -1 instead.
    From OpenBSD rev.1.29.
  12. Correctly set lowest_present_ofdm in iwm_mvm_ack_rates().

    nonaka authored
    From OpenBSD rev.1.28.
  13. Put -fno-unwind-tables into CFLAGS instead of COPTS - the old version…

    martin authored
    … caused
    DEFCOPTS not to be propagated into COPTS, which means no optimization
    for the kernel - ooops!
  14. init error to 0 in iwm_send_cmd().

    nonaka authored
    From OpenBSD rev.1.27.
  15. match iwn and init txrate at lowest available bit-rate.

    nonaka authored
    From OpenBSD rev.1.26.
  16. workaround for interrupt coalescing bug not needed on 7265.

    nonaka authored
    From OpenBSD if_iwm.c rev.1.25, if_iwmvar.h rev.1.7.
  17. Postfix 2.11.4 will ship with NetBSD 7.0.

    tron authored
  18. Hijack utimensat(2) so that t_vfs test passes after cp(1)/mv(1) are

    enami authored
    changed to use the system call.  Linux also has this system call, but
    not tested this on linux.
Commits on Mar 2, 2015
  1. Replace `out' label by break.

    riastradh authored
    Reduces diff from upstream a little.
    No functional change, confirmed by diffing `objdump -dr' output.
  2. add pwait.

    christos authored
  3. add pwait

    christos authored
  4. Add -s option, cleanup warnings.

    christos authored
  5. Add pwait, from FreeBSD

    christos authored
  6. say that we put the exit code in data.

    christos authored
  7. Drop the gmbus wait lock to delay.

    riastradh authored
  8. Return the error if there is one in radeon_fence_wait_seq.

    riastradh authored
    Don't just always say we succeeded!
  9. Don't sleep in the drm_vma allocator. Fail with ENOSPC, not ENOMEM.

    riastradh authored
    Caller has dev->struct_mutex locked and will handle ENOSPC anyway.
  10. Make sure wedged actually gets set on all code paths.

    riastradh authored
    Otherwise GCC helpfully realizes we're invoking undefined behaviour
    and optimizes away the possibility that this routine will return
    success, without saying a word about it.
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