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Commits on Jul 26, 2015
  1. properly copy regs for kgdb, and define the number of registers prope…

    mrg authored
    from openbsd via Vicente Chaves and PR port-amd64/50091.
  2. disable DEBUG and LOCKDEBUG

    jmcneill authored
  3. remove unused files.

    mrg authored
  4. Remove bogus "mutex_enter(&mntvnode_lock)".

    hannken authored
  5. Whitespace

    skrll authored
  6. reallocarray(3) cleanup

    kamil authored
    Add missing NetBSD CVS Id
    Don't define twice _OPENBSD_SOURCE
  7. Add ereallocarr(3) to libutil

    kamil authored
    ereallocarr(3) wraps reallocarr(3) and embeds return status validation.
    Older version reviewed by <riastradh> and <christos>

    matt authored
Commits on Jul 25, 2015
  1. Drop the case '?' which is defined after case 'default'.

    sevan authored
    case 'default' statement introduced in the last commit to cat.c in the CSRG archive.
    Obtained from OpenBSD bin/cat/cat.c r1.3.
  2. remove debug printfs, dont force hdmi mode

    jmcneill authored
  3. Add HDMI audio support

    jmcneill authored
  4. Fix block offsets for ddc_read_edid_block.

    jmcneill authored
  5. For DDC, we don't have a real I2C bus, but instead read an EDID block at

    jmcneill authored
    a time. Read the blocks ourselves instead of pulling in ddc_read_edid.
  6. Handle getfsspecname errors.

    mlelstv authored
  7. IPIs should be IPL_HIGH according to rmind@

    skrll authored
    Fix bcm2836mp_pic_{un,}block_irqs to handle timer AND mailbox interrupts
    if they're both passed.  Thanks to nat@ for finding this.
    Sprinkle some KASSERTs
  8. Memory leak. Same as r1.93. I don't know why Brainy didn't detect it

    maxv authored
    earlier; or perhaps I forgot to report it.
    Found by Brainy.
  9. indent and some KNF.

    isaki authored
  10. white space -> tab.

    isaki authored
  11. sysinst is 15*2 sect/cyl (fdXc), not 8*2 sect/cyl (it's fdXa,

    isaki authored
    DOS compatible).  It makes the loading of sysinst a bit faster.
    Pointed out by Yosuke Sugahara.
Commits on Jul 24, 2015
  1. Remove unofficial AVR32

    matt authored
  2. Add a few more EM_*

    matt authored
  3. From Martin Natano @bitrig: Use execve(2) instead of system to apply …

    christos authored
    that require rcs command execution instead system(3) to avoid malicious
    filenames in patches causing bad things to happen. In the process, lose SCCS
    support. It is not like we are shipping sccs commands for that to work.
  4. Use pci_intr_alloc().

    nonaka authored
  5. Operation pmap_tlb_processpacket() uses x86_ipi(.., LAPIC_DEST_ALLEXC…

    hannken authored
    …L, ...)
    when cpuset "target" equals "kcpuset_running".  During boot, while some CPUs
    are not running yet, this will result in more IPI interrupts than expected
    and "pmap_tlb_pendcount" related KASSERTs fire.
    Compare the cpuset "target" against "kcpuset_attached", as this set represents
    the CPUs LAPIC_DEST_ALLEXCL will notify.
    Should fix PR port-amd64/47437
  6. Since the rump kernel does not know when the container it's running in

    pooka authored
    actually halts, print "halted" in the hypercall.
  7. Unused inits (harmless).

    maxv authored
    Found by Brainy.
  8. typo (comment)

    maxv authored
  9. fix typo. reported by nonaka@n.o

    knakahara authored
  10. Fix rtfree-ing wrong rtentry

    ozaki-r authored
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