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$NetBSD: README,v 2009/12/14 06:20:58 mrg Exp $

Building multi- ABI libraries for NetBSD platforms.

src/compat has a framework to (re)build the libraries shipped with
NetBSD for a different ABI than the default for that platform.  This
allow 32-bit libraries for the amd64 and sparc64 ports, and enables
the mips64 port to support all three of old-style 32-bit ("o32"), the
new 32-bit (default, "n32", 64-bit CPU required) or the 64-bit ABI.

The basic premise is to re-set $MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX to fresh subdirectory
underneath src/compat and rebuild the libraries with a different set
of options.  Each platform wanting support should create their port
subdirectory directly in src/compat, and then one subdirectory in here
for each ABI required.  e.g., src/compat/amd64/i386 is where we build
the 32-bit compat libraries for the amd64port.  In each of these
subdirs, a small Makefile and makefile fragment should exist.  The
Makefile should set BSD_MK_COMPAT_FILE to equal the fragment, and then
include "../../Makefile.common".  Eg, amd64/i386/Makefile has:

	#	$NetBSD: README,v 2009/12/14 06:20:58 mrg Exp $


	.include "../../Makefile.common"

In the makefile fragment any changes to ABI flags are passed here
and the MLIBDIR variable must be set to the subdirectory in /usr/lib
where libraries for the ABI will be installed.  There are a couple of
helper Makefile's around.  amd64/i386/ looks like:

	#	$NetBSD: README,v 2009/12/14 06:20:58 mrg Exp $

	LD+=		-m elf_i386
	MLIBDIR=	i386

	.include "${NETBSDSRCDIR}/compat/Makefile.m32"

and the referenced Makefile.m32 looks like:

	#	$NetBSD: README,v 2009/12/14 06:20:58 mrg Exp $

	# Makefile fragment to help implement a set of 'cc -m32' libraries.

	COPTS+=			-m32
	CPUFLAGS+=		-m32
	LDADD+=			-m32
	LDFLAGS+=		-m32

	.include "Makefile.compat"

Makefile.common holds the list of subdirectories (the libraries and
ld.elf_so) to build with this ABI.

Makefile.md_subdir holds the list of subdirectories for each port.

Makefile.compat has the basic framework to force the right paths for
library and ld.elf_so linkage.  It contains a hack to create subdirs
in the build that should be fixed.

dirshack/Makefile is a hack to get objdirs created timely, and should
be fixed in a better way.


- fix MLIBDIR in ld.elf_so arch-subdirs to be generic since it now is:
  .if defined(MLIBDIR)
- check this part in ld.elf_so Makefile.  it may be right now:
  # XXXX this needs to find the right one some how yet.
  CLIBOBJ!=     cd ${NETBSDSRCDIR}/lib/libc && ${PRINTOBJDIR}
december 2009
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