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$NetBSD: README,v 1.5 2003/12/04 23:32:37 keihan Exp $

Organization of Sources:

This directory hierarchy is using a new organization that
separates the GNU sources from the BSD-style infrastructure
used to build the GNU sources.  The GNU sources are kept in
the standard GNU source tree layout under:


The build infrastructure uses the normal BSD way under:


The makefiles in the above hierarchy will "reach over" into
the GNU sources (src/gnu/dist) for everything they need.

Maintenance Strategy:

The sources under src/gnu/dist are generally a combination of
some published distribution plus changes that we submit to the
maintainers and that are not yet published by them.  There are
a few files that are never expected to be submitted to the FSF,
(i.e. BSD-style makefiles and such) and those generally should
stay in src/gnu/lib or src/gnu/usr.bin (the BSD build areas).

Make sure all changes made to the GNU sources are submitted to
the appropriate maintainer, but only after coordinating with the
NetBSD maintainers by sending your proposed submission to the
<> mailing list.  Only send the changes
to the third-party maintainers after consensus has been reached.
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