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$NetBSD: README,v 1.41 2006/12/17 16:11:56 peter Exp $

acorn26:	Acorn ARM2- and ARM3-based machines (arm, 20000509)
acorn32:	Acorn computers Ltd. ARM 6/7/SA based machines (arm, 20011118)
algor:		Algorithmics, Ltd. MIPS evaluation boards (mips, 20010528)
alpha:		Compaq (formerly Digital Equipment Corp.) Alpha (alpha, 19950213)
amd64:		AMD's x86 64 bit architecture (x86_64, 20010619)
amiga:		Commodore et al. Amiga (m68k, 19930902)
amigappc:	Phase 5 Amiga (powerpc, 20000525)
arc:		MIPS Advanced Risc Computing spec machines (mips, 20000123)
atari:		Atari TT30, Falcon, and Hades (m68k, 19950326)
bebox:		Be Inc. BeBox (powerpc, 19971014)
cats:		Chalice Technologies, CATS motherboard (arm, 19981005)
cesfic:		FIC8234 VME processor board (m68k, 20010514)
cobalt:		Cobalt Networks Microservers (mips, 20000319)
dreamcast:	SEGA Dreamcast (sh3, 20010107)
evbarm:		ARM-based eval boards (arm, 20010905)
evbmips:	MIPS-based eval boards (mips, 20020307)
evbppc:		PowerPC-based eval boards (powerpc, 20021209)
evbsh3:		Hitachi SuperH(TM) sh3 and sh4 eval boards (sh3, 20010206)
evbsh5:		Hitachi SuperH(TM) sh5 eval boards (sh5, 20020705)
ews4800mips:	NEC's MIPS based EWS4800 workstations (ews4800mips, 20051229)
hp300:		Hewlett Packard 300- and 400-series machines (m68k, 19930512)
hp700:		Hewlett Packard 700-series machines (hppa, 20020606)
hpcarm:		ARM based handheld PCs (arm, 20010220)
hpcmips:	MIPS based handheld PCs (mips, 19990925)
hpcsh:		Hitachi SuperH(TM) based handheld PCs (sh3, 20010117)
i386:		Intel/AMD etc. x86 processor line (i386, 19930321)
ibmnws:		IBM Network Station Thin Clients (powerpc, -)
iyonix:		Castle Technology xscale based workstations (arm, 20040713)
luna68k:	LUNA product line of OMRON Tateishi Electric (m68k, 20000105)
mac68k:		Apple Macintosh (m68k, 19930929)
macppc:		Apple Power Macintosh and clones (powerpc, 19980515)
mipsco:		MIPS Corp Magnum 3000 computers (mips, 20000812)
mmeye:		Hitachi SuperH(TM) computer controlled camera (sh3)
mvme68k:	Motorola's VMEbus 68K based single board computers (m68k, 19950725)
mvmeppc:	Motorola's VMEbus PowerPC based single board computers
		(powerpc, 20020227)
mvme88k:	Motorola's VMEbus 88K based single board computers (m88k, -)
netwinder:	StrongARM based Netwinder machines (arm, 20010609)
news68k:	Sony's m68k based NET WORK STATION (m68k, 19991209)
newsmips:	Sony's MIPS based NET WORK STATION (mips, 19980218)
next68k:	NeXT Computer's cubes and slabs (m68k, 19980609)
ofppc:		Open Firmware based PowerPC machines (powerpc, 19980528)
pdp10:		Digital PDP 10 emulators; a 9 bit byte, 36 bit word machine (pdp10, 20030831)
pc532:		"PC-532" kit computer, based on NS 32532 CPU (ns32k, 19930909)
playstation2:	Sony PlayStation 2 (mips, 20011016)
pmax:		Digital Equipment Corp. MIPS based machines (mips, 19931012)
pmppc:		Artesyn PMPPC card (powerpc, 20020531)
prep:		PowerPC Reference Platform machines (powerpc, 20000229)
sandpoint:	Motorola Sandpoint reference platform (powerpc, 20010211)
sbmips:		Broadcom's SiByte processor evaluation boards (mips, 20020306)
sgimips:	MIPS based Silicon Graphics machines (mips, 20000614)
shark:		Digital Network Appliance Reference Design ("Shark") (arm, 19960131)
sparc:		Sun Microsystems SPARC (sun4, sun4c, sun4m) 32 bit machines
		(sparc, 19931002)
sparc64:	Sun Microsystems UltraSPARC 64 bit machines (sparc64/sparc, 19980620)
sun2:		Sun m68010 based machines (m68k, 20010328)
sun3:		Sun m680[23]0 based machines (m68k, 19930625)
vax:		Digital Equipment Corp. VAX machines (vax, 19940802)
x68k:		Sharp X68000, X68030 (m68k, 19960505)
xen:		Xen virtual machine monitor (xen, 20040311)
zaurus:		Sharp Zaurus C3x00 PDAs (arm, 20061217)

Generic cpu features shared among multiple ports
arm:		ARM CPU based platform files
hppa:		Hewlett Packard PA-RISC CPU based platform files
m68k:		Motorola 680x0 CPU based platform files
mips:		MIPS CPU based platform files
powerpc:	PowerPC CPU based platform files
sh3:		Hitachi SuperH(TM) sh3 and sh4 CPU based platform files
sh5:		Hitachi SuperH(TM) sh5 CPU based platform files
sparc:		Sun Microsystems SPARC(TM) CPU based platform files
x86:		Intel x86 based platform files.

Generic architectural features shared among multiple ports
hpc:		Handheld PC reference platform files
sun68k:		Sun Microsystems Motorola 680x0 CPU based platform files

Single port cpu families
alpha:		Digital Equipment Alpha processor
m88k:		Motorola 88xxx CPU based platform files
ns32k:		National Semiconductor NS 32532 processor
pdp10:		Digital Equipment PDP 10 processor
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