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aarch64 expose the kernel types for standalone code.
acorn26 Order library object build.
acorn32 PR/50514: David Binderman: Add missing break
algor Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
alpha use __paddr_t since this is a userland API.
amd64 compile full symbol table for CTF so FBT can get function arguments.
amiga Add 'C' option to bootblock to enable serial console.
amigappc Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
arc Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
arm Always initialize error.
atari fenv for m68k
bebox Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
cats Define ${LINKSCRIPT} in one place.
cesfic fenv for m68k
cobalt Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
dreamcast Convert tsleep(9)/wakeup(9) pairs to condvar(9) with mutex(9).
emips Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
epoc32 Print a message when creating a temporary ldscript.
evbarm remove the MKPIE and MKCTF no hack, and move it to the .mk files
evbarm64 Disable PAX_SEGVGUARD.
evbcf fenv for m68k
evbmips first shot at SMP support, very much broken and experimental
evbppc Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
evbsh3 Unfortunately no sh3 kernels (no longer?) use linker scripts, but I d…
evbsh5 Remove support for NetBSD/{,evb}sh5.
ews4800mips Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
hp300 Fix fatal "intr_dispatch: stray level 6 interrupt" panic by the GENERIC
hpc Improve spelling: regsiter -> register
hpcarm Remove KMEMSTATS.
hpcmips Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
hpcsh Don't mention stab and DWARF sections, because these (poorly mtaintai…
hppa use :Q to quote variables properly.
i386 expose __vaddr_t for segments.h since it is a userland api.
ia64 expose the kernel types for standalone code.
ibmnws Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
iyonix Remove KMEMSTATS. Normally it's ok now.
landisk Remove \n from set_cpumodel(), and explicitly print \n during boot in…
luna68k Enable LIBSA_CREAD_NOCRC. PR/50638
m68k expose the kernel types for standalone code.
mac68k fenv for m68k
macppc Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
mips use namespace protected types.
mipsco PR/50683: David Binderman: Fix memory leak.
mmeye Need _KERNTYPES for round_page() vaddr_t.
mvme68k uses _KERNTYPES
mvmeppc Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
netwinder Define ${LINKSCRIPT} in one place.
news68k Enable LIBSA_CREAD_NOCRC. PR/50638
newsmips Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
next68k fenv for m68k
ofppc Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
or1k use __register.
playstation2 Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
pmax Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
powerpc use __register_t
prep Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
riscv expose the kernel types for standalone code.
rs6000 Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
sandpoint Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
sbmips Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
sgimips Add mips fenv.h (From FreeBSD)
sh3 expose the kernel types for standalone code.
sh5 Remove support for NetBSD/{,evb}sh5.
shark remove tlb_flush define and change callers to use cpu_tlb_flushID dir…
sparc expose the kernel types for standalone code.
sparc64 Fixed typo in sparc64_send_ipi_sun4u(): sun4v -> sun4u
sun2 fenv for m68k
sun3 fenv for m68k
sun68k Revert incorrect and broken kludge. PR/50101
usermode expose the kernel types for standalone code.
vax expose the kernel types for standalone code.
x68k Enable LIBSA_CREAD_NOCRC. PR/50638
x86 fix printf formats
xen Apply patch from xsa155: make sure that the backend won't read parts …
zaurus include to get
Makefile Fix SUBDIR commit
README Bring back the playstation2 port - now that a toolchain for it is


$NetBSD: README,v 1.62 2014/03/31 11:25:48 martin Exp $

acorn26	arm	20000509	Acorn ARM2- and ARM3-based machines
acorn32	arm	20011118	Acorn computers Ltd. ARM 6/7/SA based machines
algor	mipsel,mips64el	20010528	Algorithmics, Ltd. MIPS evaluation boards
alpha	alpha	19950213	Compaq (formerly Digital Equipment Corp.) Alpha
amd64	x86_64	20010619	AMD's x86 64 bit architecture
amiga	m68k	19930902	Commodore et al. Amiga
amigappc	powerpc	20000525	Phase 5 Amiga
arc	mipsel,mips64el	20000123	MIPS Advanced Risc Computing spec machines
atari	m68k	19950326	Atari TT30, Falcon, and Hades
bebox	powerpc	19971014	Be Inc. BeBox
cats	arm	19981005	Chalice Technologies, CATS motherboard
cesfic	m68k	20010514	FIC8234 VME processor board
cobalt	mipsel,mips64el	20000319	Cobalt Networks Microservers
dreamcast	sh3el	20010107	SEGA Dreamcast
emips	mipseb	20110126	Machines based on Extensible MIPS
epoc32	arm	20130502	32bit EPOC OS machines
evbarm	armeb	20010905	ARM-based eval boards
evbmips	mipseb,mipsel,mips64eb,mips64el	20020307	MIPS-based eval boards
evbppc	powerpc,powerpc64	20021209	PowerPC-based eval boards
evbsh3	sh3eb,sh3el	20010206	Hitachi SuperH(TM) sh3 and sh4 eval boards
ews4800mips	mipseb	20051229	NEC's MIPS based EWS4800 workstations
hp300	m68k	19930512	Hewlett Packard 300- and 400-series machines
hppa	hppa	20020606	Hewlett Packard 700-series machines
hpcarm	arm	20010220	ARM based handheld PCs
hpcmips	mipsel	19990925	MIPS based handheld PCs
hpcsh	sh3el	20010117	Hitachi SuperH(TM) based handheld PCs
i386	i386	19930321	Intel/AMD etc. x86 processor line
ia64	ia64	00000000	Intel Itanium/Itanium2 processor based workstations
ibmnws	powerpc	00000000	IBM Network Station Thin Clients
iyonix	arm	20040713	Castle Technology xscale based workstations
landisk	sh3el	20060901	SH4 processor based NAS appliances by I-O DATA
luna68k	m68k	20000105	LUNA product line of OMRON Tateisi Electronics
mac68k	m68k	19930929	Apple Macintosh
macppc	powerpc,powerpc64	19980515	Apple Power Macintosh and clones
mipsco	mipseb	20000812	MIPS Corp Magnum 3000 computers
mmeye	sh3eb	19990913	Hitachi SuperH(TM) computer controlled camera
mvme68k	m68k	19950725	Motorola's VMEbus 68K based single board computers
mvmeppc	powerpc	20020227	Motorola's PowerPC machines running older PPCBUG
netwinder	arm	20010609	StrongARM based Netwinder machines
news68k	m68k	19991209	Sony's m68k based NET WORK STATION
newsmips	mipseb	19980218	Sony's MIPS based NET WORK STATION
next68k	m68k	19980609	NeXT Computer's cubes and slabs
ofppc	powerpc,powerpc64	19980528	Open Firmware based PowerPC machines
playstation2	mipsel	20011016	Sony PlayStation 2
pmax	mipsel,mips64el	19931012	Digital Equipment Corp. MIPS based machines
prep	powerpc	20000229	PowerPC Reference Platform machines
rs6000	powerpc	20071217	MCA-based IBM RS/6000 wokstations
sandpoint	powerpc	20010211	Motorola Sandpoint based NAS systems
sbmips	mipseb,mipsel,mips64eb,mips64el	20020306	Broadcom's SiByte processor evaluation boards
sgimips	mipseb,mips64eb	20000614	MIPS based Silicon Graphics machines
shark	arm	19960131	Digital Network Appliance Reference Design ("Shark")
sparc	sparc	19931002	Sun Microsystems SPARC (sun4, sun4c, sun4m) 32 bit machines
sparc64	sparc64/sparc	19980620	Sun Microsystems UltraSPARC 64 bit machines
sun2	m68000	20010328	Sun m68010 based machines
sun3	m68k	19930625	Sun m680[23]0 based machines
vax	vax	19940802	Digital Equipment Corp. VAX machines
x68k	m68k	19960505	Sharp X68000, X68030
xen	xen	20040311	Xen virtual machine monitor
zaurus	arm	20061217	Sharp Zaurus C7x0/860/1000/3x00 PDAs

Generic cpu features shared among multiple ports
arm:		ARM CPU based platform files
hppa:		Hewlett Packard PA-RISC CPU based platform files
m68k:		Motorola 680x0 CPU based platform files
mips:		MIPS CPU based platform files
powerpc:	PowerPC CPU based platform files
sh3:		Hitachi SuperH(TM) sh3 and sh4 CPU based platform files
sparc:		Sun Microsystems SPARC(TM) CPU based platform files
x86:		Intel x86 based platform files.

Generic architectural features shared among multiple ports
hpc:		Handheld PC reference platform files
sun68k:		Sun Microsystems Motorola 680x0 CPU based platform files

Single port cpu families
alpha:		Digital Equipment Alpha processor
ia64:		Intel Itanium/Itanium2 processor
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