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    SMB/CIFS protocol and SMB/CIFS file system implementation
		for FreeBSD, version 1.4.
    This is native SMB/CIFS filesystem (smbfs for short) for FreeBSD.
It is a complete, kernel side implementation of SMB requester and filesystem.

    Supported platform		Comment
	FreeBSD 4.X		Port

	FreeBSD 4.5		Everything available in the base system.

	FreeBSD-current		Everything available in the base system.

	Darwin			maintained in the Darwin's  tree.

    I'm would be very grateful for any feedback, bug reports etc.

    Supported SMB servers:
	Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT4.0 (SPs 4, 5, 6)
	IBM LanManager

    An updated versions of this package can be retrieved from ftp server:

    There is some perfomance benchmarks over 10Mbit network:
    Win95 machine as server:
IOZONE: auto-test mode
	MB      reclen  bytes/sec written   bytes/sec read
	1       512     339791              323416
	1       1024    481067              431568
	1       2048    648394              588674
	1       4096    630130              583555
	1       8192    671088              618514

    Samba 2.0.6 as server:
IOZONE: auto-test mode
	MB      reclen  bytes/sec written   bytes/sec read
	1       512     409200              437191
	1       1024    545600              596523
	1       2048    729444              798915
	1       4096    871543              919299
	1       8192    900790              1024562

Author: Boris Popov <>
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