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Overview of the common runtime support

The common runtime support contains two modules, crtbegin and crtend.
crtbegin is linked before all other object files of the program or
dynamic library, crtend after all other object files.  They frame the
lists of constructors, destructors, Java types and exception handling frames.

If done correctly, crtend contains no code and is therefore position
independent.  crtendS.o is therefore just a link to crtend.o.

crtbegin should be position-independent code.  crtbeginT.o doesn't have
to be PIC as it is statically linked.  The overhead is generally not
worth the trouble though.

Section types:
.ctor: writeable
.dtor: writeable
.eh_frame: read-only if platform allows mixing read-only and read-write
sections.  This is supported by GNU ld.
.jcr: writeable
.init: executable
.fini: executable

Non-local symbols:

Weak references:
- _Jv_RegisterClasses,
- __cxa_finalize (crtbeginS.o)
- __deregister_frame_info
- __register_frame_info

- __dso_handle: pointer to self for crtbeginS.o, NULL otherwise.

Initialisation (called from .init):

1.  Check that the init code hasn't started already, otherwise bail out.
2.  If __register_frame_info is NULL, skip to 4
3.  Call __register_frame_info with start of .eh_frame as first argument
    and a data object of at least 8 pointers as second argument.
4:  If _Jv_RegisterClasses is NULL, skip to 6
5:  Call _Jv_RegisterClasses with the first pointer of the .jcr section
    as argument.
6:  Iterate from the end of the .ctor section to the start.  Skip the
    terminating NULL and stop when reaching the starting (void *)-1 element.
    Call the pointers as void (*)(void) functions.

Deinitialisation (called from .fini):

1.  Check if the init code has already started, otherwise bail out.
2.  If this is not crtbeginS.o or __cxa_finalize is NULL, skip to 4.
3.  Call __cxa_finalize with a pointer into this Dynamic Shared Object (DSO)
    as first argument.
4.  Iterate from the start of the .dtor section to the send.  Skip the
    initial (void *)-1 and stop when reaching the terminating NULL element.
    Call the pointers as void (*)(void) functions.
5.  If __deregister_frame_info is NULL, return.
6.  Call __deregister_frame_info with the start of .eh_frame as the argument.
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