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NOTE: This project is alpha stage. Flags, configuration, behavior and design may change significantly in following releases.

The jsonnet-bundler is a package manager for Jsonnet.


GO111MODULE="on" go get

NOTE: please use a recent Go version to do this, ideally Go 1.13 or greater.

This will put jb in $(go env GOPATH)/bin. If you encounter the error jb: command not found after installation then you may need to add that directory to your $PATH as shown in their docs.


  • Fetches transitive dependencies
  • Can vendor subtrees, as opposed to whole repositories

Current Limitations

  • Always downloads entire dependent repositories, even when updating
  • If two dependencies depend on the same package (diamond problem), they must require the same version

Example Usage

Initialize your project:

mkdir myproject
cd myproject
jb init

The existence of the jsonnetfile.json file means your directory is now a jsonnet-bundler package that can define dependencies.

To depend on another package (another Github repository): Note that your dependency need not be initialized with a jsonnetfile.json. If it is not, it is assumed it has no transitive dependencies.

jb install

Now write myconfig.jsonnet, which can import a file from that package. Remember to use -J vendor when running Jsonnet to include the vendor tree.

local kustomize = import 'kustomize-libsonnet/kustomize.libsonnet';

local my_resource = {
  metadata: {
    name: 'my-resource',


To depend on a package that is in a subtree of a Github repo (this package also happens to bring in a transitive dependency):

jb install

Note that if you are copy pasting from the Github website's address bar, remove the tree/master from the path.

If pushed to Github, your project can now be referenced from other packages in the same way, with its dependencies fetched automatically.

All command line flags

$ jb -h
usage: jb [<flags>] <command> [<args> ...]

A jsonnet package manager

  -h, --help     Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and
      --version  Show application version.
                 The directory used to cache packages in.
  -q, --quiet    Suppress any output from git command.

  help [<command>...]
    Show help.

    Initialize a new empty jsonnetfile

  install [<flags>] [<uris>...]
    Install new dependencies. Existing ones are silently skipped

  update [<uris>...]
    Update all or specific dependencies.

    Automatically rewrite legacy imports to absolute ones


This is an implemention of the design specified in this document:

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