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Nested carousels - scrolling one, scroll the nested ones #61

leup opened this Issue · 3 comments

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i use your script for nested carousels.

When you scroll the top level carousel, the scrolling happens also on sub-carousels.

This is because in the case of nested carousels the function get don't work properly.

the wordaround i use is to assign a unique id to every carousel and add this id to the class added to items.

here is my mod : (first time i use gist, hem..)


Good point, i think a simpler solution would be:

get: function(i) {
    return $('>.jcarousel-item-' + i, this.list);

Note the > in the selector, this should only select <li>'s which are direct children of the list.

I'm going to test this and add a patch...


Woot, i like simpler solution. I'll try it myself.

edit: just tried and it seems to work like a charm.


Fix selecting only direct childs of the current list (Closed by caa87a3)

This issue was closed.
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