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module.exports = function(grunt) {
'use strict';
process.env.TEST = 'test';
// Project configuration.
env: {
options: {
globalOption: 'foo'
testData: {
TEST: 'test',
data: 'bar'
testOptions: {
options: {
localOption: 'baz',
USER: 'fritz'
testDotEnv: {
src: ['.env', '.env.json', '.env.ini', '.env.yaml']
testEnvdir: {
src: ['.envdir/*'],
options: {
envdir: true
testDirectives: {
ADD_NEGATIVE: 'should not change',
PATHLIKE: 'foo:bar:baz',
REPLACE: 'foo',
options: {
add: {
ADD_POSITIVE: 'should be this',
ADD_NEGATIVE: 'should not change to this'
replace: {
REPLACE: 'bar',
push: {
value: 'qux',
delimiter: ':'
unshift: {
value: 'foo'
testFunctions: {
DATA_FROM_FUNCTION: function() {
return process.env.DATA_FROM_FUNCTION || '123';
A_STRING: 'string'
clean: {
env: ['.env*']
jshint: {
options: {
jshintrc: '.jshintrc'
task: ['tasks/**/*.js'],
Gruntfile: ['Gruntfile.js']
jscs: {
options: {
config: '.jscsrc'
src: ['tasks/**/*.js', 'lib/**/*.js', 'Gruntfile.js']
// Load local tasks.
var assert = require('assert');
grunt.registerTask('testData', function() {
assert.equal(process.env.globalOption, 'foo', 'globalOption should be set');
assert.equal(, 'bar', 'data should be set');
delete process.env.globalOption;
grunt.registerTask('testOptions', function() {
assert.equal(process.env.globalOption, 'foo', 'globalOption should be set');
assert.equal(process.env.localOption, 'baz', 'localOption should be set');
delete process.env.globalOption;
delete process.env.localOption;
grunt.registerTask('testFunctions', function() {
assert.equal(process.env.DATA_FROM_FUNCTION, '123', 'should set from function');
assert.equal(process.env.A_STRING, 'string', 'should set from string');
delete process.env.DATA_FROM_FUNCTION;
delete process.env.A_STRING;
grunt.registerTask('testDirectives', function() {
assert.equal(process.env.ADD_NEGATIVE, 'should not change', 'add should not change existing env var');
assert.equal(process.env.ADD_POSITIVE, 'should be this', 'add should create new var if it does not exist');
assert.equal(process.env.PATHLIKE, 'foo:bar:baz:qux', 'extend should take delimiters into account');
assert.equal(process.env.UNSHIFTBASIC, 'foobar', 'should extend without specifying object');
assert.equal(process.env.UNSHIFTOBJECT, 'foobar', 'should extend while specifying object');
assert.equal(process.env.REPLACE, 'bar', 'replace should replace existing var');
delete process.env.ADD_NEGATIVE;
delete process.env.ADD_POSITIVE;
delete process.env.PATHLIKE;
delete process.env.UNSHIFTBASIC;
delete process.env.UNSHIFTOBJECT;
delete process.env.REPLACE;
delete process.env.globalOption;
grunt.registerTask('writeDotEnv', function() {
grunt.file.write('.env', 'dotEnvFileData=bar\ndotEnvFileOption=baz');
var json = {
jsonValue: 'foo',
push: {
PATHLIKE: 'jsonPath'
grunt.file.write('.env.json', JSON.stringify(json, null, 2));
grunt.file.write('.env.ini', 'dotEnvIniFileData=bar.ini\ndotEnvIniFileOption=baz.ini\n');
grunt.file.write('.env.yaml', 'yamlValue: foo');
grunt.registerTask('testDotEnv', function() {
assert(!process.env.src, 'Should not include src');
assert.equal(process.env.jsonValue, 'foo', 'value from json env file should be set');
assert.equal(process.env.PATHLIKE, 'jsonPath', 'should process directives in json');
assert.equal(process.env.globalOption, 'foo', 'should still get global options');
assert.equal(process.env.dotEnvFileData, 'bar', 'dotEnvFileData should be set');
assert.equal(process.env.dotEnvFileOption, 'baz', 'dotEnvFileOption should be set');
assert.equal(process.env.dotEnvIniFileData, 'bar.ini', 'dotEnvIniFileData should be set');
assert.equal(process.env.dotEnvIniFileOption, 'baz.ini', 'ndotEnvIniFileOption should be set');
assert.equal(process.env.yamlValue, 'foo', 'yamlValue should be set');
delete process.env.jsonValue;
delete process.env.dotEnvFileData;
delete process.env.dotEnvFileOption;
delete process.env.PATHLIKE;
delete process.env.globalOption;
delete process.env.dotEnvIniFileData;
delete process.env.dotEnvIniFileOption;
delete process.env.yamlValue;
grunt.registerTask('writeEnvdir', function() {
grunt.file.write('.envdir/ENVDIR', 'envdir');
grunt.file.write('.envdir/BAZ', 'baz');
grunt.file.write('.envdir/bar/FOO', 'foo');
grunt.registerTask('testEnvdir', function() {
assert(!process.env.envdir, 'Should not include src');
assert.equal(process.env.ENVDIR, 'envdir', 'value from envdir file should be set');
assert.equal(process.env.BAZ, 'baz', 'value from envdir file should be set');
assert(!process.env.FOO, 'Should not include subdirectories');
delete process.env.ENVDIR;
delete process.env.BAR;
// Default task.
grunt.registerTask('default', [