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#! /usr/bin/perl
use strict;
use Cwd;
use File::Basename;
use File::Spec;
sub magic_number_matches {
return 0 unless -e '_build/magicnum';
local *FH;
open FH, '_build/magicnum' or return 0;
my $filenum = <FH>;
close FH;
return $filenum == 42202;
my $progname;
my $orig_dir;
$^W = 1; # Use warnings
$progname = basename($0);
$orig_dir = Cwd::cwd();
my $base_dir = '/development/src/perl/MooseX-Role-Forking';
if (!magic_number_matches()) {
unless (chdir($base_dir)) {
die ("Couldn't chdir($base_dir), aborting\n");
unless (magic_number_matches()) {
die ("Configuration seems to be out of date, please re-run 'perl Build.PL' again.\n");
unshift @INC,
close(*DATA) unless eof(*DATA); # ensure no open handles to this script
use Module::Build;
# Some platforms have problems setting $^X in shebang contexts, fix it up here
$^X = Module::Build->find_perl_interpreter;
if (-e 'Build.PL' and not Module::Build->up_to_date('Build.PL', $progname)) {
warn "Warning: Build.PL has been altered. You may need to run 'perl Build.PL' again.\n";
# This should have just enough arguments to be able to bootstrap the rest.
my $build = Module::Build->resume (
properties => {
config_dir => '_build',
orig_dir => $orig_dir,
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