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I really love lanyrd because it's nice and open, and I really like having the flexibility shoving anything we want up to

Though, I think it would be really good for people to be notified of new meetups, and for maintaining a group of active community members.

I believe UXOxford has had a positive experience of this (ping @marianamota, @alpower & @JimmyMorrisUK). And OxRug seem to be doing pretty well too.

Is it possible/good to have as our meetup, and keep for information/blog posts?

What do people think?

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Yes. Basically all the other sister-meetups are already there. Downside is that it costs (some) money.


I can just tell what we experienced with @nodebp - we have our meetup group at meetup (, in the meantime we still have our website at:

It works great for us!


@javorszky - good point about the sister meetups. Cost wise - we've got a spare meetup account here I think. I'll check.

@gergelyke - that is exactly what I was thinking, glad it's working for you. Will be nice to have our past meetups documented (even though they were on lanyrd). Also - awesome on using github issues to collect/develop talk ideas, I just added a talk label on the issues here.

Seeming quite positive for meetup


Meetup's pretty good for discovery too. When I arrived in Oxford I went looking on Meetup but didn't even know about Lanyrd...


+1 to the positive experience for organising things here too.

Fees can be bit of a pain if you change organiser in that the primary organiser pays them, not the group.


Yes, we have good experience using Meetup for UX Oxford. Before we were using Eventbrite. The things we like about Meetup are:

  • It cuts down a lot of the admin work: if you add an event or edit it, with a click of a button you notify people; when people can't make it anymore they just change RSVP and the ticket is automatically relocated to someone in the waiting list (we used to spend a lot of time with this when we used Eventbrite)
  • Meetup notifies other people about our meetup via email, so it helps getting new people
  • It creates a sense of community. You can see number of people that are part of the group, members can get in touch with other members, add comments about the events, we can add photos, message board, etc.

Hope that helps. :)


As Mariana said really...

Other things to mention is it's not free and you can't extract your attendee's email addresses from the system.

Overall it's easy to set things up and that it's key selling point. UI and UX could be a bit better.

alpower commented Sep 1, 2014

Thirding what James/Mariana say - the biggest part has been the attendee self RSVPing - previously we had to manage that with Eventbrite. looks nice, but far too lightweight. Meetup fits the bill well for us, as long as we stay with it. All these things have some element of lock-in.

my advice - seriously think about the problems/reasons for switching, and make sure what you move to solves that.

I like your idea of a subdomain - I miss having, however not having to update it is nice too :)


We've switched to meetup now -

Thanks so much for the input

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