Node module for communicating with WiRC - WiFi RC car receiver
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Node module for communicating with WiRC from Dension. Currently tested with their Smartracer RC car.

This is is no way affiliated with Dension.

Getting started

To get started install node, then run npm install and try running one of the example apps.

Browser stream

node examples/browserStream.js

This example connects to a car and streams its camera data to a server at http://localhost:8000/.


Another good example is:

node examples/doALittleDance.js

This drives the car around a bit using setInterval to change the inputs.

Starting to code

The core library is pretty small so please have a look around and ask us about it!

Please ask us and we'll do our best to help you install supporting libraries like node, npm, imagemagick (ad infinitum).

We're sorry it may not all work as expected, its been a busy few months, please be patient and help us make it better!

Known bugs and issues

  • When you first start up the car, the client doesn't connect correctly :S, you have to run it twice to connect correctly

MIT - see