Simple system for writing Node.js worker scripts that runs jobs from a beanstalkd queue.
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Beanstalk Worker for Node.js

Fork from benlund/node-beanstalk-worker compatiable with han/stalker.

compatible with stalker

benlund/node-beanstalk-worker provide a cluster worker in single machine, but the job data format incompatiable with han/stalker. han/stalker is a cool wrapper for ruby user could easy to manipulate beanstalk job. I change data format node-beanstalk-worker could get jobs from stalker.

Try cluster of node.js

node-beanstalk-worker didn't support failover yet. This means once any workers throwe and all of the workers will throw too. I recommend you could try node.js cluster and one process only run single node-beanstalk-worker also could take advantage of stop worker in node-beanstalk-worker. The stop way of node-beanstalk-worker is more safe than exit directly process like process.exit(0).

limit reserves

Sometimes, one job will block all of the queue because coding mistake or the other problems. I set the max reserves time 30, if more then 30 times the job will been buried.


  • yaml coniguration