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Shim to make Chromium extensions to run on Edge
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Shim to make Chromium extensions to run on Edge


window.edge: Original if it exists, an empty object otherwise.

window.elib: Tools for patching Edge APIs, mostly internal.

window.ecfg: Configuration flags.


Note: triptype means all of Element.prototype, Document.prototype, and DocumentFragment.prototype.

The minimum supported Edge version is 40, you still need to work out the manifest, using -ms-preload is recommended:

"-ms-preload": {
  "backgroundScript": "edgyfy.js",
  "contentScript": "edgyfy.js"

If your popup pane is behaving weird, please call elib.unbreak_popup();.

operator [] and length are not working for localStorage.

Polyfilled and patched extension APIs may not validate your inputs, it's up to you to make sure your extension works on Chromium first.

On Edge 40, triptype.querySelectorAll will return a modifiable array instead of a StaticNodeList. If your code (tries to) modify a StaticNodeList then chances are your code is bugged.

chrome.webRequest.ResourceType will always include FETCH regardless whether it is actually supported.

chrome.webRequest.onBeforeRequest.removeListener will not work unless you specifies that your extension is aware of fetch type. This function is rarely used, may be implemented in the future if there is a need for it.

Many other shims are missing and will be added as needed.


Note: These configuration flags are under window.ecfg.

dateStripMarks (Default true): When set to true, \u200E and \u200F are stripped from return value of Date.prototype.toLocaleString.

fetchAware (Default false): When set to true, listener for chrome.webRequest.onBeforeRequest will no loger be wrapped.

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