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#About Pygauntlet Pygauntlet is a project started at the UCR department of Computer Science for a class in software engineering. The project is currently maintained by Josef Spjut, but is not actively being worked on.

#Mac Install Directions Assuming you have homebrew installed.

  1. Install pygame. source
  2. Install pyopengl. source

How to install pygame in your path:

brew install sdl sdl_image sdl_mixer sdl_ttf smpeg portmidi 
sudo pip install hg+

How to install pygame in homebrew python install:

brew install python
brew install sdl sdl_image sdl_mixer sdl_ttf smpeg portmidi 
/usr/local/share/python/pip install hg+

How to install pyopengl

pip install PyOpenGL PyOpenGL_accelerate

#Other OS Should work fine, but you are on your own until I find the time to update this...

#Blog There is an [ old blog] but it's basically dead.


README - version 0.7.9

Requirements: python - pygame -

Optional Packages: pyopengl -

Installation/Execution: In the following instructions you should replace the x.x in pygaultlet-x.x.tar.gz with the actual version you have.

Windows: uncompress "pygauntlet-x.x.tar.gz" file into a new directory run "" found in the new directory with a python interpreter Linux: tar -xvzf pygauntlet-x.x.tar.gz cd pygauntlet-x.x python Mac: tar -xvzf pygauntlet-x.x.tar.gz cd pygauntlet-x.x pythonw

Initialization: The game starts at the main menu where you can choose to start the game, change skins, or quit. Once you choose to start the game, each player can choose his or her character by pressing up and down. Once all players have chosen, press enter to begin the game.

Controls: The default controls are as follows:

Player #1 Up w Down s Left a Right d Attack v Magic b Player #2 Up up Down down Left left Right right Attack k Magic l Player #3 Up HOME Down END Left DELETE Right PAGEDOWN Attack BACKSPACE Magic BACKSLASH Player #4 Up NUMPAD_8 Down NUMPAD_2 Left NUMPAD_4 Right NUMPAD_6 Attack NUMPAD_+ Magic NUMPAD_ENTER *these apply to the numpad

Gameplay: Advance through the game by finding exits and moving on top of them in order to teleport to the next level. Eliminate monsters as you proceed through the game in order to avoid dying as well as accumulating points. There are three tactics used to destroy enemy monsters. Firstly, simply moving your character onto monster performs a melee attack but at the risk of taking damage. Secondly, projectiles can be thrown using the player's attack button (each player has an unlimited number of projectiles that can be thrown). Lastly, magic can be used to kill monsters within a radius of the character using magic, however, in order to use magic the player must have a magic potion for every magic use. The results of all of the actions are based on the stats of the characters and vary for each class. Various items can be picked up throughout the game: food increases the player's health, keys open doors that will prevent the player from reaching exits, treasure increases the player's gold, and potions allow magic use. Monster generators will also randomly appear in the game which create monster characters that will attempt to end the player's quest(s).

Notes: Custom maps and series of maps can also be loaded by following the instructions found in the MAP_EDITOR_README.

Custom skins/appearance can be created following the instructions in SKIN_README.

Custom monster behavior can be programmed following the instructions in STATE_MACHINE_README.

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