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Visual connectivity for webapps
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jsPlumb provides a means for a developer to visually connect elements on their web pages. It uses SVG and runs on all browsers from IE9 and later.

The final version of jsPlumb to support IE8 was 1.7.10. You can still get 1.7.10 from a tag, if you need it.

If you're new to jsPlumb, please do take the time to read the documentation. There are a few integration issues that you should be aware of: z-index needs special attention, for example.

This project is the 'Community Edition' of jsPlumb. The 'Toolkit Edition' is a commercially-licensed wrapper around this.

This project is not the correct place to report issues for the Toolkit edition. The Toolkit is not a public project. Issues reported for the Toolkit edition in this issue tracker will be deleted.


For the Community edition the documentation can now be found here:


Can be found at


npm install jsplumb

NOTE: jsPlumb does not follow strict semantic versioning. It is not at all recommended that you use wildcards when specifying a dependency on jsPlumb. The given command will install jsPlumb version using a caret for wildcard, eg ^2.9.0 - you might want to take off the caret.

jsPlumb does not follow strict semantic versioning largely because of the stipulation that breaking changes must result in the major version being bumped. A major version implies something fundamental has occurred. The bump from 1.7.10 to 2.0.0 in jsPlumb was caused by the removal of the VML renderer, meaning IE6 and IE8 were no longer supported. You may say, a-ha! A breaking change! And you would be right; that was a breaking change. But a new major version might also occur when a new capability is added that doesn't affect existing functionality. And not every breaking change constitutes a fundamental change in the library itself. This note about semver was added to jsPlumb, for example, due to a discussion about how the stop event behaviour in the underlying drag library - Katavorio - had changed. Semver would say that the major version should have been bumped. But the change was not something fundamental. No capabilities had been added or removed...just some variables had been shuffled around.

Maybe you agree with this viewpoint. Maybe you don't.

We package the following files:

"files": [

We recommend including the jsplumbtoolkit-defaults.css file to begin with, as it provides some sane default values.


An index.d.ts is included in the npm package.


jsPlumb uses GitHub's issue tracker for enhancements and bugs. A losing battle was fought against the usage of Github for questions; now it seems to be the default, and the Google group is no longer in use.


No external dependencies.

jsPlumb in action

Links to various demonstrations can be found here.

jsPlumb Helper Projects

  • Bezier curve functions:

  • Simple geometry functions:

  • Drag+drop:

  • Events:


There is a full suite of unit tests checked in to the test and dist/test directories.


Please don't.

Mailing List

Sign up for the jsPlumb announcements mailing list here.


All 1.x.x and 2.x.x versions of jsPlumb Community edition are dual-licensed under both MIT and GPLv2.

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