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jspm 0.16.0

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@guybedford guybedford released this 18 Aug 12:05
· 734 commits to master since this release

Major SystemJS upgrade to 0.18. This includes breaking changes and deprecations, read the release notes at, and

Project configuration will need to be upgraded. Make sure to run jspm init or jspm install to upgrade project configuration before loading or bundling.

Note that the defaultJSExtensions option set to false is not supported in this version of jspm, as the upgrade to disable this flag will be for the 0.17 jspm release.


  • TypeScript support
  • Option not to use an ES6 transpiler
  • API.unbundle method
  • Registry API now separates retriable and non-retriable errors
  • --inline-source-maps option when bundling (315a356)
  • Install now installs latest stable, with jspm install x --edge option to install to latest unstable (42c0fe4)
  • strictSSL global config option (cdcb3e8)
  • Now supports asking for credentials when reaching rate limit during install process, instead of needing to restart the install (64c5611)
  • Better npmrc support for npm registry, with option to retain npmrc as primary authentication credentials source instead of duplicating in jspm config.
  • Fixed support for scoped npm packages
  • SFX format option - jspm bundle-sfx app/main --format amd to create an AMD sfx build (4abe63f)
  • Warn when running jspm globally without a local lock (24e0f79)
  • Overrides in package.json to apply to all versions semver-compatible with the listed version (f5b2d5b)
  • SFX bundles now support exclusions (501f8f4)
  • The full version of SystemJS is fully locked to jspm. Use jspm dl-loader --latest to update SystemJS. (36abe96)
  • Enable Babel's ES module re-exports optimization transform for faster code execution (e70c40a)
  • Use esm over es6 in package.json format: 'esm'.

Bug Fixes

  • Avoid dependency collision bug when using jspm and npm together (95c2472)
  • npm scoped packages being removed on install (dc53872)
  • Fix to ensure ES modules export default through their main entry point (2382aaa)
  • Configuration combined into a single System.config() call to ensure meta normalizes properly.
  • Bundle injection names (#853, 34fa7b8)
  • Ensure config can be properly passed via require('jspm').Builder({cfg})
  • Various error message modifications and improvements (8b90663, 73178e5, 00db0b4, 8d62e79)