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Available via npm install jspm@beta.

For usage instructions, see the jspm 0.17 beta guide.

Breaking Changes in jspm 0.17

  • When updating to jspm 0.17, jspm 0.16 projects will run through an automated upgrade process.
  • defaultJSExtensions is now disabled and cannot be enabled for this version of jspm. Package configuration is now the primary mechanism for ensuring a defaultExtension.
  • config.js is now called jspm.config.js and works alongside a new separate jspm.browser.js config file
  • jspm install github:x/y now installs into the default alias y not x/y
  • Registry API changes (with backwards compatibility warnings):
  • By default transpilers are plugins, with the init process providing the standard plugins for Traceur, Babel and TypeScript. jspm dl-loader babel is no longer supported and this command only downloads the loader files.
  • The GitHub registry will always download the git tree tag or branch directly instead of checking for uploaded release archive assets. As a result GitHub API credentials are no longer necessary.
  • All overrides are all checked in to the package.json file to guarantee reproducibility.
  • jspm setmode remote has been disabled until the jspm registry can be upgraded to the 0.17 version.

Additional Features

  • New dynamic package configuration system - package files are no longer modified at all on download, with SystemJS configuration managing the npm compatibility layer.
  • New linking workflow
  • Peer dependency support
  • New configuration file interface to fully retain existing style and properties
  • Support for server-side npm installs
  • npm registry endpoint supports custom module formats
  • Local project configured as a package itself with init prompt handling
  • Babel 6 plugin (https://github.com/systemjs/plugin-babel)
  • Traceur plugin (https://github.com/systemjs/plugin-traceur)
  • Automatic Rollup optimizations for jspm build (systemjs/builder#442)