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jspm Registry

The raw registry file can be viewed at

Pull requests welcome for registry.json and the package_overrides folder.

All registry entries are managed here through GitHub, moderated by the registry maintainers.


The currently supported endpoints are:

  • Github
  • npm

The registry provides a simple mapping in the file registry.json, which maps a shortname (bootstrap) to a canonical endpoint name (github:twbs/bootstrap). It is simply a convenience for installing through jspm.

Package.json Overrides

The registry also provides a service for overriding the package.json of existing repos.

This is useful for enabling jspm functionality in the package.json when direct access to the underlying repo is not possible.

jspm uses the package.json for modular package configuration, including:

  • Setting the main entry point (main)
  • Shim config for globals (shim)
  • Map configuration (map)
  • Module format (format)

In this way, the right package options can make any package play well with jspm, without needing any manual configuration at all.

Submitting a pull request to the original repo should be done at the same time as this is designed as a temporary service only and not a long term solution to the configuration problem.

Read more about configuring packages for jspm in the wiki.

Examples of jspm package.json files for common packages can be found in the package overrides section of the registry.

Testing Package Overrides

Package overrides may take some testing to get exactly the right configuration.

See the testing guide within Configuration Packages for jspm.

Submitting a Package Override

To submit a new package override:

  • Fork this repo, then create the file package-overrides/[endpoint name]/[repo name]@x.y.z.json.
  • Provide the correct configuration according to the configuration guide above.
  • Submit a pull request.
  • If the configuration is correct, this will be accepted and that will instantly enable the functionality on the endpoint.

The overrides will apply for all versions semver compatible with the override version, with the highest version override taking precedence.

Registry Maintainers

Anyone is welcome to assist with reviewing override changes. Overrides are reviewed based on checking syntax, backwards-compatibility and best-practises. The registry maintainers are selected based on their ability to implement these guidelines. The goal is for this to be a diverse group across timezones to provide prompt reviews for overrides.


The jspm registry and package.json override service






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